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Polymer Clay Membership SiteCindy, I thoroughly enjoyed viewing all the Beginner Course Lessons and it helped immensely. You shared shortcuts and tips that I would never have known otherwise. Thank you so much. Now, as a member, I am enjoying the library of weekly videos too. I am really focusing on creating petal keepsake jewelry. Thanks. ~Teresa-B >> This comment was originally posted here: Keepsake Jewelry

Cindy, I have been a member of your Polymer Clay Video Library for well over a year, and only just recently purchased the Beginners Course. It is worth every penny and I should have purchased it sooner. I have taken quite a few PC classes at the local craft stores and paid $20.00 a lesson and did not learn half of what I learned with your course. Each video teaches me some thing I did not know before! At the craft store we would spend about 2 hours being instructed and then when I went home I would not remember half of what I was taught because I was too busy following instructions and couldn’t take notes. With your course I can take my time and watch it over and over whenever I want and it is like you are teaching only me and concentrating on me alone instead of 4 or 5 people. I love it!! Thanks so much for the time and energy you put into your work! I enjoy everything you do! ~Maureen-G >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay  Fundamentals

Hello Cindy, I am enjoying my in home tutor classes very much! While I started out with Sculpey III, I am still using it to learn with while waiting to grab some of the firmer clays. I had all but given up, thinking I was doing something wrong or just wasn’t a ‘clayer’. Thanks to you, I have rediscovered my love for clay. I’ve done many crafts over the years but making my own beads to add to my beaded works is just fantastic!  Your instructions, tips and ‘you can do this’ attitude are wonderful. The videos are easy to understand and are not long and drawn out. You explain the process as it is listed in the title and then move right along. I also like that I can view them at any time from the comfort of my home, in any order. The price for your course is fantastic, as well. I can’t go get books that describe all the things in your tutorials for that price – no way! Thank you for an excellent product, wonderful instruction and fantastic tips! If there was only a way to add a ribbon now …  lol! Sincerely. ~Roberta-W >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Cane Bead

I love the “Basic’s class”  even though I’ve been claying for a few years I learned tips and tricks that I didn’t know before. Many thanks. ~Molly-F >> This comment was originally posted here: How To Make Polymer Clay Canes

Cindy, Your Beginners Course is truly is a good course.  It gives you basics that will start you on your way quickly and easily to creating beautiful beads. I really like the tip on using crayons with translucent clay. I have been making clay beads for three years and love it immensely and decided to purchase the beginner course after subscribing to your other weekly videos and still discovered knew techniques. ~Shervoux-R >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Inclusions

Hello Cindy, I have been retired for a couple of years now and trying to learn new things, polymer clay being one. Your beginner course video’s are very helpful. Love your work! I really want to learn cane making. Thank you for all your hard work. ~Phyllis-S >> This comment was originally posted here: How To Make Beads

Thank you very much for the course videos. They are really helpful. It was money well spent. Sincerely. ~Sharon-D >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Beads How To Videos

Cindy – I’m just finishing my beginners package. I’ve learned a ton of things already! I’m so excited! ~Aims >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Tutorials

Hi Cindy, I came to your web-site and beginners course when I’d already learned (theoretically at least) quite a bit about polymer clay. I found the course to be an excellent foundation for anyone wanting to learn techniques and I learned a few good tips from you.  I was a little frustrated because the information was just that a ‘beginners’ course – I wanted to go much further – but then you do cover a lot of intermediate techniques in the weekly videos. I wished I’d bought the course right at the beginning of my claying journey. I really like your style of teaching, finding you very helpful and cheery.  I love how I can go and refresh my memory anytime I want. All in all well worth it! Kind regards. ~Iwona >> This comment was originally posted here: Beads Made with Dried Flower Petals

The ‘Polymer Clay Bead Making for Beginners Course’ was very informative.  Although I have dabbled with polymer clay in the past, the above mentioned, is very good for beginners wanting to learn how to work with and utilize this excellent form of clay. ~Lindsay-C >> This comment was originally posted here: Miniature Polymer Clay Food

Cindy – Just getting ready to start the color section of your bead making course.  What I would have paid to have these tutorials to have started with at the beginning!!!  When I think of all the hours I wasted trying to figure out how these techniques and tools worked….from books (ugh! always too short and not enough pictures) or from TV (too fast, too much left out), it almost makes me want to cry. LOL! —  For someone just starting, wow.  Talk about a jump start into being able to create beautiful objects.  Going to be able to test out this with a friend of mine soon.  She loved the stuff I showed her, and being another photographer, loved the idea of creating beaded slip knots to be able to adjust her camera equipment.  So, for her birthday in Sept, her husband is giving her membership to your site and the bead course.  Will be fabulous to watch someone artistic start from scratch with your courses, blog, and tuts and see what she does.  —  The drill bit section was particularly notable.  Never had thought of or seen someone turn these into tools.  For me, the use of power tools will be a little risky with the hands, so this technique opens the door for safely adjusting bead holes without a hole in the hand via the Dremel.  Just took a good sized chunk out of my thumb yesterday wiping a kitchen knife clean while slicing my tiny yellow plum tomatoes for drying (yum, so sweet) so caution is something I really need to apply when I start with the process again this winter.  Definitely hauling out all my old bottles of red nail polish and marking the tissue blades right end up before I set to work too.  —  Another tip I am going to start using religiously is tearing the clay in half, then rolling through the pasta machine.  Always folded and put the folded end in first, but, thinking back, I think using that method is bad, bad, bad.  Introduces way to much air into the clay, and your way is just as fast.  Actually, it’s fun, LOL!  I like tearing it, and looking at the inside, comparing it to the surface.  —  Well, time for bed.  Thanks to you, the bead courses and your site, today was exhilarating. Fondly always. ~Jocelyn-C >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Disc Beads

Cindy’s Polymer Clay Basics Course has 39 videos that teach you everything from choosing clay, conditioning it, rolling & piercing beads, using pasta machines and food processors, baking clay, sanding/buffing it, to finishing or varnishing your creation. And everything in-between! It’s really the best way to go, if you want to learn to make polymer clay beads and avoid making costly mistakes. ~Phaedrakat >> This comment was originally posted here: CraftSmart Polymer Clay

Hi Cindy – The beginner’s course is very helpful. Does it cover everything? Perhaps not… but one will never get all the information one needs in one place, so you should be happy in knowing that you provide one of the best resources available anywhere. I don’t have the time now to fully provide complete feedback… but I will provide more info when I get a chance. I do enjoy the membership, though I find the newsletter not as interesting as the videos. ~Sally-M >> This comment was originally posted here: Texturing Polymer Clay Beads

Hi Cindy – Thanks for getting back to me so quickly about the PayPal issue. I sure don’t want to miss any of your weekly library videos. I watch them all the time over and over… even the beginners series which I’ve had for at least a year. Love love love them. As the weather gets warmer we are outside more and I seem to do less crafting. But one of my favorite things to do when it’s warm is to sit in the back yard with our lap top computer and watch your videos. Take care. ~Nancy-C >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Library

Hi Cindy, I wanted to tell you that your Polymer Clay Basics Course is very helpful. I knew nothing about Polymer Clay so for beginners it really makes it much easier to be successful when making beads. Thanks so much. ~Marie-S >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Bead Making Tips

Cindy, Thank you so much for the beginners courses. I wasn’t going to purchase it as I thought I was probably past that, but there is so much value in your videos that I couldn’t take a chance on missing something great. Right now I have my Lortone tumbler going (I bought it for silver clay) using the river rocks I purchased this am after watching your video (several days ago I sanded part of my thumb away and it hasn’t healed yet). I’m so happy to find the answers to questions I haven’t even thought of yet. The library videos and the blog are a gold mine of information. I hope to buy the remaining ones over the next few months. Thanks again and have a happy holiday. ~Rose-M >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Video Course

Hi Cindy, As well as being thoroughly enjoyable, your videos are very well made, concise and to the point. Your explanations and demonstrations are very clear and you always offer little extras. Instructions are easy to follow – I think your beginner’s course is so thorough that it’s relatively easy to progress quickly once you’ve been through it. So, more of the same please and more advanced techniques would be welcome. In terms of improvements, I can honestly say that there is little that comes to mind, you’re doing such a great job. I occasionally have a question but I usually find the answer in one of your videos or in the member benefits question and answer sections. I only just started applying what I’m learning from your videos and what I’ve tried works, so there you go! I just made some beads and tried out a few canes and I’m going to make some jewellery with them (I’m a jewellery designer/maker with a graphic design background). Can’t wait to try all the techniques out and experiment more, I’m falling in love with this polymer clay material. I want to try combining polymer clay and silver (both traditional silversmithing and silver clay). I think the combination would be interesting. Perhaps something for you to ponder? In terms of pricing you are competitive and offer good value for money. I think this is a strong advantage over other online tutorials that charge the price of a complete book on polymer clay for one or two tutorials. In that case I usually opt for the book! I think this competitive edge will bring you more business, so good luck with that! Last but not least, well done and thanks. I look forward to my next tutorial. All the best. ~Naum-G >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Beads

I wanted to tell you that I really love the beginner course. This is the first that I have worked with clay and I think you are a great teacher because I think I’m doing great! I enjoy it so much that I have been making beads most of my time. It is easy to understand and a lot of fun. I’m so glad I found you. ~Linda-S >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Learning

Cindy, about your Polymer Clay Beginners Course… I don’t know how else these video tutorials could be improved. You explain clearly; you demonstrate every step clearly (anything that I can’t see, I click on for a full image view and viola, it is there) – is there anything else to improve it? I can’t think of it – if I can, I’ll let you know. When I start on polymer clay, I will be accessing the Basic Course again to refresh my memory. As I have written before, I can’t wait to be a monthly subscriber – my loft re-org is getting interrupted ever so often with shoveling snow – but I am getting there. I’ll have the stuff set up the way I’ve seen it, get the supplies in, and be ready to roll – as your many other e-students have. I know you are EXTREMELY BUSY, but would you please consider PC e-lessons in other forms – like vases, or lamps? I thought much about perhaps applying PC sheets onto homemade light structures – I love lights and I think any kind of lights (little lamps) would attract visitors to say, one’s table in a local craft show – but I don’t know much yet. I have no experience in the local craft scene. There are a whole lot of jewelry artisans here, many of them extremely talented – so there would an influx of jewelry in local craft shows. Of course, I’ll start with very small things – like beads first, and hopefully, I may be good enough to advance to another area and on… and on… and on… You are a GREAT TEACHER – so thankful that I “found” you online while typing polymer clay lessons in my google search. I just don’t know what else to suggest that will make your e-tutorials a lot clearer. It is pretty clear enough even for a non-artistsan like me. Of course, the problems will crop up when I actually put my hands on the PC. That’s when I’ll revisit, a great deal, the PC basics course. I’m keeping my fingers crossed – hopefully a PC start in mid-March 2010. I need to practice till I can produce some reasonably good things for sale this coming Christmas. TKU for the bonus videos – TKU for your e-tutoring – I like them better than books (step a fold here, step b – step c – I just run out of time/patience reading and referring to the diagrams and reading through the paragraphs etc. It’s not like reading a mystery novel… at least that’s my personal opinion). TKU and blessings from ol’ yongi. ~Yong-R >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Beads

Cindy, Wanted to let you know that your beginners course is wonderful, I’ve learned so much from it.  It was a great help and gave me the courage to make my very first cane last week.  As I have looked at other peoples work and thought I couldn’t do that your course taught me that I could do it. The videos are a good length and very well done. Thanks so much! ~Linda-P >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Buttons

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