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Thanks so much, Cindy, for putting together this give-away. I have worked through two of the methods and will attempt the Raku this week. The upside of this is that I sold my heart earrings and Jupiter bead bracelet that I made out of the Jupiter bead technique. Yeah! ~Loretta-C >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Beads Giveaway

I am so glad the contest based on the Vol #14 Back Issue!!!!! I can’t wait to get started. This really is a great way to know what people are getting from your videos, and such an inspiration to get out that clay and play!!! Good luck to everyone, I know I am going to enjoy seeing all the pics of everyone’s work. It will be interesting to see what each of us gets from a certain lesson. Cindy, you rock!!!! ~Tiffany-M >> This comment was originally posted here: Win Some Polymer Clay Beads

Completely agree!!!! This has been so much fun. First doing the techniques and then seeing everyone’s work. I feel like I’m in art school again, which I love! I feel young and inspired and excited about creating so I definitely feel like a winner! ~Melinda-H >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Bead Giveaway Wrap Up

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I would never have had the courage to show anyone my efforts if not for Cindy stressing that it’s about participating and not about who’s best. I have certainly learned a grate deal and have enjoyed it so much that I hope Cindy will do it again. ~Carole-H

Those beads are beautiful. Cindy sure has inspired a lot of artistic creativity. She sure has inspired me. Wish we could all get together for a week and do clay. Cindy, do you have room for all of us up there? ~Bonnie-K

One of the most fascinating things about this contest is seeing where everyone is from … and sometimes I can even see the country influence … like with 059 Susan Bates from Florence, Italy.  I love that city – and your work!  And even from different parts of this county, like Lupe Meter’s AZ influence.  Your work is gorgeous.  I mustn’t leave out those in the UK and Canada – all fabulous!  We even have members from other parts of Europe and from ‘Down Under’.  Cindy you have done such a wonderful thing bringing together this community from literally all over the world! ~Carolyn-F

Just wanted to say a big thank you to Cindy for her teaching, sharing and getting us all excited about this contest and getting us motivated to get claying. I know we’ve all enjoyed this immensely. Thank you to all of you too; I feel we’ve got closer to each other through this creative bond we have. Look forward to many more contests and chatting with all you guys out there. I’m a music teacher (piano) and I’m off to a power up gospel music workshop Friday – Saturday and we are actually performing with the choir on Sunday. ~Cheryl-H

What an awesome group of talented artists! Beautiful! I love the variety, colors, everything! I’ve been having some good results with the torn paper watercolor and smooth Raku techniques; will get mine submitted. Still plugging away with the deep crackle and Jupiter beads. I will persevere! LOL  Thank you so much for this opportunity Cindy! ~Dawn-B

Wow!  What a talented group of pc’ers!! I love how each of you took Cindy’s lessons and applied personal twists. All of the pieces are beautiful and inspiring. Thanks for the opportunity to view your work. ~Elizabeth-S

Oh my, what gorgeous pieces. Can’t believe the talent in this forum. Looking at all of them gives me incentive to spend more time with my clay. ~Freda-K

I love everyone’s work!!!! Most of all, Cindy Lietz, and Hubby. What can I say!!!!!!! I think I’ve said it all. You are so appreciated!!!! Look at all the talented people you have made. You made me complete four sets that I would have never completed. You made me put an avatar on line and email photos. I didn’t know how to do any of this. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you, Thank you Thank you!!!!! Plus, you take away my pain. What more can I say? Luv You both, Honey. ~Helen-S

I can hardly wait to see more photos. This is a wonderful experience and I want to say a HUGE “Thank You” to Cindy for taking on this contest. Cindy, you give so much of yourself and your talents and it has been said many time that you are appreciated. Know that there aren’t enough words to say it all. AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME is what you are. All the photos are just wonderful. I keep going back over them. There is so much inspiration here. Thank you all for sharing. If anyone is still hesitant, please take the step and join in the fun. It is exciting! ~Joyce-M

I just want to say that this contest has been a wonderful thing for all of us. No matter who wins the beads, we are all winners because we have stretched our minds and tried techniques that we might not have had the courage to attempt otherwise. Not only did this encourage me to try the techniques in Volume 14, but it also inspired me to try out what Cindy teaches us every week in the latest video. I can’t tell you all how much I am enjoying polymer clay since I found Cindy – I am totally obsessed! The new pieces of jewelry that I’ve made with polymer clay beads have gotten quite a bit of attention when I wear them. I used to get a few compliments on my jewelry. Now, my jewelry causes a commotion! ~Linda-K

I’ve emailed my photo entries to you Cindy. Thanks so much for having this contest. It’s really motivated me… it’s done precisely what you wanted it to do!! *lol* You’ve motivated quite a few of us from the looks of the current entries. I’m so glad I found you and the rest of our clay community!!!  One of your many grateful students, ~Lisa-W

Please don’t feel intimidated Tiffany. This is for beginners as well as for people who have played with clay for some years now. I know how you must feel because I felt that same way when I joined a Polymer Clay Guild. There are so many gifted artists in our guild, but they are so supportive. I think this bunch would be too! So, enter whatever you’ve done.  Remember, Cindy mentioned that this contest is not about who is the prettiest or fanciest… it is to show what we have learned and by practicing. I happen to be my worst critic. It is nice to get some comments on some of the stuff I’ve made. And most of all, I like the sharing that goes on this web site. So, start sending some of your work in! ~Lupe-M

WOW – Awesome work everyone. Congrats to all. I’m still not myself so haven’t gotten the energy to work on any beads yet. As I said before, don’t count me out yet. Gonna keep praying I will get the chance to share my work with all of you talented artists. Cindy you must feel like a pretty proud Momma right now. What an honor this will be to share my photos with all of my clay family. Thanks for the chance to do this Cindy!!!! ~Peggy-B

Wow! What gorgeous work, everybody! This is so exciting, seeing what everyone has been making! I am going to be going over these photos several times, trying to figure out my favorites. It’s also fun to see who the beads belong to. I’m pretty new around here, but I feel like I’m starting to know some of you. Now I can also get to know some of your beads! How cool is that? And there are more photos to come–this is so, so much fun…  Thanks, Cindy, for this cool contest. I know that you are busier than a–well, you’re probably working 40 hours a day now, right? I know I can’t get it all together in time for this contest, but I sure hope it’s a success (I want there to be a # 2 for me to enter.) I’m feeling positive–it’s going to be a huge success! I mean, look at these beautiful beads that your students have learned to make. You, our polymer clay tutor, are one fan-tabulous teacher! Thanks so much for all that you do. ~Phaedrakat

I love everyone’s work, well done guys. You know what the best thing is? I looked through these pictures and immediately my brain started whirring away. “Wow, that’s a great idea! Maybe I could try something similar with another technique… I love those colours, how would they look as a pendant?” Thank you so much for the inspiration. :) ~Silverleaf

I too was inspired and sent some photographs to Cindy a few days ago and she told me they would be posted by Friday, Feb 5. I would probably never have had enough courage to send any photographs had Cindy not come up with this brilliant idea.  And like you say I really wanted to join in the fun! I think Cindy can feel very proud looking at her students’ work which shows just what an excellent tutor she is! ~Susan-B

Cindy, I have to tell you how inspiring you are. I’m still relatively new to polymer clay. I’ve taken a magazine subscription and read everything I have time to that I find on-line, but nothing compares (at least for me) to being shown. My husband (who is my biggest fan and supporter) enjoys watching your videos along with me every week. He’s even dreaming about Premo clay :-)   —  Your contest gave me the incentive to try different techniques that in the past I didn’t consider. I guess it’s partly because I can’t ignore a challenge like this. That led to me realizing I should try everything you do at least once. When I first tried the Jupiter beads I couldn’t stop! I only have a few hours a day to play with my clay, but every night I found myself making more and more Jupiter beads. It became addicting. I finally forced myself to stop, for now at least, and also try the other techniques in Vol-014. I don’t think the crackled Raku bug bit me like the Jupiter beads, but I did enjoy the experience of trying to make them. Now it seems I can’t stop making the torn paper beads. You’ve definitely made this so much fun. Again, thanks for all you do for us. ~Susan-D

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