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Hi Cindy, I wanted to say that I enjoy your videos. My kids will enjoy learning from them as well. I wish we would have found these earlier. We did a lot of research, made mistakes and bought several books. Your web site, the course and the weekly videos have been so helpful I wish we would have found you first. It’s great having all the information we need in one spot instead of surfing and hunting for help in many other places. Thanks. ~Missy-C >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Tutorials

I think the glow in the dark jelly rolly roll pendant will be to cool!! I have 9 year old daughter that is getting better than me at polymer clay jewellry designing, and she will flip over this! Cindy, I want to crawl inside your brain just for a day, you continue to bring us such fun, gorgeous, original and truly wearable designs. I have looked through some books and thought oh my, why would anyone even consider wearing that? It just looks like sculptures you would see in an art show. You however bring us ideas and designs that are wearable and make us feel so good about having done it ourselves!! I know I have said it before, but I’ll say it again- Cindy, you rock!!! I wanna be just like you when I grow up!!! ~Tiffany-M >> This comment was originally posted here: Glow in the Dark Jellyroll Cane

How do you become a member? I see library items I’d love to look at. I did join at your 3 Free Video, where do I go from here? At age 81, am I too old a dog to learn some new tricks? ~Carol-N >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Possibilities

Hi Cindy. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy your teaching. I’m a teacher, too, first grade, and I use beads as incentives for good behavior. I show the kids what bead they are “playing for,” and they LOVE all the different techniques. I even taught two fifth grade girls how to make some beads that they then turned into jewelry and sold at our school’s Market Day. Thanks for all you do! ~Jill-V >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Kids Craft Projects

Hi Cindy….Wow you’re fast like lightning!!!! You answered my problem email almost immediately. How do you do all this? Your husband must really be a great help to you. I have been all over the internet but your site is the very, very, best!!! Your reply was a right on the button. I entered  and played all videos with no problem. You are the greatest!!! But even more than that. I could listen to your voice all day but my husband won’t let me. I have two rooms for crafts but can’t get either one organized. The clay room is in the sun room but I think its too hot for clay. The front room is for sewing and everything else. I just lost about 20 African Violets because I can’t keep up with everything. I’m 62 years old and have had chronic back pain for years, fibromyalgia and chronic depression. Clay is the only thing that takes my mind off of everything. ENOUGH!!!! Please continue the exciting way you teach. ~Helen-S >> This comment was originally posted here: How To Make Mobius Beads

I have 2 atlas machines and one of them has a motor on it. If I have to run clay through the machine several times I use my motor. One thing I do not like about my motor is that it does not have a reverse on it. For this reason my grandkids only use the machine with hand crank. Which they enjoy using. The only reason I went with a motor is I have fibromyalgia and hand cranking can cause a load of trouble if I do to much. I like both my atlas machines very much and hope they last for a very long time.  I also run my Kato clay though the food processor and also leave a heating pad on my work station while conditioning my clay. Keeping  the area warmer makes it much easier along with the processor. I mostly use Premo because of Cindy but I have a lot of Kato so I try to use it up on canes. I do like the Kato better for cane work so will probably purchase more when it is gone even though it is harder to work with. Premo is my all around favorite clay thanks to Cindy introducing me to it. Just a reminder if you have kids working with clay be careful if you use a motor on your pasta machine. Little fingers are precious. ~Peggy-B >> This comment was originally posted here: Motorized Polymer Clay Pasta Machines

I started making polymer clay beads because I had ideas in my head of things I wanted, both for me and for gifts. I always have several different types of craft projects going at once and love to learn new things. Eventually I want to get good enough to be able to make a little extra money to help pay for my hobby. When I turn on the computer every day, one of the first places I check is your blog to see what new pictures and articles you’ve posted for the day. I think I would really like a lot more business tips, as well as the different bead ideas. Love your blog and the library! Oh, would love to make things my 23 year old daughter would like. ~Joyce-R >> This comment was originally posted here: Reasons For Making Polymer Clay Beads

How cool are these Dog Tags? My nephews are fascinated with my polymer clay, especially the younger one. He has made a few beads with me, but his mom gets concerned that it is too “feminine” an activity. Silly, I know, especially since this little guy couldn’t be more rough ‘n tough. But, he’s also creative. I’m going to do this project with him – he AND his mother will both love it! In fact, as soon as my “permanent” work area is set up, I’ll do this project with all of the kids (7 of them…) ~Phaedrakat >> This comment was originally posted here: Dog Tags Jewelry for Boys

That was a great idea. Something small yet original and easy to mail. This would also be a great idea for a graduation gift. My family went easy on me this year. I only have one college and one high school graduation to celebrate. ~Catalina >> This comment was originally posted here: Faux Stone Beads

Cindy, I did my time with the nieces and made all the goodies for the 18 inch American Girl doll series. We made Native American Indian food, Colonial food, Mexican food, turn of the century food, etc., etc. It was amazing to see how quickly they mastered both the scale and the “search the house and grounds to find anything that worked” philosophy. To finish the details, just used acrylic paint after the clay was baked, then added a layer of Future/Pledge Floor Wax to keep it in place. I think they liked the final dipping process the best… lots of ooooohs and ahhhhs. It was so much fun, and sure made those hot summer days go by quickly. ~Jocelyn-C >> This comment was originally posted here: Making Polymer Clay Miniature Food

Your letter of “Thanksgiving” was very loving, and so touching… To me, it’s always so gracious to be able to pray a prayer of Thanksgiving, for all of our Blessings … my life (after this past September) is what I am Thankful for this year. My summer with my Grandchildren, one of whom is Autistic; the other with Attention Deficit, and my Sweetheart stuck in the middle. She is my budding artist, and we have so much in common (including working in clay). So, I do understand where you are coming from. It sounds like you have a nice life, and I’m very happy for you. I pray that this new year of celebration will grace you with another year of the best. In any event, you are a very nice lady, and karma speaks volumes. … Thank you again for the new things that you placed on hand. I just loved looking at the gold/silver/copper leaf information, and plan on doing something with it… Just finished weaving a gorgeous Lauriat and Earrings. Was thinking to myself, wouldn’t this look great with one of my own created clay beads attached to it (once I learn)! (I’m dreaming, but it will come to fruition!! Actually, the pendant on it can be utilized two-fold — as a brooch as well. I AM SO BLESSED, AND YOU ARE TOO!! Sincerely, ~Diana-S >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Bead Making

Charlie and I are still traveling, wifi on the road isn’t always available so I really miss reading your blog daily. I’ll have a lot of reading to do when I get home the end of Sept. I love the key chain with the faux leather. My grandsons are into sports so I can see personalizing them with sports logo, also would be great for luggage tags. Looking forward to a tutorial. ~Jeanne-C >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Projects

Very cool, I know my boys would love that so your nephew will too! I love your creativity will all these found objects that you make into treasures. Fabulous!!! ~Melinda-H >> This comment was originally posted here: Kids Polymer Clay Ideas

Love the photo, Cindy. Jack Frost’s magic is such a splendor. He brings a life to nature that has gone dormant. I love the sunshine on his crystals and like so many wonders it doesn’t last long. So it does bring me back to the first time I found your blog. I was amazed with the amount and variety of instructions you have passed on to all of us. It is so fun to go back to the first days. What a road you have traveled and the inspirations you have given us. “Thank You” is so overworked but how do we say it any other way. This is certainly the nicest of extended families that I have come in contact with. Everyone showing concern when someone encounters a glitch,  encouraging when the road gets rocky and sharing when success happens.   //   As I am retired my day starts out with a check on the blog to see what is new for the day. Not a coffee drinker so breakfast waits a bit so I can enjoy what is new at our clay home. Then time for the regular household chores and a trip to the spa some days for much needed exercise. Then it is time to get back to the clay project at hand. I am still new at this and doing lots of practicing. Someday I hope to make it to the Spotlight that I enjoy so much. So thank you one and all for your contributions and the encouragement I feel so many days. ~Joyce-M >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Beginners

I have 2 grandchildren who absolutely love to read and will love getting this as a stocking stuffer this Christmas. Thanks for the great instructions on your movie clip. Hugs. ~Adrienne-L >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Book Beads

Don’t know about Christmas gifts yet. But, my cousin wants to hire me for her daughters 7th birthday and help her and all her friends make necklaces and bracelets! It will be so much fun, I love kids! ~Carrie-W >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay

Thanks for such a wonderful web site… my 5 yr old granddaughter and I love it! ~Denise-B >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Projects

Oh, I wanted to tell you that my family was here for several days and I was able to ‘play’ with clay with my granddaughters (10 & 6 yrs. old) and the last night my d-i-l and son even tried their hands at making lentils. It was so much fun – my son & d-i-l are brilliant (on faculty at U of Penn teaching mechanical engineering) but they had a hard time getting their lentils to look right. I guess Mom still excels at some things as I have made some really gorgeous (if I must say so myself) lentils. All of this clay play helped us during this first holiday season without Don. ~Carolyn-F >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Play

I think it’s true we tend to put pressure on ourselves about being practical along with things/actions having a specific use. Funny how as adults we often try to get back to some of the qualities we lost when we were young. You never see a child put off something enjoyable because it didn’t have a purpose! They just do… it’s something I’m trying to get back to as well. ~DJ >> This comment was originally posted here: Playing With Your Polymer Clay

Okay, I’ll be honest, I actually danced in my seat when I saw this was the next video. (It’s been a long January here at college. No clay for almost a month.) But, seriously, so many possibilities! Hmm, now I need to go check Lowes or Home Depot since my copper is all dead-soft. ~Katie-C >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Wireworking

The earrings are gorgeous Cindy.  I know my daughters would love them – it’s totally their style. They love hoops. ~Cheryl-H >> This comment was originally posted here: Hammered Hoop Earrings

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