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Polymer Clay Membership SiteFound it! That was fun and I learned a lot in the process and added more valuable information to my polymer notebook of goodies. I may have to start a second book since I joined. Thanks for sharing all your knowledge with us. ~Lupe-M >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Treasure Hunt

Cindy; You always seem to come up with bigger and better ideas. I for one would love the chance to win some of your beads. Let the fun begin. Having your beads up close and personal would be a tremendous bonus. See how you have things assembled up close would be of benefit to all who make jewelry. Tried tested methods are always the best. Looking forward to this. ~Illaya-B >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Update

Well, I got 8 out of 10. I missed knowing who was the first to invent polymer clay, and I forgot that it is Premo, not Fimo who basis their colors on traditional artist pigments. Well, I know I will always remember these things from now on!!! I feel good knowing that I remembered everything about which clays work best for what :) Good test, Cindy. I think I’ll go back and watch your Bead Making Basics Course again! I haven’t watched it for a little while, and I obviously need a tune up! ~Cindy-E >> This comment was originally posted here: How to Make Beads

The following 11 Comments were originally posted here: Polymer Clay Bead Giveaway

Sounds like a great idea. I would never turn down the opportunity to get something from anybody in this group but to get some beads made by Cindy would be fantastic. ~Anna-S

Hi Cindy, any opportunity to win something made by you is incentive enough for me. ~Carol-C

Great idea, this is a fun way to keep motivated. ~DJ

I also agree that is a wonderful idea. Just another example of your caring and sharing on your site. I think its also another way to give those of us that need little extra nudge sometimes. ~Jackie-N

I would LOVE to be a recipient of some of your beads. To actually hold a beautiful bead that I have seen you make on a video or have seen in a picture would be wonderful! ~Kim-M

I think this is a wonderful idea, Cindy. This would give me, a somewhat new clayer, more incentive to jump in and try what I’ve learned. ~Linda-K

I think it is a great idea! Not only an inspiration and incentive, but wow the chance to win beads made by Cindy too. I would love it!! ~Tiffany-M

As for being interested in winning some of your beads, all I can saw is “where do I sign up”! I love bead exchanges because you get to see how other people take and use the clay and what they can come up with. I can only imagine that yours will be fantastic! ~Arlene-H

What a great idea! I would love the opportunity to win some of your beads, Cindy. And I think it might just be the push I need to try photographing my work. After all, my dreams of selling my jewelry online won’t be realized if I can’t show potential customers what the work looks like! Thanks to all of you who have offered tips on photographing pc jewelry — goodness knows why, but I have been afraid to even try. But with the extra incentive of winning a Cindy package… ~Sherry-L

I like the idea of taking one of your bead tutorials Cindy, and seeing what each of us could come up with as an application. Sounds like some great ideas for 2010! ~Sue-W

What a great idea, it would be wonderful to receive some of the beautiful beads we can see in your tutos and blogs and so… even if the picts and video are so perfect, to be able to feel the finish, colors and everything in real would be a dream. Thank you again for this idea, and thank you for the great work you do for us. ~Nathalie-G

The following 5 Comments were originally posted here: Win Some Polymer Clay Beads

Having the feeling that it would be Vol. 14, I stayed up last night watching those videos. Since I’m new I don’t have much in the way of scrap clay, but maybe some of the firmer clay would work on the jupiter beads if I don’t do much conditioning – will have to try that. I am not familiar with raku, so the faux raku was real interesting. It looks like a fun thing to try. And the watercolor beads look like fun, too. Anyway, Cindy, your purpose for this contest will definitely be met by me. I don’t think these beads would have been high on my priority list of ‘must try’ beads had it not been for this contest. Maybe I can make then all big and clunky to go on those purse charms and key rings that I’ll be making for my sale at the church. That will surely give me an idea of what people think of them. The church gets all the money from the sales, but I get the input – so it is a win/win! ~Carolyn-F

Well, I finally got my studio back (granddaughter returned to college) and I will be reviewing my Vol 14 video and go with the torn paper bead.  Thanks again, Cindy, because I know that you have now taken on a bigger load than what you are already carrying to get US to practice what you Teach! Your kindness of giving us a Reward for doing that is just another sign of your generosity!  You’ve made it very clear that this contest is more about each one of us than just one superstar.  I hope everyone really understands your intent and not nip pick if something during this contest doesn’t going as smoothly as you plan. ~Catherine-R

Cindy, I was really nervous too about the contest and sending in pictures but as a teacher myself i know the greatest satisfaction is seeing your students putting into practice what you teach and it does not mater if there are mistakes because we’re learning.  So I’m going to spend some time today making some beads. Thanks again for the teaching, encouragement and support. ~Cheryl-H

Let the fun begin!!! I can’t wait to see photos of everyone’s work — I know I will be inspired to the max from this chance to see how others have applied the techniques Cindy has taught us.  For me this is almost as important as the chance to win “Cindy Beads”. ~Elizabeth-S

Okay… I’ve purchased Vol. 14, watched the vids, and I plan on making some torn watercolor beads this afternoon. And maybe some Jupiter beads. Unfortunately I don’t have the alcohol inks for the faux techniques. Whoohoo! I’m all fired up about the chance to win some of Cindy’s beauties…!!! Good luck everyone!!! :) ~Lisa-W

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Wow Cindy, thanks for mentioning me and for being so nice about my beads. I can’t wait to see what everyone else has made! So far Facebook has generated quite a bit of interest… one sale, several people saying they are thinking of buying pieces as birthday presents, and one person wants an “Anna Roberts original” as he put it, he just hasn’t decided exactly what yet but it will be a custom-made piece. So yay! It’s such a boost to my confidence that people have been making nice comments as well. This whole thing has spurred me on to actually get on with finishing some pieces – I assembled 24 pendants today and have another 33 to do later. I’ve decided if I can get 60 pieces assembled, photographed and listed in my shop by the end of the weekend I’ll reward myself by ordering some more clay from Penny, and playing with the faux raku technique. ~Silverleaf

Congrats on your sale! Your execution of the watercolor beads is beautiful, Silverleaf … It is SO fun to look at all your beads on Facebook and see how someone has used the lessons we learn here. Great work!! ~Malinda-J

I am doing the happy dance too.  I am so excited for you Silverleaf.  The beads are really pretty.  And thanks Cindy, this is going to be such a great opportunity to see others work. ~Anna-S

Too hard to pick just one so all I am going to do is wish each and everyone of us the best of luck because anyone who has found PC tutor and this blog is already a WINNER in a very big way. Thank you Cindy you have done it again!!! ~Peggy-B >> This comment was originally posted here: Win Polymer Clay Beads

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