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I love learning everything you teach. Thanks! ~Maureen-G >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay How To Videos

Love the spoon idea. Every time I think I have seen all your comments and valued information I somehow come across an idea I have never seen before. Will I ever catch up with everything you have sent our way. I am just baffled at all the wisdom in that cute little mind of yours. You are so kind to share all of it with us. You are a very giving unselfish human whom is loved by all who meet you. I am just thrilled to have a fraction of what is in your mind to inspire me more and more each day. I can’t thank you enough Cindy for sharing all of this with all of us. THANK YOU MANY TIMES OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~Peggy-B >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Pendants

Thanks for all these inspirational blog posts Cindy. I’m enjoying them and learning lots each morning with my coffee – and from the comments too! ~Aims >> This comment was originally posted here: Copper Wire Working

I started making polymer clay beads because I had ideas in my head of things I wanted, both for me and for gifts. I always have several different types of craft projects going at once and love to learn new things. Eventually I want to get good enough to be able to make a little extra money to help pay for my hobby. When I turn on the computer every day, one of the first places I check is your blog to see what new pictures and articles you’ve posted for the day. I think I would really like a lot more business tips, as well as the different bead ideas. Love your blog and the library!  Oh, would love to make things my 23 year old daughter would like. ~Joyce-R >> This comment was originally posted here: Making Polymer Clay Beads

Hi Cindy, While purchasing my tools to get started in this wonderful hobby I found so many wonderful cutters in the bridal section at Michael’s. It is really worth the “walk down this aisle”. There are never enough “Thank yous” for all you share with us Cindy. Thanks. ~Joyce-M >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Tools

Cindy — Thanks so much for the article on how to strip wire without a wire stripper. Sounds pretty easy. And, believe me, I do appreciate your cost-cutting tips. I agree that the supplies one needs for polymer clay projects probably cost a lot less than supplies for other crafts. My problem is that your videos are so great that I want to start on the latest technique right away, and I get frustrated if I can’t find locate what I need as soon as I would like. Thanks for everything. ~Sherry-L >> This comment was originally posted here: Hammered Copper Findings

Thanks again for sorting out the ‘not able to sign in problem’.  Big thanks for your tutorials…. informative, clear and interesting. Looking forward to all the Fridays coming up. ~Judith-S >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Textured Beads and Pendants

We just found your website on Twitter. We just wanted to say what a wonderful informative website you have for all Polymer clay artists. Keep up the great work. All the Best. ~Lianne & Paul >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Extruder

Glad to be back, I miss all your fun stuff. I’ve been working to get stuff on Etsy and get my blog up and teaching polymer clay to people here in Arizona. I have a new student that I’ve been working with and she’s absolutely amazed me. The first beads she made she put in a shadow box and decorated it to be a keepsake and now her husband is rebuilding a room for her to do polymer clay in.  I love it when that happens.  I sent her your url and told her to subscribe when got the chance because she would learn tons of great stuff. Thanks again for being there with great stuff, I’m glad to be back. ~Bonnie-K >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Too Soft

Oh Cindy, These faux raku beads are exquisite!!! I can’t wait to learn this technique!! In response to your request for feedback from existing members, I’ll repeat once again that I feel as if I have been given a gift in discovering this site.  I have been working with polymer clay for some time and was constantly trolling the web for information that would enhance my learning.  Granted, there are some I found useful but finding yours resulted in a shift in how I do so many things. For me, though, in addition to the amazing techniques you teach us, it’s how you teach that has made the difference. I love that I can actually sit in front of the computer and rewind the video as many times as I need to until I learn a particular step.  I love that I can watch how you hold your hands to form a particular shape or about how much embossing powder to dump on translucent clay to create a d’anjou pear (thanks to you, mine turned out so cute I can’t stand it). Bottom line—I have never found a resource like this. (I just reread this and fear it might be a bit sappy but I am submitting it anyway with the hope that you will be able to glean from it my joy and appreciation.) Gotta go now – I’m sitting here with a blend of Studio Sculpy and need to rerun the rose cane video, part 2. ~Elizabeth-S >> This comment was originally posted here: Faux Raku Polymer Clay Techniques

So this is my first lesson and I loved it!!!! I’ve been doing this for a little under a year mostly learning from books and little bits off the net… I must admit I’ve been following your newsletter for a couple months now and I finally bit the bullet (I’m very “frugal”) and got a subscription. OMG!!! In my 2 days off I made a ton of fabulous beads. I loved them so much I had to sand them and polish them to finish… which I never get around to until weeks later. I used up about half of my scrap clay and some old canes!!! Thank you so much. It was a fabulous couple of clay days! Can’t wait for the next installment!!! ~Melinda-H >> This comment was originally posted here: Jupiter Planet Beads

Bless you Cindy, what an encouraging tutor you are! Of course I didn’t follow your video to the letter – watched it once and thought I’d remember everything, then I watched it back again after I’d made the raku sheet and saw the part where you said DON’T use it all at once. Doh! And yes I put the raku crumbles into the extruder. Ah well! I made some more raku sheets and tried just putting some scrap clay mixed with a touch of gold through and part baking that. It worked well and I’ve made some beads. I’ll send you an email soon as I’ve finished them. I warn you Cindy, I hardly ever do anything to the letter – never followed a recipe in my life – sometimes things go wrong but sometimes I get it right. I just like having a go! ~Polyanya >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Faux Raku

I have been here for quite a while now, and have not been disappointed yet Cindy. So anything you want to do, just makes being here better and better for me. I love every minute of it I can get. Even when Im very busy I try to peek in every day. Just to take a breath and suck in some of the atmosphere of creativity and camaraderie here. Hopefully one day I will be able to participate more when I have my own work space done. Until then you all keep me stoked and ready to go the second I am able! Couldn’t face a week without a Friday tute and color recipes either. So don’t ever stop!  XOXO ~Jamie-H >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Flower Cane Tutorials

I really enjoyed this video, both in seeing your friendly face and also the message you sent.  Thanks so much for all your help and inspiration Cindy. ~Laurel-B >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Tutor

The great thing about Cindy is she gets all the mistakes out of the technique before sharing with the group. ~Anna-S >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Faux Techniques

Inspirational is right!!! Melinda your work is fabulous. Love the raku, love the planet beads, and your rose is to die for with that lovely dark center. Amazing how once you pick up this craft, you can move forward so quickly with great instructions and support found here. Big shout out to Cindy, for assisting us all to grow and try new things via this site. ~Jocelyn-C >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Jewelry Making

Cindy- Ditto, the very first thing I do EVERY morning is check the bead blog! I feel the same way about clay, I’ve tried tons of different crafts but got bored after a few months. Painting pictures, woodcrafts, suncatchers, stringing store bought beads, etc. At night, I keep myself awake in bed thinking of new bead and pendant ideas. Though, this is when I come up with some of my best ones :) I started working with clay in February and, as most of us here have, I surfed the web for ideas and tips. Your site BY FAR had the most helpful tips and the most content. THANK YOU! I don’t think a lot of us would be at the level we are without you! ~Carrie-W >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Beads

I have just finished making s clasps and jump rings but mine are only plain, I love the idea of the bead I cant wait for Friday it is my highlight of the week. I am sitting in my workroom looking out at the five sheep we borrow, to keep the grass down. I wonder how they would look with a nice big pmc necklace, ha,ha, well maybe not. You are better Cindy than all the xmas gifts I have ever had thank you a thousand times. ~Ritzs >> This comment was originally posted here: Beaded S Hook Clasp

I had the same problem Stephanie, when my card expired and they sent me a Gold card with a new number. It is a common Pay Pal problem. Cindy solved the problem within an hour of my contacting her. I guess just a flick of her magic wand (polymer, of course) and all those evil goblins in Pay Pal cyberspace were obliterated and things were back to normal on my account here ;-) Thanks again Cindy. ~Lawrence-S >> This comment was originally posted here: Beads and Canes

Thank you Lawrence and Cindy, I was impressed with how fast it was turned around. Faster than I could dry my tears… I just LOVE what Cindy does for us each week!! ~Stephanie-B >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Rosary Beads

Where else can you be a member and get sooooo many great things?????? Best thing I ever did. Thank you so much Cindy. ~Helen-S >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Tutorials

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