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Polymer Clay Membership SiteGreat Picture!! I really appreciate the inclusion of the color palette samples against the picture so that we can see the color against the source of inspiration for it. Hope you will make this a feature from now on. Really makes it more informative and inspiring for us to try our hand at it. ~MJ >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Colors

I just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying the new website and I am finally getting around all the links with ease, thanks for explaining. I am excited to try out all the new color cards and I will definitely tell all my fellow polymer clay guild people about this website especially because that is the number one problem with so many — colors and mixing. I think I am going to start to finally like my finished products enough to put them on Etsy. Thanks again. ~Lupe >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Library

How very useful… thank you! I confess to only recently beginning to use my own colour mixes. I just was never brave enough before… your mixes make life even more easy… and less stressful… and now i feel even braver ;) ~Julz >> This comment was originally posted here: Summer Polymer Clay Colors

I just wanted to let you know I have been able to access the videos and recipe cards I signed up for. I’m enjoying your web site and watching your videos. I’m excited about trying your ideas and mixing your recipes. Color mixing is not something I’m especially good at so it’s really helpful to me to have access to color recipes. Best regards ~Deborah >> This comment was originally posted here: Premo Sculpey Clay

I’m new at polymer clay but after encouragement from Cindy on my blog I got up enough courage to start playing. Color has been fascinating for me. After some doing some color mixing experiments that went horribly wrong, I am excited to start using the color recipe cards! ~Judith >> This comment was originally posted here: Mixing Polymer Clay Colors

Dear Cindy, Thank you for your great color recipes. It would be great to get blank cards for my own recipes. It this possible? Helpful hint for European fans…. to match A7 index cards set wide (Breite) on 11cm. This works perfect with A7 card boxes. Best regards. ~Janine >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay

Hi Cindy, Your “Polymer Clay Bead Making for Beginners Course” is exceptional. I can’t agree more with all those who have said what a great teacher you are. And the presentation of the material you cover is easy to understand. The lighting in your studio is beyond professional. I have tried to learn another subject through tv video and the quality you have just wasn’t there. So I have an experience to compare to and you have it all. I have learned so much and now the fun begins to be able to play with the clay and make things happen. Of course I will need to refer to the tuts and their being available 24/7 is such a plus, no waiting for the class to begin, it is only a click away.   Also, your video library has so much more and I’m excited about trying out the recipe cards.  It is difficult at times to come away from your blog. All these artists who willingly share their talents also are wonderful. Its like an extended family in the clay world. Sometime I hope to be able to contribute an experience but for now I will be there with questions as I share this experience with my twin granddaughters who will spend their summer vacation here in sunny Florida. Thank you, Cindy. ~Joyce >> This comment was received via email.

Thank you Cindy! I too have noticed I lean towards the richer colors. I’m glad I found your blog, it’s a fantastic read. ~Stephanie >> This comment was originally posted here: Bead Making Color Inspiration

I’m way back here! I was in such a hurry I didn’t digest all you have given us. I’m soooo glad to have become a member and hope this time around can get those colors I missed. Thank You again! ~Mary Ellen >> This comment was originally posted here: Translucent Clay Comparison

I would never have known or thought about mixing colors of different temperatures, but of course!  That makes sense!  I’m ready to learn how to leach out the plasticizers! ~Cynister >> This comment was originally posted here: Beginner Polymer Clay Canes

I have been subscribing to Cindy Lietz Tutor since about October ’08. Her daily blogs are free to all and I find them very informative. Cindy does not try to cram in too much information and is excellent in presenting in a concise, organized and informative way. Her video tutorials are very well done; picture quality and content are excellent. Cindy and husband Doug do photo editing before posting a tutorial and do a lot of close up shots in a variety of angles of a bead or project; I am sure a lot of footage “ends up on the cutting room floor.” As in her daily blogs, she does not repeat what others have already covered but does does research and tries techniques before posting a video showing what she has found to be most successful.  As a paid subscriber, I love the color pallet recipes and don’t know where else to get anything like them. I am confident she has tried out recipes before posting them on her site. How does she know White and Gold Fimo produces a better combination than White and Gold Premo?  You asked if $9.95 is a good value. To me, it is an excellent value because of the above stated reasons. I have been following this site on a daily basis long enough to know the blogs, recipes and videos have saved me a lot of frustration, discouragement and money through techniques that save time and materials. ~Anna >> This comment was received via email.

So true Cindy – the journey is often a long one full of stunning objects which we often take for granted. Thank you so much for sharing! ~Lunes >> This comment was originally posted here: Making Polymer Clay Beads with a Spring Color Palette

The rhododendrons colors are very nice! I can see the beads right in front of me :) Thanks for nice flower photos. :) ~Zarah >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Spring Colors

I’ve been using the Cindy Lietz beadsandbeading. I especially like being able to order “back issues” based on topics that I really want to know about. Recipes are good, videos are good. The field has become so vast that I find I have to narrow my focus or I don’t get anywhere! So I like being able to learn about “sanding and buffing” long before I am ready for Mokume Gane. Then she has that too when I’m ready. ~Monique >> This comment was received via email.

I really liked the part about adding translucent clay to give it a more realistic translucency. I can see all the flowers in my mind now, of course being new it will take me a while but I will get there. Thanks. ~Cheryl >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Cane Designs

Thank you very much for this chance to catch up on getting the free color recipes. I thought I was only one week behind but I must have been two weeks. There are not to many people who would go the extra mile to make sure we all had a chance to get something free. You are truly a great person. Thanks again. ~Linda >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Faux Wood

I love Cindy Leitz’s web site – I signed up and all the videos are very helpful.  I hadn’t made polymer clay beads before and it helped a lot with that.  I like her color recipes too. ~Betsy >> This comment was received via email.

The colors seem to flow together when I look at them differently now. Its so amazing. Thank you. Hopefully I am going to become a full member when I can afford the membership. I am still bouncing back from paying for cancer treatment (no insurance) and then no income, (surprise separation) I am not fishing for pity so please. I feel very blessed to be here. The hard times make the good times so much sweeter. Thank you Cindy for passing your knowledge on and for all the inspiration you give everyone. God bless. ~Lisa >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Jewelry

Thanks that helps a lot. I’m pretty good at “seeing” colors, but when it comes to mixing them, I’m not so good at that, I know that with practice I’ll get better at it, but that takes time and I’m still a newbe to PC. ~Ken >> This comment was originally posted here: Orange Polymer Clay Color Recipes

Cindy; I have been really enjoying the videos & recipes. They are teaching me a lot about beads and the basics of polymer clay. I am very new to polymer clay and really appreciate all techniques. Thanks for all your hard work. ~Karen >> This comment was received via email.

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