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Polymer Clay Membership SiteI am so happy to finally find this website. I have been making jewelry off and on for about 6 years, and I recently began to incorporate polymer clay beads into my jewelry. ~Judy >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Pillow Bead Jewelry

Thank you Cindy! Now I understand why I was getting oval beads. This is truly an addicting technique! Two of my friends have placed orders for these necklaces. I didn’t make them yet because they were coming out lopsided because I was too impatient to let them cool before piercing them. Now I will wait. ~Maria >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Lentil Beads

Ok thanks so much for your help. I do enjoy learning new things from your site. I have worked with polymer clay for about 3 years now. Just new to the jewelry making process. I have learned a lot already. Thanks again. ~Jackie >> This comment was received via email.

Great idea. I do want to learn how to make polymer clay beads for my projects; I’ve seen so many great techniques and ideas. Thanks for sharing your expertise! ~Dawno >> This comment was originally posted here: Badge Lanyard Project

This is one of the most interesting projects I’ve seen. Please let me know when the video is available. ~Marsha >> This comment was originally posted here: Faux Raku Jewelry Beads

I love the bead. You do such great work and I love your tutorials. ~Sandra >> This comment was originally posted here: Heart Shaped Polymer Clay Pendant

Absolutely beautiful Cindy–especially the lighter one!!! ~DeBraden >> This comment was originally posted here: Faux Fossil Shell Bead Pendants

While I seldom sell, I sometimes make pieces for friends and family. When I make them for myself, I almost always finish the edges in 18kt gold paint pen, it isn’t quick drying, but it’s worth the wait. I think I’ll soon try for a more funky look with the aged metal rings and such. Thanks for pushing me out of my comfort zone. ~Susan >> This comment was originally posted here: Copper Wire Wrapped Polymer Clay Jewelry

I love mobius beads!  I really like the tip about using a bugle bead for the center, I’ll have to try that. ~Dora >> This comment was originally posted here: Uniquely Shaped Jewelry Beads

Thanks for the tip Cindy! Displaying earrings has been a problem for me since day one. I had not problems with necklaces or bracelets, but the earrings have always remained elusive. I promised myself that I would figure it out next year and one option was the tent card. I have a few other ideas too but have to work them out in my head first. BTW-I love the earrings on the left…they look like little eyes staring back at you! : -) ~Crystal >> This comment was originally posted here: Selling Handmade Polymer Clay Jewelry

I’m so excited about the possibilities of this! I have a couple of boxes on my closet shelf of stuff my dad had saved. Just little odds and ends…and I have the coolest vintage tie clip of a gold hammer. Also old watches. I’m anxious to turn them into wearable art. Problem is, I don’t know if I’ll be able to part with them once I create something. ~Seedplanter >> This comment was originally posted here: Steampunk Fashion Jewelry

Hi Cindy, I am fairly new to polymer clay. And I was making mistakes and didn’t know it. But when I found your courses , I was delighted to see how much fun it was to work with polymer clay when you handle it properly. And your videos revealed my mistakes and the right way to do things, So I am delighted to be a part of your teaching and I will keep adding more courses as I progress. I am pleased to say I have already sold 2 necklaces I learned how to make on the videos. I have been making jewelry for a little over 2 years, but making your own beads is so cool. So thanks for making mistakes and sharing so I don’t have to. Sincerely. ~Marilyn >> This comment was received via email.

Cindy, I love your idea of pounding out the copper wire and then framing with square cane, fabulous pendant idea. ~Debi >> This comment was originally posted here: Wire Bezel Pendant

Dear Cindy, I am so fortunate to have found your blog, and I am very grateful that I have been able to enjoy your “Polymer Clay Bead Making for Beginners Course.”  I have learned more from your course, and your bonus videos, than I could have ever guessed I would learn.  Each of your videos is so jam-packed with information…yet, because you really know how to teach, you make it all so seem so simple and doable.  You explain, in detail, how every part of each process works.  You have taught me what tools are the best to use, and how to use them.  You have taught me the differences between each different kind of polymer clay, and the best way to work with each of them.  Each time I finish a video that you have made, I go away knowing, without a doubt, how to do what I have just been taught.  I now have great confidence in my abilities when I work with my clay, thanks to all that I have learned from watching your videos.  Through your videos, I have learned how to avoid many mistakes (after all, you have already made them for me!), and how to make beautiful beads, jewelry, and anything I want to make!  Making beads and other projects with polymer clay used to be so mysterious to me, now, thanks to your beginner course, I understand what I am doing, and I just get to have all kinds of fun!!!  I can hardly wait to so what more you have in store for all of us! Sincerely. ~Cindy >> This comment was received via email.

This is a beautiful bead Cindy! I would love to learn how to make one, but more importantly, to learn how to work “small”. ~Carol >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Jewelry Making Classes

I agree with everything you said Marsha. But, I have a feeling Cindy will get us through it. ~Marianne >> This comment was originally posted here: Blue Gingham Jewelry Making Beads

I absolutely love your spoon pendant. People that have not touched polymer clay have noooo idea about the versatility this medium provides. I have taken things I have made and shown people and have gotten great feed back. Do you have to use silver spoons? I have bought a lot of baby spoons, do you think they would work? Wow I am having a brainstorm. See ya Cindy. ~Lynn >> This comment was originally posted here: Beginner Polymer Clay Notes

Thanks for the great post! I had completely forgotten about how much money I have saved on gifts over the years by making jewelry for people instead of buying a gift for them. Not to mention how much more special they feel when they receive something they know you took the time to make for them. ~Eri >> This comment was originally posted here: Make Polymer Clay Beads

I’m new to selling my jewelry and have found myself apologizing for my pieces or waiting for someone else to value that piece for me. No more! I like what Jamie said…”it got 100% of my skill and attention when it was made.” I won’t apologize anymore. Instead, I’ll say “Thanks for the opportunity to learn and grow as an artist while I worked on this piece!” That’s it! ~Angela >> This comment was originally posted here: Face Cane Designs for Polymer Clay Jewelry

I discovered polymer clay a year ago, as a way to make candle holders for the beeswax candles I’m making. Now I can get out either candle making or polymer clay stuff, putting the other things on shelves. I have a 12 ft. x 14 ft. office, separate from the house, on top of a mountain at 9,000 ft. – now a little craft house.    //      I just tried making refrigerator magnets with lots of my small flower and leaf canes, and they came out great. My best friend’s daughter just graduated from high school, and is making beaded jewelry from plastic beads. I’m hoping I can convince her to get in to polymer clay – maybe she could even make money that way! (She has no car and everything is so far away here in the mountains that she doesn’t have a job yet.)    //    So this morning I went to your web site after seeing your email, and saw the idea of a badge lanyard out of beads. I have to wear a badge at work (computer programming, for nearly 33 years) to get in the doors – how cool to have a lanyard out of beads I made! So now I’m going to start making beads. Thanks for introducing me to a whole new artistic medium!!! I’m off to read up everything I can find on your web site, and I have lots of flower and leaf canes still ready to go. By the end of the day I’ll have beads I made all by myself! I made braided lanyards as a kid, at a summer program at the elementary school, so the idea brought back great memories. This will be fun!    //    Thanks for your wonderful web site! ~Betsy >> This comment was originally posted here: Custom Beaded Lanyard ID Badge Holders

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