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Polymer Clay Membership SiteLove this idea about the recipe cards… also since you have been doing this a lot longer than most of us…any additional tips such as resources would be wonderful as well. Can’t wait to see all of this available….I am learning so much from your videos and your course!!!! Hugz Cindy. ~Pamela >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Color Recipe Cards

Just a beginner here. Since my color mixing hasn’t worked well (your recipe cards will be a boon). Thanks for the videos, Cindy, because sometimes it really helps to see a thing done. ~Cariad >> This comment was originally posted here: Recipe Cards for Mixing Polymer Clay Colors

I totally love your website.  I was looking for color recipes for my teapots and your website came up.  Keep up the great information.  Thank you so much. ~Nancy >> This comment was received via email.

First of all, I want to thank you Cindy again for all the help you gave me and how patient you were when I had some trouble with my username and password. Well I’m all squared away now and very happy with my charter membership and am enjoying all the videos I couldn’t get access to before. I occasionally feel like I need some inspiration at times and these videos and color recipes are definitely useful. I encourage everyone who hasn’t signed up yet to do so – it really is a great deal. Plus Cindy is very prompt at answering one’s questions/concerns about this addictive medium. ~Maria >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Library Gran Opening

Cindy you make it seem that creating canes can be so effortless. I love what you do, and how you put into words the instruction for others to follow. I love the colors of flowers in nature to and I think that those colors in that one flower in this post are amazing. Colors are always inspiring, but your videos and instruction really make me want to think outside the box. Thanks! ~Andrea >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Cane Designs

Hi Cindy! I have paid the $9.95 for the back issues and am a monthly paying member. The color cards are ingenious…love them! And, since I am a hands on person, I love the videos. Thanks for all your hard work! ~Jayne >> This comment was received via email.

Not being a “flower” person, the thing that I want to say about this article is THANKS for the recipes, I am so so tired of mud brown (luckly it does make OK dragons :) ~Angela >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Color Mixing Recipes

Thank you, Cindy.  These color recipe cards are a wonderful resource! ~Marsha >> This comment was received via email.

Diddo what MJ commented on. I really like the picture format with the palette samples because it can inspire you to create using that particular palette of colors.  Sometimes you have the color cards in front of you and it takes awhile to decide how you will incorporate them into your piece whether it be jewelry or something else. Thanks so much and looking forward to new recipes…keep them coming! ~Lupe >> This comment was originally posted here: Winter Polymer Clay Color Recipes

I love the recipe cards and how you set them up to print and make your own set, very good idea. ~Sandra >> This comment was received via email.

The colors are beautiful, Cindy!  Looking forward to getting them!  Thanks as always :) ~Cindy >> This comment was originally posted here: Spring Polymer Clay Color Recipes

I am really “addicted” to your weekly colors and recipes…. Thanks! ~Janine >> This comment was received via email.

Beautiful colors! I’m glad you can invision colors. Nature is a great source for inspiration and living in Arizona I enjoy the earth tones of the desert, the wonderful colors from our cactus and wildflowers, the color influence from Mexico and of course the sunsets. Trying to duplicate them is a tough one for me. Have you ever considered doing a southwest color palette? Wouldn’t it be fun to do a series on colors from around the world, tulips from Holland, the waters of Aruba, colors from the rainforest….! Wow one could stay a wake all night just dreaming up colors. As a very new clayer I find your website very informative, you’re a very gifted person. ~Jeanne >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Pearl Color Recipes

Dear Cindy. Thank you so much for the quick response. I love the colors you have given us and look forward to adding more. ~Norieta >> This comment was received via email.

Once again your posting has come just at the right time. I have a commission that requires several shades of green. With this I will not make the mud mistake. Thank you Cindy. ~Illaya >> This comment was originally posted here: Tips for Mixing Shades of Green Polymer Clay

I think for a beginner (like me) Cindy’s videos are tremendously helpful and informative. I subscribe and look forward each week to seeing what I get to learn from her. You could probably search and find similar info from other places, but it’s nice to have this come directly to my inbox and I don’t have to do any work. But I’m lazy like that. ;) She sort of starts with a basic technique and then builds on that with subsequent episodes which is nice as well. (and probably a good way to keep her subscribers wanting more!) :) The color recipes with the printable cards are nice to have as well! ~Camille >> This comment was received via email.

This is a wonderful site and I love being able to read about all the great ideas you have.  One thing that I would love to be able to do is get all of the recipes…I would be willing to pay an additional fee to be able to access ALL of the recipes. I download them all as the new ones come up…but would love to have access to all the old ones.  The color recipes are one of my VERY favorite parts of this website. ~Deborah >> This comment was originally posted here: Beach Palette Clay Color Recipes

I highly recommend Cindy’s site. I am a member and the videos and recipes are worth the fee. Maybe there is information for free on the net but you have to have the time to sift through all of it.  Cindy’s  tutorial comes to you and they are very easy to follow with a wealth of information.  Cindy always takes the time and is very prompt answering any questions and helping which you will not be able to get through any of the other free info out there. ~FP >> This comment was received via email.

This tip is fantastic! I purchased a couple of Fimo multiple color packs that were on clearance sale. I found there were colors in the package that I normally wouldn’t use straight out of the package, such as a bright magenta and a bright green. However, when I mixed those colors 4:1 with copper, I got a lovely deep rose color as well as an olive green color that went perfectly with the rose color! I had to keep experimenting, so I ended up with several nice colors that go well together. Thank you!! ~Karen >> This comment was originally posted here: Gold Polymer Clay as a Base for Mixing Other Colors

Hi! I’m a member of Cindys Site, and love it.  I’m fairly new to polymer clay and she has been so helpful and always there to answer any questions. I love her clay recipes. She’s a doll! ~Peg >> This comment was received via email.

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