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Polymer Clay Membership SiteA few months ago I took a beginner polymer clay bead making class with a local artist and we quickly made a leaf cane similar to this one.  It was just an overview and my cane was terrible.  I’m looking forward to learning more about it and actually learning how to do it! ~Marsha @ Polymer Clay Cane Leaf Beads

Thank you for the awesome glitter tips! I am going to try making canes with my clay, now I am all excited!! Thanks to you!! Hugs, kathy :) ~Crafty Chica @ Polymer Clay Glitter

Cindy, thank you for adding yourself as a follower of Blogspired. It was fun to see your picture appear there! I have an Amazon Kindle and when I can’t sleep, I turn it on and browse your polymer clay blog via Bloglines, where I’ve added it to my list of blogs. My husband knows so much about polymer clay now, because I’m constantly relaying what I’ve learned. :D I made my very first set of beads over the weekend, from a cane. Oh. My. Gosh. How do you spell “addicted”? I used three layers: black/white/silver. I’m in the process of making a bracelet. You have inspired me to really dive into this. Wow. It’s a creative blast! ~Seedplanter @ How to Make Pendants out of Polymer Clay

I am really looking forward to learning more about cane’s and their multiple uses. The topography of this art form is fascinating. ~Lani @ Skinner Blend Plug

Thanks for sharing so many great tips and ideas, Cindy.  Every year I grow a border of Johnny-Jump-Ups in as many colors as I can find, for their sunny faces and great colors.  I take pictures of them and pick and dry them etc. as they and Pansies are my favorite flowers.  I am a caner but have trouble with the Pansies and Johnny Jump Ups and this article really helped me where you explained the steps of the different skinner blends. Thanks, again and hugs. ~Sue @ Polymer Clay Cane Designs

Thank you so much for your help on this and if i come across a Tech that does this technique i will be sure to send them to your site! and if by some chance i figure out how to do this correctly and it turns out good i will let you know and maybe we can put it all together! While i am not into the bead making yet myself i do enjoy all of your information. Thank you again and keep up the wonderful site it is GREAT! ~Michelle @ Fimo Nail Art Trends

PC fingernails..WOW.  How would you attach them to your nails regular phony nail clue?  I could really get into that, what a great idea.  Or, do you attach them to the phony nails then to your fingernails. My husband wants to know if I am going to feed him today…I don’t think so. ~Marianne @ Spider Jewelry made with Polymer Clay Canes

I think this tip may save my hand from sticky clay and my push molds as well. I make canes and have noticed the stickiness over the years getting worst to but articles like this one will keep ours smiley face canes smiling instead of rolling into a frown due to squishiness of new softer clays. Thanks again for another informative article. ~Abby @ New Premo Formula Causing Problems with Polymer Clay Canes

Canes were what inspired me to begin “playing” with polymer clay. Now my kitchen is overrun with clay, and tools of all kinds. Not many meals have been prepared in the last few months, since I began, but a lot of clay has been baking. ~Carol @ Polymer Jewelry Made With Clay Cane Slices

I have to learn the design issues with making canes. I also need to have some help with sketching out an idea and not so much as being inspired as I work. I appreciate all the suggestions for finishing. Please keep up all of your hard work  providing quality education for those of us who are benefiting from it. Thanks. ~Diane @ Polymer Clay Color Recipe Cards

Wow, that was awesome! I have been playing with the idea of purchasing your course and the weekly videos, and now I’m convinced that it will be worth it! I’ve been wanting to play with clay for awhile, but am a little afraid of it. I SO want to make some of the flower canes to make the trumpet flower beads. Thanks! ~Joyce @ Teardrop Method Quick Skinner Blend

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