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Polymer Clay Membership SiteI would just like to say that I am truly enjoying your web site. Many of your statements mirror my own. I am glad I found you and look forward to reading all of your info. LOL. Thank you so much! ~Dori @ Fingerprints and Polymer Clay

Cindy, You have no idea how useful this tip is to me! I have been using my dremel with a coarse sanding tip to bevel each and every one of my pendants!  What a waste of my time, when all I had to do was break out the Saran Wrap! Thank you so much for being there! ~Donna @ Polymer Clay Pendants

Cindy…you are such a wealth of knowledge! I am following your treasure hunt…but it is taking me hours because I am so enthralled with each and every page that I am finding on your site!!!  I can’t bear to go onto the next clue until I have read every word, and every link on each page!  I am so excited about all that I am learning from you.  My creative mind is in a whirlwind thinking of all that I am going to be able to do and make with all that I am learning from you…it is so great!!!  WOW!!! ~CindyE @ Sanding Polymer Clay

OMG! I just realized where I’d caught your name, and it was a few weeks back while admiring your super site! Keep it up(!), and thanks for the comment.. ~Wes @ Amaco Tri Bead Roller

Thank you so much cindy. I’m really impressed with your quick answer, and you cared enough help me understand what to do. Bless you. ~Sandy @ Storing Polymer Clay Canes In Plastic Wrap

Dear Cindy, How do you always read my mind? I was just trying to figure out the best way to store my canes (which I’m happy to say are looking better!) when out pops this video. Thank you, yet again! ~Maria @ Polymer Clay Plastic Storage Boxes

I LOVE your website, Cindy. I have been working with polymer clay only for about a year. Thanks! ~Ronda @ Comment Received Via Email

Cindy, Found you while surfing a few days ago. The video you sent me on the Skinner Blend was probably the best I have seen. What I will be interested in when you get them done is making canes, the more advanced ones. I also wanted to thank you on the info on storing clay. I just stuck them in baggie not knowing there would be problems. I have had a few left when I put the clay up for a while to take care of more pressing matters and boy was it hard to soften up again. I should have no upcoming problems and should be able to work on the clay one night a week. One night goes to painting or drawing, one night go to counted cross stitch, one night go to jewelry making and one night is Bible Study. ~Pat @ Polymer Clay Skinner Blend

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