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Polymer Clay Membership SiteI love your videos and I have the course saved on favorites.  The way your videos are shot and your teaching are far superior to others I have purchased. ~Sandra @ Comment Received Via Email

Dear Cindy, It was really nice running into your page on the net. I’d like to know about the classes. When I pay for them, will I have access to them as many time as possible or will I be able to view them only once? Best Regards, A Fan From Brazil. ~Monica @ How To Make Polymer Clay Beads

Cindy I just purchased your beginners course and I like it very much. There are so many little details that no one else tells you. I have seen the lentil beads you make and they look amazing. I want to start making polymer clay beads and combine them with the tagua nut beads that I sell. I guess these will be the perfect combination. I am just starting with polymer clay and I am really apprehensive as to making canes or any other complicated project. I would also like to know when you will have your next 2 courses available as I would be interesed in buying both. Thank you for your help. Best regards. ~Gail @ Polymer Clay Bead Making Course

I have loved the 1st video course! What fabulous lessons you’ve created for me… the beginner. My interest is in learning to make unique buttons for quilted wall hangings and pillows. Do you have any videos featuring button making? I also would enjoy learning more from your wonderful blog pages. How is it possible to view the “full” videos from there? I would love to learn more. Thank you Cindy. ~Robin @ Jewelry Bead Making Course

I really appreciate the videos and all I am learning. I just had surgery and will begin the practical phase next week. So far I have just watched and read and amassed tools and clay. Once my husband picks up a 12×12 ceramic tile I will be on my way. I have seen someone make a tree face out of the clay and although I begin this craft wanting to make beads, I can see there is a plethera of things you can do with it. I am truly looking forward to getting started. I purposefully did not start so that I could use it as a distraction during my recovery. Your videos have been very very helpful. ~Lani @ Slicing Polymer Clay Canes

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