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Polymer Clay Membership SiteI like your color recipes and really would like more. I do have a problem with picking colors that look good together. I like earthtones and they do not reduce well, and tend to get lost in my designs when reduced. I have been working with polymer clay for quite some years now. I have a lot of molds, tools, clay, etc. Thanks for your help from all of us clayers. ~Lynn @ Fingerprints and Polymer Clay

Oh cool, thanks for posting these color recipes! ~Kristy @ Red Polymer Clay Color Recipes

Dear Cindy, I was toooo late I know. Is there any chance to get the bonus recipes? I started with PC beginning of September and at the beginning I was not so familiar what I really need and what not. And now I know…. I need colors and of course a lot of colors, much more then Premo, Cernit and Fimo offers right from the pack. I will order the back issues within the next week, but how could I get the bonus colors. I love your side and your tipps. Greetings from Germany (and sorry for my horrible english). ~Janine @ Color Recipes for Polymer Clay Canes

Interesting post! I never knew dyes were used with PC before, and loved reading about the process. Thanks also for your comment on my blog the other day. We’re out of the fire’s path and very safe :-) ~CapitolaGirl @ Alcohol Inks For Coloring Polymer Clay

OK, in addition to being a guru, color genius, you must also be a mind-reader.  I have just made my first beads with polymer clay and have already wondered, a couple of times, if I really needed to sand them.  Since I am lying in bed, right now, doing the treasure hunt and my wonderful, yet exhausted husband is asleep and has to get up and work tomorrow, I am going to have to wait until the a.m. to sand, but trust me, it will be number one on my to do list, right after my coffee! Thanks. ~Karen @ Sanding Polymer Clay

** BONUS COLOR RECIPE (B): Dandelion > Polymer Clay Tutorials Guest List
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