Member Benefits 007-3: Cane Making

Polymer Clay Membership SiteDear Cindy. How do you always read my mind? I was just trying to figure out the best way to store my canes (which I’m happy to say are looking better!) when out pops this video. Thank you, yet again! ~Maria @ Polymer Clay Storage

LOL – okay, now I HAVE heard everything!  How cool is that? ~Laurel @ Polymer Clay Nail Art Canes

Dear Cindy… I just wanted to correct myself. I knew that I had seen your ingenious idea of keeping your clay on an ice pack while you were claying, and I thought I saw it in one of your video previews.  Well, last night in the middle of the night, I remembered that I had seen this great idea of yours on your cane slicing page (tutorial).  I just wanted to be sure to correct myself so that anyone reading my post wouldn’t go on a wild goose chase trying to find your idea in the wrong place. Thanks…and yes…I was claying in bed all night again!!! ~Cindy @ Problems with New Premo Formula

I really like those, I have been wanting to try canes the last couple of weeks. I hope I can get some time in studio this week. ~Nora @ Spring Color Polymer Clay Canes

I just saw a new tool for slicing the canes. It ran $95 US. But the idea which I saw done other ways than using the tool is to two “things” on either side of the cane leaving just what you want to cut off sticking up. Then pulling the knife through the clay keeping it resting on the sides so that the cut is even. I hope you can picture what I am trying to say.  I also hope that I gave a tip that someone else could use. I hate to be absorbing all the great hints and not giving back. ~Marianne @ Clay Cane Slicing Techniques

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