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Polymer Clay Membership SiteThanks, Cindy for your quick response. The information I know will be very helpful to me. Also I just want to comment you on the wealth of information and techniques that you have on your website great job. ~Barbara @ Common Polymer Clay Brands

Thank you SO much for sharing your talent with the community. It is well written and very informative. I deeply appreciate the time it must take. ~Debbie @ Photo Transfer Beads

Hi Cindy! Just wanted to let you know I’ve learned a lot from your freebie videos – thank you so much! While digging through some potpourri to try out this latest idea, I also found a chunk of something with a great texture that might look good on clay, and I think I might even be able to string some of the tiny little mystery pods if I can get a hole through them, for a wonderful organic look. (Smells good too!) So this was a very inspiring idea and I look forward to more! Thanks again. ~Libby @ Flower Petal Memorial Beads

Hi Cindy, I am a digital artist and my specialty is rose art. My husband and I are crazy rose people, we exhibit our roses as a hobby. I am wanting to create my own art on clay pendants. I found your site through searching the internet. I love your site! It looks fantastic. ~Brenda @ Comment Received Via Email

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VIDEO: Techniques For Slicing Round, Triangular and Square Shaped Canes
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