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Polymer Clay Membership SiteOh wow…this is amazing! I will be trying this out FOR SURE!!! There are so many ideas flying around my head right now!! WOW!!! ~KeriLee @ How To Make Polymer Clay Pendants

What a great idea! Adding tranlucent to the blends to gave a more realistic look. I would have never thought of that. I love the the picture of this flower too. I am a big time purple lover and I actually find that purple beads or beads with any purple sell much better then others. ~Krista @ Polymer Clay Cane Designs

Cindy, thanks so much for the positive comments on my necklace.  I certainly don’t advocate the intentional burning of polymer clay (even though I personally love the look) for health reasons. But, this was one of those happy accidents!  Thanks again. ~Maureen @ Polymer Clay Necklace

Once again I am just blown away by all that you share here Cindy!!!!! I am learning new things and I am soaking it all in….I am a newbie, I have been playing with clay for a few months now but nothing serious. I already make my own jewelry and thought how fun it would be to design my own items through clay. I am most interested in the canes….and there is so much to learn. If I purchase your video lessons do I just have the 30 days to look at all of them or how does that work? I work and take care of an elderly mother as well as my hubby so I don’t have a lot of time on the PC…so I will wait to see what you post back…..:0) Thankx again Cindy….this is GREAT!!!! ~Pamela @ Polymer Clay Tutorials

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