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Polymer Clay Membership SiteTo All My Fellow Newbie Poly-Clayers: Being the winner of Cindy Lietz’ 2008 Treasure Hunt, and having access to Cindy’s first set of videos in what I hope will be many sets, I just want to agree with those who have now purchased the videos, and to testify to those who have not yet received Cindy’s videos: Cindy is the best teacher, and her videos are the best videos!!! :) :) :) I have already learned so much from these videos that I so fortunately won this past week. Cindy teaches the “between-the-lines” information that you don’t get when reading an instruction book. Cindy makes sure that every detail of the subject matter she is focusing is addressed, and made to understand. Not only that, but her videos are a really good quality, which makes watching them an effortless and seamless experience. The lighting in her videos is always right-on, and the angles at which she tapes what she is so eloquently teaching is very thoughtful and conducive to the viewer’s learning experience. I can not say enough for Cindy’s videos, and I know that I will continue to learn from Cindy as she puts out more video sets. See for yourselves!!! You can’t go wrong if you purchase these videos!!! Give yourself a great gift, and get them :) Sincerely, a very happy Cindy Lietz fan and follower. PS…NO…Cindy Lietz did not know I was going to write any of this :) ~Cindy @ Beaded Polymer Clay Jewelry

I knew I was saving those spoons for a reason. Thanks for this article and thanks for the treasure hunt if not for that I might have missed this one. ~Linda @ How To Make Polymer Clay Pendants

OK, in addition to being a guru, color genius, you must also be a mind-reader. I have just made my first beads with polymer clay and have already wondered, a couple of times, if I really needed to sand them. Since I am lying in bed, right now, doing the treasure hunt and my wonderful, yet exhausted husband is asleep and has to get up and work tomorrow, I am going to have to wait until the a.m. to sand, but trust me, it will be number one on my to do list, right after my coffee! Thanks. ~Karen @ Sand Your Polymer Clay Beads

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VIDEO: Wrapping Round Beads With Thin Strips of Crackled Gold Leaf
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