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Polymer Clay Membership SiteI loved the videos. They were easy to watch and I learned a great deal. I’m new to polymer clay and am very thirsty for knowledge. The bonus videos were very helpful. I feel I got my money’s worth and would do it again. I can’t wait for more videos. ~Lynn @ Comment Received Via Email

Hi Cindy: As you know I recently bought your Beginner’s course and I find it is just great. All those hints and tips make a great difference for someone like me just learning how to work with polymer clay (don’t find these in books). Some of us are more visual and need to really see how to do it rather than read on how it needs to be done. I find it just amazing that I can get a video course and see it as many times as I want and stop it, go back, etc. I started making jewelry as a hobby about 5 years ago and think that being able to create our own beads, pendants, etc. in the colors of our choice is amazing. The other thing I like about it is that creating something really opens up your mind and imagination as to what we are capable of. Keep up your great work and please let me know when your next course will be available as I will certainly buy it. Thank you so much. ~Gail @ Video Polymer Clay Tutorials

Hi Cindy, I am getting my supplies together to start playing with clay in December. I have purchased your beginners video course and see that I need to come up with sandpaper and buffing cloths. I have checked on eBay for these items. I found the sandpaper but they come in 50 sheet purchases. I don’t need THAT much. Where is another good place to check? There is also a neat looking buffing cloth for shoes on eBay. It’s canvas on one side and flannel on the other. Would this work for buffing? Thanks and I love your tutorials. They have been very helpful in getting me prepared. ~Cori @ Polymer Clay Starter Tools

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