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Polymer Clay Membership Sitei just finished the tresher hunt i think soooooo yea i’m 14 and loven it and need all the help i can get!! ~Ali @ Comment Received Via Email

Hi Cindy, I am new to Polymer Clay Jewelry and just fascinated by your tutorials. You are so full of wonderful helpful information. I am trying to take it all in. I am retired and not ready to get old. I have so many ideas, my mind is overflowing. I just found you today, November 16, 2008 reading about your recipes for color. Is it too late to join your membership club? I will be checking on your website daily. Thank you so much. ~Dianne @ Selling Jewelry To Niche Markets

This treasure hunt has been so informative for this newby in clay. I have all my clay and supplies stored at my moms and on the weekends we get together and have “Clay Dates”. 4 generations of clayers. Mom, me, my daughter Jennifer and then my 2 grand daughters from my other daughter that I am raising. The prize would be a wonderful tool to teach the girls, 6 and 4. Thank you again. ~Jeanie @ Comment Received Via Email

Cindy, they did! My boys were about 5 and 9 when they were big into fishing. They grew up around clay and have always been creative, so it was natural they would think of making their own lures. Their’s were too heavy, and we never really tried to perfect the technique, but at least they made fun, colorful ones. LOL! And no! They cannot have their tackle boxes back. I paid them well for my new-found storage! :D ~Alisa @ Polymer Clay Storage

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