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Polymer Clay Membership SiteCindy – I love them! I’m glad to find a kindred spirit who isn’t afraid to wear something a little (a lot?) different. Couple of questions. Did you use translucent clay? It’s a beautiful effect. Secondly: how do you prevent the piece from falling off the eye pin? I’ve had some sad experiences where I’ve lost my work when it came off the pin. ~Maria @ Luna Lovegood Radish Earrings

Hi Cindy, I want to thank you for the videos. You asked me how I found you and to tell you honestly, I’m not quite sure. I googled “how to make polymer clay beads” and naturally came up with zillions. Now I either found you thru one of the links or I found your name at one of the sites I visited. Those are the only 2 ways I could have found you. I’m glad I did though as I have been playing around with polymer for a little over a year and have actually made and sold some jewelry. I want to continue with my art and that is why I was exploring different types of beads and how they are made. You have helped me with the air bubble problem, etc.. I put you in my address book and hope I can contact you from time to time. Sincerely, ~Christine @ Comment Received Via Email

Wow! this one is just for me!! :) ~Kumru @ Pirate Crossbones Jewelry

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VIDEO: Flower Petal Inclusion Technique For Making Keepsake Jewelry Beads
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