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Polymer Clay Membership SiteISRAEL: Hi cindy, i am from israel’ and wriht not so good’ as you can see/ i enjoy your videos and learn a lot/ thank you ~Tova @ Polymer Clay Lentil Beads

SPAIN: Hi Cindy. Thanks again for taking care of us. I guess that you have a lot of people in your Guest List so if each of us answers to each of your mails you’d end up crazy. I like to be grateful but after thinking about it I realized it would be worse for you if I reply to each message. I just wanted to let you know that I don’t mean to be ungrateful if I do not answer to your mails; be sure I’ll be waiting for them anxiously. I’ve never done anything with polymer clay, so I’m an absolutely newbie in this technique. In fact my favorite handcraft is cross stitch and the only one I’ve practised up to now. I’ve created a blog to show my stuff (from 2008 on, not previous things). I haven’t done much this year but I still wanted to show it. You can have a look if you’re interested and you have time. It is and will be mainly cross stitch but I plan to post all my handcrafts there. Hugs from Spain. ~Mis Labores @ Free Polymer Clay Tutorials

ROMANIA: Hello, dear tutor! I am from Romania, and I am very happy to learn about polymer clay from you! You are the best tutor ever! I speake english good, but writing, well, that’s another story :)!!! Love ~Oana @ Polymer Clay Plastic Storage Boxes

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