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Polymer Clay Membership SiteWow some of these post are really interesting. Some have made me laugh. I am really enjoying this treasure hunt. I like to make small figures and I try to sand the spots that I can but I must tell you it is not one of my favorite thing to do. I am just now getting into making beads. I have noticed a real big difference in the look of beads when I take the time to sand and buff. Buffing is another problem area for me. I haven’t had the problem that Sue had but I am a little afraid of my dremel tool also. ~Linda @ Sanding Polymer Clay Beads

I finished, and thoroughly enjoyed the treasure hunt. I learned so much today along the way! I found many pages that I had not seen before, and I had to read them all! I just love all of your blog. You can be sure that I will be coming back many more times to learn all that I can from your experiences in Polymer Clay… and just having fun reading your writings as well! Thank you for sharing your great talent!!! PS I thought it was really cool when I saw your post on the Wet Canvas web site in the clay section. I thought, hey! I know who Cindy Lietz is!!! Your friend ~Cindy @ Comment Received Via Email

Cindy, I got 6 out of 10 right. Guess I’ve got alot more to learn, but quizzes like that sure are enjoyable & you learn alot from them. Thankx for picking my brain. DeBraden @ Choosing The Right Polymer Clay Brand

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