Member Benefits 002-3: Friends Stories

Polymer Clay Membership SiteI am soooooooooooo impressed!!! Bonnie Jones, Mary V. Smith, and Mary Tempesta, you are ALL sooooooooo talented!!! I really enjoyed (and will enjoy more) all of your sites and blogs!!! You all do such great work!!! Thanks to Cindy, there is so much that we get from her, and each other on her site!!! THANKS CINDY :) Sincerely. ~Cindy @ Transluscent Sculpey Clay

If you have done nothing else Cindy you have made people stop and look at the world around them. This fast pace world that we live in, does take up to much of our time and then we ask ourselves where did the time go. My motto is Stop, Look and Listen. Look around you and enjoy the beauty from with in, and think to yourself how can I create that beauty into a work of art. Create something to show other people there is still beauty in the world and if your art work can make people stop and say thats nice, you have accomplished what you set out to do. I think that is why I have so much fun Polymer Clay. ~Sandra @ Polymer Clay Cane Designs

Cindy your tips as with all of your posts was very helpful. I have a hard time taking the time to finish things. Like sanding and buffing I hate doing that but I know like you said it is something that I should practice on and do. So thank you for reminding me. I have found that there is no “right” way to do something. It all just depends on how you yourself see it and what is easier for you to handle. Like the heart pin I made, (updated the pic by the way) I made it my way and I like it. Thank you and your DH for all that you do for us. ~CraftyLinda @ Confidence Building Bead Making Tips

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