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Polymer Clay Membership SiteI’ve been working with clay since I was a little kid.(I’m now 21) I haven’t tried making beads or jewelery yet… I mostly enjoy creating little figurines. I just got a job with a weekly magazine creating projects!! Of course, all gifts to friends (and family) were handmade. And let me tell you, everyone I know appreciates gifts that are really from the heart, made with love! ~Hin @ Why Make Polymer Clay Beads

Hi Cindy, I looked over my new video subscription today, and it’s awesome!! Know that I will have to return again (mannnyyyy times)!!!! You’ve definitely given me the initiative, and I loved your method of teaching — just matter of fact, and unlike most with an attitude (You are learning from a Rocket Scientist!!) Ha! Ha! Thanks again, and I’ll be back to look over the tutorials I purchased today. Would have come sooner, but I’m computer illiterate. Ahem! (it could be that I’m 64 and these things just don’t come to easily). Obviously I did something right though, because I was able to access the entire program I purchased. It had to have been my prayers to Jesus, because it was really getting to me. Thanks again, and by the way — I’d highly recommend your course to anyone. I plan on getting onto the Google and putting your name out. You are an exceptional teacher, and very gifted!!!! With Appreciation. ~Diana @ Make Polymer Clay Beads

I have to admit that making canes is the most intimidating part of this new craft. I’ve seen some breathtaking canes, realistic peonies and roses and irises (my favorite) that take my breath away. I spent my fiftieth birthday in Venice (amidst the antiquity, heh heh) and was amazed by the milefiore glass on Murano. Just as with polymer clay, a number of different techniques yeilds numerous effects. I think I will master some basics before I explore caning, but I am certainly intrigued! Thanks! ~Sue @ Polymer Clay Cane Designs

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