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Polymer Clay Membership SiteHi Cindy, I have clay on my mind all of the time now, thanks to you! Your program has given me the confidence and basics to get started in clay. I took your advise on all of your recommendations, I use Premo! exclusively, I have all of the tools you use from the Amaco Pasta Machine to the clay cutters, etc. Needless to say, I am hooked! I love the fact that I can go back and refer to your videos over and over again. Your program could not be better….just please offer more! Thanks again for sharing all of your wisdom. ~Brenda @ Comment Received Via Email

Cindy, The manner of your teaching is pleasant and relaxed. I feel like I’m in your studio having coffee with you. Your course is teaching me the correct way to do things. The camera work is great, close enough to see the detail. You share all of your vast knowledge on each subject, not just the general instructions. I’m very pleased and look forward to future courses. ~Sandra @ Comment Received Via Email

I want to say that your beginning course is the best I have experienced. I have purchased several dvd’s and found yours to be the most informative with basic information and tips which I am sure will lead to a better product and a more confident “clayer”. Thanks for doing this. I don’t think anyone else has. You can tell your video camera person that they did a great job. Too many videos don’t show the close-ups so one can tell exactly what to do. Also your tips are great. Great job. Thanks in advance for any trouble or effort. ~Lynellen @ Comment Received Via Email

Cindy – I learnt such a lot and was so convinced that it really was possible for a novice to make some nice pieces. So to anyone still unsure about buying the course, I found books for beginners but they tended to have projects that I just wouldn’t have done (ie they were not related to beads), also pictures just don’t show you enough info, so I guess what I’m saying is, get this course. ~Andrea @ Comment Received Via Email

Hi Cindy, I have learned a great deal from the course and am glad to have it to refer to when I need to refresh my memory. The material is well thought out and presented in an easy to understand format. Sometimes teachers forget that their students dont know as much as they do and thier instructions are too advanced. You, on the other hand, know your audience. You present the class to beginners as though they know nothing about the subject. And as beginners, we mostly dont know anything. It makes it very easy to understand and follow the “classes”. ~Lani @ Comment Received Via Email

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