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Polymer Clay Membership SiteAs a new polymer addict, it’s interesting to learn how custom colors are mixed. I’m learning that colors are mixed just as they are in a traditional painter’s palette, which is coming as quite a surprise. Still don’t understand the translucent clay, but I’m sure that I eventually will. ~TK @ Polymer Clay Color Mixing

Thanks for the great tips and recipes Cindy, your the best!!! ~Andrea @ Fimo Clay Mixes

Though I am literally brand new at the P.C. bead making, I have already gotten a ‘different eye’ in my surroundings for looking at color. I was actually in my bathroom the other day, for my morning sit down and noticed my shower curtain. It is in rich browns, golds and tans. I’m thinking what great colors and textures it would be use to as a polymer clay tube bead. Also, I got a catalog from a well known flower company and just looking through it, at the color spectrum available in nature, I see ‘treasure’ now in even my junk mail! Thanks for helping me to be inspired with the idea of color in nature, mail and yes, even my bathroom curtain. ~Karen @ Polymer Clay Cane Designs

Thanks for the video. I love your videos and PC color recipes; you are very knowledgeable and a very good instructor. I have used PC in the past but am just recently getting more serious about this wonderful product. Thanks for all of your inspiring info. ~Anna @ Polyclay Tips for Beginners to Advanced

Thanks for posting some recipes for all of us to share. For those of use who really don’t have an easy time figuring out how to arrive at just the right color yet, these recipes are a real helper! ~Cynister @ Sunflower Colors

** BONUS COLOR RECIPE (B): Chile Pepper >> Polymer Clay Tutorials Guest List
VIDEO: Instructions For Mixing Polymer Clay Colors And Making Sample Chips
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