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Polymer Clay Membership SiteI’m so glad to have found you! I’ve already learned more from your free videos than from a couple of years of trying on my own…THANK YOU!! ~Pepper @ Comment Received Via Email

Hello, dear tutor! I am from Romania, and I am very happy to learn about polymer clay from you! You are the best tutor ever! I speake english good, but writing, well, that’s another story :)!!! Love ~Oana @ Storage Boxes For Polymer Clay

OK, in addition to being a guru, color genius, you must also be a mind-reader. I have just made my first beads with polymer clay and have already wondered, a couple of times, if I really needed to sand them. Since I am lying in bed, right now, doing the treasure hunt and my wonderful, yet exhausted husband is asleep and has to get up and work tomorrow, I am going to have to wait until the a.m. to sand, but trust me, it will be number one on my to do list, right after my coffee! Thanks. ~Karen @ Sanding Polymer Clay Beads

Wow, I just found your site, Cindy. Excellent tips and instructions, and a fantastic website to boot! YOU ARE A POLYMER SUPER HERO! Finally a way to conquer the dastardly This-Clay’s-Too-Dang-Soft-n-Mushy Villian and his menacing Fingerprint Gang! Oh, man, I’ll be up all nite now playing around with these tricks! THANK YOU!! ~Lisa @ Polymer Clay and Fingerprints

Cindy, YOU ARE MY HERO!!!!! I am forever needing to get out those deep grooves you describe between canes. ~Kim @ Drywall Sandpaper For Polymer Clay

Thank you kindly for your prompt response. Have to tell you, I was up late putting my clays together, and willlll attempt working with the clay. I do alot of reading on clay, in fact, everything that I can get my hands on. However, the more I thought about it, the hints you shared with me were amazing. They were also things which nobody has ever mentioned. Your teaching is extraordinary, and your business ethics are also admirable. Thanks again for your kindness, Cindy. You are a gem!!! Sincerely. ~Diana @ How To Make Polymer Clay Beads

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