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NOTE-2: The chart below has turned into a maze of links that is not very easy to read. Sorry about that. As of Vol-008, I have stopped adding new recipe information to it. However, that does not mean I have stopped adding new recipes to the library every week. Heck no! Soon I will be create a much nicer looking index page here, with color photos of the recipe palettes.  It will be much more user friendly for you. In the mean time, you can stay up to date by using the Polymer-Clay-Recipes- Table-of-Contents.

000-1A Weekly Fern Leaf Green Clay color recipes spring palette
000-1B Bonus Storm Cloud Purple Kato Clay blue color recipes
000-2A Weekly Pink Rhododendron Red Polymer clay spring color palette
000-2B Bonus Terra Cotta (dark) Orange Orange color mixing with polymer clay
000-3A Weekly Twig Neutral Spring colors polymer clay
000-3B Bonus Chile Pepper Red Clay rose cane color ideas
000-4A Weekly Parchment Neutral Mixing polymer clay spring colors
000-4B Bonus Warm Gold Metallic Polymer clay metal colored recipes
001-1A Weekly Blue Iris Blue Blue iris color recipe
001-1B Bonus Champagne Gold Metallic Clay colors metallic
001-2A Weekly Rich Purple Purple Purple Fimo clay color mixes
001-2B Bonus Brick Red Red Red polymer clay recipes
001-3A Weekly Lemon Curry Yellow Yellow polymer clay color recipes
001-3B Bonus Leaf Green (medium) Green Color mixing polymer clay leaf green
001-4A Weekly Rich Red Red Red polymer clay
001-4B Bonus Shale Green Green Polymer clay color mixing green jewelry beads
002-1A Weekly Sunflower Petal (dark) Orange Recipes summer sunflower colors
002-1B Bonus Pacific Salmon Orange Refreshing orange polymer clay color recipes
002-2A Weekly Sunflower Petal (bright) Yellow Clay color mixing summer sunflower recipes
002-2B Bonus Aged Bronze Metallic Metal color polymer clay colors
002-3A Weekly Sky Blue Blue Summer sunflower polymer clay color recipes
002-3B Bonus Cashmere Rose Red Polymer clay rose cane
002-4A Weekly Sunflower Leaf (bright) Green Sunflower polymer clay color mixing
002-4B Bonus Burnt Ochre Neutral Fimo clay yellow color mixing
002-5A Weekly Sunflower Leaf (dark) Green Polymer clay sunflower colors
002-5B Bonus True Gold Metallic Color recipes for metallic polymer clay
003-1A Weekly Grape Vine Green Green color mixing polymer clay
003-1B Bonus Tropical Leaf Green Mixing green polymer clay color recipes
003-2A Weekly Dark Coral Orange Orange recipes polymer clay
003-2B Bonus Emerald Green Green Premo sculpey cane making
003-3A Weekly Blue Green Blue Color recipes blue polymer clay
003-3B Bonus Soft Orange Orange Color recipes orange polymer clay
003-4A Weekly Light Purple Purple Fimo and Sculpey clay purple mixes
003-4B Bonus Bubblegum Red Red clay color recipes
003-5A Weekly Platinum Metallic Metallic polymer clay color recipes
003-5B Bonus Pastel Yellow Yellow Polymer clay yellow color recipes
004-1A Weekly Mosaic Tile Blue Polymer clay color recipes blue
004-1B Bonus Leaf Green (dark) Green Leaf green clay color recipes
004-2A Weekly Coral Orange Color orange polymer clay recipes
004-2B Bonus Tarnished Silver Metallic Polymer clay colors metallic
004-3A Weekly Olive Green Green Fimo clay colors green beads
004-3B Bonus Sunset Orange Color mixing orange polyclay
004-4A Weekly Deep Bordeaux Red Rose cane color recipe
004-4B Bonus Turquoise Blue Blue Premo sculpey clay color recipes
004-5A Weekly Translucent Copper Metallic Metallic clay colors
004-5B Bonus Leaf Green (light) Green Recipe ideas for leaf green polymer clay
005-1A Weekly Pistachio Green Green beads polymer clay colors
005-1B Bonus Medium Coral Orange Polymer clay orange color recipes
005-2A Weekly Mustard Yellow Yellow Fimo clay color recipes
005-2B Bonus Terra Cotta (light) Orange Orange polymer clay colors
005-3A Weekly Purple Wine Purple Purple Sculpey clay color mixes
005-3B Bonus New Copper Metallic Metallic clay color recipes
005-4A Weekly Teal Pearl Blue Blue Premo color recipes
005-4B Bonus True Red Red Polymer clay recipes red
005-5A Weekly Old Gold Metallic Polymer clay metallic color recipes
005-5B Bonus Hospital Green Green Green jewelry fimo clay colors
006-1A Weekly Light Coral Orange Orange clay color recipes
006-1B Bonus Lavendar Mist Purple Mixing purple polymer clay recipes
006-2A Weekly Green Moss Green Green polymer clay color recipes
006-2B Bonus Iridescent Coral Pink Orange Refreshingly orange clay color recipes
006-3A Weekly Cocoa Skin Neutral Polymer clay color mixing
006-3B Bonus Fair Skin Neutral Skin tone polymer clay colors
006-4A Weekly Copper Skin Neutral Polymer clay skin tone color recipes
006-4B Bonus Porcelain Skin Neutral Skin colored polymer clay recipes
007-1A Weekly Blonde Wood Neutral Faux wood jewelry color recipes
007-1B Bonus Coral Bells Neutral Polymer clay color inspiration
007-2A Weekly Barn Wood Neutral Faux wood polymer clay color recipes
007-2B Bonus Summer Savory Green Color inspiration for polymer clay
007-3A Weekly Cherry Wood Neutral Faux wood color recipes
007-3B Bonus Dandelion Yellow Flower colors for polymer clay
007-4A Weekly Walnut Wood Neutral Faux wood jewelry colors
007-4B Bonus Vineyard Purple Polymer clay jewelry colors
008-1A Weekly Deep Pine Forest Green Polymer clay winter palette
008-1B Bonus Brown Gingham Shirt Neutral Polymer clay Christmas colors
008-2A Weekly Craggy Mountain Blue Polymer clay snowy mountains
008-2B Bonus Suede Boots Neutral Christmas polymer clay colors
008-3A Weekly Winter Sky Blue Polymer clay winter colors
008-3B Bonus Rusty Yarn Hair Orange Polymer clay colors of Christmas
008-4A Weekly Snow Banks Neutral Winter polymer clay color recipes
008-4B Bonus Retro Green Hat Green Christmas polymer clay color palette


NOTE: The chart above has turned into a maze of links that is not very easy to read. Sorry about that. As of Vol-008, I have stopped adding new recipe information to it (the chart). However, that does not mean I have stopped adding new recipes to the library every week. Heck no! Soon I will be creating a much nicer looking recipe index page, with color photos of the recipe palettes. It will be much easier to use. In the mean time, you can stay up to date by using the Polymer Clay Recipes Table of Contents.

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