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Color Recipes:
1A. Crocus
2A. Amethyst
3A. Soft Periwinkle
4A. Royal Purple

1. Etch Polymer Clay
2. Stamen Bails
3. Polymer Daisies
4. Display Cards

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>> Customer Reviews (Volume-048):


  • OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I love purple, I love purple, I LOVE PURPLE!! Doing a happy dance. I could swim in this palette – did I say I love purple? Can’t wait. This will be my #1 for a long time. ~Patt-W
  • Wow! This palette really has it all. I don’t know how you do it but please don’t stop!! ~Pollyanna
  • The pix is gorgeous!! The colors just WOW me. I could look at them forever. ~Teresa-D
  • I love crocus flowers. And I LOVE the new color palette. ~Jeanne-C
  • As always, the talented Lietz family encourages us to look ahead to next month in beautiful shades of clay, to accompany the vibrant onset of greenery and floral brilliance! ~Monique-U
  • I love this palette and I am going to be doing something with these colors for my daughter. Purple is her favorite color.  FYI, saffron which is a very delicate flavored spice and found mainly in India, Spain is used to flavor food.  It is the most expensive spice and  it’s worth more than gold (by weight). It is harvested  from the stamens of the crocus sativus plant.  It takes 150 000 crocus sativus flowers to harvest one kilo of stigmas and around 5 kilos of stigmas to make one kilo of dried saffron useable as a spice. ~Cherie-H
  • I absolutely adore purple, and these are outstanding colours. ~Sandra-J
  • I’m loving this colourway!  Just beautiful. ~Lesley-S
  • My favorite colours, Cindy, you have got right to my soul. Why do I love the Purple palette so much?., must be my age, but I am sure it is not confined to us oldies. Such a range thru the colours, and purples look so good with any number of other colours, and always look fab in anything Polymer. Yes I am also always amazed at how nature puts colours together in such a beautiful ways, nothing ever clashes, and if I am looking for a colour palette, I just have to look at a flower (of course after I have been thru my Cindy recpies). Thanks Cindy, keep em coming, so beautiful. I am in Australia, (altho I came here from New Zealand ). Yes we are in our Fall (Autumn) season here, and it is nice to know up there they have got past their winter and can see the beautiful spring flowers arriving. I call Crocuses, Fressias, a bit like them anyway, and ours in N.Z. were usually cream, with like Cindy said, strokes of purple colour hues that nature had taken her paint brush to and gently painted them with, and what a scent too. Bye for now, Love to all. ~Elizabeth-K
  • Wow…this palette is truly stunning. Love purples, love the photo, love the colors Cindy chose to create! Amazing, you Lietz’s — this month’s colors have just blown me away!!! ~Phaedrakat
  • Ah Cindy, your skills are so clever. I don’t sell a lot of my jewelry because I don’t think it is good enough, but the Museum of Art thought it was and wanted 15 sets for their store.  I know I would not have gotten this far without Cindy’s wonderful videos. I am so grateful I finally bit the bullet and decided to join her group. Her teaching style has given me a lot more confidence in myself and a need to want to try harder to bring out whatever talents I do possess. So for anyone out there who is contemplating joining and spending the money, please don’t hesitate… it is the best investment you will ever make. ~DixieAnnn-S
  • Cindy, I am very excited about these videos. Your beautiful voice is very easy to listen to and your instructions simple to understand. ~Sylvia-J
  • No where else could all this be learned for Just $3.32 a month!! You are so generous with all you have learned – and pass down to all of us. This is the Greatest site ever!!! I am so glad I joined. Those of you out there – COME join us.  You will learn so much! Just $9.95 every three months for – tutorials, color recipes and so much more. You will never regret it. ~Patt-W
  • Hard to believe that another month is gone, and a great selection of new videos and custom clay colours offered by the multi-talented Lietz team.  Every month I reflect on how pleased I am I became a member… but since I am not an impulsive soul I naturally had to “study” these videos for a while before joining. I bought quite a few of the previously released videos and tried them out at my leisure. It didn’t take long for me to realize what fantastic value they offered! Now as a member I get them for a “steal”, and Fridays are extra-special. Anyone who feels reluctant to purchase a membership, just purchase a volume or two (or ten) to enjoy. There is so much variety, and Cindy’s conversational style makes me feel like I’m in my studio with my best friend; the professional filming and editing by Doug means I get superior close-ups of everything Cindy is demonstrating. Thanks you guys for the kind of video  teaching I can’t get anywhere else, and for a price even I can afford! ~Monique-U
  • Thank you for all your great videos. I tell everyone about them. You are a guiding angel for us in the polymer clay world. ~Natalie-H
  • Hey Guy’s, Well, it’s been a little over a month (or is it two?), since I became a PcT member. Well just let me say, it’s flown by with pleasure because of the both of you! You have gotten me up and doing, not just sitting in my studio and just conditioning clay, that’s as far I would get before! This is wonderful, and made me actually believe that it’s just me doing it, when I full well know that it’s you two that got me out of myself and into my clay, which if you knew what my life has been like over the past year, you’d say, “hey, we helped make a miracle happen”! You see, I’ve become familiar with my clay, my tools and my space, and the both of you! Just thank you so very much for helping me become a member of the clay community once again and a participating in life once more! My very best to you and yours. ~Joy-D


  • WOW! My mouth totally fell open at the end when the image appeared after you added that color.  That was soooooo cool.  Great tut Cindy and I loved the sound effects Doug. ~Michelle-A
  • What a lovely Calla Lily. The color and design are to die for. Thanks in advance for your creativity and passion. It makes Fridays something wonderful to look forward to. You are right, Cindy, this is limitless!  And the 2/fer is a bonus.  What fun we will all have. Thanks , thanks, thanks. ~Patt-W
  • Using new etching technique. Love it! Easy and sooo addicting. Thanks Cindy. ~Angela-J
  • I look forward to your video tutorials religiously since they make Fridays even greater than they already are!  ~Gail-M
  • What a cool technique… love the two-fer, as well! I’ve wondered how to do this, so I am super-psyched about this tutorial! Such beautiful examples, too. Most importantly for me… I have everything I need on hand to make some lovely etched pieces! ~Phaedrakat
  • Great Lesson this week and always. Would love to learn the Calla Lily and Glass Stamen. Thanks again. ~Elly-M
  • Just back from the wilds of Wales and couldn’t wait to learn about this etching technique. Brilliant Cindy, so brilliant I had to watch it twice. Yes, I also love the cala lilys with crushed glass stamens so hope we get to learn how to make them soon. Now who do I know that has a laser printer or toner photocopier, might have to put it on my birthday wish list. ~Elaine-F
  • This was a really cool tutorial. One note though: When you do it with a design of music notes, you should reverse it first, because it comes out backwards and that drives musician nuts!! ~Dorothy-H
  • Wah! I don’t want to go to work. I want to play with this technique all day. Thanks Cindy for giving us this lovely technique. Again, oh the possibilities. I love those calla lilies too! This is going to be FUN! Thanks Team Lietz! ~Dawn-B
  • Hi Cindy – the etched polymer clay – a great tutorial as ever, and a lovely finish. ~Sue-P
  • Soooo cool, Cindy! It is like embossed clay, kinda, except you aren’t limited by what embossing folders you have.  I love it.  Can’t wait to play.  Thanks!! ~Johnnie-C
  • Another great tute. Have always loved calla lilies this makes them extra special This is so cool! Love the two fer part also. ~Pollyanna
  • WOW!!!! Thank you. ~Cara-L
  • Cindy, I love this technique! And that calla lily pin. Hope we see that as a future tut. Just cannot get over how lovely the gold and silver inks show up on this product. ~Jocelyn-C
  • I’ve always wanted to learn how to etch on polymer clay. Thanks to Cindy I know I will be able to understand how to do it. ~Kerri-C
  • This technique looks amazing! Sooooo cool! ~Lesley-S
  • This is beautiful and I have all the stuff.  Those Brilliance ink pads are really great with polymer and yesterday I got my Guilders paste (it smells pretty bad) but they are pretty. ~Bonnie-K
  • So psyched – been under the weather this week so it seemed Friday would never come. Cindy, your tutorials are always the best “medecine” LOL. ~Monique-U
  • Your timing could not be better! I am in the process of cleaning the great room downstairs and found our old printer down there and was ready to tell my hubby that it had to go but now I think I will let him keep it. Its a toner copier. What are the chances? Lol. It s like the clay Gods were watching over me. I cannot wait to get started. I receive a Dover email newsletter and they always have sample clipart that you can save to your computer. I have been saving them a long time and waiting for a rainy day project. Ta Da…..it has arrived. Thanks Cindy. Cannot wait to see what I come up with. Got to go play with my clay. ~Sherry-W
  • Woo Hoo, Love the tutorial. Like so many of your tutes Cindy, just endless possibilities. I just love that about you Cindy. Your tutes can be used again and again and again with pieces being so different. This is going to be so much fun. Thank you once again. I am so happy to be back. True therapy with so much enjoyment. ~Peggy-B
  • Hmm very interesting….. at first I kind of thought I was not interested  then… in Cindy style she makes it come alive.  Very very nice.  and wakes up the creative mind.   Thanks. ~Patty-J
  • Excellent tutorial Cindy. I’ve read about this technique, but it is so much better watching you demonstrate it and giving your tips and hints. All your tutorials are great but I particularly like the ones to do with surface treatments. ~Fran-Y
  • I’d never heard of etched clay before, so I had no idea what to expect. What I saw was truly magical! I can’t wait to try this out! I think this is going to be one of my favorite clay techniques ever. ~Linda-K
  • This etching technique video is AWESOME!!!! OMG, I’d been trying to find out how to etch on clay for the longest time. Peace out! ~Keenya-R
  • Hello Cindy, I have to say, I continue to be amazed at the things that you can accomplish with clay. The etching that is done here is just … Wow… Thank you for the constant ideas and opening my eyes to the endless things that can be done to clay. ~Vidia-E
  • I made a pendant design inspired by my polymer clay hero, Cindy Lietz and this Etching Polymer Clay tutorial, along with the Faux Dichroic Glass Lesson. It’s been lots of fun combining the two ideas into one, while adding my own spin. Cindy, thank You for for always inspiring me to think outside the box. I couldn’t have done it without you. ~Trish-Z


  • Cindy, I have three words to describe you – clever, clever, clever!!! You rock teach! ~Michelle-A
  • Wow Cindy I just watched your video on stamen bails and that is just about the neatest thing and so easy to do. Oh goody, I get to try my new torch! ~DixieAnn-S
  • Cindy – what a great addition to our flowers etc. This gives a whole new “look” to them.  The ideas about the ends of the head-pins sure helps too. I don’t have a torch (on my Santa list) yet. So the substitutes will work! ~Patt-W
  • AWESOME – another wonderful tute to help us add yet more pazazz to our jewelry line. You are like the energizer bunny who just keeps on going and going. You and Doug just complement each other to a perfection like no other. Thank you once again for giving so much and asking so little. ~Peggy-B
  • I love manipulating metal with my hands, and it goes so well with our different PC projects. These tutorials using basic tools and materials that most everyone has on hand are my favorites, because they really encourage our creativity! Looking forward to your latest, Cindy! ~Monique-U
  • Hi Cindy – A great BIG THANKS for this latest episode of incorporating wire and metals with PC. I know we will love it. Never made the translucent bead cones, but now they look so cool as ‘jellyfish’ with twisty wire attached I love ’em. To all my fellow clay buddies, if you are feeling under the weather, or are in pain, or feeling blue, I’ve been there too, but I think that pain is something we have to learn to live with and manage. I hate it when I am too ill to even switch on my laptop. But so glad I made the effort, as Cindy’s PC Art as therapy really works. ~Elaine-F
  • Cindy, I adore this technique, it adds something special to a basic polymer clay flower. Thank you for a wonderful tute. ~Jocelyn-C
  • Hi Cindy – I love the way you wrap these wires one at a time, so simple and yet so effective. I’ve often wondered how to get that ‘messy’ wrap look, now I can practice it! It’s super to have things to complement the clay beads. ~Marion-R
  • Not only do we learn clay, Cindy is there to teach us jewelry findings too, Yahoo! ~Patty-J
  • Cindy, I have loved this tutorial so much. Thanks for that! ~Monica-D
  • I just had a chance to watch the stamen/bail video. You never disappoint, Cindy.  I love the how you used the balled headpins to make stamens. There are some wonderful tips in this video. The slap-me-in-the-forehead moment for me in this video was your trick for neatly finishing off the wrap. I’ve never seen it done that way before, but it makes SO much sense! ~Linda-K


  • Not only do we learn clay, Cindy is there to teach us jewelry findings too. Yahoo! ~Patty-J
  • I have been waiting or this one… love, love, love daisies. ~Laura-R
  • Thank you Cindy, what a great tute!! I am going to make some daisy bobby pins!! ~Shirali-P
  • Beautiful! And I think larger ones would look totally fabulous added to a pair of plain flipflops! Thanks Cindy!! ~Lesley-S
  • Love this tute. So many ways to use this. Love the idea for the flip flops, Lesley. ~Pollyanna
  • Who doesn’t love daisies? Guess we all do!!  Such a versatile tute. What am I going to make first – or second – or third.  teehee.  Really like the way these were formed.  The Wilton paste flowers have so much potential .  Wayay we go. Thanks for introducing the set – you are SO right -we will be using it a lot. ~Patt-W
  • We have had so much rain over the last month here in the UK that nobody has been cutting their grass. Now it looks so pretty sprinkled with hundreds of daises. But I expect on the first sunny weekend the mowers will relentlessly mow them down. Boo-Hoo. So it will be great to make some of my own using Cindy’s latest flower tute. Loved the hair slide Cindy pretty enough for a young bridesmaid and three fixed to an alice band would just suit a teenager. Also the small ones would make great earrings. I think I had better order some more clay. ~Elaine-F
  • Our youngest daughter Steph’s favorite flower! She loves it for it’s simplicity. So pure and beautiful! Already have ideas running around in my head! ~Cherie-H
  • Due to being asked to take a transfer to New York City with my new husband, a small wedding was arranged at work within four weeks. Whew. Thanks to the mother of an employee who owned a floral shop, daisies became the only flower of choice and mixed with a little greenery, it was a gorgeous display. Just googled daisies and black eyed susans and looked at tons of images.  With just a few little changes, Cindy’s tute for daisies can also become one for black eyed susans.  My Mom collected seeds and spread them around every pathway, border area, stone wall.  After a few years, come July, the property was surrounded by them in bloom. ~Jocelyn-C
  • Loved the video, thanks Cindy for the beautiful scenes of such a simple flower but yet so beautiful. ~DixieAnn-S
  • Love daisies. Such a humble flower with so much potential. ~Pollyanna
  • Can there be a more universally loved flower than the humble daisy? So reminiscent of childhood innocence and the freedom of a lazy summer day … I can’t wait to start creating some with Cindy’s guidance! ~Monique-U
  • I think you also just helped me solve a problem with my hand armatures, as well :-). ~Mitz-B
  • Hi Cindy, I am visiting my mother in the US as I live in France, and now am buying all of the items you suggested to use with clay (we have nothing to buy in France except food, lots of food). I have already bought the Vintaj Big Kick. Thanks again, you are inspirational and really making a huge contribution to the clay community as you are going outside the box in using tools that are not dedicated to polymer clay. Now off to play with my Wilton tools to make daisies and dogwoods.  Thanks so much. Warmest regards. ~Paula-M


  • What a beautiful finish to the jewelry – your own tags!  Professionally finished – makes a good impression to buyers.  You are NOT just here to sell – but display.  Gives a warm feeling to your work. Than you Cindy! ~Patt-W
  • I love this tutorial Cindy. A huge thank you from one of your fans! Over the years I have used all manner of display methods including picture frames with velvet insets, cork pieces used in floristry etc. etc. But your idea of individual  (‘A’ boards) is by way the best. So pretty and easy to store. I made my first ten using a luggage lable as a template and cutting them with a craft knife from plain cardstock then painting and stamping on a pretty design. Now I know this took quite a time, but using your special tips and tricks I will take them out of the box and CINDY them!! Adding your finishing techniques to make them look so different and special.  Then I think I will have to spend my birthday money on some of the equipment you suggest in your tutorial. Any piece of equipment or tools that makes life easy and saves time is worth the initial outlay. So now really looking forward to the two day event next month, the first this year for me. I also love the fact that these can be hung up, saving space on my craft stall. ~Elaine-F
  • This was great Cindy, thank you. I like that I can still do this and use the great tips even though I don’t have the cutting machine. ~Michelle-A
  • After seeing your jewelry tags again, I went out and purchased the dies!! OMG I am SOOOO in LOVE with MY new tags!!! They are beautiful!!! Thank you Cindy!! ~Denise-P
  • Thanks for this great idea Cindy. I have always admired your Jewelry Display Cards. ~Lawrence-S
  • I also loved this tutorial Cindy. Wonderful information and yours are SO pretty!  I’m off to buy a Sizzix. And great timing too as I have a coupon! LOL This site is just a wealth of information and inspiration. Go Team Lietz and thanks so much! The information you share with us is invaluable! ~Dawn-B
  • I was waiting this tutorial for a long time… thank you Cindy. ~Nwna-H
  • Excellent tutorial Cindy! ~Fran-Y
  • That was an excellent tutorial. Cindy I really liked the fact that you used cardstock that had a pattern on both sides. I dug around my scrapbooking papers and found one sided cardstock and one sided paper. I glued the paper to the cardstock with rubber cement and it looked terrific, and it cut out the tags just great. You do use a lot of rubber cement this way but it’s a whole lot cheaper and I can match up some pretty designs for both sides. ~DixieAnn-S
  • Excellent tutorial, Cindy! I have an electronic scrapbook cutting machine that lets me create my own designs, so now you really have me thinking about how I can make custom cards using your tips. I didn’t know about two-sided card stock or the edging paints. So many fun toys and tools! Of all the tutorial sites I visit, yours is my favorite. ~Christine-F
  • Whoo Hoo! I did good. I think I got the last BigKick in town (really!) and with a 40% coupon got it for $60. I told myself if I couldn’t get it for $60 or under I would buy it online. But I didn’t want to wait!! Michael’s was sold out, Joann’s was sold out, and there was ONE left at Hobby Lobby. And while I was there I picked up the Tags #3 die. Then, going back to Michael’s, I found Tags #2 and had a 50% off COUPON, so got #2 for $8.00. I had already picked up some beautiful card stock on my lunch hour on Friday. Been working on mica shift lately, but now I can make beautiful display cards to hang them on. Cindy, thanks so much for the inspiration! Coupons, ladies and gents, I’m a convert. LOL ~Dawn-B
  • A wealth of info on this tute. Thanks, Cindy!!! ~Pollyanna
  • It is so great when you have good tools to work with and I love that Cindy uses and shows us all her gizzmos and gadgets. I would never have dreampt the uses for the “card making” equipment so really looking forward to learning more with Cindy. ~Elaine-F
  • What a unique tute! You showed so many shapes and ways to make YOUR OWN tags. No where else could all this be learned for Just $3.32 a month!! You are so generous with all you have learned – and pass down to all of us.  This is the Greatest site ever!!! I am so glad I joined. Those of you out there – COME join us.  You will learn so much! Just $9.95 every three months for – tutorials, color recipes and so much more. You will never regret it. ~Patt-W
  • These display cards are wonderful and the video, as usual, is great. ~Linda-K
  • This is fantastic, and offers so many possibilities and styles. I don’t have the die cutting machine, but will play with paper strips and see how the scrapbooking scissors with “fancy” scalloped edgings can work on corners and/or bottom edges. The end result looks so polished and just adds something really special to a beautiful handmade piece. Gorgeous jewelry too, as always Cindy! ~DJ
  • Love this tute, Cindy, bought my BIGKick today at Michael’s with the 50% coupon. At Joann’s I found the Tag Scallop Combo #2 and double sided paper that was also on sale. The paper comes in so many different varieties I had a difficult time deciding. It is going to be such fun to get into this. I think the hardest part is already done… removing the BIGKick from the packaging, LOL. Tomorrow [Memorial Day] I will enjoy the freedom of doing this craft because so many others have made sacrifices in the past and continue to do so. So with a greatful heart I will enjoy the day and hope everyone else will as well. Thanks Cindy, Doug and family. ~Joyce-F
  • Lovely tute Cindy, considering, I have bought myself the Big Kick. Just love it, altho not many dyes yet. I was so thrilled to get it, as I thought it was out of my reach, but got $30.00 off and found it in a most unlikely place, so feel I was meant to have it. Love how you have all your lovely work on the cards. I will be getting into that too. So a big thanks for a nice tutorial. We need to know all these aside things as well as the Poly clay things. ~Elizabeth-K
  • SUPER NEAT – I love these cards and I will be making some this week. I have been looking in books and on line for jewelry display cards to purchase and wa la it is like you were doing this tute just for me. As always, filming is perfect and Cindy you have given us a wide range of options. Every tute you do is left for us to express ourselves the way we want and not the way you did it. You show us how to build something and leave the decorating to us. What a brilliant teacher you are. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all I have learned from you and everyone in your family. What a rewarding career you have made for yourself. Hard work and dedication pays off. Not near in the amount you deserve but that again, it is because you love your students and where your priorities have lead your heart. Thank you Cindy and many Uuuuggggs to all. ~Peggy-B
  • Hi Cindy and everyone: I am so excited to tell you that I finally ordered my Sizzix BigKick DieCut Machine Periwinkle (from Amazon) and I found the Tags Scallop Combo #2 Die Set at Michael’s with a discount coupon. I have been trying to decide on the Die cut machine for quite some time now, but you finally got me hooked on the idea when you sent out the last video for the Jewelry Card tags. I have been so curious how you made such delightful cards and now that I have my own ideas in place, I can fulfill those dreams now too! Thank you again and again Cindy and Doug. Even through the toughest times, you still provide for your customers and “polymer friends”. Thank you so much. ~Pauline-D
  • I just joined and purchased this month because I was intrigued with the jewelry tags. It gave me some great thoughts on changing my “brand.” I do a lot of glass work (lampwork beads). ~Kelly-E
  • I want to let you know that I love your “look”. It just seems to fit what I see of you in the videos to a “T”. Your earring cards are perfect! ~Andrea-P

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