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In This Vol-047:
Color Recipes:
1A. Prairie Sky
2A. Grape Hyacinth
3A. Smoky Purple
4A. Barn Board

1. Polymer Bead Cones
2. Rose Brain Cane
3. Forget-me-not Beads
4. Embossed Metal

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>> Customer Reviews (Volume-047):


  • One can never have to many blue color recipes! It’s a pretty palette. You’re the best! ~Jeanne-C
  • Love the palette. Blues are my favorites! ~Pollyanna
  • Love love love your slant on the blues and the names you give them. I can just imagine you all sitting round the kitchen table tossing ideas back and forth. Or do you sit in splendid isolation in your studio letting your mind run free until the right name pops into your head?? ~Elaine-F
  • Cindy. You know us – we love what you do. Don’t apologize. We could care less if you have 2 blue color palettes in a row. Love the Grape Hyacinth – reminds me of the earlier tute – such lovely blues. Just keep ’em coming. ~Patt-W
  • I second that one can never have too many blues. These would be beautiful when making the Extruder Flower Canes. Now, to finish my nap and get ready to clay the rest of the day. ~Catalina
  • Cindy, even if you were to feature “2012: The Year in Blue”, I am certain every one of your palettes would be unique, subtle and beautiful. When you use the natural world as your inspiration, it probably isn’t possible to repeat the same colour scheme. There are so many variables! Obviously, you are being guided by your MUSE and not allowing commercial consideration to sidetrack your VISION (Go, Muse!!). ~Monique-U
  • Love these colors as well, Cindy. Your “mistake” made me think of artist Bob Ross who said something to the effect of, Its your world, you can do whatever you want in it, there are no mistakes, just happy accidents. So, in your world you are always making someone happy and I’m thinking that its many, many someone’s. Also love your explanation of the seasonal colors. ~Joyce-F
  • Hi Cindy.  Just got my gardening bulbs flowers catalog and I never will look at them the same. I have taken art classes in high school and I enjoy painting and now I’m learning from your color recipes how you are influenced by nature. Thanks for your inspiration. I also look forward to your tutorials every week. Very excited about what you are offering here. I can see it is a labor of love. Take care you two, so you can continue to offer more and more. ~Patty-J
  • I began beading about 7 years ago with a love for natural stone beads and jewelry making.  I recently developed an interest in polymer clay as a way to enhance my jewelry designs.  The versatility of polymer clay and the endless possibilities for color blends and designs are truly unique to this medium.  I have also been very fortunate to find talented polymer clay artists such as Cindy Lietz who graciously share their skills by teaching new artists the basics and beyond to make learning new techniques fun and easy.  I look forward to sitting at my computer every Friday to see my new video tutorial and color recipes and refer back to the tutorials often when starting new projects.  My inventory of polymer clay and clay tools are quickly growing to match my bead collection! ~Ann-P
  • Cindy, I re-subscribed to the weekly members video library this month. Looking forward to getting creating with you again. I regret quitting! Regards. ~Suzanne-C
  • YOU ARE THE BEST in the entire Polymer Clay Community. It must feel so good, making so many people happy.  Keep it coming and thanks again!!! ~Christl-P
  • Love your tutorials! Just made my first brain cane and peacock cane. First two successful! When I have friends asking me how to get started in Polymer Clay, I tell them to go to your site. It has been SO helpful! ~Shilo
  • Another outstanding collection of tutorials, as always… an enriching set of shared experience from our favorite teacher! ~Monique-U
  • I look so forward to your video every week thanks!!!! ~Amy-T


  • What a pleasant surprise.  I have played around with bead cones but, to make my own………GRAND! This is going to be so much fun.  I have a multi strand necklace, that I haven’t finished. It is because I couldn’t decide on what bead cones to use.  So glad I didn’t finish . Now I can make something special. Thanks and thanks again. This is a BIG winner. You bring smiles to our faces every Friday.  Not many do that .  Your happy voice smiling thru the videos – what a lovely way to spend our Fridays.  You brighten up our lives. ~Patt-W
  • Cindy the psychic strikes again. Bead cones, I’m so excited, hooray! I also have a piece I started and haven’t finished because I need cones and didn’t want to spend so much on the commercial variety, pretty as they can be. I’ve been thinking on making polymer cones but haven’t yet come up with a method that was foolproof.  Thanks Cindy :) ~Angela-M
  • Bead cones!! I have been wanting to make some. ~Lupe-M
  • The bead cones are wonderful. Will be nice to make my own to match my beads. ~Pollyanna
  • Cindy, this is such a lovely design! Looks deceptively simple but endlessly adaptable to many styles and colours. ~Monique-U
  • Very cool! Love the look of your pieces, Cindy — just lovely. This tute is beyond simple… your method will create cones very quickly — and gorgeous, too! My brain is cracklin’ with ideas; I’m inspired, for sure!  Thanks so much, Cindy. Your tutorials are always entertaining… they make me wanna PLAY and CREATE. ~Phaedrakat
  • Cindy, what a lovely, easy and creative way to make bead cones. I never would have thought to use that tool. You really know how to fire up our brains every Friday. I must admit I have become an addict for your tutorials. Your creative processes are amazing. ~DixieAnn-S
  • Love the cones! You can use a set of these where you can pull a scarf through them and use them to arrange all sorts of shapes. ~Jocelyn-C
  • I’m also inspired to make some earrings after watching the tute – would look lovely made with the art sheets ….  I used to decorate cakes, and I’ve found a lot of my cake equipment really useful with clay.  I use the shaping tools on a regular basis, and the leaf and petal cutters, leaf veneers etc etc also work well with clay.  ~Lesley-S
  • Amazing how you come up with such great ideas every single week! Thank you!! ~Christl-P
  • Great Tutorial Cindy!! Love the cone with ball head pin. Thanks. ~Dia-H
  • This is fabulous!! I really like the simplicity of these, your pieces look a bit like pretty textured sea glass…the subtle textures are lovely. I’m usually drawn to bright, rich colors but the softness here with the cones is just awesome! I can see these working as clusters too. Thanks again for the inspiration Cindy and Doug! ~DJ
  • Great ideas as usual. I love how you give us ideas on how to make them ‘ours’. ~Pollyanna
  • Isn’t this great gang? How useful is it? Waaaaaay to go Cindy!! Love this tute!!!  FYI – you can use a chandelier light bulb for a really big cone… Teehee. My mind is spinning. ~Patt-W
  • Thanks to Patt-W for her tip (I nearly threw an old pointy type dud light bulb away, but dived into the recycle bin and retrieved it for an attempt to make  monster size bead cones). Thought  these would make great tie-backs for my  embroidered door curtains. A while ago I took the door off (stored in the shed) as it was taking up too much space and was then able then to fit my huge antique table and chairs into my room. I love these curtains (had them for years)  they are a light tan floaty material with leaves and tendrils embroidered in a shimmering cream thread. They never came with tie-backs so I just tie a loose knot at the bottom to hold them open  and when I want to close them I untie it! Now what cupboard or box did I stash my cream cord? I will have to make four of these monster cones to use as tassels. Love the organic translucent look and the copper dangles will give them the weight to hang elegantly. Wow CINDY, now you have my mind racing. Wouldn’t a whole bunch of these look great. Strung on invisible thread at different heights  across a window. You could match them to your decor. Or small shimmery pearl ones with pearl dangles wired to a hair slide/clip or similar for a bridal headdress, with tiny matching ones for the bridesmaids. I think the possibilities are endless. Don’t know how you do it CINDY, you never fail to get my creative brain going at overdrive!!!!!  Thank you. ~Elaine-F
  • Another great tute filled with different products, techniques and tools. Totally surprised by the way you made the cone shape. How can you resist not putting tiny little silver, brass or copper bells inside? ~Jocelyn-C
  • Wow Cindy just watched the tute and loved all the different options. You can set your mind a twirling with this one. ~Peggy-B
  • You are amazing… love this. Have only been doing polymer for about a month and am addicted. So different from my metals. ~Sheila-B


  • What a neat twist !  A simple cane – only different!  This will be so pretty and colorful – Springy !  Thanks for you innovation… glad you taught us this. Isn’t it fun to do something JUST a little different and see what comes out? ~Patt-W
  • Thanks for doing this tutorial Cindy, I knew it would be great! I’ve discovered your secret – sorry, gal, it’s out! – your ideas don’t just produce a single item but are the basis for an almost unlimited range of projects. You plant the seeds and leave us to grow fabulous creations! You’re the best tutor I know of who encourages her students to learn from her designs but then go on to develop them further. Thank you so much, Cindy and Doug! More power to your elbow!! ~Marion-R
  • I love this tute! It makes such beautiful beads in whatever colors you use. Love how you used the pearl with it! ~Pollyanna
  • I have never heard of the “Brain Cane” but what a pleasant surprise. I am going to enjoy doing this cane and since it is my birthday this Saturday I can’t think of a better birthday present than making a new cane from Cindy’s Tute, although I did get a new Sizzix Big Shot Die machine and have been playing with it, this past week, I really love the challenge of a new cane. ~DixieAnn-S
  • This cane is just so simple, and so effective – and Cindy, I love the little tip of backing it with a sheet of pearl, am SO going to give this a try. ~Lesley-S
  • So beautiful! I can’t wait to make one. Love the KISS theory of things! I know if I just let things be simple they come out so much better, but it is hard to remember that sometimes. LOL!  ~Hope-M
  • I had an amazing piece of brain coral that I dug up while clearing a space for a veggie patch. It was covered in mud so soaked it in bleach and got it shining white. Left it behind when I moved, so it will be great to learn how to make a rose brain cane in polymer clay. Also loved the glimpse you showed us, CINDY of your metal embossed clasp. Not sure if I can wait for my birthday to get a cuttlebug or similar. The Pandora style beads were stunning. So  just checking I have all the “stuff” needed to complete this Friday’s tute… cheers. ~Elaine-F
  • I love love love this cane. I have so many ideas running round in my head for this cane, but I cant do it :o( — We are in the middle of a move so every thing is in boxes and has been for over a month. So many tutorials and I cant even do 1. I want to thank Cindy for all her hard work its been a long time since I could think of anything but my depression. Cindy has sparked some thing inside me that has given me a whole new lease for life. Thank you Cindy. ~Justine-E
  • Cindy, Thank you so much for your help with my payment. I really appreciate how fast you answer my emails. Fantastic customer service. I really like the Rose Brain Cane. It is to be my project for tonight. Have a Blessed Day. ~Karen-D
  • I had the best day – I watched: the brain cane tutorial, the bead cones, and the clover beads. I can tell you I had a smile on my face from ear to ear. Your work is breathtaking! I love everything you do – the die cutting was like… woah!  My goal is to eventually get all of your video’s – I enjoy you so much – feel like I’ve known you my whole life! I especially like your videos because it helps me to forget about my son’s autism… for those minutes… I forget about seizures, mental retardation, cancer (mine) – my pain goes away! When I work with polymer, it truly helps me forget about my back pain. Thanks to chemo  I have chronic pain due to advanced bone degenerative disease). It makes me feel like I felt without cancer.  You are a genius – you have a natural talent for polymer. So for what it’s worth – a huge and humble thank you from me and my son, Danny. Thank you again – have a wonderful weekend with your family. I appreciate everything you have done – all the extra time you have taken for us. You are beyond words at the moment to me. All our love. ~Sue-O
  • This is sooo my style. I love canes and flowers. I can’t wait to learn how to make the entire bracelet along with the metal clasp. Thanks again Cindy and Doug! ~Maria-C
  • What a thrill to see this lovely, playful cane this morning! I’m already imagining the rainbow of colour ways. ~Monique-U
  • My roses (real) are blooming – so naturally Cindy comes up with a rose brain cane.  The earth is in balance again!  This cane will be so much fun – roses come in soooo many colors.  Just think –  a whole big bunch of roses in your favorite color. We all like KISS… and your happy voice to teach us how… whoooooohoooooooo! ~Patt-W
  • I’m still playing around with the wire rose ear wires. So, to have another rose cane to make beads to go with that tute will be sooooo fun! ~Catalina
  • Hi Cindy and polypeeps. Well I am nearly brain-dead after trying to get my new printer to be nice to my new little laptop. Read the instructions a zillion times but didn’t “get it”. Took a simple suggestion from DH (after he made me a cup of tea and told me to calm down), and hey presto it worked!! Why do written instructions just go over my head? I attempted making a “brain cane” from written instructions many moons ago but was not pleased with the result… PC (PRE- CINDY). Watching CINDY showing us all the steps, advising us on the results of reduction and what happens to the colour’s, all makes so much sense to me now. As she said, the colour’s she chose looked quite garish before she worked her magic using her colour-shift method. I am just so glad that I stumbled upon our Polymer Clay Tutor. I can now be proud of the end products (using CINDY’S fail-safe methods). Even if I do not “get it” the first time I know that I can go back into my Library and try again and again till I eventually say “Jeronimo” or words to that effect. So a BIG thank you Cindy, what would I (and heaps of others) do without our weekly dose of your feel good medicine… cheers xx. ~Elaine Faulks


  • Forget-me-nots are so tiny and pretty. What a nice colorway you have created.  And we get to use the forms – how easy is that? Cindy – you put  SO much into each tutorial. What a gift to all of us. We thank you every chance we get. You truly inspire all of us to try so many different things. Your giving nature has rewarded you . Never have I seen such a wealth of goodness!!!! So, again, we thank you and your family for making it possible … “smile” ~Patt-W
  • Cool! I’m all excited. Thanks for all the hard work you and Doug put into these videos. I absolutely love the bracelet – this would make some mom’s very happy for Mother’s Day. ~Paige-F
  • So pretty! Another little flower that my mom always paints into her flower bouquets. I love them too and the bracelet is gorgeous. ~Cherie-H
  • Cindy! Since receiving my flower cutter set last Christmas, I’ve been anticipating all the projects you promised. I’m so pleased you picked those tiny cutters as your next floral inspiration (love that they come in three sizes). ~Monique-U
  • This is so cute! I love flowers and will be getting that set today!!!!! Thank you for these videos! I am making centers for my friend who has a hair bow business, so I will do these types of flowers for the centers! ~Patti-U
  • Love the bracelet… perfect timing on Cindy’s part — again :) Been sorting and cleaning all the boxes, bins, drawers and shelves in our spare room where I keep my polymer clay stuff for what seems like months, but really has only been a couple of weeks. Anyway my point is I’m ready with a bunch of pretty color clay bits that would make a nice mixed color bracelet. ~Tantesherry
  • Well now – in the making mode. Goin to crank out a bunch of Forget-me-nots! How fun is this? This was a good investment – The Gum Paste Flower Set. I finally read the book enclosed. So many choices – so little time. Even a huge Calla Lily. Thanks for showing us how to create so many varieties of flowers. This flower has so many possibilities, and colorways. ~Patt-W
  • Thanks for introducing the flower set! I found mine for a low price online with free shipping! There are so many possibilities… can’t wait to see what else you show us how to do. ~Deborah-R
  • Thank you so much for such a great value with your tutorials. I’ve never seen anyone else make inspiration (and instruction) so affordable and doable! Thanks for broadening all of your members’ creative horizons. ~Vierra-C
  • My forget-me-nots are so pretty.  Think I will cover a picture frame with them.  My granddaughter would look lovely in it!! ~Patt-W


  • Really enjoyed the embossed metal jewelry bracelet video this week.  Watching the tools needed for the metal working seemed intriguing to me. Looking forward to each week’s work.  Thank you for your efforts Cindy and Doug! ~Pauline-D
  • It’s made my day to see this as the next tute!!! ~Fran-R
  • Oh, I’ve been waiting for this one! Yippee!  ~Michelle-L
  • Thanks so much Cindy.  I’m really enjoying your classes! ~Louise-S
  • Oh Boy, I feel like a kid in a candy store. ~Dixie-Ann-S
  • Loved the tutorial!  So many ideas!! ~Cherie-H
  • Gosh – I will HAVE to get a die cutting machine!!  Yes, I know, I said I wasn’t going to, but, you know – when Cindy teaches – you learn.  So, tah dah, I’ve changed my mind!!!!  LOL  It certainly isn’t the first time. Now , I have to set aside my pennies to buy one.  Thanks for this Cindy.  Don’t we love to buy new stuff? Definitely, useable and fun. So many dies, too.  Probably going to stock up there, too… Where did I leave my MONEY tree? ~Patt-W
  • Cindy I love this last tute. I have a Cuttlebug machine. Not sure if it will work I have only used it with paper. It does also take sizzix plates so I am going to keep fingers crossed. I will have to get it out becuase I also have a cricut and haven’t used the cuttlebug for 2-3 yrs…. Thanks to Cindy and Doug my wheels are just a flying in my head. You two have given me plenty to think about. Thanks so much!!! ~Peggy-B
  • I loved this tute.  Haven’t got a die-cutting machine (yet) but this is definitely on my list of must-gets.  Got to say that I LOVE the diverse nature of the tutes – always something new to obsess about! ~Lesley-S

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