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Color Recipes:
1A. Shiver
2A. Moody Blue
3A. Winter Blue
4A. SnowflakeVideo Topics:
1. Red Clover Flowers
2. Clover Earrings
3. Combing Technique
4. Die Cutting

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  • Hi Cindy: How you see COLOR… and describe it … is remarkable! … you challenge us to work with Nature around us, and IMHO … that is God’s Palette. Keep your palette colors coming Cindy, you are a gifted woman. You see things that most people do not even take the time to see, and you are sharing and teaching us to do that simple task. Sincerely. ~Pauline-D
  • The colour palette is wonderful. Always love what you come up with. ~Sandra-J
  • Well…At first I wasn’t sure if I liked these colors. It’s probably because like you mentioned we are all looking forward to Spring. But on further reflection…. I have always liked blues and am sure I will find something it is just perfect for. ~Pollyanna
  • Cindy, I love the palette. I’ve used these colors with beads and crystal. ~Cherie-H
  • Love what you do, Cindy. Keep it up!! ~Carolyn-C
  • I also wanted to say thank you and give you my compliments. I’m so impressed with the techniques you share. I love the flowers you’ve been teaching. THANK YOU!!! ~Kathleen-H
  • Beautiful colours as always, Cindy! I try to mix some of your palettes every week, even when I don’t have time to make a cane or a “big” project. Thanks for all the great new tutorials and palettes! ~Monique-U
  • Cindy, You are so darn good I just can’t stand it!!!  With every new video I watch I learn something yummy. And you have a way of simplifying unnecessarily complicated methods. And of course, I have to mention your color recipes: how terrific! I love your approach and your clear, concise, yet best friend, friendly delivery. You rock! Thank You, Cindy! ~Kate-F
  • This was a wonderful month. So much to learn. I enjoyed every minute. The standardizing of pasta machines is easy and sure helps to “get it right”. To be well rounded we need to see and use whatever we can. Even though I probably will not use the die cutting machine – ya never know!  So it is fun to see what works and what doesn’t, huh! In a nut shell – I think this is the ONLY site I will ever use!!! YEAH LIETZ TEAM! For those of you lurking – come join us. The price is right – $3.32 a month – can you believe that? You will so love it here. Peeps are great and the info is so rewarding. Hop on the bandwagon -you will not regret it! ~Patt-W
  • Cindy, Thank you so much for your quick customer service response regarding my credit card payment. I so look forward to my Friday videos, I didn’t want to miss any of them. Thank you for your excellent work. I have learned so much from you. Have a Blessed Day. ~Karen-D
  • Cindy – I REALLY enjoy your site. You are so precise on your instructions – and us “old dogs” need that! ~Judy-M
  • Cindy – Love the tutorials, so glad I joined.  Your work is inspiring. ~Leigh-B
  • I look forward to receiving a new tutorial video every Friday, and will be ordering back issues as my finances allow. It is my hope in the near future, to be able to make beautiful polymer clay creations that I can sell to augment my income. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and techniques. ~Patricia-C


  • Fantastic, I wish I had just a small portion of your ability to think through a process like this. I’m a gardener and even I thought the photo introducing the video this week were genuine plant material. I have NEVER regretted joining the member video tutorials, I don’t know how you keep hitting it out of the park all the time. ~Ken-H
  • Ok, you did it this time! What an amazing little flower!! When I first saw the photo, I thought: “Why didn’t she use a photo of the actual flower bead like she always does?” Then, I realized, IT was the ACTUAL photo of the BEAD!! Now, I’m a lost for words. (I know some of you may find that hard to believe :) LOL!  You did it! Karonkay is going to flip out!  Friday please come FAST!!  How long did it take you to figure this one out? Now, I know all things are possible. :-) ~Catalina
  • Hi, Ken, I love to garden, too. But, I have to admit I’ve been trying to get rid of the clover in my lawn :-) but, I may have to rethink this!  My clover is a very low growing vine that will choke out your lawn if not maintained. Because they attract bees I keep them at bay. ~Catalina
  • I thought the same thing about looking like the real flower! ~Jodee-E
  • I’m beginning to think Cindy has a little army of polymer clay elves to help her! She must never sleep! ;-) ~Ken-H
  • Hi guys. Long time, no chat. Real life is a demanding taskmistress! But I just had to write in and say Bravo! These are truly inspired. Like Ken, I honestly thought those were real flowers at the beginning. Wonderful work Cindy and great time lapse too! I am so close to having a work-able claying area I can smell the alcohol inks! And I think this will be the first thing I make when I am able. Thank you so much for all your tutorials Cindy. It is still the highlight of my week to get your email. Even when I can’t comment here with everyone else. I try to skim through when I can. Please don’t ever stop. (Wow that sounded uber selfish!) But I cant remember not getting your weekly tutes and hearing your cheery voice telling us something new and amazing to do with the clay. Friday just wouldn’t be the same. ~Jamie-H
  • Soooooo awesome. I am so excited to learn how to make this lovely little wildflower. I just knew you could help me.  I do so appreciate your dropping me into your ever so busy schedule and helping me get this done. You have always inspired all of us with your abilities. And just a quick note to Monique, you are an especially sweet person to have tried to make these flowers and help me with my project. What a brilliant group of clayers we have here in this group. I can say that this is the most supportive and awesome group here. I know that several of you are watching the progress of my flowers of the week and I do appreciate your wonderful comments and likes on my page. Bet you cannot guess what flower will be flower of the week next week… see you are amazing…. you’re right – it will be the red clover flower! Ohhhh thanks Cindy Friday will have to start about 2:00 am. cause I cannot wait for a normal time to view this tut. ~Karonkay-C
  • I’m going to be up early to watch the tutorial because I have to leave for a music workshop for the day and Saturday. I’m so excited!!! The flower bead looks so real! Thank you Cindy for an awesome tutorial. ~Cherie-H
  • Childhood memories of a sun kissed hayfield. Gazing at the pearly-white fluffy clouds sleepily moving across an azure blue sky. Picking a Red Clover flower and sucking each petal to beat the bees to the sweet nectar. No wonder they buzzed past, rushing to get their share. (Sorry bees) for stealing your Bee Bread (another name for Red Clover). CINDY you have really caught the very essence of this beautiful little flower, I can almost smell the perfume. Although tiny (Trifolium pratense) is very powerful and is used in many beneficial ways. As a cream to treat certain skin ailments, as a tonic and also a sedative! Farmers grow fields of it and use it as a soil enricher as it is ploughed back into the earth to increase the nitrogen content, (so important to grow good crops.) I will have to wait till next week to view tomorrows tute as am off to Wales for a few days (an 8 hour drive into the mountains). So have fun all you clayers as I think this looks to be quite a challenge. Cheers. ~Elaine-F
  • Great tute this week. I can’t believe how real you made these look Cindy. It’s going to take patience to make these but I will have to make enough for at least one full set of jewelry for myself. They are so pretty and bring back so many good childhood memories. Thank you for giving us this tute. As a side note – it’s fun to see you use a quote from a post I’ve previously made. Just another way you make me feel noticed and special. Cindy, you are truly one of the very best and I appreciate you. ~Angela-M
  • All I can say is wow! I love clovers, I use to make crowns out of them when I was little. Thank you Cindy, these flowers bring back wonderful childhood memories. ~Barbara-C
  • I’ve never heard of red clover but I have white. Always made crowns out of those. These are beautiful and I love those earrings. ~Bonnie-K
  • Growing up in Vermont we had these pretty little flowers in our yard. I also would make crowns and remember picking a handful for my mom.  She always made me feel like I just gave her the most beautiful bouquet of flowers. How I miss her. Cindy I can’t believe how real they look. You’re the best!! ~Jeanne-C
  • Oh My, loving the earrings SO much!! Can’t wait to see how you did this, it’s Amazing, it’s Brilliant, just freaking out right now ;D Cool Cool Cool and perfect timing Spring has arrived in western NC and I am SO happy that you are going to teach us how to make these! YIPPY ~Tantesherry
  • “WOW!!!! You are sooooo smart Cindy… not sure I have the patience to make 100 of those little petals for a pair of earrings… maybe I can speed it up like on your video! I love your videos, I learn so much and your subscription price just cannot be beat! Wish I had found you before I spent sooo much money on books!” ~Cheryl-D
  • You have the patience of a saint. Those are beautiful. Thanks for another great tutorial. ~Bonnie-K
  • Oh my goodness!!! This is amazing! what a beautiful bead. I’m running out of superlatives….lol. ~Pollyanna
  • Wow! So pretty. Really looking forward to my claying weekend. I love those earrings! Cindy, you rock! ~Dawn-B
  • OH MY GOSH, this looks amazing!!!! I love the colors. ~Michelle-A
  • Amazing as usual. Beautiful. ~Elly-M
  • OMG!! I think this is my favorite tut you have done! You make it look so easy to do. They are so beautiful! ~Teresa-N
  • All I can say is wow. I love it, you made it so simple for me. I cannot believe that they are so pretty. Thanks so much for your delightful way to do these. I am off to make these pretty little flowers…. Love them. You are so awesome to take them and actually make them look easy to make. I can hardly get my mind to believe that you made them. Thanks for your great work and support of your students here at your site. ~Karonkay-C
  • Everybody is excited!!! What a response. I never imagined you could make a Clover flower out of polymer clay. But, Cindy, you did it!! Doesn’t that make you feel wonderful? To answer a fans request. You are the VERY BEST!!!!!!!! ~Patt-W
  • Cindy – Love the Clover! Keep up the good work! ~Elisabeth-G
  • UK: Wow, Cindy! You never cease to amaze me! It seems you only have to see a shape, or hear of something someone’s looking for and your brain gets into gear and – hey presto! You are so talented, I count myself extremely fortunate to be in your club! Thank you so much to both you and Doug, what you produce together is truly priceless – and for such a fantastically low price! It’s just after 6am here in London, I just couldn’t wait to see your new design – and it was worth it! Thanks again. ~Marion-R
  • Love how this intricate looking flower has been made doable by ‘our Cindy’.  ~Pollyanna
  • Hi all, well Cindy this is just gorgeous. We have red and white clover here in Australia, but I never thought much of the red clover, I do now. Am off to try my hand at this lovely video. Thanks so much Cindy and Doug for your undying efforts to keep up our interests with always new twists and turns. Love. ~Elizabeth-K
  • Love this tute. Love the flowers and like you as a kid use to pick clover flowers for the sweet taste. Loved the tute and the filming was awesome. You and Doug are truly amazing. Thank you both for sharing all your wonderful talent with us. ~Peggy-B
  • Unbelievable! If you set these in a field of clover one would be hard pressed to identify which are nature’s and which are polymer clay. Also, as Peggy said, the filming just gets better and better. I so appreciated being able to watch you build the whole flower and the catchy tune was a bonus. Thank you!! Hugs. ~Elizabeth-S
  • Hi Cindy, just watched your video on the Red Clover Flower Beads. You made it so EASY!! Thank you. ~Stephanie-B
  • Wonderful! Am in a spring flower challenge and this tute could not have come at a better time. Off to roll lots of flower petals. You are simply amazing Cindy (but then I am sure you have heard it before) Luv ya! ~Marlene-C
  • Hi All, As you could probably tell from my earlier comment I was super excited to try this tutorial. So with yesterday being my 50th birthday and knowing that my mom and husband were taking me to the local fire departments BINGO night at 7pm I knew I needed to be as still as possible if I was going to be able to go out that late — which I was and we did :). Got out my clay stuff and 3 hours later I put my 2 red clover beads in the oven:). Made a quick pair of earrings and wore them to bingo. Learned a lot during this lesson and next time I think I’ll add less white and pearl clay and alot more ink solution to my ink colors so the beads will be more transparent. I’m off to the Cindy’s Facebook page to post a couple of pics, cant wait to see everyone’s pictures. ~Tantesherry
  • I enjoyed watching your clover leaf bead. I was thinking about using it as a skirt for a fairy. Smiles to you and I hope you have a wonderful weekend. I look forward to my Fridays so I can play on Saturday and Sunday. ~Sandy-H
  • Once again you have made something that is complicated into something that is quite simple and easy to do.  Thanks again Cindy.  marvelous. ~Sandra-J
  • After reading all the comments – I am still in awe of your talent! You make something that looks soooooo difficult – soooooo easy. Your teaching ability is amazing. You break everything down into doable (is this a word?) bites. That in itself is a great talent! Love, love these little guys. They are so pretty. I will make these BEFORE very much coffee though, LOL. Shakey hands are definitely NOT needed here.. tee hee. See you in a few days – got to make clovers – yeah! A BIG THANKS for a wonderful tute! ~Patt-W
  • Cindy, Thanks again, they came out wonderfully, though darker than yours. I enjoyed doing them and am sure that mine had to be larger for my project than the ones you made. I love, love love them. They are perfect and now there are eight of them gracing the vase. I will take photos later but am sure glad that they are done. Again thanks for all your help and they are terrific little flowers and perfect for my needs. ~Karonkay-C
  • Wow, these are soo pretty. My mom taught me to wind the clover blossoms into garlands…. we’d make crowns and bracelets from them too. Those were with the smaller white, pinkish clover. Now along the river banks I see mostly the ones you’ve made Cindy. I love how you made the earrings, simple but lovely. ~DJ
  • Wonderful as always, Cindy! Very entertained by your “high-speed” clover-building; now if we could do all the OTHER STUFF that fast, I would choose to do my claying in SLO MO! Thanks so much, Cindy and Doug! ~Monique-U
  • Cindy: I think your clover blossoms are the best thing you have ever done… and you have done some great things. I LOVE them! ~Beverle-S
  • Hi Cindy – always happy with your tutes. Loved the clover flower. My version got a little big and long, but I love it and the process. I have a feeling there are many more colors to come. First time that I have worked with the inks. Gonna try some shaving creme dyeing next. I used to dye my own wool for my rug making, but that has become too hard on the body, yards of wet wool vs. polymer beads and a palette with dyes. I guess were one door shuts, another opens, if you look for it. ~Rita-H
  • Cindy, Thank you for making your tutorials available online. I may not make everything you share but usually pick one or two things up from each tutorial. Recently I decided to sculpt a shoe and have been using your technique you demonstrated for clover flowers. I have taken your idea and adapted it to create purple loosestrife. I hope to get it all done soon and submit it to a local art show. This is my first real sculpture and so far so good. Thanks again. ~Shelley-L
  • I’m very happy that I stumbled upon you. I bought the clover flowers video. They are so gorgeous! I’m talking to a friend who’s a master florist, suggesting that if she designs the arrangement I can do the flowers. That really grabbed her. So many ideas… so little time! Thanks to you Cindy, because I have never sculpted before. But I’ve done all kinds of art work and crafts since my daddy taught me to draw a straight line and cut with scissors at age 5. I’ve taught myself most everything…I get impatient with having to relearn everything I already know and that’s what usually happens to me in most classes. So I go at it alone. But IMAGINE! Now I came across you and some other awesome artists that not only give me the fundamentals I may have missed but that are willing to SHARE all this wonderful knowledge. It’s a totally different experience for me learning this way. And all of you in the ‘polymer community’ are willing to share unreservedly of everything you learn and do! You all contribute to each other but you all have your unique style and forte. I’ve gotten some commissions at work that I have to finish and a very serious lead that could be ‘big time’ for me. I wasn’t looking for it but the opportunities seem to be knocking on my door and I’d love to go at it.  Love ya! LET’S CLAY! ~Andrea-P
  • If anyone is still on the fence about signing up for Cindy’s paid membership… I posted a picture in the Red Clover Flower section… it shows how much I’ve grown because of the continued work and effort that Doug and his family does for us. The single bead was made about a year ago (lost the other one). The new set I made yesterday. Thank you Cindy I could not have done it with out YOU! ~Tantesherry
  • Hi Cindy, I just subscribed to PCT last week. I bought the beginner lessons, 3 of the back issues and the monthly service. I was a stone-cold beginner and don’t consider myself very crafty, but after watching the beginning videos, I gathered my courage together and made your red clover flower design… and it turned out spectacularly! ~Heather-P


  • I watched the red clover tute with my mouth open and the earrings look really pretty so cannot wait for some spare time to complete these. Thanks Jeanne C, yes I did have a wonderful trip and it was great to see my younger sister who has been so ill (with heart problems) for a long time and is due to have an operation at the end of the month. So I will make her these earrings as I know she will really love them. Especially when she’s able to dance again! ~Elaine-F
  • Beautiful earrings! ~Pollyanna
  • The Clover earrings are darling. So feminine and pretty. Thanks for showing us how to finish them so beautifully. Must make a pair for my daughter!! ~Patt-W
  • Really… Elegant… Darlings… Cute as candy… Lovely finish… Only you could achieve, Cindy… Very explanatory tute… Excellent camera work (thanks Doug)… Raring to go and make zillions of these. Loved your new posh tools Cindy, makes such a difference to use the best. ~Elaine-F
  • These are gorgeous, Cindy! ~Lupe-M
  • The earrings are so pretty. Great job on this tut! ~Karonkay-C
  • It’s always hard to wait for Friday, but I’m never disappointed. these are spectacular. I will be starting these this afternoon. So, pretty. ~Pollyanna
  • Those earrings are sooooo pretty! ~Elizabeth-S
  • I made two sets of the red clover earrings. Different sizes and colours using pinata and adirondack inks combined. You have to dilute the pinata more as the colours are deeper but still very pretty. So as I am now addicted to alcohol (inks). Anyone who is reading this and is NOT yet a member yet, what are you waiting for?? I guarantee that you will never again have artists block. Cindy somehow frees your mind, makes you think outside the box and try new and exciting ways with polymer clay. She does not push you to buy all the tools she uses, but suggests household items to use instead. (Just don’t use them again in the kitchen). But because I am a tools person I have collected quite a selection of the ones she shows in her tutes. (Well you’ve just gotta). Lastly do not be afraid, there is no waste, even horrible old yukky clay can be used, as she shows in her wonderful Arizona beads and Jupiter beads, or to be used in hidden cores or covered by patterned veneers. The members are lovely people, will help out if you are in a fix and answer your questions and throw in their advice when Cindy is busy creating. So what happened to all you guys and girls who made a New Year pledge to join? Where are you? You will find  the membership fees really good value, the tutorials are the best, thanks to Doug’s great camera work and the photo shots done by Willow are really beautiful. So just to conclude I will say a BIG welcome to all new members who have joined this year. I read and enjoy all the written comments, and am amazed to think that a little old block of polymer clay can stretch all across the world joining us all together… cheers. ~Elaine-F
  • I absolutely LOVE this tutorial – red and purple clovers are so pretty. And you took me back to my youth (a VERY long time ago), with your beginning commentary. I, like you, would off the little petals to suck the nectar – did the same with trumpet flowers. You certainly brought a smile to my lips. ~Charline-A
  • Hi Cindy, Oh my, I have just finished some beautiful sweet pea and clover earrings! I can’t tell you how much being part of your “group” continues to mean to me. Sure hope you and your family will be able to visit Virginia on one of your motor home treks. It is a beautiful state…. Spring or Fall would be the best times. I’d be glad to help with arrangements if you need a contact person, so please be in touch when you are coming this way! The very best to you and your family.  May God keep you in His care. ~Carol-T
  • Hi there, just made a pair of these lovely little ear-rings. Happy with how they turned out too. Isn’t it funny how a photo can make something look big and intimidating? This is what I thought before making these, which is why it took so long to have a go.  But now, wow, the are so darling, I think I will be making a few pairs of these to give away to friends as well. ~Sandra-J


  • Thanks Cindy for another beautifully clear tute (and it’s precisely that clearness that makes your site the best of all). Friday mornings are always a treat!!!! ~Lesley-S
  • I have done this technique in oils and acrylics, but never polymer clay. What a treat it will be! There are so many cross-over techniques. All arts and crafts contribute to this. How lucky we are to have Cindy (and Doug, of course) to show us how to do so many. This is a carrot for sure. ~Patt-W
  • Can’t wait to dig into this new video! Friday is the only day of the week where I roll out of bed in the morning BEFORE the alarm goes off. I always look forward to seeing what Cindy will be teaching! ~Michelle-L
  • This was the first “project” I ever tried from the first PC book I ever brought (Mrs. Carol Blackburn), I failed miserably, it didn’t deter me from PC and in trying to find out what I did wrong I found my new teacher, a one Cindy Lietz. I can’t wait to try this!!!!!! ~Ken-H
  • Hi Ken, I know what you mean about the technique not turning out right. I, too, have Carol’s book-it’s the first pc book I ever got and I still think it is one of the best ones out there. But there really is no substitute for having the techniques demonstrated and explained step-by-step, as Cindy does in her tutes. A few weeks ago I felt comfortable enough to try the combed technique shown in the book. I selected a beautiful palette of reds, golds and smoky colors and went to it. When I was done I had some really pretty beads but they didn’t have the combed look. They actually look kind of marbled and that isn’t what I aimed for. I’m glad to be getting another chance and know they will be right next time because Cindy will be guiding me along the way. Isn’t it funny how she comes out with a tute just when we need it the most?  It’s like she has ESP or something :)  Don’t you wish you knew how she does that?  I know I do. ~Angela-M
  • Cindy probably has a crystal ball. Well when I previously tried this I ended up with mud, and had scrap clay for bead cores for quite some time. ~Ken-H
  • I love this combing technique! I also have a stack of Polymer Clay books I’ve purchased over the years. I always found it difficult to do most of the projects because the instructions were so vague. I now only look at the pictures! When I found Cindy’s website it was such a joy, the techniques I tried to learn in the books became so clear. Cindy your tutorials are very easy to understand. I love the fact that I can pause them and work at my own speed, and they are always there if I need a refresher. I appreciate everything you and Doug do for us. HUGS. ~Jeanne-C
  • I don’t buy books much anymore, it was that the Blackburn book had so many different techniques in it and caught my eye at the time and it was Pre-Cindy. Cindy’s to do list is SO LONG… but I HAVE learned enough to be able to go back and figure out the missing information that the books I do have omitted, matter of fact that once I finally succeed with the combing technique doing Cindy’s way, there is something I want to try and would love to see how cindy would tackle it (and it’s probably on her list anyway). For the small amount I gladly pay for the tutorials, the knowledge I’ve gained allows me to make the instructions in the books easy to figure out. ~Ken-H
  • Awesome tutorial and seems so easy after seeing you do it!  I love the bright colors you used for that sheet; so pretty. I too had bought two Polymer clay books and they are sitting on my shelf – haven’t done anything but I’ve done a few of Cindy’s tutorials and they have turned out really good. There is still so much I have to try; just don’t have the time though I enjoy watching the tutorials. ~Cherie-H
  • What I love the most about your tutorials happened today again as I watched…. you make difficult things simple and easy to understand. You always show and explain what to do and you make me feel like I can accomplish any of the wonderful techniques that I see elsewhere and only wish I could. You make our projects look great. That is the mark of a truly great teacher, your students learn and create marvelous creations that we can be proud of and others who don’t know how are amazed that we could do that “with a little lump or two of clay”! So again, Cindy, thanks for all your great efforts and sharing ability. My mind is already a jumble of I could use this technique for…. this… and this … and that too!  Time, can you find more time for me in your Mary Poppins bag of wondrous things? ~Karonkay-C
  • I, too, have had the experience with books and the instructions seeming like they skipped something, which leaves me scratching my head and saying “wha???” LOL. I really don’t see the point of putting out an instructional book if you are not going to explain the processes in full! This combing technique looks very interesting. Cindy, I have to agree with your mother. There is no need for her to keep all this art info stored in her “computer” when she has you to store it for her!  After all, the older you get, the more stuff is stored and takes longer to sift through to find it! ~Rebecca-C
  • OMG_I am so happy to read others with this learning problem. If I cannot hear it or see it I cannot learn it! I have collected so many Polymer Clay books thinking that maybe it was HOW that one explained it. It was only until I came online HERE did I realize THIS is how I was made to learn correctly!! Thanks Cindy and Doug. ~Pauline-D
  • I’ve bought so many books over the last 20 years and only a small handful still sit on my bookcase shelf. Your course covers not only as many lovely ideas but makes them accessible to folk like me! A series of photos doesn’t always do it. I’m getting cute about books now; one of my major bugbears is when they include a picture on the cover, obviously intended to sell the book, which turns out to be one of the ‘guest’ pictures from the gallery, and hence no instructions! I consider this to be fraud. But there’s nothing fraudulent about what you and Doug do. Everything is there for everyone to learn. I think you two are nothing short of incredible sharing everything with anyone who’s willing to pay just 11cents a day!  When I joined I asked if you’d be able to continue for any length of time, as it seemed to me there was only a limited number of different techniques. You assured me that you’d be around for a long time to come, and you were right! ‘Thank you’ doesn’t seem enough somehow, but you have my sincere thanks anyway. ~Marion-R
  • Books, books, books, how I agree with Pauline D, Rebecca C, and other members that have purchased books only to be frustrated and not quite “getting it”. Also as Marion R says that the photo on the front cover is not by the author but by a guest artist with absolutely no written instructions. Bah shouldn’t be allowed! But on the positive side I think what Ken said about going back to a book after seeing Cindy’s slant on a technique is interesting. It makes you realize how much we all learn from Cindy. ~Elaine-F
  • I just love the look of marbled paper, this technique with your usual twist will be fun. Like many have already mentioned I tried this earlier too, but felt it was kind of “hit and miss” as far as results – nice in places but lost it in other patches. I think Cindy, yours will allow for a bit more control… the standardized measuring is awesome. ~DJ
  • I really liked the combing technique, and I’m sure it could be applied to so many projects as a colourful veneer. A special thank you to Doug for helping me deal with an “email issue”… You guys really make us feel special as members and are so professional. I am so very pleased I became a member! ~Monique-U
  • I had to watch the video first before I could do anything else today. So easy, but looks so hard! Thanks Cindy et.al. ~Bette-L
  • Sweetest, cutest blog ever Cindy; I smiled all the way through it. I agree with my fellow clayers – so many tuts so little time but… I LOVE watching them. I get so inspired and learn great tips that help me with whatever I’ creating. ~Michelle-A
  • Cindy please give your Mom a great big hug for me. I just finished watching the video on the combing technique and cannot believe how incredibly easy you have made this. I am so excited to create my own now. I was so disappointed in myself as this was the very first technique I had tried in clay and it turned out horrible. I vowed I would never do it again. Well I can’t wait to make this now. This was a real eye opener and after watching so many of your videos, the possibilities for using this technique seems endless. Please tell us what you used to cut out your pretty little templates. ~DixieAnn-S
  • This looks like what I have been searching for to cover Easter eggs. Yeahhhh!!! ~Pollyanna
  • Easter eggs with this technique would be gorgeous! ~Karonkay-C
  • I love how Cindy tries tools and techniques to find the one that works. That tool from Sculpey that gouged the clay looks like a waste. Can’t imagine getting good results. I love my Sculpey Style and Detail tools, you have used them in several tuts. I recently bought a PC technique book that had an incorrect recipe. It is a book with great techniques but all of them are rather flat. I used this technique and made the pendent domed and it came out much better. Clay On!!! ~Anna-S
  • Anna I feel the same way about those Sculpey Detail tools, I use them for almost everything! They were bought after a recommendation by Cindy a while back… one of the best tool investments ever. I find they are so versatile with clay – they smooth, shape, blend, texture, allow for good detailing – a whole bunch of manipulation with just one set! ~DJ
  • Hi Cindy, Great combing tutorial! ~Fran-Y
  • Hi Cindy and all, I loved your idea of Combing Technique. I have done similar to this, but it has never been as easy as this. You put your own stamp on things and bring out the best of a technique… like doing both sides and using the cutters. Lovely colours. I am madly into making buttons at the moment, and they will certainly look great in these combing designs. Love. ~Elizabeth-K
  • How easy-peasy! Isn’t this going to be fun? Love both sides. And Elaine – using inks too. My mind is spinning. Good bye – got to make some combed stuff. ~Patt-W
  • Hi Cindy, love your twist on combing/marbling/feathering technique and your “very 60’s” choice of new premo colours. These are what I call my happy accident feathered beads as I use a big old goose feather (not too pointy and light to the touch). They look awesome using the new premo metallic combo of silver, copper and gold. Your magic card tip is brilliant. I have used cards as a thickness gauge when rolling out silver clay but never thought to use it your way for the pasta machine. So thanks (and my Mother never approved of me playing card games, tee hee). ~Elaine-F
  • Sorry to be one of the last to chime in with thanks and gratitude for this latest awesome tutorial. I fear that this second round of shingles I’m dealing with has sapped my energy and sadly, dampened my spirit a bit. As always though, when I needed a pick-me-up I came here to enjoy not only the tute but the wonderful interesting posts offered by so many. I love this place!!! I chuckled when reading how so many, like myself had tried the combing technique as one of their initial pc projects with unsuccessful results. I’ll bet if we combined the mud we all accrued from the effort, it would be a sizable pile indeed. Then I wanted to shout, “ME TOO”, when learning that so many of you have moved away from depending on pc books since joining Cindy and Doug’ site. Several said that often the book instructions seem to be missing important pieces of information and I think that is absolutely spot on!! I’ve said before that being able to watch even just how Cindy holds her hands in doing a technique can mean the difference for success or failure in my own effort. Anyway, thanks again, Cindy, Doug and all my friends here. You are gifts I treasure. ~Elisabeth-S
  • I tried this technique on my own out of a book with pictures very little instructions and it was a complete failure. This was primarily what led me to Cindy’s tutorials. I am so excited to finally see her version of it. Mine ended up in mud. The cut out samples shown and finished with Resin are beautiful. Please tell us what you used to cut your clay out with Cindy, to create such intricate designs. ~DixieAnn-S
  • Enjoyed the tute very much. What were those “die” cuts and how do you go about finding shapes to do them? ~Teresa-D


  • EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE… (suck in a breathe)… YEAH….THANK YOU! THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! This tute was what I hoped it would be. A die-cast tutorial. This is awesome. Ok I am now going to go faint with sheer happiness and joy! Love you so much, Cindy! ~Teresa-D
  • This looks very intriguing…….a whole new world for me. ~Pollyanna
  • I am so excited to see this tute…. I have been totally absorbed in researching all the new to me die casting machinery available. This stuff is just too cool if we can use polymer clay and metals with it. Put a big smile on my face when I saw Cindy new direction. These machines and techniques allow gorgeous detailed and ornate shapes perfectly, and for those like myself who have hand difficulty due to MS, truly expands possibilities way past cookie cutters, stamps, blades, etc. I cannot wait to see how this plays out as a new tool for the medium. Thanks, Cindy! ~Jocelyn-C
  • Wow! … something completely new to me. I have to agree with Cindy – sometimes we don’t have the equipment needed …. but an idea is sparked, and that can take us in all kinds of new and exciting directions. I would just like to say that, since I started making jewellery in polymer clay, joining the “Cindy Club” is absolutely the best single thing I’ve done. Rock on Cindy, you are such a star!!! ~Lesley-S
  • Cool… I look at this as something that I can add to my polymer clay pieces, since I do jewelry primarily. I know that the mini die cutters work great for thin polymer clay pieces that you can “applique” to polymer clay. So, when they are in the sale bins in Michael’s I snatch them up, but you can use many of the die cutter templates for polymer clay to cut out certain shapes. I have also used molding sheets from the baking isle that they use for decorating cakes as well. There are so many things that you can use for designing polymer clay pieces which is why I love this medium! Thank you for all the links, Cindy! ~Lupe-M
  • Well put, Cindy! I am certain that when we watch the tomorrow’s video, we’ll see you are full of suggestions, as always, for alternate ways to get these effects for those who enjoy the look but cannot/don’t want to purchase this particular tool. Do I LOVE every technique? Of course not! But given enough hours in the day, I’’d probably try most of them. Do I think the membership is worth it? ABSOLUTELY- the colour palettes alone are worth more to me. And the effect on my (sad, underdeveloped) creativity? PRICELESS. Of course, I personally like stuff that is less reliant on a technology, but so what? I have never seen you strike out, and you sure hit a lot of home runs! ~Monique-U
  • The price you charge for your membership fee is almost free for what you offer. I still can’t understand how you can offer so much and charge so little for it… I like that you are innovative and forward-thinking because you help me see things in a different light. Growing is always a good thing and you definitely help me to grow in my polyclay endeavors … BTW Now that I’ve watched this weeks tute, I’ve told all my children I want a die-cutter for Christmas. That gives them plenty of time to save up for it. I’d never seen a die-cutter in action and didn’t realize what all they could do. I really thought they were only something a scrapbooker would want and that’s not so at all. ~Angela-M
  • A die cutter may not be an item I’ll purchase anytime soon, if ever, but I sure love seeing what you come up with! What I find so amazing is by seeing your videos is it helps me to think of other possibilities that I wouldn’t have on my own! So Thank You. Besides it gives me something else to put on my wish list. LOL ~Jeanne-C
  • Hi CINDY, Thought I would add my two cents to this thread. Don’t ever stop researching and experimenting with different ways of using tools that are out there for other crafts. This is what makes you UNIQUE. Somebody said to ME once “Don’t try to fit in, you were born to Stand out”. So I say how true this is of YOU and yes, some of these tools are out of people’s price range but, hey nobody gets everything they want out of life, but we can always dream!!!  Waiting now to see the full version of this latest tute, especially as I also work with leather and metal, (both that you mentioned could be used with the die cutter.) How exciting, even if I cannot afford it until I am a little wrinkly old lady!!!! So keep the experiments going, push the boundaries, go where no man (or woman) has gone before. Just remember, members and non-members, Cindy GAVE you the Teardrop blend which was the best, the very best  time-saving blending method ever, and who would have thought that one day we wouldn’t bat an eyelid, rolling our clay through a machine that made pasta? Wonder what inventive person came up with that idea? Best value site ever. Cheers xx ~Elaine-F
  • I never thought about buying a die cutter because I wasn’t into scrapbooking that much, but I guess I need to get another “piggybank” (actually an old pringles can ) for this, it’s how I save for all the larger equipment that I want from seeing all these fantastic techniques. ~Ken-H
  • At first I, too, thought about the money a die-cutting machine would cost and knew I wouldn’t be buying one. Then I thought about the Wilton flower pieces and had thought I wasn’t going to spend the money on them until you did something I couldn’t do without them. Anyway, I did spend the money for the Wilton flower sets and I have just had so much fun with them. My granddaughter teaches at a parochial school who had a fundraiser silent auction. She asked if I would make a dogwood pin for it. My daughter is going to enter a Bead Star contest for plastic and asked if I would make a big flower she could incorporate into a necklace. Your idea about a magazine hit me because I know that if I buy a book or magazine and only get one good idea from it, I feel it’s worth the price I paid. I’ll be at my computer eagerly watching the tute tomorrow even though I don’t intend to buy a die cutting machine. If I don’t like it, I’ll go back into the library and watch and refresh my mind with an older tute and be happy. ~Freda-K
  • The tools needed for this and future tutes are a good thing to use your 40% off coupons for. I did and got the machine and several dies for less than $100 ~Sandy-T
  • Well said Cindy. You definitely cannot please everyone all the time. The die cutting is not my style, but I love to see how it all works. Learning is not always straight ahead. You learn by doing. So this technique will please lots of clayers. Go for it! Anything that  is new is exciting. Life is a Smorgasbord – you pick what you like. ~Patt-W
  • Watched the preview, never guessed I would want one, as thought it was only to cut and emboss paper and card. Looked up all the prices, gulp, then went on ebay UK and bid on two “used ones in good condition” … What am I like?? Want a new toy mummy ha ha. I’m hooked again Cindy (You are awful, but I like you). Now have to wait to see the full version but liked Anna Sabina’s idea of sharing with her scrapbooking friend. So am looking out for a card making / scrapbooking friend in my location … really enjoy the new very different avenue that Cindy is leading us. It is like the Yellow Brick Road. Do you have a pair of red sparkly shoes Cindy? hee hee. ~Elaine-F
  • Love the ideas and how to’s that I get from these Friday tutes. I will have to scout out the machine. Not sure yet…. I use my exato knife quite a bit so this gave me some ideas for picture frame pendants and such. Hmmmmm. ~Pollyanna
  • I must admit to thinking, “Oh no, another tute I can’t use because I can’t justify buying an expensive bit of kit,” when you announced this one Cindy. However I was intrigued enough to check out prices for second-hand machines on eBay and hopefully by tomorrow I’ll have won one for cheap. I love how your pieces look and the flat resined effect is definitely my style. I haven’t bought the flower moulds/cutters because although I like what you’ve done with them I can’t justify that kind of expense for something I’ll realistically use to make a few pendants before my eye is caught by another project and I move on to a new obsession. Especially as craft stuff’s so expensive here in the UK! That said, I appreciate that your tutes are so cheap that it totally doesn’t matter if I don’t love every single one. You make enough that I’m truly excited about to make it worth my while. ~Silverleaf
  • Love it!!  Soooo many ideas spring to mind …. I don’t have a die cutter but will definitely add this to my (ever-lengthening) wish list! Meanwhile … where’s my scalpel? ~Lesley-S
  • Wow what a fascinating machine! Thanks for showing us how they work – I had NO idea about the internal workings of a die cutter. ~Tantesherry
  • OK, I get now. Very cool! I always wondered about doing this and now I know! This would be nice to make your own scrapbook embellishments, too! The UV resin will really make these look great. ~Catalina
  • Brilliant Cindy, such a very clever piece of equipment, so time-saving and looks so easy to hand-crank Your advice is invaluable and just know you will make this little machine earn it’s quite high purchase price. (looking forward to new tutes with metal, to compliment PC jewellery.) ~Elaine-F
  • Hi Cindy!!! I love this tut!! I have used these type of machines for lots of  metal type crafts and leather! The one big WOW that I saw on this tut was the earring cards you made with the die cutters!!!! Those are beautiful!! It’s funny what captures each person’s interest when watching your fabulous tuts, huh!!! ~Denise-P
  • I was holding off on leaving a reply as I didn’t want to be easily impressed by this site, but.. I am very impressed. I enjoy each lesson so much it inspires me on to creative play. The die cutting one, I did not think would interest me and then once I watched … I’m getting a die cut machine … getting the bigkick on sale via amazon and watching the video many times. I’m enjoying this so much. Thanks Cindy. Keep up the good work. you know how to inspire in short videos. The faux wood and die cut have me so excited to try. Very good. ~Patty-J
  • I love seeing what your room looks like, I don’t feel so bad about mine now. I have just bought a cuttlebug (thanks to the member who said her cuttlebug was as good as the bigkick) as it is the easy accessible die cutter to buy here in New Zealand, and am so looking foward to playing with it. I also love your jewelry display cards. I have been wondering for ages how I can make my own (I love figuring out how I can do things without having to buy stuff) but it never occurred to me to use a die cutter. I also can’t believe how time flies. I have been a member now for 3 years, and I love, love everything about this site. I take my hat off to you and Doug, Cindy, for the wonderful work you are doing. ~Sandra-J
  • Oh, a diecutter is most certainly on my most-wanted list! I don’t mind there being videos here that include using some equipment I don’t have yet, as there is always something I learn from them which is very useful to my claying around. In fact, something I see in those videos can actually take off on a tangent to something entirely different! Funny how the old brain works! ~Rebecca-C
  • I just ordered the Vintage Big KICK Machine and ALOT of the sizzix dies also a few embossing and etching dies. I cant wait to get them. I love that Cindy gives us the shopping links to follow. It makes it so much easier to get what you need/want to keep creating. Thanks Cindy!!! I also just ordered a couple books… and have done one project out of the book already… Not as easy as watching Cindy’s tutes every week tho. ~Kelli-N
  • Excellent. The die cutting tutorial has me delving into that still.  I love where one art medium gets you connected to the others. You have quite a following and I see why.  Thanks for such to the point tutorials. We cant get enough, addicted…. Lol. ~Patty-J
  • Hi Cindy; What a fantastic website you have! I’ve already mentioned it to a number of clayers who are looking for more and more information. I’ve worked with polymer clay for over twenty years now (egad, I’m getting old!). For quite some time I’ve been working with cutting the clay with a cutting machine. The one that works pretty well is my Silhouette Portrait. But I’m not totally happy with the results. So I’m ordering a Sizzix Big Shot which I felt would work better.  And then I found your wonderful tutorial on your site and was so pleased to see how well it does work… I am so impressed with the variety of techniques you have done and are doing on your site. Wow! ~Dorothy-M

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