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In This Vol-045:
Color Recipes:
1A. Orange Wheelbarw
2A. Tendril
3A. Ivy Leaf
4A. Spade

Video Topics:
1. Celtic Hearts
2. Faux Wood Cane
3. Faux Wood Veneer
4. Celtic Heart Ncklace

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>> Customer Reviews (Volume-045):


  • Another winner! Just love the greens! I think these will go good with the leaves for all the flowers we will be making. I’m now trying to make very tiny versions so I can make matching earrings. ~Catalina
  • This palette seems ‘happy’ anticipating spring. Then it could be used in the fall too. A beautiful palette and Willow has excelled again!  She has the skill to photograph the seemingly ordinary and show us its beauty – that’s an artist! ~Cherie-H
  • What a great mix of greens and then the splash of orange. Great eye, Willow. Can’t have too many greens. ~Pollyanna
  • Thank you Willow!!! Glad you ventured out on a gloomy day – this is the end product. Love the orange as a backdrop for the ivy – good eye gf!! The greens are so soothing – imagine using them all thru the year. The colors go so well together – nature will provide. Ivy goes with everything – love the tendrils. Thanks Lietz team. ~Patt-W
  • After seeing DS#4 gets off to the bus stop on this balmy – 15 C Monday, my next order of business is to check for new colours on my favorite site. And how lovely they are! I agree with you, Cindy, the stalwart evergreen varieties are a comfort, and a foretaste of spring. Anticipating the backyard in distinctive shades of green gets me through the dreariest of winters! Thank goodness the days are getting longer! Thank you, Cindy and Willow! ~Monique-U
  • I love all the color palettes you have created for us and always look forward to seeing what you come up with. ~Jeanne-C
  • I just finished watching the last 4 videos. You have done a wonderful job with this month’s tutes. Thank you for them. I really like the look of faux wood and am glad to know how to do them properly now. ~Angela-M
  • WOW !!! What a month it has been with four great tutorials along with what will probably be my favorite colour palette. The Lietz team has done it again. What a bargain. For less than $4.00 we got a practical and fun project along with a number of techniques in 50 minutes of video and a great colour palette. I’m left speechless. Where is an Academy Award for Polymer accomplishment and Doug’s cinematography? ~Lawrence-S
  • Lawrence said it… this was another fantastic month of wonderful tutorials. Cindy and Doug, you definitely deserve an award… or recognition of some sort for the amazing content you produce. Thanks so much for keeping the cost of the videos low, and the quality SKY HIGH!!! ~Phaedrakat
  • Love your videos and many thanks. ~Chrissie
  • Cindy, LOVE all your Videos. You are the BEST! – my Friday evening BFF. Always claying. ~Molly-J
  • I love the way you explain everything in such great detail – it’s like you’re sitting in the room with me – great job! ~Sue-S
  • I told my two sisters about your library videos and they also have a subscriptions now too. Thanks again for your fabulous contribution to the polymer clay community. ~Paula-M
  • Thank you so much for your information Cindy. As a beginner, I look forward to trying this wonderful new Polymer Clay craft, and am so glad to have found your inspiring, clear on-line site and video’s. With kind regards. ~Mary-D
  • Hi Cindy, Thank you for helping with getting my payments straightened out. This means a lot to me and  you know how much I love your program and I have learned so much. I really appreciate you and we have been together for a long time and I will remain with you for a long  time. You’re the best out there and I don’t think anyone can compare to the quality of your videos and the variety  of tutorials that you offer. Thank you again Cindy!! ~Debra-G


  • Loved this tutorial! So many ways to incorporate it into different designs. And so simple! I just made one “steampunk” style!! Thanks so much for these fantabulous tutorials! ~Hope-M
  • I love all things Celtic as it’s part of my heritage too. I walked into a charity shop earlier today and right at the back was a lovely duck-egg blue glazed trinket box. I HAD to have it because of the design on the lid and round the sides… Yep it was celtic knots… how spooky! Later, when I later switched on my laptop and saw the preview for Friday… Cindy… will you STOP reading my mind (ONLY JOKING) as I have had celtic thoughts all through January, your examples are magical. Cheers. ~Elaine-F
  • Elaine, you are right! Cindy is always “reading” our minds! I guess you can say she really pays attention to us :) Just like a good friend should! {{{hugs}}}} ~Catalina
  • Cindy, the celtic heart is a design I’ve long been interested in. ~Angela-M
  • How inspiring! A Celtic love knot spoon. I’m scotch/Irish… even our dog  has a celtic name – Connor. So this is right down my alley! Willow – you amaze us!!  What a beautiful keep sake. How proud you must be to be included in the museum display!!!  It really does look like wood – good job. Very professional work. Polymer clay is a chameleon . You can copy so many types of wood, stone, gems,  etc.  This is the perfect product. Cindy – thanks for this month of tutorials. ~Patt-W
  • Am really excited about this months projects. Love anything Celtic so will be making this one for my niece. ~DixieAnn-S
  • Cindy, these Celtic knots are so lovely. ~Rebecca-C
  • Wow, what a treat – Willow what a lovely, thoughtful piece you’ve created! Cindy, you and Doug must be so proud of Willow and Fisher, such inspiring and creative ideas. They both seem a lot older in the way they express themselves…it’s really great that we can glimpse and share in their projects too! Still amazed and inspired with all our fabulous projects as well…. seeing how to piece and design finished things together, help in that direction is greatly appreciated. It’s amazing our community here, love seeing the positive input and support from so many. ~DJ
  • Way to go Willow. Your spoon told a story like no other. You have the imagination of a true artist. You tell your stories not through words but through creations with your hands from your mind. I love what you you did with the polymer clay the story behind the spoon. AWESOME!!! Cindy the tutorial was great, love the Celtic knot… lovely month. Then of course we can’t forget Doug. None of this would be possible without Doug. Thank you for this fantastic filming week after week. THANK YOU ALL LIETZ FAMILY!!!! ~Peggy-B
  • I love this Celtic heart, and all the variations done by members. Thanks so much for sharing your pics. I finally got one to look good!  It’s been warmer this winter, and what a great therapy doing this cane. ~Jocelyn-C


  • I’ve seen other faux wood grain tutorials but never like this. Wow! You never cease to amaze me. ~Ellen-C
  • Fantastic tute, as usual Cindy. I had found a different tute on wood grain quite a while ago, and not only was it not as clear and concise as yours, the result was not half as realistic (turned me off after the first try). BUT, Yahoo, thanks to you and Doug am going to be back in the lumber business! ~Marlene-C
  • I am very impressed with the realism of your cane. ~Monique-U
  • Oh wow! That’s the best looking faux wood I’ve seen. Sooooo excited to try this. I’d better go make sure I have the right colors (or at least something close to them). ~Hope-M
  • This is wonderful! So much better than using a wood grainer from Home Depot!! This is the real thing – soooooooooo useful! This is really new to me – can’t wait – did I say that last week, too? Well, it’s true. Fridays are special – “Cindy’s Tutes”.  Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy. ~Patt-W
  • Loved this. Such a realistic wood grain. Thanks once again. ~Pollyanna
  • I love this wood grain tute. It looks so natural. Cindy you are such an artist. It amazes me how you put things together! ~DixieAnn-S
  • I must be craving sweets because it’s looking like fudge! LOL Seriously it’s amazing how clay can look like wood. ~Jeanne-C
  • Another great tutorial… my head is filling with ideas for this cane. Thanks again Cindy, it was awesome. ~Bonnie-K
  • Ahhhh, the knots are the key to the realism you get!  Very nice idea. Also encourage folks to push the color way boundaries, try reds, greens, purples, etc. The wood grain is so apparent and lovely, but, by using out of the norm colors, it causes the whole design to pop. My complex just completed post storm trimming, and took out all the junior black walnut trees.  For some reason, they grow like weeds here.  I nearly choked, if they had just let that stuff mature, what  a bounty they could reap selling it to wood workers. Had the maintenance person slice some of the bigger diameter lengths into rounds, can’t wait for them to dry.  In addition, now I can’t wait to try and replicate the patterns, as it ages, the color darkens to deep browns and blacks. ~Jocelyn-C
  • Love working with faux wood, another wonderful gift. ~Peggy-B
  • Now I can faux my beloved Mesquite wood!  What a great tute. Jocelyn is right – the knots are the key. Imagine ANY wood – what a gift. Thanks so much – spread my wings. ~Patt-W
  • “This is going to be hard on some of you that need to have things absolutely precise” Hah! I had to stop the video cause I was laughing so hard! That is SOOO me… comes in handy for some skills (quilt piecing, counted Xstich) but a bit of a hindrance when we attempt to be “random”… Can’t get my hands on the clay for a while but that won’t stop me from watching your videos, Cindy (even if that gets squeezed in while I exercise LOL). ~Monique-U
  • I love this tutorial. Thanks again for making things so easy. ~Justine-E
  • As always a great lesson. I do have a part of my project that the woodgrain will work well with, but it would have to be pretty long… wondering how I would bake that? Would have to use my regular oven instead of the clay oven due to the size required if I chose to do it in clay instead of real wood. Another great tutorial. ~Karonkay-C
  • Just watched the Video. It was awesome as usual. I can see using this technique in several ways. ~Brenda-M
  • The tutorial on faux wood making  is a perfect little 10 minute play before work.  This is my FAVE tutorial so far.  I will be watching again and again.  Wish my Dad was alive he was a woodworker and someone mentioned tiger eye and quarter sawn.  I wonder if the way you slice it (ie like wood is sliced) or what would happen if you put more eyes in it like birds eye maple.  This is the BEST PROGRAM ever.  It’s to the point.  And what you learn is incorporated into projects.  Cindy gets your creative Play mind going. Thanks Cindy. ~Patty-J
  • Hi Cindy, Thank you so much for your great tutorial on the faux wood grain. You have done such a great job explaining how make the cane! ~Christine-C


  • OHHHHHHHHHH boy – actually USING the veneer! This has sooooo many possibilities!! Thanks! ~Patt-W
  • Thanks, Cindy! Another well-done video from you and your talented hubby. Some smart tips here, on how to attach a veneer or other cane to a baked piece. This addresses how important the “grain” is in wood-grain. As Cindy mentions in the tute, beginners may want to start with a solid heart/shape… or take her advice to “heart” (LOL) – by taking your time, and being patient with it! I’m inspired. Thanks again! Hope everyone has fun with this… I’ll be watching for other member’s projects at the Facebook Gallery (www.facebook.com/polymerclay) page. ~Phaedrakat
  • Really liked this tut! ~Karen-C
  • Absolutely brilliant! I love your work Cindy, you make it look so easy, I actually think I could do this and can’t wait to try! As always, many thanks to you and Doug for this fantastic website! ~Marion-R
  • O.O. Everything I see I now wanna cover with wood cane. Halp! Is there a rehab group for this? LOL! This is sooooo addicting!!! Fun. And addicting. Thank you Cindy for another wonderful tutorial. ~Hope-M
  • Great tute with lots of info. ~Pollyanna
  • This is a great technique!  I am inspired by Fisher’s knife to cover a paring knife handle. We received this knife as a gift when we were married 43 years ago. The wood handle has started to fall apart, but I don’t want to part with it as the blade never needs sharpening. Will have to see how it goes on something like the solid heart shape first. Really like the Celtic knot heart, too. Thank you Cindy and Doug for all you do to bring us so much great information! ~Jodee-E
  • This is an excellent video tutorial, loaded with information. I will watch it several times for all the specifics. It boggles my mind to see how you have condensed this to only the essentials, yet still cover all the potential problems. ~Jocelyn-C
  • My gosh – Cindy you make it look so easy. With a little patience and gentle hand – this is possible!!! What an ingenious tute! Time and thoughtfulness went in teaching all of us how to do all the tricks and ways to make a perfectly wood veneer!!!  Thank you so much. And Doug for such a clear video. ~Patt-W
  • Well, that’s ingenious! I wouldn’t have thought of adding a veneer this way – I’ve been wanting to make faux driftwood lately, and I can see this is the way to go. Thank you so much Cindy and Doug for another brilliant (not to mention clear and well-explained as usual) tutorial! This has to be the best website ever!!!!! ~Lesley-S


  • Great tutorial, excellent series Cindy I love it.  Thank you. ~Michelle-A
  • Isn’t this a great tute? A whole month of a project – from start to finish. No excuses now – ya gotta make THIS!! Ideas running in my head. Don’t answer the phone – or do the dishes or dust those pesky cobwebs – just  PLAY CLAY CLAY. That’s what I’m going to do –  see you in a few days LOL. Thanks for a superb tute, Cindy. I do so look forward to Fridays. ~Patt-W
  • Just finished watching the tutorial and was NOT disappointed… investing in your weekly videos is one of the smartest things (probably THE smartest) regarding polymer clay I have ever done. You are extremely appreciated. Blessings. ~Bonnie-B
  • Yep! Another nice tute! Loved the tip of getting into tight places with the sand paper. I haven been working on a hugh project and I haven’t tried this tute series yet. So, I’m looking foward to using this technique on other shapes as well. Like using this to decorate papermache boxes to look like wood with carvings on it! Or make a faux wood carved photo frame. So, many ideas and not enough time. I just thought of something, I used to have problems with what to do next. No ideas, no projects, no inspirations. Not now! You give me too many ideas and inspirations and possible projects. I now have to schedule my time and make lists to insure I do all that I want to do! I’m getting behind and I really need a 48 hour day! So good to be busy with FUN projects!! Thanks!! ~Catalina
  • Great tute. Always good to go over the sanding as that’s what makes everything pop. Loved the corded necklace. Thanks for showing how to do it. ~Pollyanna
  • Proper finishing is sooo important. I am a huge fan of Project Runway, they are all fantastic designer and judges often talk about a designer not looking finished. Cindy’s TuT emphasizes little things like making sure the knots in the front are the same direction, sanding the holes in the heart, etc. It is tempting to want to wear something right away but these steps take a piece from being really nice to being SPECTACULAR!!! ~Anna-S
  • What a wonderful video, Cindy! (It was great to see you review the “basics” that everyone takes for granted, also.) I love how you stress, time and again, how these finishing details make all the difference. I always chuckle to myself when I overhear those customers at craft fairs: “Oh, I can make that myself!” How much care and effort is involved in reaching the sellable product, or just something one is proud to wear! I guess that’s why so many become discouraged when first trying a new craft that “looks so easy”… but it is so worth persevering. As always, we’ll get out of a project what we put into it. Thanks for making February 2012 a great learning experience for us! ~Monique-U
  • Finishing a project is always fun. You try this – then you try that. Hmmm  which one is best. A table full of stuff… just trying it on, thank you. ~Patt-W
  • How clever of you Cindy to dedicate a whole month completing one project from start to beautiful finish. As you say, the finish is so important. I had been playing with clay a long time before I became a “Cindy Girl” and what a difference it  has made to my finished pieces. I hope that the suppliers of all the tools etc. you recommend know how thankful we are that you also show us the best methods of using them. Sometimes the written instructions are no help. In the past I have purchased the new “must have gadget or tool” only to throw it in a drawer in despair, as just couldn’t get the hang! I loved this faux wood finish, (so realistic). The unique way it was veneered to the celtic heart, the importance of sanding buffing and giving it an antique finish. (Just hope I can order some Gilders Paste here in the UK as this product sounds just what I have been looking for). Lastly the use of a sliding leather thong, so quick to make and one size fits all. So give yourself ten gold * * * * * * * * * * and 10 for Doug too, as the quality you both give is 100%. So anybody who is still dithering about becoming a member, UR missing out. Take the plunge and sign up, I am sure it will change your life. Trouble is there is no know cure for this addiction (but I’m happy with that!!!). Cheers xx. ~Elaine-F
  • Hi Elaine – I live in UK too and I buy my Gilders Paste from Ebay. There’s only one supplier on Ebay.uk, and I can tell you they’re excellent – reasonably priced and items arrive really fast. I’m crazy about the stuff … you can achieve some beautiful effects with it, and I can honestly say it’s one of my must-haves. Hope this helps. ~Lesley-S
  • Loved this months tutorials Cindy just wonderful ! I was shown how to do this leather/cording knot a few years ago by the first lady to ever sell my beads for me :) hugs to you Kim. BUT I’m SO right handed that my tag ends kept going in the wrong directions – my Tip for any one else dealing w/ this is to: Tie the 1st side (just as you did) then turn the necklace around and do the 2nd side just as if it were the 1st hope that made sense. ~Tantesherry
  • Well guys, I just tried the Gilders paste Cindy used on her Celtic pendant and I must tell you it is nothing short of fantastic. I filled a bezel with premo blush clay and imprinted a small rose pattern stamp. I took a foam wedge (I get these in the makeup dept at Wal-mart) and covered it with the color Pinotage which is a deep rust colored red. I immediate wiped it off with a dry paper towel and the luster you get was instant. All of the high areas look like they had a gloss applied to them!  I was so impressed with this product I bought 6 more colors. The nicest thing about the paste is if it gets too dry you can add a few drops of mineral spirits and mix it in and it will last forever (well almost). Just one thing, if you order the German Silver color, it is not silver but rather a glossy soft gold. It was so hard to decide which colors to get but you will not be disappointed with any of them. It will take about 12 hrs for it to dry completely and you can still add a topcoat or you can even add and mix the colors for other variations. ~DixieAnn-S

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