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In This Vol-044:
Color Recipes:
1A. Yellow Cedar
2A. Juniper Berry
3A. Cedar Cone
4A. Cedar Bark

Video Topics:
1. Liver Of Sulfur
2. Dogwood Flowers
3. Frosted Rainbow
4. Mirror Image Heart

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  • What a delightful story about the Cedar. No wonder your family is talented. You really know how to “SEE” … sadly, we in the SW ( Tucson, Az) never get to actually see this type of cedar. What an eye opener. Color everywhere. Pretty, pretty. ~Patt-W
  • Cedar! One of my favorite scents. My in-laws’s cabin in Michigan has wonderful cedar paneling. Very nice color palette, beautiful photo. ~Dawn-B
  • How fantastic is that? Willow, you chose to focus in a small detail, which resulted in a beautiful display much more enlightening than a picture of the whole tree would have been. Great instinct! I Wiki’d the Yellow Cedar, since they don’t grow here on the East Coast. It came up as “Nootka Cypress”. I wonder if this actually the same species? By the way, I look forward to your colour recipes as much as the videos, Cindy. I try to train my unruly colour sense by guessing what you have mixed to get a particular shade or tint. ~Monique-U
  • Love the organic, earthy tones in these colors. ~Pollyanna
  • Cindy thanks so much for your help. I don’t know what I would do without all of the tutorials and help you give all of us! ~Stephanie-J
  • I just wanted to thank Cindy and all her great “helpers” for another month of fun and learning. I am really enjoying the great videos and beautiful colour recipes that come with my membership. I should add that I utilize the “links” at the blog quite often, especially since I have a lot of back issues and I find reading the associated blog entries helpful as well as entertaining. I have read quite a few, but by linking I often get some I missed. I also like your Search feature, as it is the fastest way to zoom in on a topic, and I can be very specific. I have always found what I was looking for. ~Monique-U
  • Cindy, I “love” your library!! Joining was the best thing I could have done as a newbie at polymer clay. ~Becki-S
  • It is so gratifying to see all the comments from so many  clayers,  Cindy, you, Doug, and Willow have enlightened so many people with your clear, concise and wonderfully presented tutorials. It is no  wonder that so many have joined us in our pursuit of polymer clay. PC is so satisfying to so many people.  It is  a wonderful product. Thank you all from the bottom of  my heart!  Lets continue on for many years!!!! ~Patt-W
  • Hi Cindy Thanks for all your videos and knowledge. You make all our creations that much better.  ~Kim-K



  • Wow L.O.S. Have used it some years ago when I first started making silver clay jewellry but only were able to buy the “rocks”. So great to get on your site Cindy to realize that I am NOT keeping up with the times. Fantastic to know that the GEL has about a 2 year shelf -life. Just hope I can buy it here in the UK. I love that you are incorporating metal tutes alongside PC. It is sooooo great to know I can make a whole set of jewellry from scratch. ~Elaine-F
  • I love a patina on copper; it looks so much more interesting. ~Cherie-H
  • Now I’ve got a really good reason to try the faux turquoise. Copper and turquoise, the perfect pair. ~Ken-H
  • Back again and what good timing this looks like such a fun tute to try. I just need to purchase some LOS. I don’t do New Years resolutions but I try to make a short list of things I would like to improve on. First on the list was no more supplies unless I really needed it and used it right away. I think this LOS will pass as an I need item just hope I can  follow through with the using it right away. Thanks for a super wonderful tute to start the New Year on Cindy. As always Doug great job of filming. Many Uuuuugggs to all. ~Peggy-B
  • Yep — just as ordered! A great tute. Guess my LOS died …hehe. It is over 7 yrs old. Now I have a really good excuse to buy the gel. Thanks so much for the info. Just love Copper stuff. ~Patt-W
  • Hi all, LOS very interesting Cindy. Also you make it look very easy. I will have to try it, altho I don’t do much metal suff, interesting enough to want to try it. ~Elizabeth-K
  • I was curious about LOS since I heard you mention it in other videos as well. When I ordered Niobium wire from MetalDesignz last week, I saw they sell the XL Gel on their website. I didn’t order any since I don’t know how to use it, but I am happy to say that will change tomorrow! ~Monique-U
  • Wow, that’s just awesome. What a perfect compliment for our pc projects. Thanks Cindy and Doug. ~Elizabeth-S
  • The first video I watched about LOS was using the rocks and I did not want to mess with those. When I found out I could get the gel I went for it. I used it the first time on a copper chain mail bracelet which I made from washers and it turned out really nice. I then used it on a silver plated spoon ring and what a difference it made! If you have never used it, please, please watch Cindy’s video a couple of times before you start and follow her instructions. This is really nasty stuff and needs to be handled very carefully but the results are worth it. I used some 00 steel wool to burnish the highlights and then used a polishing cloth for Copper. There are cloths for Silver and for Copper. They don’t recommend using the Silver cloths for Copper. I don’t know why but I got a cloth for each type of metal. I also use a short piece of wire and make a hook to dip it into the LOS if there is a hole in the piece. If I am dipping more than one piece, I count until I have achieved my desired effect. That way I know how long to dip the next piece. Hope all these tips help. Thanks Cindy for a really good tute on the LOS. ~DixieAnn-S
  • Like this tute very much and looking forward to it since I just purchase Vintaj BigKicks Machine. I wanted to add some metal to some of my polymer clay pieces. Thanks for coming up with a great tute, Cindy!!  Plus, I haven’t used Liver of Sulfur before and this should be fun! ~Lupe-M
  • Yep, another informative, inspirational video by Cindy! FYI, pickling solution is used to remove oxidation. Like firescale from soldering…or making your own sterling silver headpins using flux. No pickle needed for this project, but as you go deeper into metalsmithing…more tools, more supplies, Lol! ;D Yep, you’re certainly “etched in the PCT blog annals” now — very cool, indeed! I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s happy you’re here… :~D The PCT blog sure has come so far in a relatively short time. So much amazing information… available to anyone who ventures this way! ~Phaedrakat
  • I bought some liver of sulfer and have enjoyed playing around with the different levels of Patina I can get!!!! ~Kelli-N



  • These are just stunning. I can’t believe how real they look. I haven’t had a chance to purchase the set yet but it is now a priority to be sure. ~Elizabeth-S
  • The flowers are just gorgeous! They look so real. I got myself a Wilton cutter set and can’t wait to get started claying. Just so many things happening I’ve not had the chance to get into it. ~Cherie-H
  • Oh WOW, they really do look real, these are the cornus Florida variety of dogwood as compared to the dogwood you did a while back that is your state/territory (not sure how you call them) flower. I’ve REALLY got to get to Michaels now. ~Ken-H
  • Got the cutters and my molds are on the way. Yippppeeee!!! Love this dogwood blossom by the way. ~Pollyanna
  • Wow I was sick and missed the poinsettia tute in December but I am finally over my 2nd round of shingles and so ready to sink my hands into some clay. If the weather cooperates I will have a 4 day weekend with my 2 youngest grandkids and they will be more than happy to play with the clay with me. Goosebumps just thinking about it. I haven’t had Christmas with my youngest daughter and her family yet because I have been so sick so this is going to be a wonderful weekend. I have a big tub full of Wilton I use with my clay and now I can buy 2 more items and they are needed and will be used. Hobby Lobby carries a huge line of Wilton and offer classes also. Fondant tools are great with clay. They run Wilton items on sale 50% off at times so you can buy as many items as you want. I will try to post next time they have the Wilton on sale. The also have several sizes of cookie cutters that make wonderful pendants with a little imagination. Cindy I love this tute and can’t wait for each and every one you do using the Wilton sets. What a BLAST I am going to have. Thank you both once again for giving way more than you ever ask for in return.  Many Uuuuuugggggs. ~Peggy-B
  • I was so excited to see Cindy doing tutorials with the Wilton Gum Paste set, I had my husband at Walmart looking all over for this set for me for Christmas.. YES they do carry it at some Walmarts. It was a bit ironic since I had printed it out on my Michaels wish list the day before Cindy posted the Poinsettia tute. I too was not a flowery person but as I sit at my computer this morning I have seven sculpted Roses in front of me. I cant wait to make the dogwood flowers. I do believe that alot of Clay Artists think alike. I wonder what I will think of next, just to see Cindy doing a tute the next day on that very same idea. It must be true great minds think alike. I am so glad we have Cindy because I might be able to think of a great idea, but Cindy actually makes her great ideas come to life. Thanks Cindy you are the best. ~Kelli-N
  • I haven’t purchased the sets, but I love these flowers! I will have to invest soon. Life has me so busy I haven’t had time to play with my clay, but I always look forward to and find time to watch your videos, Cindy. ~Laura-Z
  • Oh gosh!!! You made this much easier than the book …lol. Hopefully I can get to it tomorrow. Have my non crafty grandson tonight …lol. These are so pretty. ~Pollyanna
  • LOVE the tuts. I made the dogwood flowers and people love them! Now I just need to design a chain for them. Thank you Cindy, for these great tutorials! ~Valerie-B
  • I ended up making 15 dogwood blossoms today – white, pink, yellow, brown, and copper! What fun, what fun. With the copper flower I added copper links that I made myself. ~Michelle-L
  • I went to Michael’s today, and being on a fixed income I needed to go with a 40% discount off coupon in hand to buy that Wilton Flower Set that Cindy made the Dogwood flower from recently. I was so excited… I was like a kid sitting in the parking lot – checking out the 26 page booklet that came with the Flower Set!! I am quite excited on the focus of natural flowers in this polymer clay group, I live in the mountains and I see them quite frequently. ~Pauline-D
  • About the… Wilton gum paste cutters that Cindy has been using in her tutorials. Don’t make the bonehead mistake I did: In Michaels and/or Joann’s, I kept looking for these cutters to be in a clear plastic case but they actually come in a white box and are hanging in the cake decorating isle. For some reason I kept looking for them to appear as they did in the tutorial until I finally realized they were packaged in a white box. Anyhow, they are much cheaper with the coupon and so worth it! Great find Cindy! Love, love, love these. If anyone does not have access to these locally they are on Amazon at a reasonable price. ~Laura-R
  • Oh my goodness, Cindy. I LOVE your videos. I just became a member, and my only complaint is that I didn’t do it when I first started working with clay. You are amazing. I can’t wait to try these flowers. Thanks so much for sharing your work. ~Johnnie-C



  • Cindy you never fail to surprise me. I LOVE these beads. So easy yet so effective. ~Justine-E
  • I love the colors they’re so tropical and reminds me of our trip to Hawaii. ~Jeanne-C
  • Might need to take a trip to an island after I make these. They are really pretty. ~Bonnie-K
  • Spring is coming tra la tra la. What pretties! Love the alcohol inks. These will be so nice to have. The colors are  just yummy. ~Patt-W
  • Ooooooo, and the HITS just KEEP commin’ – DAYYYYYY-O. ~Ken-H
  • ODE TO RAINBOWS POEM: Verse 1: I took this block of hard strange stuff, and chopped it into chunks. I squished it and I rolled it, to get out all the lumps. >> Verse 2: I dribbled on some coloured inks, Yellow Red and Blue. My pasta machine was put to use, Voila! a rainbow hue. >> Verse 3: Then rolling up into a log, I sliced it up quite thin. Smoothed each slice with cornstarch, and pushed it on the pin. >> Verse 4: Now I had to sit and wait, for the baking to be done. One whole hour at 265, the wait was not much fun. >> Verse 5: But when I dusted off the beads, and strung them on a wire. I had a lovely frosted rainbow for my friends to all admire (Thanks to CINDY). ~Elaine-F
  • These are beautiful, Cindy, and they look delicate as well! ~Lupe-M
  • Wow! I just wait for Thursday to come along so I can see what you’re going to teach us Friday. They are so pretty and delicate. ~Cherie-H
  • Such lovely, light, airy looking beads. Am going to make this one right away. They remind me of potato chips! ~DixieAnn-S
  • Just watched the video, OMG. So glad I don’t have to work tomorrow. Lots of rainbow frosties coming up. So love your work Cindy. ~Valerie-H
  • Thank you again for a wonderful tutorial. My sister will love one of those necklaces. ~Bonnie-K
  • Another child of the sixties here loving rainbows and this technique! Thanks Cindy great job! So happy I received my box o’ clay today, including 2 lbs of Frost! ~Dawn-B
  • As I am sitting here cleaning the corn starch off my little rainbow beads I had to stop and tell you how Wonderful they Feel kind of like small worry stones. Loved the last tip you gave us so so much I used pearl white and omgosh just that tiny addition made them really POP. Can’t wait to show ya’ll how mine turned out and see pictures of everyone else’s take on this tute (hint hint) almost forgot as I clean one it goes straight onto a piece of 24gauge scrap wire with a twist at the end. ~Tantesherry
  • Thanks for another great tute. Love the tools and the idea of making a skinner blend with alcohol inks. Always inspiring! ~Kathy-G
  • Hi Cindy and all, Wow, this is one tut I am really glad to see here. I have seen similar, but when I tried it, just didn’t work. The translucent clay is what really makes the difference. Love the rainbow idea, so pretty. ~Elizabeth-K
  • Fab tutorial Cindy! Excellent. I liked the application of this project to make seaglass too. ~Fran-Y
  • I was hoping we could do more with the inks and here we are. Yaaaaaayyyyyy!!! These are so pretty and light. Fantastic tute!!! Love the sea glass look. So delicate. ~Pollyanna
  • OH BOY! What pretty feminine beads these are. Can’t wait to make them. The alcohol inks are perfect for this technique – also beach glass cabs to wire wrap. ~Patt-W
  • These Rainbow Beads would be so pretty with my petite pearls. I would love to have these in all the colours of the rainbow. I’ll start with the Inks I have on hand. Thanks for the inspiration you bring us with all your videos. Cindy! ~Monique-U
  • Hi everyone, Happy Chinese New Year for the 23rd. The year of the Dragon (one of my favourite creatures) Think I will have to make a frosted rainbow/snowflake necklace to put round his neck. Think my deep purple one will love it (his name is Desmond2) but have to order some more inks. Love this tute Cindy, and just adore sea-glass so my mind is again buzzing with Cindy inspired new ideas. ~Elaine-F
  • Cindy, I most certainly need to mention what a cool tutorial/video this is! Our tutor has done it again… inspired us with an innovative technique, as well as a fun, yet simple bead shape. Such pretty examples in the video, too… just love this! Definitely a rainbow lover’s dream! Way to go, Ms. Lietz! ~Phaedrakat
  • I made these this weekend and used the same shape in the tutorial. After dipping in water, I briefly sanded each one with 1000 grit and strung on a chain with silver beads in between each bead. I’m a teacher and wore it to school today and had so many compliments on them! I spent most of the weekend on them but really enjoyed each step!  Thanks, Cindy! ~Toni-H
  • Hi Cindy and all, As we came back from wet and wild Wales last week, the sky turned black, but my DH said look behind you! I turned round to see the biggest brightest double rainbow I had ever seen, it was so beautiful we had to stop to take some snaps. So this weekend is dedicated to making these wonderful frosted rainbow beads. Using both my different brands of inks I am like a mad little troll, creating different colours. Then I remembered the reason I joined this wonderful group. I had watched the complimentary Teardrop Blend Colour Shift video so generously given by Cindy and Doug last year and I had become hooked!! So thought mmmmmmmm I will add some white translucent (like Cindy showed in her tute using pearl colours) and do the technique using the alcohol ink method… WOW… Try it, you will be surprised. Also want to experiment using Cindy’s tip for finishing her amazing Arizona beads (on some rainbows), but will have to hunt out my embossing powders. Love that I can combine two or three of Cindy’s amazing tutes and come up with something unique, so I can call it my creation. I was never any good at one liners, but waiting for inks to dry is tedious unless you are doing something else, hence I am writing this long blog. Sorry, I do tend to ramble on. So have a happy claying weekend everyone… cheers xx  From the troll  from Essex UK. ~Elaine-F



  • Hi Cindy, just watched the new video for the mirror image heart shaped beads, or natasha beads. Another very cool tute, I guess I have been with you on here close to a year now. I can’t really remember when I signed up, but it feels like forever.. :) That’s how easy and fun you make it, you never cease to amaze and inspire me. I just want to say Thank you all so much for sharing your talent and making this wonderful website possible. You, Doug and Willow are all so talented. Thank You, Thank You from the very bottom of my heart. ~Patricia-Z
  • These little hearts represent what I love the most about Cindy’s ongoing video series. Just as with flowers, hearts and other (to my mind) “frilly stuff” have never been my cuppa tea. Well, I have learned to expect pleasant surprise here at PCT! I just “let it happen”… the videos that initially have me raising an eyebrow invariably become my faves. I guess it’s a chance for this old tomboy to relive my girlhood in a more feminine style! LOL. ~Monique-U
  • Wow! Love this tute and the color color combinations. I like it better when it’s not chopped too fine. Just personal preference. ~Pollyanna
  • Very pretty and intriguing. Have never made Natasha Beads. ~DixieAnn-S
  • Another “scrap” tute. We all have lots of left-overs, so this is another way to use them. Hearts are always welcome. ~Patt-W
  • Hi Cindy and all, I like natasha beads and so seeing this as another way, making a heart is great. I do use bails like the one in the video, so am familiar with those. I think this is a better way than even using a heart mold, quicker and easier. thanks again, Cindy for another nice Friday tutorial. Bye. Love. ~Elizabeth-K
  • Hi Cindy, It’s 4:10 AM and I could not sleep (I’m on the couch when I heard the bling that I got an email… just what I needed a fantastic tut form my guru. Absolutely love his new tut. I make a lot of heart beads as bookmarks and I love your easy way of making mirror image. Never heard of them called  Natasha beads. Can’t wait for my hubby to pick up my supplies. This is one that I can do without all my fancy stuff… don’t need my pasta machine. Thanks for making things so easy to follow. Too many clay tuts have way to many steps that I get frustrated and just give up… especially if they are tooooo wordy with few pixs. Can’t thank Doug enough for his great videos of you. You guys are a great team. ~Natalie-H
  • My younger grandson and I made these tonight. Boy, did they turn out pretty. He’s seven and very proud of himself. I just gave instructions and he did all the work. Now he has presents for his mom and step mom. When he goes home tomorrow I will attempt some cause I really like how they look. ~Pollyanna
  • What a lovely project! Only wish I had my nieces back at six, seven, eight.. because the ooooo’s and ahhhh’s that would have resulted when the teardrop sliced into the heart would have been wonderful. Still good for me, and I’m in my late fifties, lol. Also commend you for really providing good ideas for the use of scrap clay. I wish all of you a happy heart day. ~Jocelyn-C

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