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In This Vol-043:
Color Recipes:
1A. Black Horizon
2A. Moody Sea
3A. Lifting Storm
4A. Break in Clouds

Video Topics:
1. Snowy Tree Cane 1
2. Snowy Tree Cane 2
3. Poinsettia Charms
4. Fancy Rose Earwire

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  • Another wonderful palette for our use. Great story too. ~Pollyanna
  • The winter palette to a soothing one. Neutral and calm. Pretty. ~Patt-W
  • Thanks again for sharing part of your life. It just makes me feel you are so close by (that would be too wonderful). The colors bring a time of peace, and maybe solitude. ~Joyce-F
  • What an absolutely charming story! Thank you for sharing it with us. ~Fran-R
  • Hi Cindy and Doug – bless you both for all the time and effort you put into everything, for your enthusiasm which is so infectious, and for being so willing to share your incredible knowledge with us all. I hope you have a really great Christmas and I send greetings from London to you both and your family, for an even more successful 2012. ~Marion-R
  • Thank you Cindy for another year of WONDERFUL polymer clay tutorials and rainbow color palettes; and thank you Doug for such EXCELLENT VIDEOGRAPHY. ENJOYED every lesson … and am trying my best to keep up with past purchased lessons as well as even the basic course. Thank you so much for your willingness and joy in sharing your knowledge with all of us. Like so many others, I am very appreciative of your massive library of e-videos & color recipes & am a lifelong fan/e-student. Cheers for a bright New Year. ~Yong-R
  • Hi Cindy – I am new to polymer clay and designing or creating different types of medium of jewelry, and look forward to every Friday video. I have learned to create beautiful, not a lot of effort beads that fit in my time frame of doing what I love to do. Since joining I have purchased almost all the back issues, created a color mixing spreadsheet, and still have not been able to do all the projects but it is on my too do list. I might watch one of your videos several times just to make sure I can absorb what you are saying and I so love the fact that I can replay the videos as much as I want.  I truly like the fact that we can purchase the back issues because I get to learn what I would have missed had I not been able to purchase the them. So many beautiful beads and techniques I have learned to do. The possibilities are endless. You have different ways to accomplish the same result that I can chose which way I like to do things, and that I can also be proud of because I am the true creator and not just an assembler. Who knew there was a whole world of possibilities out there. Thank you Cindy and keep doing what you do best. Explaining by your mistakes so I don’t have to make any! Without your tutes I wouldn’t know which way was best for me. Regards. ~Janet-S
  • Hi Cindy, Great videos! I am new to polymer clay and enjoy the more personal feel of a video over following along in a book. Happy creating!. ~Eva-K
  • Cindy, Thank you so much for helping me to get my credit card info updated.  I wouldn’t know what to do if I lost my subscription with you! ~Tonya-S



  • OK I think this is the coolest cane I’ve ever seen! ~Melinda-H
  • Hi Cindy – I’m so excited by this cane. I envy you your imagination, as I watched this a hundred ideas suddenly popped into my head. We are so lucky to have you as our tutor! I could suddenly see pictures of Monet’s works of art, with all the dots, and other artist’s work which have that ‘dotted’ effect, such as Van Gogh. This opened up a whole range of ideas, and I could see polymer clay pictures framed! All I can say is Wow! It seems the sky’s the limit! Thank you so much. You’re the best! ~Marion-R
  • What I like about his cane is how dimensional it looks, is actually flat but looks textured. I have subscribed to the tutorials for a couple of years. This week is a prime example of why I continue to subscribe. Cindy tried out a couple of techniques and color combinations before the final demo. I’ve had too many experiences where I have spent a lot of time on a cane only to end up with a final result that looks muddy or does not flow. ~Anna-S
  • This is the first time I’ve been online since week before last. Didn’t even have time to view last week’s tute until tonight. Now I’m caught up, yay! Cindy, I really enjoyed the tree cane. Has my mind spinning, thinking of all the other canes I can make in this style. I love making canes and this is such a neat way of doing it. ~Angela-M
  • When visiting the land of OZ I fell in love with Aboriginal art but never knew it was called the pointillist style (thought it was dot to dot) ha ha. You are a mine of information Cindy. How cool to take a peek at Rogest’s site. His paintings remind me of tiny jeweled beads, they sparkle and take me to the depths of the ocean. I’ve become a mermaid again. Now Cindy is taking us into the snowy forest, what an amazing adventure!! I love the colours you have chosen for this cane and can see me making the four seasons, shades of delicate greens for spring,. Stronger greens and with a touch of purple and yellow for the dappled sun and shades of summer. The fall/autumn colours will be all the hues of reds and oranges. So really looking forward to learning how to make this very different cane. Thank you dear tutor. Now going to hug a tree.. toodles. ~Elaine-F
  • Elaine – your mind is running free! I, too, thought about different colors and seasons. Wouldn’t it be fun to do some wild things? There are lots of possibilities in this type of cane. I WAS not a cane person, BUT slowly I’m becoming one… teehee. What a wonderful world polymer clay is!!!!  Thanks to the Lietz Team, again and again and again. ~Patt-W
  • Well, I had no idea I wanted to learn how to do clay landscapes!  This looks very interesting! ~Linda-K
  • Love all your examples of this look – this will have to be another of my favorites. ~Fran-R
  • Wow! Another great tute!!! can’t wait to see this one. Love this look and can see other designs with this technique. ~Pollyanna
  • Really looking forward to this one. Oh, the possibilities! That cane is beautiful Cindy. ~Dawn-B
  • Looking forward to this cane tutorial, Cindy! Love landscape canes and this looks like a fun tute and perfect for this season! ~Lupe-M
  • Fascinating: to arouse the interest or curiosity of… the word that 1st came to me as I sat with my mouth open watching this preview dictionary.com for those times you leave me speechless. ~Tantesherry
  • Cindy don’t know how you come up with a new idea every Friday. Thanks. ~Barb-C
  • Wow..great tutorial.. can’t wait for the second part. Thank you. ~Dia-H
  • I missed the “Part One” header as well Sarah but love this cane and will have all those pieces ready for next week. AAAAaaaaRRRRRRrrrrrGGggg! as Charlie Brown would say ;-) ~Lawrence-S
  • Aaarrrggghhhh….. A polymer clay tutorial cliff hanger!  I can’t wait until Part 2. I am going to label this as one of my favorites! ~Maria-K
  • Cindy and Doug – Just finished watching this fab tut with a divorcing and retiring teacher friend. You two have to promise never to stop another video without warning, lol. Both of us were so engrossed, when it stopped, we both moved closer to the screen and really bumped heads. I thought I had a seizure. Ahahaha. Brilliant idea. I think you found a new fan. Neither of us could believe how easy it was, and neither of us can figure out how you get to the finished cane, so my socialization is up as she is insisting about coming over next Saturday to view part two. I showed her how to chose a shaded pic from copyright clip art (the man in the moon), and imagine you could use any image to build the colored snakes on top of to make a shaded cane. Thank you so much, and we’ll see if I’m on track next week. ~Jocelyn-C
  • Wow, Part 1 = labor intensive = FUN!!!! I can’t wait for Part 2!!! This cane is just gorgeous Cindy and I’m very excited about this new technique!!! ~Lisa-W
  • This is intriguing!!! Just a glimpse of this – and I am in awe. Another original Cindy Cane. The idea is really thought provoking… hmmmmmmmmm. ~Patt-W
  • Oh I am sooo excited! I have been waiting for a landscape tutorial for a long time. I was also trying to come up with my yearly Christmas necklace and couldn’t come up with a design. Well, Cindy and Doug, as always, you have come to the rescue! Thank you! ~Maria-C
  • Just watched the Christmas Tree Cane and am very excited to try this. It is just amazing Cindy how you put these all together. The artist’s style reminds me of the embroidered french knot pictures that were so popular years ago. I remember the one I did of JFK and it was all french knots, many hundreds of them. I love the idea of creating landscapes with clay. ~DixieAnn-S
  • I really liked this tutorial and look forward to seeing part 2 next week.  I love seeing the different creations that can be made with the extruder and hope there are more extruder projects in the works! ~Jeanne-C
  • I love this tute! It looks like these are 3D! I love working with the clay extruder. So, easy and so fun! ~Catalina
  • Who wood have thought that a load of snakes could make piles of logs that turn into trees?? But it’s not magic ~(or is it?). No it’s our clever, creative, Cindy. Once again captivating us with her capability to make something special for Candlemas. Counting the days till Part 2… ~Elaine-F
  • Well who would of ever thought being sick has its perks after all. Shingles are still kicking me in the behind so  :(   no claying yet for me.  This makes waiting for the 2nd. half of the tute not so bad. As some of the rest of you I imagine want to pull your hair out right now because we all know how fantastic this tute is going to end. I know if I could start on this cane today that is exactly what I would be doing. I also imagine there are some of the more talented that won’t be able to wait so for those of you going ahead on your own I wish you the best of luck. While we all envy Cindy’s imagination and Doug’s creativity with the camera I just want to THANK THEM BOTH for what is almost the end of another fantastic year. WOW December is here how sad that is, yet maybe next year will be even better. I know here with Cindy and Doug we get better and more challenging tutes every week. I am grateful for being blessed with all I have learned and will continue to learn here not just from Cindy and Doug but from all the great clay family I have met here. So as sad as it is we have hit the last month of the year I am sure December will end with a terrific BANG!!! Sending many Uuuuggggs to all of you. ~Peggy-B
  • Love this… glad to see others ideas also. Wonder if it could be used in like a face cane. ~Pollyanna
  • What a fun cane to make :) It came out a little wonky but I’m loving this technique. ~Tantesherry
  • So neat Cindy love the idea. ~Sandra-J
  • So true (everything you said!) But yes, this is a new way of building canes! Cindy created a really beautiful cane for us here… for the holidays… or any season (by changing up the color scheme — as others commented.) But she’s also shown us the mechanics of a Pointillist-style cane, which could easily be taken a step further to create new designs. Make/take a simple outline or sketch, and fill it with extruded strands of colorful clay! Not too difficult, especially after seeing this video. Cindy is such an amazing teacher!!! Of course, when I create a new design, I’ll have to choose colors, “guesstimate” amounts, etc. — not like with this cane, where Cindy has done all the pre-work for us. But I have confidence, as a “polymer clay tutor” student! And I’ll have more once I make this cane… as well as new skills — tools to add to my belt. Thank you, Cindy! ~Phaedrakat
  • Not only is the tute inspiring, but now we know a new way of building canes! The possibilities are ENDLESS! The old mind is spinning. What to make for spring …hm? If you are not a member – join NOW! This is the best site ever. Want to learn more? Of course you do. The price of $3.31 a month, is unbelievable – you get so much for so little. That is $9.95 every 3 months – what a bargain. Tutorials, color recipes, the most giving group of “clay family”, advice and lots of tips from Cindy and Doug, stories to go along with all the lovely pictures. What are you waiting for (maybe a Christmas gift… to you? Please enter into our clay world. ~Patt-W
  • Hello everyone. Cindy, I have all your tuts so far, and I don’t comment very much because of the stroke I had awhile back, but I have to say this is the most enjoyable cane I have done so far. The only hard part was extruding. My husband is trying to figure out a way to make it easier to do. (He’s clever that way). Thank you again for a great tutorial ~Elly-M
  • Good morning everyone! (And good afternoon Europe!) It is 10:00 am here in Atlantic Canada (the beautiful but snowy and cold East Coast). I could hardly wait for the youngest son (17) to get on that school bus this morning so I could start building this cane. It is done and partly reduced, resting so I can save a piece in larger size (thank you for that great tip, Cindy). I can’t believe I was able to survive all this time (over 5 decades) without this wonderful site LOL Now I get why everyone is always so psyched for Fridays! One tip to get that background filled in fast is to cut your “snakes” in longer lengths, lay them side by side before trimming to the correct length and you’ll have “sections” to work with. Anybody out there still not a member? GET ON BOARD. Have a great (claying) weekend everyone! ~Monique-U
  • Just had a chance to watch part 2 and was blown away as I knew I would be. Cindy, that you can translate a particular style of art into polymer clay for us is beyond amazing. When they write the history books about the evolution of polymer clay, you will be in the chapter called “True Visionaries”. As always thank you to you and Doug for all you do for us. ~Elizabeth-S
  • WOW Cindy, this is amazing!  A simply outstanding technique with endless possibilities. You have outdone yourself again. I really appreciate all your hard work and creativity in bringing us these videos every week. Thank you. ~Michelle-A
  • Cindy, I just love this new technique!!! The possibilities are endless!! I got so excited about it I extruded enough clay to make 2 canes. Oh sore hands… LOL! For the second one I used Blue Granite and White Glitter, Green Pearl (the old discontinued green pearl) and Turquoise mixed with the old Green Pearl. I’m really pleased with the results and will be posting pictures on PCT facebook page late tonight or early tomorrow morning, for anyone who may be interested in seeing them. Thanks once again for a really cool tute Cindy!! I just love Fridays. Peace, Love, and Clay. ~Lisa-W
  • Just watched the wonderful tree cane after having lots of frustrating days trying to get back online. Over a week without the PCTutor was making me very grumpy so to see part 2 (at last ) was worth the extra wait. Well Cindy, now I know I am truly addicted, as was getting withdrawal symptoms and even shouted at my little dog!!!!! How sad is that?? Loved the double speed shots of your hands building up the little logs, (well done Doug) and the finished cane is amazing. Think this is going to be one of my favourites (after the pirate cane) which is just the best. ~Elaine-F
  • Love the design possibilities with this technique and cannot wait to see later tuts expanding on it. Also thanks to you both for adding the link feature so that you can go directly from the list of items needed to Amazon to purchase them, this makes life so much easier.  Not sure how long it’s been here, just caught it on the combined video. Also, you could just extrude plain snakes to use in design, which would give it a different look. ~Jocelyn-C
  • I just finished this cane. I used the White Glitter Premo, it gave a nice sheen to the snow. I think this is the most spectacular cane I have ever made. ~Anna-S
  • I love this tute and agree with everyone – you’ve all said it as well or better than I could. Thanks for another fantastic tute, Cindy. Will try to be patient while waiting for the second part. ~Angela-M
  • I watched this video again (cause I never “get” everything the first or second time LOL) and I realized I never even commented on your Snowy Tree pendant! Cindy, it was literally the first thing that caught my eye when I watched the clip the FIRST time, then I got caught up in your words (and excited at the prospect of a book, I guess)… Anyway, the pendant is so unique, just the right size. I always have difficulty deciding when I have REDUCED my cane enough, or I forget to SAVE a piece. I ended up with earrings! Thanks again for everything you do. You’re like the (really smart) younger sister who figures everything out before I do! Yes, I have one of those… so clever, dang it! ~Monique-U



  • They look so REAL!!! It’s always about the details you add to what you are teaching us that makes the tutes so special. Beautiful! Thank you both as always. ~Elizabeth-S
  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE this, my grandmother had a set of earrings and a pin that were (I assume) were enameled on a brass color metal, these look just like them. She also had little daisy ones as well. Fantastic Cindy, once again!!!!!! ~Ken-H
  • I confess I have never been a “flower” gal… but Cindy, you’re making me “change my religion” with all these gorgeous blooms! I think I may have something like these molds in the baking pantry. (I’ll just pretend I’m cleaning out the cupboards for the holidays!). Thanks for the reminder about Sue’s Poinsettia Palette; it just so happens I got Kato clay and concentrates with my order @ shadesofclay.com last month. Time to do some comparisons. ~Monique-U
  • Possibly I’m in the minority but I’m not really into making flowers (unless it’s a cane). Or, rather, I wasn’t into making flowers. Now, after seeing this week’s tute I can tell I’m going to be making a lot of poinsettia’s this next year. I love poinsettia’s on a Christmas tree and I’m going to make a bunch for next year’s tree. Thank you so much for this tute. ~Angela-M
  • I was at Michaels at 8 AM this morning with my 50% off coupon clutched in my hot little hand and got the only one they had at the King George store for $20. They had a few impression kits so returned later with another 50% coupon and got one of those for $12. The book that comes with the Flower Cutter Set is filled with so many great ideas that I am sure we will pursue later. Thanks for this tut Cindy as now I will have a few hostess gifts such as napkin rings, ornaments or brooches/pendants, making this a worthwhile investment. ~Lawrence-S
  • Enjoyed the tutorial and as usual you made it so simple. They look so beautiful, so real. I saved the photo and sent it to my mother. She loves painting flowers and also molds them and makes sculpted paper flowers too. ~Cherie-H
  • Those are really pretty and would make great tree ornaments. What I really like about them is, you don’t have to water them and make sure they get enough sun. ~Bonnie-K
  • These look fun and are in time for the season. Can’t wait as usual ~Pollyanna
  • Hi Cindy, loved this tut. May not be able to get the same cutters you have, here, but will think of something, as really want to make these. So pretty. A big Merry Xmas to you and all, and thank you for a lovely tutoring year. Have a great Xmas and a good rest for a great start next year. All my love and Best Wishes. ~Elizabeth-K
  • Love these flowers. Have my supplies ordered and these are going to be so much fun to make. ~Fran-R
  • Love the dimensional look with the mold thingy. Might have to get that too. Once again you make it easy peasy. ~Pollyanna
  • I’m so glad you made this into a tutorial!! I would also like to make napkin rings with them. I’m going to have to make a trip to Michaels. Thank you for a wonderful tut! ~Jeanne-C
  • This was another great tutorial. I ran to Michael’s yesterday after getting the 20% off the entire order coupon and scooped these two items up as fast as I could. I was shocked at all the great cutters in the box. Cindy, thanks for this tutorial, I love poinsettias and I never would have thought to do it that way. Have a wonderful Christmas and happy and healthy New Year to Cindy, Doug and family and all the great people on this site. ~Bonnie-K
  • I love how these turned out! The tools needed to make this set are well worth the cost – if you use a 40%-50% off coupon at Michaels! Thanks for another great lesson Cindy!! ~Lisa-W
  • I ordered the gum paste flower cutters from JoAnn’s yesterday and got them today. Wow! I love them and can see all kinds of possibilities. Bring ’em on, Cindy! ~Freda-K
  • My mom and I went to Michael’s w/ our 50% off coupons :)  But alas there was no ‘big’ set of the flower cutters – they only had “student kits” numbered one thru four :(   I was able to p/u the impression set at half off – yay. Also the sales person that helped us knew exactly who Cindy Lietz is – Loved that!! We talked about Catalina (who she also knew of) and how she also works at a Michaels, mainly the help Catalina has given us in regards to the Buy in Bulk deals. For the life of me I can not remember the sweet ladies name BUT that’s alright because she now knows my name and number and as soon as the next Clay Sale starts she’s promised to call!! (insert BIG smile here). ~Tantesherry
  • Cindy – I am having fun making these poinsettia flower earrings, sweet peas, tulip beads, etc. Based on what you taught me during our recent PcT Roadtrip visit, I’m now working on making the flowers a little smaller for the earrings. Thank you for providing such great videos, I am understanding the size issue much better now. ~Cindy-P
  • Thanks for all the tips and the great teaching videos and photography. Keep it coming Cindy! Got a lot of complements on my poinsettia earrings and the two people who bought them wore them to school too for the Christmas concert.  I always love it when I see people wearing the jewelry they bought from me. ~Cherie-H



  • When someone asked for a tutorial on earwires, I thought that I wouldn’t learn anything new. Well, now I see that you’ve taken earwires and made them into something really special! ~Linda-K
  • This is going to be one of those tutes we can use in so many ways. Love the wired rose. ~Pollyanna
  • Once again, something that looks so elegant and difficult turns out to be simple easy to do. Thanks Cindy, they are lovely. ~Sandra-J
  • Thanks for another beautiful project, Cindy! So organic, and looks like the wrapping will be very “therapeutic” – good exercise for the sleepy fingers LOL ~Monique-U
  • Cindy that was gorgeous!! Simple elegance I love it. I don’t know if I’ve ever thanked you Doug for your video work. I love all the clear close-ups, the slow-mos, speed-ups, pop-ups, everything. I can really see what Cindy’s doing. Excellent teaching videos guys. ~Michelle-A
  • Oh my!!! Another good one. Those earrings are beyond beautiful. ~Elizabeth-S
  • I love this! So easy! And very rosie!! ~Catalina
  • Thanks, Cindy and Doug! This is a very exciting tutorial. I’ll bet that the rosette would look great if was started up with the balled end of a “flame-dipped “piece of wire. ~Linda-K
  • Love the rosette ear wires… just the prettiest thing I’ve seen in ear wires in a long time. I love Linda’s idea of balling the end of the wire first. I think that would make a stunning center for the rose. Blessings to everyone for a healthy, happy 2012, our teacher Cindy, our video guy Doug and the family.  I am so looking forward to the next year of tutorials, it’s like Christmas every week! I have recovered about 70% from my car accident so I have a lot to be thankful for, especially being able to spend my down time claying and chatting with this group. ~DixieAnn-S
  • This lesson was too cool!!! I like it even without the bead. Thanks Cindy and Doug. ~Pollyanna
  • I did make a ball end of my copper wire for the rosette wire earrings and it turned out really pretty. It took about 6 tries before I finally got it to look like a rose. I also had to lengthen the wire for me because the hook ended up too short and they popped out of my ears since I have such a short neck. I did have to stop the video several times and watch it over but what I made myself do first was to watch it clear through about 3 times before actually starting the rosette. The turns were a little confusing to me at first but then the light bulb went on and I was able to make a pair for my grandaughter with a little teardrop bead. So if your frustrated, don’t give up just keep watching the video. ~DixieAnn-S
  • Thank you for this wonderful video. I love the rose earrwire design and have had success making them. ~Dawn-Z
  • I am writing to tell you that I made the ear-wire roses out of heavy gauge copper wire.  They are about 1.5 cm diameter.  The end in the middle is a little stalk that is bent straight out at right angles.  They look really good, not sure what I will do with them yet, but I think they would work well embedded in polymer clay in a brooch or pendent.  I am going to antique them with liver of sulphur or ammonia.   So, one idea leads to another. ~Jan-G
  • Hi There, just had a go at these beautiful ear-wires and they turned out lovely.  Thanks again, for a lovely addition to the ear-wire family. ~Sandra-J

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