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Color Recipes:
1A. Vine Maple
2A. Turning Leaves
3A. Doe
4A. Dusty Miller

Video Topics:
1. Pirate Cane Pt-1
2. Pirate Cane Pt-2
3. Snowman Beads
4. Beaded Spider

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  • Oooh, another stunner, Cindy! Gorgeous colors! Thanks so much for these recipes. I know you work your tail off providing these and the fantastic videos we’re all so thankful for! ~Phaedrakat
  • Gorgeous palette Cindy! I just love fall and it’s beautiful fiery, warm, brilliant colors, beautiful skies and the crisp air. My favorite time of the year. ~Cherie-H
  • Beautiful color palette! When I lived in Vermont I always looked forward to fall. It’s a season when nature would put on a spectacular show with picture perfect scenes. ~Jeanne-C
  • Love all the colors. The dusty miller is one of my favorites. It is such a pretty grey/silver look. Fall is my favorite season because of all the colors mother nature brings us. ~Pollyanna
  • I too am a spring and fall girl (-the seasons not actually falling or springing around for that matter-) any-hoo we are just starting to get the brisk nights here in western North Carolina, the locus trees have turned yellow BUT (my fave) the beautiful dogwoods are just starting to turn lovely shades of pink and red. I feel very lucky to live in such a beautiful area of our world. Btw I agree -you can never have too many pretty red recipes – red has always been hard for me to copy, so thanks again Cindy. ~Tantesherry
  • I realise now why I love your beadvideo site so much: it’s because you provide ‘quality time’ which is one of my ‘love languages’ and so I can never get enough of it. For a very modest sum I can look forward to you giving me 10 minutes of quality time every Friday! Thanks Cindy, thanks again and again! FYI: ‘Quality Time’ is one of the 5 ‘love languages’ (LL). The other four are ‘acts of service’, ‘touch’, ‘words of affirmation’ and ‘gifts’. When someone shares your LL it creates a big rapport. So, for example, if you’re a ‘touch’ person it will feel natural to hug people, but if this isn’t your LL you’ll probably pull away and feel awkward. I suspect ‘quality time’ is one of Cindy’s, and another is probably ‘acts of service’ as she takes such trouble doing things for people – and likely loves doing it too! It’s often found that partners share some of the same LL so it’s likely Doug shares these traits too! ~Marion-R
  • Another fantastic month! ~Pollyanna
  • I wanted to express my thanks for this wonderful volume of tutorials. As usual, you gave us some great projects and techniques, as well as those extra tips / tricks that make working with clay so much easier. This back-issue was a little different, in that you included “specialty” or holiday tutes (that really came / will come-in handy for the Halloween, Christmas, etc.) Thanks again — I know you put SO much work into these amazing vid’s. You and that handy hubby of yours are much appreciated!!. ~Phaedrakat
  • I absolutely agree with everything everyone has said here on the blog. Thank you for so much of time and effort you and Doug put in to make the video tutorials so informative, interesting and easy to follow.  As a teacher myself, I know all the hard work that goes into preparing lessons and teaching. Thank you too for the wonderful community you have built. I look forward to the tutorials and Staying in touch with my ‘claying family’! ~Cherie-H
  • Hi Cindy,  I am a beginner, and have bought many good reference books… however, I am a “visual” person…lol.  Spent a fair amount of time browsing your site before deciding to join. I made a very good decision and am looking forward to learning so many wonderful things about Polymer Clay. Thank you. ~Cathy-C


  • OWOOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!! Thank You Cindy!!!! I’ve been dying to learn this cane from you!!! Clay On! ~Lisa-W
  • Yay, the pirate cane is here! Thanks Cindy for sharing this with us. Love the variations you’ve shown too, from gorgeous bracelet to funky lanyard. Another awesome tutorial once again!! We’re so spoiled. ~DJ
  • Wow Cindy! Wonderful cane and once again you solved so many things that I have been struggling with. Thanks. ~Cassie-C
  • Well shiver me timbers. You’ve got to admire the Capt of this motley crew (who sail the good ship Polly Merr Clay.) This is better than a double helping of Grog. Have been confined to me hammock below decks for some time now but just had to haul meself on deck to say… Three cheers for Capt Cindy and Bosun Doug. Think I will have to send the youngsters clambling up to the crows nest to spot the first sight of Never Never Land. Yo ho ho, its straight on till morning, mates… cheers! ~Elaine-F
  • How neat! I think it would make good Beads of Courage. The boys never have as cute stuff as the girls. Our Guild makes LOTS of Beads of Courage, so…  If you are not familiar With this organization, they give beads to children with Cancer. The children choose a bead each time they have treatment, go into remission, have a procedure. It gives the kids something GOOD to look forward to. There are quite a few Hospitals in the States that honor Beads of Courage. So the pirates would have a good home and the boys would have stuff THEY like. Win win, huh!!! ~Patt-W
  • I have such a busy day tomorrow but I’m going to get up earlier to get everything done so I have time to watch.  I am so excited!!  Thank you for doing this tut for us.  I am truly grateful. Love everything you do! ~Kerri-C
  • Oh I just love this pirate cane.  it is going to go so well with the embroidery designs I ordered from Urban Threads. ~DixieAnn-S
  • Hi Cindy. I enjoyed this pirate tute. Looking forward to next Friday’s finale. I’ve got a special guy friend who is all about pirates and I think a macrame and pirate bead wristband would be perfect for him. I watched several of your other tutes today. Prior to that, I watched a number of tutes on Youtube, most from ‘professionals’. Once again, I am impressed with the quality of yours – direct and to the point instructions, great camera work, clear sound, good lighting, uber friendliness – I could go on. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – it’s some of the best money I’ve ever spent and I wish I had found you way sooner. It would have made the learning process so much easier for me. Thank you for all you do and have a great day :) ~Angela-M
  • I just got a chance to watch the last 2 tutes and as always spectacular. The pirate cane is another chance to challenge our creativity. You always have us reaching for the stars Cindy and with your guidance you make it a possibility. Thanks to you and Doug once again you send my mind a twirling with ideas. Thanks for all you guys give to us. ~Peggy-B
  • Thanks Cindy for the video re the Pirate Cane. Interesting to watch. Also shows how to fill in for other canes where filled spaces are needed. Enjoyed it. Will have a go at this. Still watching. Love to all. ~Elizabeth-K
  • Well, shiver me timbers me hearties! Just knew me trusty cutlass would come in handy  a slicing of that pirate cane. Trouble is some scurvy knave has raided me treasure chest and made off with all me white clay, Grrrrrrr (Will make him walk the plank when I lay me hands on ‘im). Must send a message in a bottle for new supplies (Could take some time). Naw, can’t wait that long, will send the cabin boy over to the mainland, hoping he don’t run off with me pieces of eight! Me heartfelt thanks to you Capt’ Cindy and yer crew for this long awaited, really amazing. Pirate Cane. Cheers. ~Elaine-F
  • Love this…..and I also liked learning more about packing around. It sure was better your way than what I had imagined. Thanks!!! ~Pollyanna
  • What a wonderful tutorial! Seems like we’ve been asking Cindy how to make her cool pirate cane for over a year now. I gotta say…it was worth the wait! Not only did she simplify the process, making the cane easy enough for a beginner; she also provided some amazing tips that can be used on all sorts of caning projects. Like the way she packed the background — ingenious! What a clever, precise way of packin’. Thank you, Cindy…you really know how to entertain a gal (and teach ‘er, too…of course!) ~Phaedrakat
  • Thank you, thank you, thank you Cindy – you ROCK!!! I’ve got my pirate cane all put together and it’s resting before I reduce it…  WOOOHOOO!!! :) I’m also starting a black and white one too… heh heh! I haven’t been this excited about poly clay and my jewelry making in a while. Peace, Love and Clay. ~Lisa-W
  • You made this so easy! I envisioned it a lot harder!! Thanks for the packing tips. What fun. Tonight will be a “clay night”. Beads of Courage here we come. ~Patt-W
  • My 20 year old daughter Elizabeth is still at that age where she does not know if it is”Okay” to actually like something MOM made. She was looking at my Pirate beads and I said they are supposed to be “distorted” – mine actual had about 20 teeth -LOL. The new term for that is “stylized.” Sounds intentional and more expensive. Who Knew!! ~Anna-S
  • Hi to Cindy and Doug. I am impressed with how this community is set up. I have belonged to a couple of others in the past, but, none as nice as this. I LOVE the tutorials! I just started out tonite with getting the skull and crossbone tute. After seeing how well it was made, I said the heck with it and joined as a member =D. It is nice to belong to a polymer clay group again. There is a real sense of community here =D. It will be nice to be a part of that again. I am looking forward to future tutorials. I briefly saw the one on the celtic heart. I can’t wait to try that one out!  It will have to wait until I make the skull and crossbone one first =D. I found polymer clay a long time ago. It’s been so long, I can’t really remember how long… memory problems LOL.  Being disabled, it’s really helped me to keep grounded, and to take my mind off the things I have to deal with on a daily basis. I had to take some time off due to the illnesses I have, along with several elbow surgeries, but, I am now back at it, and can’t wait to make this skull and crossbone cane. I portray a pirate with a reenactment group in NH. I am going to make beads for each person in the group and attach them to a wine glass tag so they can attach them to their gun cases. I am also going to personalize each one. Once again, thanks so much for all you do! Sincerely, Black Dog. ~Mary-S
  • This is one of the best caning tutorials I have seen. I’ve tried caning eskis and it turned out UGLI. This gives such a clear cut, and takes mystery out of it.  Thanks Cindy. I have read and read and searched for caning articles and this is the best. Thanks. ~Patty-J
  • Hi Cindy, I’d just like to say that I’m totally new to polymer clay and am finding your tutorials invaluable! The pirate cane was the 2nd thing I attempted after the Owl Charm (which was my very fav!). It’s nowhere as good as your one of course and it went a bit wrong on the end of the bones…. but I’m very happy with it :-). Many Thanks. ~Stephanie-M


  • Well – you did it again !!!  Cuteness personified! The snow men are winners – these will be lots of fun to make. Thanks, again. ~Patt-W
  • Those are really cute, even though it doesn’t snow here, I would love those to hang on my Christmas tree. ~Bonnie-K
  • How cool is that. I really like this snowman. He has lots of personality. ~Pollyanna
  • How cute! I agree with Pollyanna… these snowmen have quite a bit of personality. It’s gonna be lots of fun making these — I’m seeing jewelry, ornaments, and more, more, more! I’ve got a SIL and a niece who are especially fond of snowmen… they will be so happy Cindy made THIS video! ~Phaedrakat
  • I love snowmen and have a large collection of them! It’ll be exciting to make a batch for me and for gifts. ~Jeanne-C
  • Aw-w-w-ww those are too cute!  I can see a charm bracelet and maybe some earrings for my grandaughter.  She loves stuff like this These will look adorable on my custom made Christmas Cards too. ~DixieAnn-S
  • Hi Cindy and all. Yes he is cute, the snowman, altho I don’t like snow, and we don’t have it here. I will be making some of these as charms, so thanks again Cindy for your cute tut. ~Elizabeth-K
  • These little snowmen are so adorable. Cindy, you’re always on the top of my list for every Friday, even though I have soooo little time these days to do this. We are packing to move to a new home and everything is in disarray, but I do faithfully watch each video. Hope to be able to actually do some of the wonderful tutorials soon. Thanks for being there and lending a spot of continuity to this otherwise insane world that has suddenly become my life. ~Karonkay
  • These snowmen are soooo cute!!! My Christmas tree is loaded with ornaments, most of them homemade. My mother always made decorations and ornaments with us and I have a whole collection besides the ones I did with my kids. I made tiny stained glass angels for my children to hang on the tree. Each year we add a new ornament. This year my tree is going to have a new polymer clay snowman. ~Cherie-H
  • Love this little guy.My grandson in coming for the night and he loves the clay. Will have to show him how to make this. He will love it, too. Thanks for the inspirations. ~Pollyanna
  • When each of my three children were born I started a handmade ornament collection for them. Each year I would make one type of ornament and give them as gifts. One would be used for my ornament collection and each of my children got one for their collections. Each child would hang their special ornament on the tree and after Christmas it went into a decorated box labelled with their name.  I always dated each ornament, too. When each child moved out on their own, their box of ornaments went with them to use on their own trees.  We have such fun memories from these ornaments. Wish I would have known about polymer clay during those years. ~Angela-M
  • OMG! Another “why didn’t I think of that!” Another ‘Aha!” and ‘Duh’. LOL. Wiping the white clay… Thank You! When I use white, I meticulously clean my surface, hands, tools, etc. and still get little fotsum on there. I never thought to wipe the clay… just another example of you “making mistakes so we don’t have to” and sharing it with us. Thanks Cindy and Team Lietz! I love these little snowmen. Planning presents! ~Dawn-B
  • I didn’t get to watch this video last week, so I saw it yesterday after watching the spider ornament tutorial.  I love these little snow people!  I’m going to be very busy making spiders and snowmen for Christmas decorations this year. ~Linda-K
  • Hi Cindy, I just had a chance to watch your snowman tutorial. It was darling. Thanks again for your many projects. I realize from my own teaching, demos and projects I’ve done for publications and websites the INCREDIBLE amount of preparation that goes into a production, no matter how simple it sounds. I wonder how many others out there that are on the receiving end, realize how much work is involved. Thanks again for going those extra miles (kms) to produce straightforward tutorials that are easy to follow in smoothly flowing videos. Kudos to you and Doug. Looking forward to more great tutorials. From a fellow Canuck (in Winterpeg). ~Pat-S
  • I sold two more snowmen and 2 Christmas spiders. The spiders came out great. The only thing I changed was that I used 20 gauge wire for the body… it made it a little stronger. My neighbor who bought them, just loves them. I gave her three different spider stories that I found on the web… she greatly appreciated that special little touch. She wants me to make dinosaur ornaments and other animals for next Christmas. Things to work on during the year. Thanks  for all these great ideas. ~Natalie-H
  • Cindy – I wanted to thank you for the tip on curing for an hour instead of the normal recommended time and also for putting it in card stock. I usually would have had problems with white burning or getting darker but that idea worked perfectly and the clay is really strong. I am making miniature snowmen yard art for a swap on a group I belong to. I didn’t want to fool around with trying to cut out 10-15 snowmen out of wood. So I cut them from white clay and just got done painting the first one. It came out quite cute. I really appreciate all the sharing you do. Look forward to each Friday. Have a great day!!! ~Kathy-H
  • Cindy, you are such a sweetie! I’ve been making your little snowmen for this year and their faces were so easy to make sweet looking – I tried doing some cute faced guys before I found you and … lets just say they never made it to the oven lol. ~Sherry-L


  • AWhen my jar of orphan beads saw this video – they all cried “take me – take me”.  They are so excited. teehee  As I have beaded for many years, there’s lots of beads to choose from, sooooooooooooo. What fun these will be to make… smile. Thanks for such a neat tute ~Patt-W
  • I do like those spiders Cindy, very cute! One of the “regulars” from my lovely local bead shop makes very similar spiders with ordinary beads which I always admire when I’m in there. I also love the Christmas spiders story and I’ll definitely be making one for my tree. ~Silverleaf
  • Those spiders are soooooooooo cute even though I don’t like bugs. I have a whole room full of snowmen which I love. I sent a picture to my sister and she wants me to make a set for the whole family. I’m making boy and girl snowmen. So now my tree is going to be full of snowmen, snow girls and spiders. LOL ~Bonnie-K
  • Thanks so much for including the Christmas spider story, this is new to me, but a wonderful tradition to start in my home. I will be making a few of these and including the story for gifts. Fun! Cindy, you are amazing! And thanks to Doug for his electronic expertise! ~Dawn-B
  • Hi Cindy – Like Dawn, the story is new to me too, so a new Christmas talking point for the tree! However, I was also thinking that this little Incie-Wincie would look lovely as a brooch…. I’m just off on holidays for a week, but will have a go at this when I return. I suppose one of those long lapel pins might work if I threaded the body beads upwards from the bottom spike – then I would need to find a method of ‘stopping’ the beads falling off the bottom when the cap is taken off… if you see what I mean. Great workshop Cindy – I love the ones that use up all those odd polymer beads – it makes room for some more in the box! ~Sue-P
  • I have to tell you I HATE spiders and I’ll vacate a room if I see one! However your Christmas spider is cute and I loved the story so maybe I’ll share some space with them. LOL ~Jeanne-C
  • These are cute spiders. Michaels had one very similar to this but I like the polymer clay beads better. Plus, my husband said their version looked more like a large ant than a spider. I re-did it and used a polymer clay bead instead of a brilolette bead and made it more like Cindy’s. So, I guess Cindy we were on the same page these last few days!!! Love the Christmas spider ornament look. This tute will make good use of odds and ends beads. ~Catalina
  • This is just too cute, Cindy. I think there will be an infestation of spiders during these holidays. Love the Christmas Spider Legend. ~Joyce-F
  • Lovely story and tutorial – quite magical – thank you. ~Cara-L
  • I loved the story. Had never heard that one before. Guess I will just have to make one or two of these and tell the story to the grand-children. We don’t celebrate Halloween so much but just cannot give up new Christmas stories. ~Kelly-B
  • I love the story! Can’t wait to tell it to my children and make one for our tree. ~Kathy-G
  • I don’t mind spiders, it gives my cat Bella something to play with. After watching a segment on the Discover Channel I realize how important they were to our ecology. Having said that I don’t care to share my bed with them though. Cindy, your spider is so adorable. I loved the story and am so anxious to make several. I actually have all the makings in my crafts den. Yea! Happy Halloween everyone! ~DixieAnn-S
  • What a cute story! I will be making tons of these! Wouldn’t these be cute to put on a gift? I may run out of extra beads now. But, I will make some with my son’s favorite sport teams colors. Maybe I could try to add wings for a butterfly? This technique could go far! Woo hoo!! ~Catalina
  • CINDY – I’ve never heard this story before. What a lovely one, I will add a spider to our tree! What a fun story to tell. You make our clay family so happy when you add -Your Touch!!! It is always so meaningful to have a background story to anything you make… smile. Thanks, as usual, for not only a fun tute, but something more. ~Patt-W
  • I love spiders! The watercolor beads look fantastic as spiders. Spiders really are beneficial to us, and remember, you’re usually never more than 6 feet away from a spider! Really love this one, so cute! ~Pam-M
  • OMG, these are too precious!! I also am hearing rumblin’ and thumpin’ from the depths of the bead orphan bin, each begging to find a home as part of one of these little arachnid beauties. Love the legend!!! This will be the perfect distraction today from the fact that I am nursing Manny’s “man cold”. As soon as I get the pillows propped, the kleenex within perfect reach. the vaporizer running, the orange juice chilled to the perfect temperature,  the chicken soup simmering, the tylenol dosage laid out to be administered at exactly four hour intervals, get my whine tolerance turned up as he laments that he can’t go for his run today, etc. etc. etc., I will be able to escape to my studio for a day of claying. (Just kidding, of course——sort of.) ~Elizabeth-S
  • What lovely spiders! I’m afraid of the real ones (too many running around this year, for some reason.) But these are gorgeous, and a great way to use up those extra/odd-man-out beads. The Legend of the Christmas Spiders is new to me, as well… and I just love it! What fun — I will be sharing it with many this year (and giving credit to YOU!) I’ll also be making plenty of these cute little critters as gifts (perhaps attached to a homemade card, imprinted with “The Legend”.) The kids were coming home from school just as I was reading your story, above. I immediately had to share it with them. They really liked it — especially my “crafty” little neice. My youngest nephew was “grossed out” by one of your spiders, Cindy. But, in his defense, he had a “black widow scare” last week. Hopefully, that will have disappeared from his mind by the time I start making bunches of these cuties… and decorating everything in site! Thank you, Cindy…this is a terrific project! You’re amazing, putting together out all these cool videos with wonderful ways to put our clay to good use. Such a creative, sharing, and generous gal you are! ~Hugs. ~Phaedrakat
  • Cindy, I love this video and the story, which I had never heard before, made it very special.  Seeing your peacock spider inspired me to ransack my beads and make a spider that was turquoise, lavender, and peridot green. I hung him on a chain and wore him out to dinner last night. Every year I make ornaments for my niece’s three little girls. They’ll be getting spider ornies this year for sure! ~Linda-K
  • Love, Love, Love the Spider! Can’t wait to make one for my grandchildren’s tree. ~Brenda-M
  • My daughter watched this video with me and now can’t wait to make a Christmas Spider!! Thanks so much! ~Hope-M
  • Hi Cindy & Doug, I hope you had a nice Christmas and New Years. I first want to say YOU made it possible for us to have a Christmas this year!!!! You are probably wondering HHMMM how did I do that??? Right ??? Here it goes. (Sorry I am not an author so please bare with my story telling)  //  My husband has worked at Polaris Industries for 22 years, about the 12th of December, he was told his employment would end on Friday the 16th of December. Now we knew he would be losing his job, Polaris has moved the Osceola, WI Mfg Plant to Monterrey, Mexico, we were told that since Jon (my husband) had helped with the move (going to Mexico every other week for six months), he would retain employment until March 2012.  //  When you are told you were going to have a regular paycheck until March, why worry? Right? We had a financial plan in place to start in March 2012, but needless to say, it didn’t work out the way we had planned.  //  Now he started collecting unemployment December 29th and had a one week paycheck the week of Christmas, of course insurance premiums and 401K payments had to be taken out which left a whopping $290.00 – of that half of the house payment was taken out.  //  So Christmas shopping that I always wait until the last minute to do, was not going to happen this year. We sat down with the kids (we have 2 teenagers), and explained we would not be exchanging gifts this year and that Christmas is not about what’s under the tree but who is around the tree. //  Both of them said they understood and decided that we should take there old iPods and MP3 players and bring them to a homeless shelter for the kids who really didn’t have anything. I was the proudest mom in the world what great kids I have. Still I could tell they were a little disappointed about Christmas.  //  I should probably mention that I am a stay at home mom, I have just started selling my clay jewelry at Art and Craft Fairs about four months ago. I had 2 craft fairs booked one on December 17 and one on December 18.  //  This is where you come in… I made a few (50) Christmas Spiders I had sold 2 or 3 but not many up until the last 2 shows before Christmas. Cindy I sold everyone of them for $20 each. I had people placing orders for these cute little spiders.  //  I had to watch your video four times to be able to write the story down so everyone could have a copy with the spider. You have to know the story or the spider is just a spider, instead of a Christmas Spider.  //  I made enough money to cover my costs and still surprise our kids for Christmas. And if I hadn’t watched your video explaining the story and showing how to make them, I would not have made enough for a truly miraculous Christmas.  //  To think I almost didn’t watch that video because I am not that into Halloween, and I truly thought they were Halloween Spiders. What a wonderful surprise I had when I did finally watch the video.  //  You can bet that I sometimes wait up late on Thursday nights to see what the next tutorial will be about. I don’t even wait until the coffee is done brewing on Friday (if I fall asleep on Thursday night) to watch the newest creation.  //  I forgot to tell you we did take the Ipods and MP3 players to the homeless shelter, but we also picked up some new gifts for the children at the shelter. This was the best Christmas we ever had and it was just one of your awesome tutorials that made it happen.  //  Thanks so much for all you do and sharing your wonderful knowledge and ideas with the world Cindy and Doug. You honestly have touched more than a few hearts in “smalltown” WI..  //  Now for the main reason I wanted to contact you… please could you send an email to let me know when my membership fees will be due? I want to make sure there is money in the right account at the right time… I can’t afford to miss even one tutorial… LOL. Thanks again for everything. ~Kelli-N

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