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In This Vol-040:
Color Recipes:
1A. Viburnum Berries
2A. Vermilion
3A. Viburnum Leaf
4A. Raked Leaves

Video Topics:
1. Diamond Ikat Cane
2. Faux Heishi Beads
3. Purse Charms
4. Bead Cones

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>> Customer Reviews (Volume-040):


  • Beautiful palette, Cindy. The colors are just gorgeous! I especially enjoyed the story of how the lovely photo above came to be — the mother/daughter walk turned into photo/color recipe inspiration! Willow did a great job with the Viburnum photo; I’m looking forward to seeing more of the bunch taken during this special outing (and the recipes you’ll be whipping up to go with ’em, Cindy! ~Phaedrakat
  • Truly beautiful colors. Love them all!!! ~Pollyanna
  • Willow and Cindy -it was fun to walk with you two. I sort of felt that I was there. Willow -you are letting your Dad have a rest, NOW you are the one taking pictures, thanks for the lovely Viburnum. These colors are so pretty. Makes you want to make something with PC :D ~Patt-W
  • A great picture and beautiful colors. Fall is my favorite season. ~Jeanne-C
  • Another beautiful photo, Willow! Cindy this is a great combination of colors because it’s very versatile. These colors can also be used at Christmas. ~Linda-K
  • Thanks for your awesome tutorials… they’re priceless!! ~Tracy-W
  • Hi Cindy, the best day of my jewelry making journey was being smart enough to sign up for your beautiful instructions. Thank you for sharing and being so kind. I do not know when I am due to renew. Please tell me as I never want to not receive your emails and instructions. Love to you and to those you Love. ~Rose-R
  • Hi Cindy – I have watched the videos that have been added to my membership account so far, and am very impressed and enjoyed them all. They made me wish that I had signed up so much earlier! ~Jean-G
  • I wanted to thank you for the wonderful videos and color recipes. Every Friday I come straight home from work and see what the new video and colors will be. Thank you for using your time and skill to teach others, ways to use this amazing medium. ~Ann-P
  • Hi Cindy, As a new member I have learned so much and really appreciate all that you do.  You’re a great instructor and your hubby is really great at filming everything in closeup detail. Thank you both. ~Linda-H
  • I’ve almost got all the tutorials, so looking through my library… I still did not have Vol#40…  just thinking it did not attract enough interest for me. But then after getting it,  ALL OF THE TUTORIALS AMAZE ME.  I watch them over and over. I’m so amazed at Cindy’s dedication to her program.  So inspiring. I take to work the simple attempts like a beginner does people love the items, though I’m such a beginner.  I’ve turned several folks on to the site.  A person can search the web for other tutorials  but … really Cindy’s are the best. Clear and she makes it so doable.  Thanks Cindy.  Good work. ~Patty-J


  • Oh my oh my I don’t know where to begin. THANK YOU BOTH is a good start, though I wish I could do more than just thank you because you deserve so much more. Once again the filming was awesome Doug. Cindy you continue to amaze me beyond words. You have taken a technique I enjoy and stepped it up not just a notch but beyond imagination. You challenge our imaginations to inspire above what we ever thought possible. I wish I could shake every PC lover out that does not join your tutes and convince them what they are missing. Even if they just got a fraction of what I do they would be inspired beyond their wildest dreams. So much for so little you PC addicts. Now I am going back to bed for some much needed rest so I can clay away to steps above my imagination. Thanks and Uuuuggs. ~Peggy-B
  • Yup, I was pronouncing in incorrectly, too. I didn’t even know this came from fabric. Every time I saw a reference to it in relation to polymer clay, I knew it was mimicking something and figured I should probably know what it was. Now I know! So already, this tut is teaching me something new! ~Linda-K
  • Wow this looks amazing!! Thanks Cindy for  another fantastic tutorial ~Lesley-S
  • This is going to be so much fun to experiment with. You make every Friday seem like Christmas! ~Fran-R
  • How clever you are! This one pattern will make so muchhhhhhhhhh more. I wonder if it could be made into a paisley pattern? I’ll try it and see. Thanks so much for, again, stimulating the ole brain. Endless possibilities here. ~Patt-W
  • Brilliant!! ~Joanne-B
  • Hi Cindy, Love the Ikat cane. So versatile as well, reminds me of fair isle pattern knitted jumpers. ~Hazel-H
  • This looks so beautiful! Thanks for showing us how to do it. Can’t wait to give it a try. ~Hope-M
  • Ooh-la-la!  Wonderful technique! ~Kathy-B
  • I just had a go at this ikat cane, what a wonderful tute! I have tried making this kind of cane before but I couldn’t get it right. So thanks Cindy for another wonderful way of doing things. ~Sandra-J
  • Elaine – how scary – not to be able to see colors!!! So glad your reaction lasted only 24 hours! I cannot imagine living in a b/w shaded world. Thank you, Cindy and Doug, for an awesome tutorial, yet again. You’re right, when you said “now the magic begins” it really was magical to have that cane form like that – and as often is the case with polymer, the essentially unlimited variety and patterns that can be made by this technique are stirring my imagination to make something fun and beautiful. ~Maria-C
  • Cindy, I just love your new take on ikat. So versatile and like usual so easy after you show us how!! ~Tantesherry
  • Ikat, Batik, Mud-cloth, Tie-dye… love them all… but never tried to do Ikat although have wanted to for years. Now, THANK YOU CINDY I can make it in polymer clay. You are an amazing tutor. Don’t you just wonder about those ancient peoples from the four corners of the globe? All spending many hours making these beautiful fabrics to enhance their world with colour. ~Elaine-F
  • Love, love, love it!!!! This is going to be so much fun to see what I can do with different colors and combinations. Thanks for this great experience. ~Pollyanna
  • I watched this with my mouth hanging open – AMAZING!  I love it Cindy!  How in the world do you figure these things out?????? LOL!  I love it, thank you. You’re such a blessing. ~Michelle-A
  • Cindy, You have outdone even yourself with this one.  I’ll say it again-wish I could borrow your creative head for a little while. I keep trying to convince my brain to think like yours. It subtly responds that genius would be required to come up with the things you do. Since my brain and I are lacking in that department, guess I’ll just have to be happy that mine is willing to learn what you teach. Awesome!!!! Can’t wait to try it. ~Elizabeth-S
  • Hi Cindy, Each Friday I have a few hours to myself and the first thing I do is get my coffee and watch you do your awesome tutorial. I’m so happy to be a subscriber. I like to thank you and your husband for serving us such valuable information. Your work is just beautiful. Thank you so much! ~MaryLou-T
  • I never knew how ancient this type of pattern was. As well as learning about polymer clay, you show us the depth of your interest in how things are made. A Huge thank you for all of your research. Ikat is so complex! Not the way you teach it – you simplify it so we can DO IT!  How cool is that? ~Patt-W
  • Cindy, thank you, I really enjoyed seeing how the Ikat pattern worked. I’ve seen it in books but it didn’t compute as well as actually watching. And the books didn’t show how to manipulate the pattern into different layouts. Well done! ~Angela-M
  • Thank you for the great videos you send to us each week, I have learned so much from your site that I don’t have to spend the big bucks on the books. ~Elly-M


  • OMG. The necklace you made is absolutely stunning. You never cease to amaze me. A positive note about making the faux heishi beads you get the look and it  is environmentally friendly. Our coral reefs are being destroyed in so many ways. I always wonder how Cindy’s nails always look so clean. ~Anna-S
  • Love the different colorations used in these beads. I think they would look great in some Christmas jewelry also. ~Pollyanna
  • LOVE This! I would SO wear this necklace-just wonderful :D I also hope you are going to give us a few hints on how to use the components that hold and hide all the many wire ends — can’t recall what they’re called at the moment — argg. ~Tantesherry
  • Like I always say – I get as excited about the pieces representing the technique as I do about the technique itself. This week is no exception. I’m seconding Tantesherry’ request for a how-to on hiding the ends. Love it! ~Elizabeth-S
  • Great tute. I agree, there are lots of gemstones to FAUX. Busy fingers – blending, cutting and antiquing. Will enjoy this for a long time. Thanks all. ~Patt-W
  • I love these Heishi beads and am going to make them in lots of colors too. Very useful size and shape. I’m even going to use the same method of mixing the colors as Cindy does but I’m going to use other color ways. They may not look like authentic anything’s, but I bet they’ll be pretty. ~Angela-M
  • Love this tute too and know I will use it many times. Thanks for sharing the fact that you Googled heishi beads. Their history is very interesting. Quite an interesting history lesson on several of the sites that popped up. Native American culture is one of my passions and a trip to New Mexico would be most welcome, never know. Thanks again. Happy claying everyone. Also, “Thanks” to you Cindy. ~Joyce-F
  • Hi all, only just managed to watch the faux coral tute, it’s really great thanks for that one Cindy. A couple of years ago before I discovered Cindy (and Doug) I made a load of North American native stuff, mixing my own recipes for coral, ivory and turquoise and gave earrings as Christmas gifts. Wish I had known the “Cindy way,” as although they were pretty, I wasn’t satisfied with the end results, they didn’t look natural enough! ~Elaine-F
  • Love the Heishi style beads! I think they look great with polymer clay. Beautiful color! ~Lupe-M
  • Love this tute. I can also see it in different colors for various projects. More bang for the buck. ~Pollyanna
  • I am in love with this technique. I Googled heishi beads and saw a variety of colors that could be achieved with the other faux techniques you have taught us. Lots to be inspired by. Thanks again Cindy and Doug. ~Jill-V
  • WOW what a wonderful easy technique to make these beautiful beads. Once again the two of you have done a amazing job together. The rich color adds so much depth to the beads. The necklace you made Cindy is Awesome. It shows off your creative talents in every way. Can’t wait to work with these beads. You have challenged us to use our imaginations to yet another level. Thank you once again for a fantastic tute. ~Peggy-B
  • Hi everyone had the best time yesterday making these – as a matter of fact as soon as I put the 1st batch in the oven I started on another batch right away ;D Today I need to glaze the 2nd batch and then heat set them all :) Wonderful tute!!! ~Tantesherry
  • Thanks for this tute Cindy. I’ve liked the look of Heishi beads for a while now and am glad to see how simple you’ve made it to make them. Your example necklace is just beautiful. I really like how you combined the different elements together and the matching earrings are the perfect touch. Like Sherry said, it would be great to have a tute on using the various jewelry components. I am a very visual person and learn so much easier if I can see it being done. Thanks again for all you do Cindy, I really appreciate you. And Doug,  And Willow :) ~Angela-M
  • Met some lovely ladies yesterday who couldn’t believe that the faux coral and ivory earrings I was wearing were made of PC, and one lady had an ear-bashing from me talking about Cindy’s wonderful site and lessons on how to make these. Hope she joins?? ~Elaine-F
  • Hi Cindy, I love the Heishi Beads! I made them in different shades of brown and I simply love it. I am amazed at my new found love for clay, Thank you for that. I will be making this bead in all different colors!!!!! Thanks again. ~Vedia-E


  • Hi Cindy, talented and awesome one.. :)  Couldn’t help but leave a comment being that I am just smitten with this new lesson. Love, love, love it! Once again you have hit a home run. Getting to see the previews on Thursdays always feels like Christmas Eve, you know when you get to open one present. Really excited and just thrilled and can’t wait until tomorrow. Again Thank You for being so talented and just for everything that you guys do here, you are amazing. Sincerely ~Patricia-Z
  • That bracelet is just too cute! You are so clever. ~Dawn-B
  • I don’t think we can overuse the word adorable here. These charms are ADORABLE! ~Jill-V
  • SOOO cute!! My Granddaughters would love a charm bracelet made with the mini purses. ~Jeanne-C
  • You amaze me! Your brain is going like crazy. You teach us such interesting things – mini purses – who would have thought? These will be wonderful for all the young ladies that are in all our families – those teens that think they are 32 -hhaha. BUT, they will fall in love with the little purses -so girlie.  Thanks Lietz Team – another home run! ~Patt-W
  • These are adorable designer miniature purse charms! Thanks Cindy! ~Lupe-M
  • Just finished watching the tute. Cute, cute, cute! I love these little purses, can’t wait to make some myself. Just darling. Cindy, you hit it home with this one, once again. ~Angela-M
  • Thank you Cindy. I will probably be making little purses all weekend. They are the cutest little things. You also solved some other problems for me with the way you put it together. I love the “handle” trick. You are the greatest! ~Cassie-C
  • Another tute that I just love! I’ll be making lots of theses little purses. ~Fran-R
  • Oh, how cool! I love this technique! Charms are charming! LOL! I hope there are more to come. You can use these in so many different ways. ~Catalina
  • These are just darling. What an easy tute but with a twist for the embellishing. Great ideas. May have to make myself a charm bracelet …hmmmmm. ~Pollyanna
  • Cindy and Doug once again right out of the ball park. I am late watching this tute but definately better late than never. This is going to be wonderful for Christmas gifts. I only have one grandaughter left who still is young enough to enjoy Barbie. Thanks to you Cindy her Barbie Doll collection is going to have an all new collection of purses and I can’t wait to start styling them to match some of the outfits. The older grandaughters I am sure will enjoy the charm bracelets. I hope everyone has had and continues to have a wonderful weekend. If your bummed about anything just go watch the tute again I am sure that will pick you right up. Many Uuuuggs to all. ~Peggy-B
  • I love them!!  They’re so adorable.  Specially love all the different patterns and the pandora bead. ~Cherie-H
  • Hi all, here in the UK we call a purse a handbag and our purses are the little ones that we put our cash, credit cards in etc. and fit inside the “purse”/handbag. Confusing, although we speak the same language, with one daughter in US and one in Oz. I now know that their Strides, your Pants are our Trousers, and our pants are female under garments, once known as bloomers but bloomers also means making mistakes. There is no mistaking  before signing up with Cindy I made plenty of bloomers with polymer clay but now I am making huge strides in purse-uing this PC adventure. My fav. “purse” is a suede patchwork one that I tote around filled with 126 different items and if anyone needs a pair of tweezers, phillips screwdriver or needle and cotton  etc. they know who to ask!! Can see me making lots of these cute purses, the charm bracelet is beautiful and thanks to Cindy’s  teaching us so many tips they will look great on a “Pandora” chain. So thanks for another simple way to make such a cute bead.Cheers. ~Elaine-F
  • Cool! And like all things that look really complicated, so easy to do! Thanks Cindy and Doug. ~Sandra-J
  • Very cute! Now I know what to do with my first Ikat cane :D Tho I gotta get me some covered paper clips! ~Hope-M
  • The tute is soooooooo easy – and a darling charm is the end result!!! How happy we all are!!!!! Thanks for such a neat way to use up some canes. Perfect for the little purses. Isn’t it rewarding, Lietz Team , to know you are helping such nice ladies with their therapy? Art is definitely the best therapy ;D ~Patt-W
  • These are absolutely (yep, I’m gonna say it, too) …ADORABLE! These little purse beads are so cute, and the charm bracelet you made with them would look pretty on any wrist! Love the Pandora-style purse bead, and the cool way the handles end up looking “beaded”. Another wonderful video tutorial. Hmmm…do you get tired of hearing how wonderful you are, Cindy? ;D Well, I never tire of your greatness, that’s for sure.
  • Hi Cindy, I really like this tutorial, and I have made 30 purses last week :) Thanks. ~Dia-N
  • Hi Cindy – About the little purse… love it. I used a similar technique to make a medical bag for my doctor after I finished my cancer treatment but had trouble with the handle staying… so I am going to try it again using your tips. I will let you know how it turns out. ~Natalie-H
  • Good morning everyone! My name is Michele, and I am not quite new here, however, I am new to posting – I am a bit of a hermit! So, I finally wanted to say hello to everyone and write how much I enjoy reading the posts – I get much information from all of you. Thanks! I just made some of these adorable purses, and I had to say wow! Aren’t these great! I can not stop making them! Cindy has the most clever ideas! ~Michele-E
  • I love them! Just adorbs! I made some little guy’s, (I love all things miniature). ~Joy-D


  • This is a great tute for me and all the challenges I have with taking my beads and turning them into something great. With your tute Cindy this is going to make it so even I can accomplish a beautiful piece. Your technique of teaching and Doug’s filming I am waiting in awe. Due to chronic fatigue I always get on my laptop Friday around 2-3 am. So hopefuly in about 15 hrs I will be spending time with You and Doug and the always FANTASTC TUTE!!!!!!! Many Uuuggs. ~Peggy-B
  • This is great for me because I do a lot of beading. Cindy always has a better way of doing things. ~Pollyanna
  • Christmas is coming and… this tute is perfect for that hard to gift person – a multi necklace. Yeeha! (that’s a Texas expression). ~Patt-W
  • Cindy, this is an outstanding tutorial. I’ve already used bead cones with multiple strands of beads in the past, so I knew most of what you taught.  It was nice to see that I’m doing it correctly, but you did teach me the benefit to doing a few things in a different order. The best thing about the video for me was the tip about the wire loop. Perfect! ~Linda-K
  • Hi, Linda! I agree with you. I always find something new even if I “knew” how to do something. About the Bead Board, I always make the inner strands shorter as they go in. Usually about 1/2″ to an 1″ shorter. This way they will drape correctly. But, Cindy’s way is a great double check. ~Catalina
  • Awesome! Might just have to try to up my skill level and attempt some multi-strand necklaces. I’ve just never been successful at getting them to lay right but I now see some of what I’ve been doing wrong. Mostly, I haven’t been taking the time I need to hang and adjust the draping. Thanks for sharing the ratio you use, Diana (Catalina). It will give me a better starting point. ~Elizabeth-S
  • Wow this tutorial is jam-packed with new and ingenious ideas and cool products. As of now I’m using the ‘tornado’ crimps because the other type usually brought me to tears (of frustration). They are kind of expensive being ss and all, but if I invested $20 of my bead selling money in this magic crimper tool it would probley work out better money wise, in the end. Its hard to tell you what all I’m thankful for you showing on this tute without giving away the secrets — just know that you answered all my questions — and best of all you answered ones I didn’t know to ask :) ~Tantesherry
  • Cindy the bead cone tute was excellent. This is something I really had no idea how to do and one of the reason I didn’t want to deal with multi strand necklaces. I really like the bell caps you showed in the tute. I loved the way you put the strands in order and how nice they lay. Thanks again for another great tute! ~DixieAnn-S
  • We really are lucky to be members of such an inspiring site. These videos are definitely a highlight of my Fridays! ~Maria-C
  • Thank you, Cindy, for this tute. It was very helpful to see it being done. Doug does a great job with the filming. I was able to see what you were doing so clearly that I felt like I was in the room with you and looking over your shoulder. And seeing how you worked that crimper – it was pure magic. I can tell you’ve done it many times before. ~Angela-M
  • Will definitely be using this tute often in the future. Cindy you are always thinking of ways to help us bring our jewelry to a professional level. With all your easy to understand details and Doug’s talented filming we can’t help but sore with loads of confidence. I always look forward to each and every tutorial knowing the 2 of you give it your all and more, every lesson. We are all so blessed to have the 2 of you share your artistic talents with us. ~Peggy-B
  • Great tute as usual. Many good ideas and I liked how you explained the gravity question. Sometimes the simplest things give me the hardest times……lol. ~Pollyanna
  • As an old time (read 76 here) beader, this tute brought back the proper order to string things. That is a BIG plus, especially for new beaders. The tute is magical, right? My mind is skipping all around,  trying all sort of combos!!!! Isn’t it great to have a happy mind? This always happens on Friday mornings LOL.  We are so lucky to be members of such a inspiring site … Jewelry and PC combine so well together. A Perfect match.  The color choices are out there – you just have to grab what you like. Love it, love it, love it! ~Patt-W
  • The video showing how to use bead cones really took the fear out of making this a two stand necklace. I didn’t have that weird “can I — can’t I” feeling when I decided to make the necklace a double stranded one by using bead cones. It is so wonderful to know how to do a technique and have the confidence to go about it. Thank you Cindy for all you do. ~Tantesherry

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