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In This Vol-039:
Color Recipes:
1A. Pink Rose
2A. Kissed
3A. Rouge
4A. Rippled Glass

Video Topics:
1. Pandora Style Beads
2. Crackled Paint
3. Wire Riveting
4. DandelionGhostCane

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>> Customer Reviews (Volume-039):


  • Wow, this is just gorgeous! Absolutely stunning, and the names are X-tra delicious! Thanks for these. ~Phaedrakat
  • Lovely flower, and what a beautiful palette! I especially like the way the blue sets off the pinks. Roses are one of my favourite flowers, I love the way they smell and feel. ~Silverleaf
  • Oh, this is my new favorite palette!  Those pinks are gorgeous and in my mind there is nothing prettier than a beautiful rose with a blue or blue-gray background. ~Linda-K
  • I love roses; love to grow them, paint them, mold them! This is a beautiful palette. Thanks for the pretty palettes! ~Cherie-H
  • This is my kind of colour, and I can smell it in my mind. ~Ritzs
  • I love roses and the colors you created are beautiful. I love pinks, purples and blues!! ~Jeanne-C
  • These colors and the rose especially reminds me of my childhood home. There was a 50yr old rose bush under my parents kitchen window that I loved. Thank you. ~Teresa-D
  • Cindy, you work so hard… I can’t imagine everything it takes to provide 2 gorgeous palettes each month, as well as a fresh new video tute every week. Plus, you keep it all running smoothly, and offer helpful, friendly advice. Thank you! I do try to leave feedback and/or a thank-you comment on each of these palette threads (and tutorial posts, too.) Once in awhile I get busy and forget. On those occasions, please know I’m still enormously grateful! I get a huge smile on my face every time I open your newsletter and see the goodies inside. I love you, dear Cindy… and your wonderful work! You’re a giving soul, and you’re so, SO appreciated! I think most everyone would LOVE a membership here, if only they’d just try it! $10 for 3 months of videos (1 per week) is such an incredible deal. If they signed up, they’d be bona fide admirers too. ~Phaedrakat
  • In this busy world it is sometimes easy to forget to say THANK YOU. So I am just saying a BIG THANK YOU to Cindy, Doug, and kids. I love all the colour palettes, the photography, videos and mind blowing information that you so generously all give. My membership is one of the best value things I have ever invested in. With all the troubles in this world, both man-made and the natural disasters, it is great (for a few hours) to slip into “Cindy’s World” where I can lose myself in a kalidascope of colours, learn fab. new ways to create mini works of art, or just read comments, tips and tricks from other members. So a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who contributes to this wonderful site. ~Elaine-F
  • This has been my first month here and I have really enjoyed it! Learned so much! Can’t decide if my favorite was the pandora style beads or the ghost cane. :D Thank you! ~Hope-M
  • Here Here!! Cindy, your site is an invaluable resource for us passionate clayers! Thanks so much for all you do for us. EVERY month is a treasure. ~Dawn-B
  • This was another great month. The pandora beads and the riveting tutorials were my two favorites of the month and the ghost cane and crackled paint tutorials were just great fun. Thanks again for all of your hard work and I can’t wait to see what next month brings! ~Laura-Z
  • I agree, Andrea! What an exciting month! Thank you, Cindy… for providing us such a wonderful selection of cool tutes/techniques. An amazing array — from Pandora-type beads to hand-forged (and inexpensive) wire rivets. Plus, a lovely cane, a super-smart way to mix our own crackle paints, stunning color palettes, etc. — a lot to be grateful for (and worth WAY more than the $3 membership!) And, of course, everything’s explained and demonstrated beautifully in your videos. Thanks, Cindy…!!! ~Phaedrakat
  • Another great month. I am just stunned by what I have learned here that I never learned on any books out there. So glad I found this site and all my new friends here at the blog. ~Pollyanna
  • I have found your website to be one of the best online polymer clay resources! ~Kathy-B


  • It is so relaxing, somehow, and so satisfying to create something from practically nothing with polymer clay, and for it to be beautiful 99% of the time, well, what a kick!  Lol, also, I think the human brain is geared sometimes toward making a concept out to be more difficult than it really is, as per this lovingly simple Pandora-style bead design!!! You made it so easy, Cindy. Never would have thought of adding grommets that way. A very simple and effective way of doing this! I love it that your beads shown look so much like glass and like the “real thing.” ~Becky-C
  • Thank you so much Cindy, this is brilliant! You not only come up with an amazing range of projects and techniques plus the materials needed to create them, but you also take away any concern that it might not turn out right! We are so very blessed to have you as our tutor. ~Marion-R
  • The beads are gorgeous! Isn’t it amazing how polymer can look like glass? ~Maria-C
  • Grommets, grommets grommets. I love this word! I was marching round the house chanting “Grommets, grommets grommets, yea! (Good job the neighbours are away). I have a “pandora” type bracelet and necklace and they are beautiful. Have wanted to make my own beads to add to it for ages. Now thanks to us all “nagging” Cindy, I get to learn how. Great!!!! Grommets, grommets grommets yea. ~Elaine-F
  • Yea! Have grommets, have clay, have a weekend. Can’t wait. ~Dawn-B
  • Aw shucks, your tutes are usually available around 4:00 am here in Atlantic Canada, and I usually don’t get up until about 5:45. I have just enough time to watch your tute, have a shower and off to work I go.  I have other commitments tomorrow night, and a craft market to attend on Saturday morning… geez it will be at least Saturday afternoon before I can play with these. Well there are 2 solutions, get up around 4:00 am or cough, cough, cough; sorry it seems like I am coming down with a bit of the flu. Call in sick you say, what a wonderful idea. Seriously though, I can’t wait to try these. My mom-in-law has a Pandora bracelet and we have purchased her some beads in the past, however she would be absolutely thrilled to have a one of a kind made especially for her. Bring it on Cindy :) ~Janet-R
  • What a neat technique to get the holes lined up. I tried to make pandora style beads with a different tutorial, but couldn’t do it. I think this is going to be a winner. looking forward to trying it out. ~Sandra-J
  • Well, just finished a “midnight viewing” of this lesson and WOW! As usual so clear and simple, and it makes me wish I’d thought of that. This is a versatile technique and your beautiful beads are so inspiring Cindy, can’t wait to come up with some of my own. My mother-in-law has a Pandora bracelet, and she’s looking for something unique…this is perfect. Thank you for working out all the kinks on this one! Now to find those grommets. ~DJ
  • Ingenious! ~Pam-M
  • Wow… that was SO worth the wait! Fantastic tutorial…I’ve tried to figure this out myself, but never could quite “get it”. Your process is amazing… although you’ve made it look so easy, I feel like slapping my head and saying, “duh!” I should’ve been able to come up with SOMEthing, right? Then again, I don’t have a Cindy-brain. Thank you so much for perfecting this technique for us — your students are going to be busy little “Pandora-esque” bead makers for weeks to come! I must say, I enjoyed this video even more than usual… probably ’cause I can picture YOU, my dear tutor (since I saw you “in person” in your 5th Friday vid.) You’re no longer just “the voice!” :D ~Phaedrakat
  • Unbelievable soooooo simple and easy. Thank you for working this out. Guess I know what I’m making mom for Christmas! This is the absolute best timing I’ve seen yet with Cindy’s tutorials. ~Ken-H
  • Excellent tut! This is definitely something that I can see using. Thank you so much for always figuring out the easy way of doing things. ~Angela-K
  • Well done, Cindy! I’ve had oodles of grommets but hadn’t worked out “exactly how” to do these beads so you did the work for me. They look very professional and I’m anxious to give them a try. Thanks so much. ~Barb-A
  • Just joined, have been wondering how to make these…you are AWESOME! ~Bonnita-O
  • I wasn’t that interested in pandoras until now. Those were so beautiful and easy peasy. Hmmmm the mind reels… thanks again! ~Pollyanna
  • What a neat trick! So simple, yet effective. Thanks yet again. ~Maria-C
  • FAB tutorial-thank you. ~Cara-L
  • Cindy, I have one word for this tut: BRILLIANT! ~Linda-K
  • Hey Cindy. you continue to be amazing. I have made about 20 troll beads today. I had to laugh when you commented on how hard it is to make things “brain dead simple” Amen to that! In the Occupational Therapy world that is called Activity Analysis. The ability to have a perfect understanding of every step of an activity, every skill it takes to complete it and how to “adapt” it for someone with a particular problem. Darned if I know how you break these activities down so that the whole wide world can do them successfully. Beautiful job. Thank You. ~Cassie-C
  • Cindy, the timing was perfect on this one. I had just been contemplating how to make these as I just used my last glass bead and the particular design is no longer offered. Of course, GROMMETS!!  Off to Michaels to get some. You made this so easy! Thank you for taking the time to teach us the easy way. ~Laura-Z
  • Wow, this opens yet another new Cindy world for me. Wish I could figure out another way to express my appreciation besides the usual “Thanks, Cindy and Doug”. The tute is wonderful!! ~Elizabeth-S
  • Cindy – another wonderful tutorial, I had made some Pandora Beads before, but your way is much cooler! ~Tina-A
  • I am new, so I was really thrilled to see something as nice as the Pandora-like bead tutorial as my first one to watch. ~Beverly-D
  • Hi Cindy, just loved this tutorial. Those real Pandora beads are so expensive, up  to hundreds here, cheapest about $80 I think. Ha Ha, so we will be fooling everyone with our Pandora Creations. Thanks. Off to get some Sterling Silver Grommets, as I did not realize they are around, as have just used the Scrapbooking ones. Thats just great. Thank you again for an informative tut. ~Elizabeth-K
  • I am sooooo excited to make these. I have been wanting to make some jewelry with the large hole beads, but they are so expensive. This is just what I have been waiting to learn to do, in fact I was going to e mail soon to see if we could learn how to make these! The ones in the demonstration are just as pretty if not more so than the ones in the craft and department stores. So with making these, we can make some really trendy high end looking pieces. YAY!!!!!!! Thank you soo much Cindy!!!!!! ~KitiKatt
  • Loving my troll beads. May not go back to work tomorrow. Just keep making troll beads!! ~Cassie-C
  • Oh Cindy – this is better than Christmas morning when I was a kid!! Thank you so much for this amazing tut! Your timing is awesome too. I have one week left of my summer vacation and I sure know what I will be doing with it. I wonder how my boss would react if I called in sick on the first day of school. Probably not a good plan so I will make the most of the week I have and spend as many hours as possible making these lovely beads.I’m not sure how you figure these things out and make them so easy for us but I thank you from the bottom of my heart! I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, I thank God that I found you and our wonderful clay family on the Internet. You really know how to inspire me (us) and I am so thankful that you let your light shine and allow all of us to light our candles from your flame. God Bless You and your family. ~Cheryl-V
  • I ended up getting the sterling silver grommets as I am so in love with making these beads. They are fast and fun and just like forest gump says..” you never Know what you are going to get” . I wore my bracelet the other day and people could not stop commenting on it ..and could not believe that I had made the beads as they looked so much like glass!! ~Sam-M
  • WOW! WOW! WOW! Just watched the tute and I am drooling. What a wonderful gift God has blessed you with. Love the beads and can’t wait to make some. You won the world series with this one Cindy. Once again Doug aces the filming and waa-la total perfection. Beautiful team work. Now to go watch the crackles paint and be me. Hats off to the Lietz team once again!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU both. ~Peggy-B
  • Thank you Cindy! You said in a previous comment: “And then when you see it, it is like ‘duh’- why didn’t I think of that? And it isn’t even hard at all!” That’s it! ;o). ~Flo-H
  • Cindy, I wanted to let you know that I found the Beginners course extremely helpful. Even though some of the tips seem so simple, they were things that would have taken me years to figure out. You gave me confidence to try other lessons that you offer like how to make beads for these Pandora style cable bracelets. After making one for myself, two folks admired it and ordered them from me! Your courses are definitely worth the money. ~Susan-W
  • One good thing happened this year and that is my Detroit Tigers are in the World Series! I was so excited to have been able to go to one of the Play-Off games that I made a Pandora bracelet with Tiger stripe beads!! I wore it to the game and I know it brought them luck!! :-) ~Catalina-L
  • I have learned so much from Cindy, she has shown me ideas I wouldn’t think of, from Mixing Clays, to making the Pandora Like Beads (love these ideas and have sold a few).  I have been making, Dragon scale bookmarks and Necklaces with Acrylic paint and Polymer Clay….  Thank you for these ideas. ~Christina-P


  • Amazing – just love this technique! I am such a fan of the crackled paint look – so to be able to make my own crackle paints is priceless. ~Fran-R
  • I got some crackle medium ages ago but never had the courage to try it on polymer clay. So thanks Cindy, another great idea that just kinda popped into your head. What brain-food do you eat? Must try it. ~Elaine-F
  • I love this! Thanks for explaining the purse hanger. I had no idea what that was. ~Catalina
  • Oh my special effects and music.. wow!!! Love this tute. Need some black clay. I always seem to run out of it. Will have to look for those bezels too. Wonder if ds really needs to eat this week… lol. ~Pollyanna
  • I love the crackled look. Saving money! You have my attention. LOL :) ~Jeanne-C
  • Now you just opened a BIG DOOR into creativity! This is endless – if you have lots of Pearl-ex. Which I do. So away I go with brain on fire!!! Thank you so much for this lovely tute. ~Patt-W
  • Love! love! love! – Thank you. ~Cara-L
  • Hi Cindy and all, this is just an awesome tutorial. I have just been thinking about painting acrylics on poly clay, but this is just wonderful with the cracking and the pearlex powders. Thanks for a great tut. Love you. ~Elizabeth-K
  • Cool technique! Very dichroic like. ~Kathy-B
  • Wow Cindy, What a fab tutorial. Really enjoyed this one. I’m always so interested in different surface techniques. Thanks so much for sharing your wonderfully innovative ideas. ~Fran-Y
  • PHENOMENAL Cindy!!  Simply outstanding! Love the technique, love the vid.  Great filming and edit work Doug. You guys are a blessing. ~Michelle-A
  • Hi Cindy and all, Wow the crackle effect is great and just love mixing stirring and experimenting. Bubble bubble boil and trouble (must be the witch in me.) Hee hee, cackle cackle I will make some of Cindy’s crackle. ~Elaine-F
  • Wow! I really like this technique and the fact that I can mix my powders for personalized colors of paint! Awesome! Thanks Cindy. ~Rada-F


  • Again – you are a mind reader. I saw the wire magazine that you have, and was LUSTING over the rivets!!!  haha. You are always expanding our knowledge of how to use PC – a big thank you for that. This is the reason, among many, that you have such a great following. ~Patt-W
  • Awesome tutorial! Love the card trick. The jewelry pieces in the video are just so beautiful!! ~Cherie-H
  • Gee whiz, I didn’t even realize that I wanted to know how to do riveting! ~Linda-K
  • Tee-hee, Cindy, you gave away where you got your copper disk. I love this idea and intend to try riveting this weekend. ~Becky-C
  • “Grommets last time, now rivets this week” my sister said. “Hope this Cindy gal is not expecting you to go down to the shipyard to learn, among all those hunky guys stripped to the waist and gleaming with sweat as they wield their mighty hammers!!!” “Mmm I don’t know though, could be a whole new learning experience.” (Very naughty my sister) She will have to become one of Cindy’s gals to find out. (I am not going to tell her:) ~Elaine-F
  • So excited to see this, Cindy! I have been wanting to learn riveting for a long time too! I also like the look of rivets with polymer clay. ~Lupe-M
  • Been waitin’ for this one. As usual the sample pieces are to die for. So beautiful! ~Elizabeth-S
  • Ahhhh… Cindy. You keep opening up whole new worlds for me. Looking forward to learning riveting. ~Cassie-C
  • Hi Cindy and all. Wow this Video about the rivets is really something. Here I am lucky enough to be watching it 5 minutes after it comes onto my Computer, at 5:15 Friday afternoon our time (Australia). Lucky me. I loved watching it even if I never made any. Just love all the hardware used to do it. Don’ t think I would ever have a power punch, but loved watching how you used it. I will have to devise something similar to do this. I do have a Ball Pein Hammer. Anyway it was certainly interesting to watch. thanks for your great work in making this video, it is always appreciated. ~Elizabeth-K
  • Brilliant! The card trick is fantastic – no doubt about it Cindy – you always make it seem easy and attack it from a sensible, logical angle. Thank you. ~Cara-L
  • Like Linda K, I had no idea I wanted to try riveting until I saw this! It looks really cool – I think I’ll save this for when I’m having one of those days where I’m too tired to be really inspired to do clay work. I can do the planning and designing when I’m feeling well, and then just drill and rivet when I’m not so well. Awesome. ~Silverleaf
  • So my largest concern was hitting the clay. I guess I need to just try it and tap lightly and avoid hitting the clay with a bang. LOL! ~Claycass
  • Thank you! This is just what I have been looking for. I am also very happy you showed us how to work around the concave copper surface, brilliant! ~Tina-A
  • Great tute as usual. This is a fantastic way to get some of my pieces together and make them look modern. Don’t know how you do it but, thanks for teaching us so many helpful ways of working our art. ~Pollyanna
  • This so going to be soooo cool!! This idea will work great for making rivets for jewelry boxes. ~Catalina
  • Hi Cindy – I absolutely loved this tutorial. I think that it was one of my favourites. Thanks again Cindy. I love visiting with you every week. ~Carol-C
  • Thanks for an outstanding video Cindy. I have been playing around with metals for a while as they compliment polymer so well and really enjoy your ideas on this. ~Lawrence-S
  • Thank you Cindy for that awesome tute it kept me riveted to my seat. I see we will all get our 2 cents out of this and more (hee hee hee). ~Teresa-D
  • Yay! I just love metals and PC together and can’t get enough of instructions on how to do techniques in both, as they go so very well together! Thanks, Cindy. ~Becky-C
  • I’m so excited about this video. I’ve been wanting to learn riveting for ever so long; was actually looking at going to a class. What gorgeous pieces you’ve created Cindy. My favorite is the pendant with the copper sheet and flower. I sort of know how to do the fold forming technique but would love a video from you; you make everything so much easier to follow and simpler. ~Cherie-H
  • Even if I never get around to trying this technique, it was so much fun to watch…kind of like watching an episode of “How It’s Made.”  Cindy, your tricks for doing things always amaze me. I will try it, though, because I already have everything but the hole puncher. I recently saw someone punch a hole using a nail and hammer and a piece of wood under the metal. Wouldn’t you know, DH is taking a nap, so I can’t do it now! ~Linda-K
  • Real neat technique Cindy, and there’s me thinking I had to use brute force and a 20lb hammer! But no, Cindy says I can use my smallest hammer to tap tap away in a ladylike manner!! (I will feel like one of those little elves who helped the old shoemaker in the fairy tale). Now if only we had a Michaels down the road I could get all those cool tools and supplies, but I will have to improvise. First, to raid “his” jar of foreign coins and borrow some to turn into man-type jewelry. Yippee Cindy, I feel like a kid again, please keep those cool ideas flowing:} They Rock. ~Elaine-F
  • You make it look so easy, Cindy! I would have never thought of using a card…thank you for that little trick! Probably a silly question, but where do you buy the wire for riveting, is it the same as wire that you use for jewelry? When I think of riveting, I think of nails, sturdy. So, I know it is a dumb question…best to purchase it at a hardware store?  Sorry, this riveting is all new to me…maybe I am making it more complicated than it is. After all, you make it look so easy! ~Lupe-M
  • You made this look so easy – who would have thunk it? Seriously, your explanation made so much sense. I have hammer – will travel. Tee hee.  The card trick is so worthwhile. Again another top of the world tip. Thanks. ~Patt-W
  • I hammered a copper disc the other day and it was so much fun! As I was first flattening it, it looked like it had a mica-shift design on it. That went away after I used the ball end of the hammer. A few days ago I said that I had seen a video of someone punching a hole in a flat piece of metal with a hammer and nail. Well, I tried that with my newly-hammered disc and I couldn’t get the nail to go all the way through, although it did make a bulge on the back. DH said he could get the nail to go all the way through, but I told him not to bother… if I can’t do it myself, what good is it, LOL. I guess I’ll go to Michaels with my 40% off coupon and buy a metal puncher. ~Linda-K
  • Thanks for the ‘riveting’ tutorial. I saw a necklace with rivets and wanted to make it. I asked my husband if his rivet gun would work!!?? Needless to say I went no further. Now I can make that necklace. ~Cheryl-B
  • This is just fabulous… from beautiful sample pieces to a bright and shiny new tool! I could have some fun with that Euro punch, will have to put that on my never ending tool supply list. It’s so great to have another metal technique to consider when putting things together – I really love the look and simplicity of this one!! This has been time well “spent”, can’t wait to forge ahead. ~DJ
  • You’re so right, Cindy. I pushed the hole through with my needle tool. I wouldn’t want to hammer on my needle tool, though, because I’d hate to ruin it. Once I got the hole all the way through, I realized that the back of the hole needed to be filed… but when I filed it, I filed off the copper coating from the edge of my disc on the back. So I need a metal punch. I want a metal punch. I WILL get a metal punch, LOL. I love my gadgets! ~Linda-K
  • These are stunning! Your pieces are beautiful, Cindy — you sure know how to inspire us! I agree with Dawn… your riveting tutorial showed how amazing making your own rivets can be, and what it does to a piece of jewelry. It’s such an inexpensive way to do cold connections, too! I have purchased ready-made rivets in the past… making your own is, of course, much more economical. ~Phaedrakat
  • I love these earrings. They have a natural and almost tribal feel to them. I didn’t think I would really be interested in the riveting  technique, but some of the pieces you showed us in the video changed my mind. This piece is one of them. Thanks Team Lietz! ~Dawn-B


  • How pretty this is! I too, love ghost canes and that ethereal look they give. ~Becky-C
  • Thanks for the Dandylion cane. Your use of figure of 8 inserts solved a lot of problems I’ve had in the past. Love the way it all fits together and keeps it’s shape! Have a great weekend. ~Marion-R
  • Just finished watching the tutorial. Wonderful! You are so ingenious Cindy that it’s simply amazing. ~Fran-Y
  • Oh wow!!!! This is wonderful!!! Love the look. ~Pollyanna
  • I don’t know if kids do the same thing over the pond, but here in the UK dandelion seed heads are used to tell the time! If you blow away all the fluff in one breath it’s 1 o’clock, two breaths it’s 2 o’clock and so on. Of course it isn’t terribly accurate, lol, but it’s fun and we still call the fluffy seed head a dandelion “clock”! I know that one more then one occasion when I got into trouble for being late home for dinner, I blamed the dandelions for telling me the wrong time. ~Silverleaf
  • Hi Cindy and all, I like this Dandelion Ghost Cane. Very sweet. Will be trying this one. Like it in colours too. Thanks for another interesting video. Love. ~Elizabeth-K
  • Cindy, I loved the video. I always look forward to Friday mornings and your videos. The second pendant in today’s video caught my eye. I love it. ~Lynn-W
  • What a nice flashback to my childhood. ALOOOOOOOOOOONG time ago LOL. As Ken wrote – this tute has lots of possibilities. Fun to experiment, huh?. Also, thanks for the headsup on the Frost vs. White Translucent. Glad to know they are the same. Thanks – as always – for such an interesting tute -smile! ~Patt-W
  • When I told my DH that I was going to make a ghost dandelion clock, he rolled his eyes and I swear when I was in the kitchen I heard him hiding all his watches. He thinks I’m going “steampunk” them to use for my clock!! I can see me making this cane in all the colours of the rainbow. Now where is my Wasabee Green?? Love this colour even though I do not know how to spell it. ~Elaine-F
  • Very pretty, will be having a go at this one today. Very clever way of keeping the shape of the outside canes. That’s really thinking outside the square, or should I say “circle”. ~Sandra-J
  • What a fun project. I can remember wishing on the dandelions as we blew on them. If they came off in one blow you got your wish :-) This cane reminds me of one I used to make a bandana pattern that I found in a book. It turned out really cute. My husband and I will be traveling for 5 weeks in our travel  trailer, so will be keeping in touch on my laptop as we are able to find wifi. Don’t want to miss any of your lessons, Cindy. ~Loretta-C
  • Amazing tutorial! I loved it and as usual you made it seem so doable. The pendant in the fancy bezel is just so beautiful. Thanks Cindy! ~Cherie-H
  • Thanks for another great video, Cindy. I’m not a big dandelion fan. I think it’s because DH has been waging war against the dandelions since we moved into this house with the big front lawn 7 years ago. But when I looked at the Pandora-style beads (which I loved), I thought FIREWORKS! As I’ve said before, I don’t have to love the exact item that you’re creating in your tuts because the technique itself always get my creativity going. ~Linda-K
  • Cindy, thanks for quoting me! I am flattered, and truly do feel that way even after a year (or so, lol). Every Thursday is almost like Christmas Eve and then Fridays are Christmas Day! You never fail to please me with your tutorials in content and the way you and Doug deliver them. And now with your daughter’s contribution to the lovely photographs, too. Thanks so much! Becky-C
  • I really must come up with better adjectives and superlatives!!!! But… WOW just seems to fit. Love this!! I just got some red translucent and the mind reels… lol. thanks again, Teach!! ~Pollyanna
  • Cindy, I loved the video. I always look forward to Friday mornings and your videos. The second pendant in today’s video caught my eye. ~Lynn-W
  • Cindy, your studio is amazing!  PLEASE tell me your kitchen and rest of house are not that clean and organized….please! Also, it was great of Doug to let us meet him…. thank you Doug; you do awesome work. Also wanted to let you know I made the Dandelion ghost cane. It turned out beautiful. I know I’m not the only one who is inspired by the weekly tutes. Best to you and your family. ~Carol-T
  • Hi Cindy, been thinking more about this one, love everything about this lesson and how easy it is. Before finding you, I have never been very good at making canes. Everything that I tried to make never came close to what is was supposed to be. I always ended up with just naming it my whoops cane lol. Since then by being here and following you step by step I have actually made my first real cane… “Hooray!!” Thank You for being such a great teacher and sharing your talent with us. Sincerely. ~Patricia-Z
  • Linda, I also thought of fireworks, and, since I do mostly fantasy sculpts, magic stars or similar effects. Or, if you only do the first part of the cane… a webbing effect? The possibilities with this cane have my head spinning! ~Mitzi-B
  • Cindy, I absolutely love your tutorials… I took a hands on class about a year ago, and I have honestly learned more from your tutorials than I did in that class. The first video I watched was the Dandelion Ghost Cane Tutorial. I made different versions of the cane, and sold the pieces right away. You are so easy to learn from. Some things I would have never tried on my own, but since watching you I have ventured out of my comfort zone and have made amazing pieces. I have 15 back issues I am ordering, I cant wait to try them all. Thanks again for your tutorials, they have taught me more than I could learn in a hands on class. Kudos to you for a job well done!!!!!! ~Kelli-N

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