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In This Vol-038:
Color Recipes:
1A. Charcoal Pearl
2A. Lilac Pearl
3A. Freesia Pearl
4A. Violet Shimmer

Video Topics:
1. Copper Bookmarks
2. Cupcake Beads
3. Tulip Cane
4. Parrot Tulip Beads

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>> Customer Reviews (Volume-038):


  • Well, you know me – anything purple has my attention. And what lovely colors the violets have. This is going to be used A LOT. Love these ~Patt-W
  • Beautiful Cindy, I do love purples. Especially shimmery purples! ~Silverleaf
  • Love these purples and all. Beautiful shading. I keep killing my violets with kindness. Usually overwatering. ~Pollyanna
  • I just delivered a special order of two purple bracelets. Of course I had to make four so she’d have a choice. I started with a purple more like the dark purple at the center of the flower. On one of them I took the first purple and made torn watercolor paper beads that turned out to be a pinky -purple more like the 3-A shade. ~Freda-K
  • Beautiful Colors!! I love purples. Thanks Cindy for another winning color palette. ~Jeanne-C
  • Absolutely delighted to find myself paid up for the next 90 days! I know it’s all automatic, but thank you anyway Cindy. Joining your ‘club’ is the best thing I ever did, I used to mess around with Polymer Clay some years ago, but always had problems and gradually lost incentive. In particular, I have no colour sense, so, having your fabulous colour cards every week is just a dream. I actually read on a beading artist’s blog that she got angry with people wanting to know exactly what colours she’d used and wondered why they didn’t just try for themselves. Well, I could tell her why! Whenever I tried I just got grimaces from people. I think it’s necessary to have someone to get you started and give you a few designs / patterns to practice to gain confidence, so you can then ‘paint outside the lines’ without worrying about how it will turn out. So, thank you again dear tutor, I hope you’ll be around forever! ~Marion-R
  • We all love it when you post YOUR creations!! Such inspiration. Your tutes have so much to offer. You always tell us to take it step further -that’s why we are here. To learn how to take that step. There are those of us who could not do with out you!!!!! Love your giving nature. We all feel it. ~Patt-W
  • Dear Cindy, I’m really enjoying your videos! You’re a great teacher! I discovered a lot of nice tips and tricks I didn’t know before and I’ve only seen a few of the videos I bought so far! Ciao and have a nice creative day! ~Alessandra-P
  • I too am enjoying using the videos, meeting new people and I think your work and site concept is uniquely Cindy! Many Thanks. ~Mavis-T
  • Hi Cindy, I love your tutorials – they’ve expanded my horizons about what I can do with polymer clay. I also really admire that you are a working artist! As a current college student thinking about career options, I think that it’s amazing that you can make a living through artistic endeavors. Thanks. ~Vierra-C
  • Cindy – I am a craft worker who is trying to turn a hobby into a small business. I do enjoy your tutoring videos and I can tell you that after I wasn’t successful finding polymer clay work shops in my area, your videos are being my best school! Thanks. ~Andrea-K


  • I’ve done many book marks as gifts, but they usually turn out too fancy for the men in my life, but I never thought of using the book beads!! That’s great for the “boys”. Thanks Cindy ~Mavis-T
  • Aha! I was making this much harder than it needed to be. Thanks, Cindy and Doug, for teaching me a better way. ~Linda-K
  • What a great idea!! I’ve been designing some bookmarks with beads and this would be something I would love to try. ~Cheryl-H
  • Now that the Holidaze are approaching, it is time to think about gifties! Isn’t this the perfect gift for anyone?  Ever need a last minute gift – well now you have one. Don’t go crazy and run around looking for something nice to give. A book-hook is the answer. Lots of orphan beads lying around, whispering “use me” … “no use me”.  They want a home LOL. This is so practical as well as cute (pretty). Another inspiring tute! My orphan beads thank you. ~Patt-W
  • I have been given several hookmarks and can’t use them becasue they do fall out….grrrrrr. So this tute is great! I sure have lots of orphan beads to use up and I’m a ‘rabid’ reader. Then I might just make a couple of others for gift giving :) ~Pollyanna
  • Perfect timing! My husband is remodeling his father’s house and has gifted me with a giant pile of copper wire. ~Maria-C
  • What a wonderful video tutorial- makes me want to get your other wire working videos :)  Thanks Cindy. ~Tantasherry
  • Agree with all, plenty of orphan beads here, and Christmas is coming… this is a perfect gift. Thinking of one for my Godmother/Aunt who is in her mid eighties, and still loves to read her family bible for inspiration daily. In the past, I made her a set of multi colored ribbon bookmarks so she could highlight her favorite passages, but as she has arthritic hands, the ribbons are too fussy. A set of these copper bookmarks, would be the perfect sturdy easy to use markers! ~Jocelyn-C
  • We’re off to do some Home Depot shopping today, so will slip over to the electrical wire department to see what they have in copper grounding wire. This looks like it will be a fun gift to make for my grandchildren. All the adults in the family are Kindle or IPAD readers, so won’t work there.  Thanks for another fun inspiration! ~Loretta-C
  • When I first saw the listing for this video I thought, “what do I want with a bookmark video?!”  Now I am embarrassed to say that, as usual, Cindy has shown me the light. I have made 2 and plan to make many more. I have so many clay items that weren’t quite right for jewelry but perfect as bookmark charms. Thank you, Cindy and forgive me for my original thoughts. I am always so happy that I subscribe to your weekly tutorials. It must be difficult for you to come up with fresh and interesting ideas all the time. I love you, Cindy! ~Beverle-S
  • Have made four great new bookmarks. Loved this tute Cindy. Would be great to have more male orinentated (is that spelt correct?) items, just glad you embrace copper wire (very macho). My leather-work always is snapped up by ladies for their “men” and now I can add chunky polymer clay (beads) to enhance the leather-wear. ~Elaine-F
  • I made a birdhouse charm for the bookmarks, with a backgroundless rose embellishment that is cute. The hammered bookmarks are a hit, by the way. I also made a cute little clay book boead like the one you made for your son, which was a super gift for a 12 year old boy moving back to Canada.  So, onward and upward….I do appreciate your lessons and will try to get up to speed on all of the projects so that I’m ready for new challenges. Thanks. ~Jane-VW
  • Your copper bookmarks were a great hit and now are being used in Japan, Venezuela, Australia, Germany , France and USA. (Christmas gifts to my extended family from all over the world, as well as here in UK.). Thank you Cindy this was one of my fav. tutes!!! Although the postage this Christmas cost more than the items sent!! Now working towards my next Craft Fair in Hullbridge. Have met a really lovely group of different “crafters” and was kept busy doing 6 different fairs, up until Christmas so need a couple of months to re-stock for February. ~Elaine-F
  • I have made so many of Cindy’s Copper Bookmarks. Everyone just loves them because I put a little PC birdhouse, or a purse or a big orphan bead on them. ~DixieAnn-S


  • Mmmm these are making my mouth water. Been making mini cake slices and ice-cream cornets but really Cindy you must have been reading my mind as was trying to decide how to make the cup-cake bottoms. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou. ~Elaine-F
  • Thanks so much Cindy on the shading idea using chalk pastels! I have tried many ways to shade my miniature food, but to no avail. So glad I found your website, VERY HELPFUL!!! ~Betty-B
  • Such a simple idea, but like all simple ideas, they turn out to be the best! I can just picture these on a charm bracelet! Thanks again Cindy! ~Marion-R
  • Cindy, Those little bits of yummy stuff are so cute. I often wondered how to make icing. Although I am not a PC foodie, these would be so cute for a charm bracelet for my granddaughter. ~Bette-L
  • Book charms with cupcakes! I’m making a mini scrapbook, a class is available at Michaels to learn how, and I thought of making little book charms for some of the tags and little photo pull outs. Polymer clay and scrapbooking goes hand and hand! Just think of the little brads and embellishments you could make! I like to make the bead caps, Cindy did a video on a while back, and use them as little embellishments. So, Cindy, more food and little goodies please!! I love everything miniature!! ~Catalina
  • I have already made many cupcakes pendants before and I made my silicon mold from a Mini-Reese (peanut-butter and chocolate cup). ~Cindy-G
  • I’ve never been interested in miniature food but these look so cute I know I’ll be making them. ~Freda-K
  • Those are sooo cute!!  They look good enough to eat!!  I’ve already checked my lamps and have the knob so I’m ready to cook up a batch.   I’m going to make a set for my granddaughters. ~Jeanne-C
  • Hi Cindy, thanks for the cupcake video. It’s amazing to me how many different skills you teach within 1 project. I don’t know if I will be making cupcakes anytime soon. I’m working on my sculptures. But I will use some of the new techniques that you taught in this lesson. You are a brilliant teacher. My work has improved by leaps and bounds since I “met” you. I think that one of the most important things that I am learning is that working in poly clay is really an art form. I knew that of course, but I’ve always been a little embarrassed about it. I’m almost done with my latest sculpture. I will send a picture. Your techniques are all over it! Thanks again. ~Cassie-C
  • These look gorgeous Cindy, I never cease to be amazed at your continual flow of inspiration! ~Marion-R
  • I just finished watching this week’s tut after a very busy weekend. Normally, when I see polymer clay jewelry that looks like food, I skip by it… but not if it’s something from our dear Cindy, because I always know that her tuts will be special. I’m just not a food-jewelry kind of girl, but wouldn’t a cupcake charm be just right on a bookhook? What if you were to buy a cookbook for someone as a gift and include a bookhook with one of those cupcake charms on it? NOW I’m excited about polymer clay food! ~Linda-K
  • How did you get to be SO SMART?!!! Your muffins/cupcakes are delightful!  ~Nettonya-R
  • Aren’t these cup cakes the cutest things?  I’ll be unscrewing a knob for this -teehee. I have a 14 yr grand daughter who would love a necklace and earrings of cup cakes.  They are all the rage, you know. Again, I am not a cutsie person but, the birdhouses and now the cup cakes are on my list for sure. Thanks, Lietz team. ~Patt-W
  • Oh,yummy! These look so cute and I bet my granddaughter would love a pair of earrings that look like cuppy cakes. Especially if there is some pink involved. ~Pollyanna
  • Wow, good enough to eat.. yum!! haha :) These look beautiful! So realistic. ~Rada-F
  • Well, wouldn’t these be darling as charms on the bookmarks from last week for girls and teens, especially?  I could see those selling well. Thanks, Cindy! ~Rebecca-C
  • Hunted in the bathroom cabinet and found an “essential oil bottle” the cap looks good to make a cup-cake mould from, also a toothpaste cap, so just waiting for my mould-making stuff to arrive. Has anyone used a star-shaped icing nozzle fixed with a rubber-band to the plastic baggie containing the “frosting”?? As a few years ago I used to do a lot of sugar-craft, cake decorating, thought I would give this a try next week. Cup cakes are really popular here in UK for weddings so thought charm bracelets would make ideal bridesmaids gifts for the tiny bridesmaids, matching the colour scheme of the wedding cakes. ~Elaine-F
  • I concur with earlier member posts – any number of medicinal tubes will have a lid that will do the same job as Cindy’s lamp knob idea. PC and craft supplies are very expensive in Australia so I have become very adept at finding things around the house to use and I always find endless uses for all kinds of packaging. My daughter and I used beer caps painted silver to make a flan and apple pie for her doll’s house in a similar way to this project and they came out great. I am just happy to have found a use for those holeless seed beads. Thanks Cindy! ~Emily-H
  • I bought this back issue series for the bookmark  lesson, but of course I had to watch the others…  the cupcake video was a delight!!!  Several times I have thought that certain tutorials would not hold my interest, but I always end up enjoying them. None of Cindy’s videos have disappointed me yet. ~Patty-J


  • Wahoo!!!!!!!!! Now this is a TUTE !!!!  The tulips are beautiful – especially in these new colors. The mind is swirling – hmmmm – how many colors there are in Tulips????? Your samples are so fresh and interesting, too. ~Patt-W
  • You know, I am generally very easy to please and fully appreciate all the tutes, but this one rocks! How absolutely gorgeous is this!? ~Becky-C
  • I love this cane. I also love learning how you do this. You see things so differently then I do. What a creative mind you have. Somehow you can think sideways, backwards and upside down! And then Ta Da everything is in the right place! ~Casey-C
  • I love these colors. I have to admit that for all the complaining I did re the color changes at Polyform, they did come up with some great new ones – Pomegranate, Spanish Olive, Peacock Pearl and 18K Gold are probably my favorites right now. I also really enjoy seeing the creative ways you use the canes in your jewelry – they give us a springboard of ideas to create our own beautiful and unique things. Thanks again Cindy and Doug! ~Maria-C
  • I watched the WONDERFUL FRIDAY TUTE!! Cindy your cane is fantastic. Not what I expected at all. I thought you would pack around the cane then remove the packing right before cutting. Nice surprise for me. Love the cane even more than earlier today. Thank you Cindy for the creating and Doug for the display of beauty. What a team you two are indeed. Oh ya I love those colors together absolutely awesome. Two thumbs up for me and a 3rd one if I had one. ~Peggy-B
  • This is a fantastic idea. Can’t wait to try it. Tulips are so pretty and come it so many colors. And…..that little peek at next week….WOW. I love parrot tulips even more. Thanks for the idea about cutting when hot for this. I too have trouble with wonky beads…..lol. ~Pollyanna
  • Amazing cane and so pretty! I just love the tulip bead. My mother taught me to make crepe paper tulips – the crepe paper that has two shades of the color for inside and outside the petals and I still use them. I haven’t done any claying for a while with family being sick but I’m enjoying the videos and hope I can get back to it real soon. ~Cherie-H
  • This one will be special for me. My dad was born in Holland and the family came to the U.S. when he was 9. I went to Holland and saw the house he had lived in and also the enormous fields of tulips in full bloom. That was such an amazing sight. I grew up near a Dutch community that held a tulip festival every year. Obviously, it’s one of my favorite flowers. ~Fran-R
  • That’s a pretty cane! You know, when I was a little kid my next-door-neighbour used to grow big red tulips every year. I was scared of them because the stamens inside looked like a big black spider – which is weird because I don’t remember ever being afraid of actual spiders! I did get over it (and I love tulips now), but I still think “spider” whenever I see one! ;) ~Silverleaf
  • Years ago we were playing eye-spy with our young nephew Jamie. He said, “I spy with my little eye something beginning with (Ch) and it’s red”. We spent ages trying to guess but had to give up!! He pointed to my vase of red tulips and said, “Chewlips”. Twenty years on we still rib him about it:) I will have to make the “chewlip” charm for him, he will love it dangling from a copper bookmark. Thanks Cindy and Doug. ~Elaine-F
  • How exciting! A two-part tutorial – what a nice surprise. The tulip cane is really a stand-out. And the ruffled parrot tulip bead is also. Thanks for using your “broken tulip” as an idea – now that’s thinking outside the box…  Please look around your house for other “tutes-in-the-making. Teehee. Love you guys! ~Patt-W
  • Cindy don’t take this wrong but I am so happy things keep breaking at your house. Please keep breaking the inexpensive things that give big inspiration. I bet there are many who would love to have just a part of your imagination. I knew I should of played more with my imaginary friend when I was little. I’m sure she would of taught me how to make better use of my imagination :~) Many Uuuggs. ~Peggy-B
  • I love the idea of baking and then slicing. I’m also very excited about next week. Can hardly wait! ~Maria-C
  • I was not disappointed, this is a great tute!  Love, love, love the idea of baking the entire portion of cane and then slicing when hot, as I always have problems with “mushed” slices for beads (too impatient to let the cane cool down after manipulating it!).  This will be a very lovely bead and next week’s parrot tulip looks marvelous as well! Very happy with this tute; thanks, Cindy and Doug! ~Becky-C
  • Love this bead!! It looks great. It was so much fun to make. Thanks. ~Cassie-C
  • I’m all over the place in terms of skill level. I would say a hard intermediate moving towards advanced. I’m trying to find my “voice”. I’ve been using Cernit clay – the nature line, and the clay’s texture is wonderfully soft. It’s perfect for rustic, earthy beads but for me, right now, I get clayer’s block when I look at the colors. I hope that means I’m progressing. Either that or its back to writing novels or oil painting. I usually hate making canes, but your tulip cane video was great. I made parrot beads. Sincerely. ~Keenya-R


  • Simply Beautiful! ~Tantesherry
  • Love the vibrant colors, Cindy! ~Lupe-M
  • Tulips, all kinds, are surely one of my favorite flowers, and Cindy “understands” them, lol. ~Jocelyn-C
  • This one is brilliant – in more than one way! Thank you Cindy, this is gorgeous. ~Marion-R
  • This was fantastic. Just beautiful and parrot tulips come in such great colors. Thanks so much for the wonderful instructions. ~Pollyanna
  • Cindy, this is another great tutorial, and those parrot tulips look as lifelike and rain kissed as if you just brought them in from the garden. ~Jocelyn-C
  • Great stuff, the technique for making the ruffled edges will definitely come in useful for other projects too. ~Silverleaf
  • Wonderful Tute, Cindy. I did a search and found quite a few colors in the parrot tulips. I want to try ALL of them. Thanks again  – the new colors Are great. All your tutes are so awe inspiring. I have learned so much using your videos. Thank you, Doug and the kids for being so generous ;D ~Patt-W
  • Wow Cindy, these are the best yet, I love how delicate the frills look, so must order these new premo colours as the combination is perfect. Will have to buy the tulip bulbs in the autumn (fall) to plant in my new window boxes. My favourite coffee mug has similar tulips on it and often looked at it and wondered if I could replicate it in PC. Now I can, thanks Cindy your timing is amazing. ~Elaine-F
  • I just love the look of this bead. So frilly and delicate. ~Dawn-B
  • Cindy, you were so right! I turned the center upside down! I cannot believe that you figured it out so quick. So now I have Hibiscus as well as parrot tulips! But The colors are great and I like both. Really got my money’s worth from that video. Two lessons for the price of one! Thank you for all your help I absolutely love these videos. I can make such pretty things! what a high it is when they come out so beautiful that you want to make more. And in every color you can think of. ~KaronKay
  • Wow! Those tulips are attention-grabbers, for sure…very unique! Cindy, I think you were quite clever with these tutes. Teaching the Tulip Cane last week, then using a bit of it this week to make beautiful, frilly-petal’d beads — smart! The Parrot Tulip beads are lovely, and I agree with Silverleaf that this technique can be used for other things, as well. Very useful, indeed! Thanks so much for your video tutorials. ~Phaedrakat
  • Up until recently I have not been much of a fan of caning… that is, doing it myself (I always enjoy looking). This has been mainly for two reasons. One, my biggest focus has been on sculptural work (dragons, the occasional mermaid, etc.), and two… because I suck at them. Recently, I watched Cindy’s video about the Parrot Tulip cane, tried it, and yay, I actually managed to pull it off!  I now have one of my first decent canes, a frilled tulip waiting to go into a fairy bouquet, the rest waiting for when I get down my to do list to decorate another fairy’s skirt. And maybe a few jewelry pieces for a friend of mine whose “children” are two African Gray parrots. So, thanks to Cindy, I have learned how to make a stacked layer style cane. ~Mitzi-B
  • Cindy – I am having fun making these tulip beads, sweet peas, poinsettia flower earrings, etc. Based on what you taught me during our recent PcT Roadtrip visit, I’m now working on making the flowers a little smaller for the earrings. Thank you for providing such great videos, I am understanding the size issue much better now. ~Cindy-P

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