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In This Vol-037:
Color Recipes:
1A. Teal Leaves
2A. Sunlight
3A. Lily Pad
4A. Pewter Sky

Video Topics:
1. Sculpted Iris Beads
2. Faux Stoneware
3. Peacock Cane Pt-1
4. Peacock Cane Pt-2

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>> Customer Reviews (Volume-037):


  • Beautiful sunny palette, fresh and bright but also soothing. I love the names you give your colors Cindy, so descriptive. ~Cherie-H
  • Thanks Cindy for another great color palette and Doug for another amazing picture! ~Jeanne-C
  • Beautiful pallet. I love this one! ~Dawn-B
  • Very nice – I’m not usually into yellow but I like this. :) Apparently the name St John’s wort comes from the fact that it’s traditionally harvested on St John’s Day, June 24th. The St John in question is John the Baptist. Wort is a very old English word (having origins in the German word for “root”) which was often used in the names of medicinal plants. And St John’s wort is a traditional herbal treatment for depression. Very interesting, I learned something finding that out! ~Silverleaf
  • Silverleaf: very informative. I’ve dealt a little with herbs but didn’t know about the ‘wort’ part. Cindy… love the sunlight and lily pad the most on this palette. Very happy colors. ~Pollyanna
  • How beautiful — I’ve seen St. John’s Wort in the vitamins / supplements aisle in stores before, but never knew it was related to such a colorful flower! This is a gorgeous palette, Cindy. It cheers me up… perhaps the same way the herbal supplements are supposed to work! ;-)  Thanks so much, Mr. and Ms. Lietz! ~Phaedrakat
  • Isn’t nice when someone has something to add to our colors -Thanks Silverleaf! Cindy – I just love your cool color palette. It will be soothing in the hot weather to come. ~Patt-W
  • Doug does with a camera what you do with clay – pure artistic beauty. Love this color palette. Feel the warmth on my face while sitting in my garden. So relaxing. Love Love Love. Thank you both so very much. Many Uuuugggs. ~Peggy-B
  • What a great month for tutes!!  While I haven’t been on the blog much, I have been watching my weekly videos and this has been another great month!  Thanks so much for all of your inspiring ideas and wonderful detail oriented quality videos!! ~Laura-Z
  • I’m sooo thankful I signed up for these tutorials you so kindly share with us and I have learned a wealth of new information and awesome techniques!! Thank you again for sharing your talent with us for you do have a special gift!! ~Bonnie-H
  • I am always amazed to see another month go by so quckly… must be old age… but also to see what we have learned. Thanks go to the Lietz’s and all my friends here for invaluable help and encouragement. ~Pollyanna
  • Cindy, I want you to know how much I appreciate you and your family team. Your tutes are a treasure to me. Thank you so much for sharing your passion for polymer clay with us who also have that passion. Woot! You learned by making mistakes, so we don’t have to. Woot! ~Dawn-B
  • This was an amazing month of videos. I loved making the Iris flowers and look forward to making the Peacock Feather Cane. I can’t wait to see what you have planned for us next month. You and Doug are the best, thanks for providing a place to get inspiration, support and fun!!  Your tutorials are the best. ~Jeanne-C


  • Maybe it’s because Irises are one of my favourite flower, or maybe it’s the colour combinations, but this is my favourite video so far. I already know how I’ll be incorporating these beads into a necklace for a friend. ~Isabel-H
  • These are absolutely beautiful! If you keep going Cindy we will be able to make a full flower arrangement ;) Cute, cute, cute. ~Brenda-M
  • Cindy -this is such a colorful tute. I agree with Brenda -a full flower arrangement -how wonderful. I love flowers! ~Patt-W
  • Ooooh Cindy, Love this tut. Flowers are going to be blooming everywhere on my work table! And yes, a lovely little flower arrangement with iris popping out – I can see it happening. Most everything I make ends up in other homes so I think this one will be for me especially, at least until I have a visitor and it goes to a new home – but out here in the woods I will have it longer than before when I lived in town! Another perk for moving out in the  woodlands. I love flowers and this is going to be a favorite, all of my iris are just coming into bud, we are about two weeks behind everyone else, My daughters live in town and they always send me flowers home to enjoy before mine catch up to theirs. So now I will have some permanent ones for my table to make me smile. You are awesome. Will try to send a picture of the necklace I just finished using the petal cane from your other video. I am so blessed to have you as my teacher. I have come a long way since I have been learning from you , and I have been playing for about ten years, only now I have no fingerprints and the beads feel so soft and wonderful. Thank you for all of your lessons! ~Karonkay
  • Thank you for the great tutorial. I have Irises in my garden and was just thinking that I wanted to make some. Thanks, Cindy. ~Carol-M
  • Ohooooo! This looks sweeeeeet!! I had a feeling you were going to come up with a cool flower! Maybe we are on the same wave length :) ~Catalina
  • The Irises are just so beautiful. I love sculpted flowers.  I’ve made sculpted paper flowers and tried a bit with wax too and Plasticine. ~Cherie-H
  • Wow, you just keep coming up with great ideas. ~Claycass
  • Another beautiful bead shape to add to our collection!! These make a really pretty focal bead. ~DJ
  • The name Iris means RAINBOW in Greek (they certainly seem to come in all manner of colourful combinations. The Iris shape is used as the fleur-de-lys symbol. It is the State flower emblem of Tennessee. The DOUGLAS Iris (Iris dougasiana) is found growing wild (Sounds about right ha ha) along the coasts of California and South Oregon. The Yellow Flag (Iris pseudacorus) can be commonly found growing along riverbanks, marshland and even ditches here in the UK. So now I expect, even in far away places Cindy’s poly versions will be blooming. Thank you Cindy. Wonder how many different colours there will be! ~Elaine-F
  • They are so cute!! I love the colors. Thanks for another great tutorial.  :) ~Jeanne-C
  • Oh, oh, oh!! I can’t decide which is the most beautiful, the shape of the flowers or the colors you used. I was looking at my newly-blossomed rhododendron flowers today, wondering how I could make them in polymer clay.  I think this tutorial might help me to figure it out.  It just amazes me how my creativity just explodes with your tutorials. ~Linda-K
  • Love these sculpted flowers…beautiful! Thanks, Cindy! ~Lupe-M
  • LOVE the irises! So simple, yet if I had to figure this out on my own, I’m not so sure that I would have made the same discoveries as you! WELL DONE, Cindy!!! ~Nettonya-R
  • Another great tute!!! I’m learning so much. ~Pollyanna
  • Wow, simply stunning, I think. I love the sculpted flowers; all kinds. Love the bling ring! ~Rebecca-C
  • Fun! I’m not really into sculpted flower beads but these are cool. I like the idea of mounting a flower in a bezel and will definitely try that. ~Silverleaf
  • The interchangeable pendant you created from wire was so clever, and when I made the sculptured Iris flower I put it on the wire and closed it off with a bead dangle on the bottom. I called it “Iris on a wire” and everyone I show it to wants one. Thank you Cindy for sharing your talent, your ideas and most of all your time. ~Dixie-S
  • I’m kind of new to Cindy’s tutorials so am enjoying the past issues as they are new to me. These iris beads are fantastic, I love to take close up pix of them in my yard so this really opens up some of the ideas I have for the irises. Texture etc making fuzzys some how in the middle. She is sooooo good… sigh. Never ceases to amze me what this lady does. Thanks Cindy again. ~Patty-J
  • Hi Cindy, Well, these were just too dang fun to make :-)  Thanks for this tutorial.  I made earrings out of some smaller ones and I think I am going to go with bookmarks for the bigger ones.  I am not sure yet, but I am going to make more in different colors. What fun and so glad to be back claying. ~Kriss-J
  • Cindy, I had another small happy accident, when I was polishing one of my iris beads one of the upper petals that curls in broke off, at first I was really bummed out but as I looked closer it occurred to me that it now looks just like an orchid. So when I was doing a jar, I added 3 leaves and put it in the middle of the lid, BEAUTIFUL! I have learned to love my mistakes but then I have always looked at things as what they could be, not just what they are. ~Cheyrl-B


  • Gorgeous pendants, Cindy! I’ve been looking forward to seeing you do a tute that incorporates pastels. You really know how to keep those ideas coming… you’re truly inspired (and hard-working, creative, gifted, generous and much more!) Thanks for being such a great teacher… and giving us so many excellent videos to look forward to — week after week! ~Phaedrakat
  • With every preview I think “Oh this is going to be my favorite!” I now have thirty six and 1/2 volumes of favorites. These pieces are gorgeous!! Cindy, I continue to be in awe of your creative mind! ~Elizabeth-S
  • I absolutely love this technique. When the new colors came out I got everything but the granite colors. I just wasn’t fond of granite until now and I will be watching for a sale to go out and buy a lot more granite. Oh and Elizabeth I own those now 37 favorites also. I would be in trouble if someone told me I had to pick out just one favorite. Love them all Cindy and Doug.Thanks so much once again. Love and Uuugggs. ~Peggy-B
  • Oooh, I love ceramics and stone ware. I love the pendant with the tree and bird and also the painted one with the foxgloves. ~Cherie-H
  • Oh man! I need to get some of those new clays. You have out done yourself once again. All these awesome techniques. ~Kathy-G
  • OOOOooooo, I used to do ceramics before discovering PC. I may have never come to this medium if the ceramic store hadn’t closed. ~Ken-H
  • What a fun technique. I’m running out to get Premo granite and the gloss. ~Loretta-C
  • Using pastels! WOW – I have been a pastelist for years. What interesting ways of using PC that you come up with. I have seen artists that use pastels in their PC work – now all of us can join them. Hurrah!! ~Patt-W
  • Love this idea… I used to work with ceramics and love the look. How nice to be able to get that with pc!!! You have several of us off searching….:), now where did I put my pastels ?????? ~Pollyanna
  • Cool, lots of possibilities for our own interpretation / experiments here. I avoided the granites too – I have every new colour except the granites and the coloured translucent’s, but I might well get some now. Or maybe even use some inclusions to make my own “stone” type clay – I bet sand would look really good! I think I might have a tiny bit of Fimo granite / marble left somewhere that I got in a cheap “job lot” on eBay ages ago, so I could try now. ~Silverleaf
  • Awesome video, Cindy! Your Faux ceramic pieces are lovely! Love how you used the glass plate (yours has quite the variety of texture selections!) I still haven’t found the new Premo at Michael’s, but I have some of Fimo’s granite clay…or I could make my own Premo version with embossing powder, sand, etc. I’d been planning to avoid the granite and color translucent clays. But now I have a great incentive to buy the Premo Accents granites! ~Phaedrakat
  • Just pulled my test piece out of the oven and it turned out really well. The reason for the test was two fold. 1st I only had 10 or 12 year old sculpey glaze #33 gloss — I opened the bottle (glass) and discovered that the ingredients had separated and some turned hard — not to be stopped I stirred and mashed and mashed some more till all was mixed (mostly). 2nd I didn’t have any chalk pastels, but just before sleep last night I had an aha moment!! And it worked!! I used sidewalk chalk. YAY!! ~Tantesherry
  • Cindy and Doug, this tutorial is fabulous.  I’m not big on the granite stuff so I’ll stick with white clay for my first attempt.  My store STILL doesn’t have the new colors anyway. I’d been planning to make a similar style pendant with plain white clay, using acrylic paint to do some One-Stroke style flowers on it after it was baked.  Of course, mine wouldn’t have had that gorgeous ceramic look to it.  I’m really glad I didn’t start yet!  Yippee, I already have the pastels and the gloss glaze. ~Linda-K
  • This could be very addictive! Will wonders never cease? Not with the Polymer Clay Tutor around. Thanks for another creative tute!!!!! ~Patt-W


  • This is the most profoundly beautiful cane ever!!!  The colors just flow into each other. Perfect colors for anyone. Especially the gals in my family.  These would make thrilling gifts. I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!! ~Patt-W
  • Cindy, all I can say is WOW! I loved the first part and can’t wait for part 2. ~Bette-L
  • I knew Cindy would make it simpler! And the colors are simply gorgeous. I love peacock feathers too. ~Cherie-H
  • Beautiful Cindy!! I’ve made peacock feathers in the past but they’ve never turned out as detailed and colorful as this one. I’m so excited. Thank you! ~Dawn-B
  • This cane is so beautiful!! ~Fran-R
  • Fabulous tutorial Cindy! The colour blends are just gorgeous. ~Fran-Y
  • I LOVE the colors you used in this cane. The peacock pearl is one of my favorite color as well as the magenta pearl. One of the camp grounds we stayed at in CA had peacocks roaming the grounds they were so beautiful and fun to watch. ~Jeanne-C
  • Love excellence, and this is it. Congrats, Cindy and Doug! ~Jocelyn-C
  • WOW, WOW, WOW!!!!! I can’t wait till next week. We use peacock feathers at Christmas time (mom saw a Victorian tree in one of her magazines that used the feathers on the tree) I have had a pack of six clear balls (from Michael’s BTW) for some time, not knowing what I wanted to do with them, now I know, I will layer these with cane slices around the top near the cap. ~Ken-H
  • I have wanted to do a peacock cane for so long! This is so beautiful, Cindy. ~Linda-K
  • This is just a beautiful cane Cindy! I love it..!! Thanks for teaching us such wonderfully beautiful things Cindy! Clay On. ~Lisa-W
  • Oh goody… I have been looking for a peacock cane. Love these colors, Cindy! Thanks! ~Lupe-M
  • Amazing, Cindy! You’re not only brilliant but also a mind-reader! I was only looking at pictures of Peacock feathers last week and wondering how a cane could be made, and bingo! ~Marion-R
  • Oh Cindy, you’ve made an old woman very happy!  A dream come true, a peacock cane!  I too have always adored peacocks, their feathers, their unbelievable shimmering colours, their strutting  -well how could they help it-  and I even love their haunting calls. In the ancient literature they’re the symbol of immortality so your choice of gorgeous wedding colours was very wise as well as highly original, very Cindy-and-Doug-ish.  And no need to tell you, your marriage is lookin’ good, absolutely imperishable!  (I’ve noticed that my peacock feathers, standing in a vase for years and years, still look fresh and lovely, so maybe there’s something in that).  Anyway, this is a challenge which I will take up and persist with until it comes out like your cane.  Let’s see, I’ll be 163 by then …  Never mind, I’ll press on. Practice, practice (or practise, if you spell the American way) should help. What fun! Thanks a million, Cindy.  ~Mary-U
  • Cindy this tute is so easy and BEAUTIFUL. Now that I have the colors (grin) all is well with my world! Thanks for such an inspiring tute. The best ever! ~Patt-W
  • Just watched part 1 and I’m so in love with the colors your using. It’s going to be a LONG week till next Friday. Are you sure we can’t convince you to release part 2 early?  I promise to make my bed and feed the dog!! Ok I’ll even make the meals for a week! Ok this strategy never worked with my mom so looks like I just need to keep busy. ~Jeanne-C
  • Oh gosh…. this is too gorgeous!!! ~Pollyanna
  • Got my eagerly awaited email and found this little gem. Cindy once again another beautiful cane. ~Valerie-H
  • Cindy, this cane is unbelievably beautiful! Can’t wait for the second installment! ~Linda-K
  • Can’t wait for the second installment of the video, I’ve always been fascinated by peacocks myself and this cane is gorgeous!  It is probably the most beautiful and useful cane I’ve ever seen. ~Barbara-L
  • Reclining on a velvet couch, eating bonbons and being fanned with peacock plumes… I actually thought that you were going to finish that quote by saying it was you and the finishing line would read “while they wait for part two!” We are all so excited to make this lovely cane. ~Karonkay
  • Man, give Cindy a few new colors and her head goes into overtime with amazing creative possibilities. ~Elizabeth-S
  • I am relatively new to Cindy’s tutorials. I have never posted before. I just finished the peacock feather cane. It is absolutely beautiful. But more importantly, I think it taught me more about making polymer clay canes then I have learned in the 4 years that I have be practicing. I also gave me a zillion ideas of other things I can make by adapting the same process. I am thrilled! No one is going to see me again until work on Monday. I’m just working on my canes. Cindy you have a unique gift of breaking down complex tasks into simple steps. Thank You. ~Kathleen-C
  • Dear Cindy, I am so happy because the peacock cane is the first project I’ve made since I was paralyzed last year. It is far from perfect but my hands are still very weak. I cannot reduce the cane until I get help when my daughter comes. The motor on my pasta machine is a big help thanks to Penny who gave me the link. She also has the new colors of premo. I just purchased them and have to say she is a very fare person with postage and help ect; and to you and Doug, thanks again for such amazing video’s. I am just so happy to be claying again and able to work thru the pain, at the end of it to see what I have done. Wow and what all the blog team have helped me do, love to you all ~Ritzs
  • My first peacock cane didn’t look quite right but I used the “eye” to make earrings and a pendant. Today I will cover them in resin (gotta look at Cindy’s tute again to get this right). With the rest of the cane I covered all my tools to give me a better grip, also a couple of little sweetie tins and a stone from the beach. As Cindy says, nothing is wasted with this medium and sometimes happy accidents occur. Love this site. ~Elaine-F
  • My sister-in-law raises Peacocks here in Michigan and they are noisy. But the beauty out weighs the noise. My first field trip to the Zoo in Kindergarden I was greeted by a huge peacock and been a fan ever since! This tute is cool! ~Catalina
  • Absolutely stunning!!!!! Part II was certainly worth the wait!! ~Elizabeth-S
  • My peacock cane did not turn out as expected, so I made it into a Kaleidoscope Cane – I call it my Peacock Kali Cane. :) ~Lisa-W
  • What a nice video of Coconut Grove – and the history of the area. Don’t we love to travel vicariously? The idea of the peacock sculptures and the artists who decorate them is fun. Your ideas of incorporating this type of thing is what keeps us stimulated. Thanks so much. This is over and above anything what other teachers do with their videos. You and Doug and of course the kids (said lovingly) are wonderful giving people. Hurrah!!! ~Patt-W
  • Loved the video. I think artists, whatever their medium of choice, have so much power to impact  the ugliness in the world. I wonder what would happen if groups of people full of hatred for each other were put into a room and told to create together. I’ll bet by the end of the experience the reasons for their differences would be forgotten. I was also impressed by the fact that this group of artists in Coconut Grove, initially reluctant to work side by side, wound up collaborating and establishing friendships and support for each other, resulting in the generation of a whole greater than the sum of its parts so to speak. Guess it’s a long way of saying that it simulates what happens here. You and Doug draw us into this creative space where magical things happen on levels too numerous to name. For this I thank you. ~Elizabeth-S
  • This was fantastic. Wow!!!!! ~Pollyanna
  • I loved the peacock cane so much that I went and got the new colors. I couldn’t find the light pink so I used magenta pearl. The color worked well. I reversed a couple of flat pieces so it didn’t turn out exactly the way your video showed it, but I have a beautiful cane and I loved it!!! Sometimes errors can be beautiful. I’m so excited about doing it again to try and get it right. I love your site, and appreciate being able to stretch my imagination!! ~Sandra-G
  • I just made the peacock cane, letting it rest a bit before reducing as it is quite soft. I too reversed a couple of pieces without meaning to, and like the other Sandra’s one, turned out quite lovely. With the ends of the eye cane, I have made a couple of rocker beads, and they look like the aurora technique without all the hard work (anything to make things easy!). ~Sandra-J
  • Had my tear drop blends all ready to go yesterday, and then my granddaughter arrived (babysitting duty for grandma!) but I refused to let it stop me. She had a ball starting and stopping the video and helping to “smush” as she said (already getting into PC slang and she is only 4) the clay and then layer the slices. This was a fantastic tute, well worth the price, and another of your and Doug’s marvelous efforts. Thank you! ~Marlene-C
  • Cindy and Doug – Lord have mercy. What ever those “feel good” chemicals are I am now totally immersed in them. Glowing. Why? You. I did it, from start to finish. Part One and Part Two, plus watched the peacock info vid a couple of times. You are a brilliant teacher. I admire your and Doug’s work and commitment to us so much. ~Jocelyn-C
  • WOW! Part 2 is absolutely stunning!!! This tute is probably my all time favorite!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for expanding my knowledge. Don’t know how you do it, but you keep coming up with such exciting tutes. Thanks you so much for being YOU. ~Patt-W
  • Thank you Cindy. I have been making feathers all day. Working to get the pattern memorized and playing with colors. It is terrific. I’m new here but I am at an intermediate level. Although I am working through your beginners course to break some of my bad habits and learn new skills. ~Kathleen-C
  • When I saw this last week Cindy, I was just thrilled. I’ve been a peacock fanatic ever since I was a kid too (it was a pretty illustrated card image and a zoo trip that did it for me). I love learning more involved techniques and marvel at how you “decipher” everything into simple, clear steps in such short segments. We have such a rich library here – brimming with information (tutorials and the blog) we can always access those if we need help. Thanks Cindy and Doug for another gorgeous technique!! ~DJ
  • The true genius of this cane is that it gets you using most of the new premo colours simultaneously. Look…. I have to be honest I made a bit of a dog’s breakfast of this cane but the colours and ratio are so stunning I ended up with some beautiful pieces anyway! ~Emily-H
  • Hey there, been a while since I’ve done any claying (or jewelry making for that matter) as I’ve been so busy with my kids this spring but I had to let you know how much I loved this cane video!!  I am itching to get back to claying and hope to be there soon and this will be one of my first projects. Cindy, you even make the hard stuff look easy. ~Laura-Z
  • Wanted to say thank you, Cindy. Your tutorials are amazing. Me and cane making usually don’t work. Lol – I wanted a peacock cane so bad. I just wasn’t happy with the peacock designs form other artists. Too plain. I loved that yours was the new pearl colors. My favorite colors. I love Premo. I posted some pics on facebook. Thank you my teacher. Hope I made you proud. ~Kimberly-I
  • When Cindy finished this 2 part tutorial, I was ready to go. Had the “eye” done and was ready for the “feathers”. As soon as my cane was finished I put slices on a votive candle holder and was thrilled with the look and proudly set it on a table in my family room. Several people have since commented on it, and said I should add it to my website. So I did, thinking someone might want one. I was wrong. Two days after I listed it, an event planner e-mailed me that she wanted 250 of them for an event in April! Guess what I will be doing for the next month and a half!!! Thank you Cindy, for all you have done for us. This success is as much yours as mine. ~Marlene-C
  • I just watched it for the second time this morning with my cup of coffee. Very nice to meet you Margaret and Dana. Thanks for all the tips Cindy. I’ve heard you mention before about baking upside down in between the tiles, but it never really registered, lol, and I confess I too have a resin obsession. It makes a beautiful piece amazing. I just had two compliments this week, from men (that’s never happened before), on my peacock cane earrings that are covered in… you guessed it, resin! Don’t forget Upstate NY Cindy. Is there anybody else from the Upstate NY area? Maybe we could all plan to get together when Cindy and her family are able to come our way and have a meeting at one of our craft stores. WOULDN’T THAT BE FUN!!!!! Thanks again. ~Michelle-A
  • Hi Cindy, I’m so glad that I’ve found you on the internet. Your tutorials are so happy, clear and complete. I’m an advanced beginner in the Netherlands and since 2 months I love polymer clay. I was using Cernit and a bit of Fimo but I’m really in love with the Premo pearl clay since I have seen your tuts (the peacock cane for example). ~Francis-V
  • Hi Cindy!!! I just wanted to say thank you so much for the your amazing peacock feather cane tutorial. I was very pleased with how it turned out! ~Marsha-L

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