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In This Vol-035:
Color Recipes:
1A. Porcelain Cup
2A. Wineberry
3A. Foxgloves
4A. Stamen

Video Topics:
1. Lilac Beads
2. Copper Foil Tape
3. Teardrop Blend Shift
4. Birdhouse Beads

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  • Quite the interesting palette! I love your stories, and this one about foxgloves is no exception. Seeing them blowing across the fields must’ve been a glorious sight! Your ‘very hardy’ breed is beautiful, and makes for a cool polymer clay palette. Thanks so much for the recipes, and for all of your inspiration (as always!) Cindy & Doug, you ROCK! ~Phaedrakat
  • Very pretty colors. I have never seen a foxglove flower, they are pretty. The inside dots on the flower look like they came from an extruder cane!!  I also like the stories you share with us. You always make my day. ~Jeanne-C
  • Cindy, I too love Foxgloves, I cant wait for the first to show their beautiful heads in spring. Our wild variety are a light purplish and much nicer than the ones grown from seed. I always have to pick one vase full, although I don’t like to pick wild flowers. They look better in nature, but they are a cheer for anyone in spring, but so is the color palette. You have scored again Cindy and Doug. ~Ritzs
  • Love the history and your stories with this one. I have always loved them too. Now that I have a little more time I can look into their horticulture for this Spring. ~Pollyanna
  • If any if you are still debating about joining I have to say that you won’t be sorry. Just be aware that you might find yourself blogging often and seeking advice and encouragement and there is no known cure! You will be hooked for life but we are here for you! :) sooooo, polymer clay, take me awaaaaaayyyyyy! ~Catalina
  • Thank you for your videos Cindy. I have already learned, and more importantly, gained the confidence to give new things a try. ~Karen-D
  • WOW I have been using my computer or droid phone to view tutorials. Today I got on my iPad to read the blog and to my PLEASURE!!! I can now view on my iPad thank you thank you thank you!!!! ~Edie-H
  • You just have the best tutorials that I have ever seen!  Thanks again! ~Jen-H
  • Thanks, Cindy! As a new polymer clay artist, It’s such a jump start to be able to learn from your videos. ~Thalia-K


  • This is so great. Lilac is one of my favorite flowers. It’s very difficult to grow successful lilac were I am and this way I can make my own and have them year round. Thanks Cindy. ~Barbara-C
  • Oh, these are very pretty indeed. Would make any number of lovely spring items to wear from necklaces and pendants to bracelets and rings, as you show here. Thanks, Cindy! ~Becky-C
  • Don’t know how you do it but this is going to be another great Friday. My favorite day cause you always find something great to show us……thanks! ~Pollyanna
  • Wonderful!!!!!! If they’re made small enough, they could be clustered on ear wires. OH the possibilities. ~Ken-H
  • While I’m not into flowers myself, I can definitely see the appeal of these. The various colours look lovely with the copper ball headpins too. ~Sue-F
  • Don’t laugh but I’m seriously thinking of making some and hanging them on the lilac bushes out front. Darn deer absolutely love lilac buds. It would be nice to have some color once in a while! ~Koolbraider
  • What a cute tute! Love the movement in your samples. Anything purple catches my eye. Spring has sprung with all the wonderful flower tutes.  Don’t you just love Spring? Happy dance. ~Patt-W
  • I just love the colors. They’re my daughters favorite color too. So many possibilities here…  clusters on earrings, bracelets. ~Cheryl-H
  • This is so beautiful and just in time to be made for my spring jewelry sale! ~Maria-C
  • Wonderful tutorial. We had many Lilac bushes in our yard in Vermont. They are so pretty and very fragrant, I had the light and dark purple as well as the white. It’ll be nice to make them into a bouquet for my table here in Tucson!! I love the pendant. ~Jeanne-C
  • These are great, Cindy! These beautiful lilac flowers would look great on dangly earrings! ~Lupe-M
  • So pretty! I love that there are always design ideas for those of us who are challenged in this area — yes, I mean me. ~Elizabeth-S
  • These are really pretty Cindy, and I do indeed love lilac and most other purple colours. You must have read my mind, I was just thinking recently about using slices of a simple flower cane to make sculptural beads. Guess this will help me with the sculptural part of that! Oh and yay for another colour recipe as well… I made up a batch of pearl colour chips for my magnetic board yesterday (yeah I know, I’m obsessed with it at the moment, lol) and it reminded me of how lovely mica clays look, even when they’re not sanded. I’m looking forward to this one. … Oh yeah, and the larger open flowers remind me of crocuses, so I guess you could adapt the technique to make those very easily. Or hang them upside down, as snowdrops. ~Silverleaf
  • Oh Cindy! How did you know these are one of my favourite flowers? I absolutely LOVE the smell of them and the look of them! I can hardly wait until they make an appearance here in Alberta! Thank you my friend! ~Aims
  • Had trouble with computer earlier but that just might be the best thing that happened to me all day. Now I can’t drive my husband nuts all day waiting for another fantastic tute. If I close my eyes I can smell the lilacs, the most beautiful sweet smell spring brings us. Thanks to my delay I can probably watch the tute yet before I go back to bed again. Woo Hoo, You guys are on a roll that can’t be broken. Maybe you should go to Vegas, would you still do the tutes for all of us if you won big in Vegas. Be Honest. I think you would, it’s in your blood. Well I’m going to go check on the tute talk to you later. BIG THANKS AND MANY Uuuuuuggggggs. ~Peggy-B
  • I have a friend who would dearly love these flowers in some form…. hummmm, what to make, what to make?  She is a purple fan, besides, so how could I go wrong? I love the idea of tiny flowers in dangly earrings. Cindy, you make these look so easy and I am sure they are, coming from that fertile mind of yours!  Thank you! ~Becky-C
  • Hi Cindy and all. Love this tut. Can see myself making lovely earrings with it. Love the idea of the paint on them too. Another good video Cindy. Thanks. ~Elizabeth-K
  • Cindy, I just got a chance to watch the Lilac flower video… that was my mothers favorite flower and color. Your tuts make making this flower so easy. ~Natalie-H
  • What fun little beads! Very pretty flowers, and those tiny baby buds are adorable! I’m definitely going to be making some of these beads. Dangly earrings will be a must (of course!) and I’ll have to make some using other colors, too. Love the lariat necklace, Cindy…it is “simply” beautiful! The bling ring’s a really cute idea, too. Thanks for another cool technique to add to our bag-o-tricks — you’re really loadin’ us up with knowledge, Ms. Tutor! Thanks for all you do. ~Phaedrakat
  • YEP Another out of this world tute. The colors are just so perfect. I love it all. One big BIG problem. I am getting further and further behind but it sure will be fun catching up. Thank you both for giving us these wonderful tutes 4 Fridays a Month. Love every moment of them. You make a wonderful team. Have a great weekend. Many Uuuuggggggs. ~Peggy-B
  • I just watched the lilac tut and loved it. So pretty yet so easy. I can hardly wait to start. Thank you Cindy for such great tutorials. You make it fun to learn. ~Barbara-C
  • Fantastic tute. Wow ….love the idea at the end with the added color. that could be used on lots of things, also. Thanks!!! ~Pollyanna
  • Hi All, I haven’t added comments in a long time. Just made a pile of beautiful lilac buds and flowers. I do my best creating when I am about to get out of bed. Thought about how to make the centers pop on the flowers. I took a head pin and dipped it into a dark yellow craft paint like American. Stuck each pin in some styrofoam to dry. Then pushed the pins through the center, clipped the pin at about 3/8″ and made a loop.  Quite striking and realistic. Try it you will like it! ~Carolyn-K
  • Cindy, those are really neat, too bad we can’t add a lilac smell to them. LOL  ~Bonnie-K
  • Well I decided to use this technique to make a necklace for my mum for Mother’s Day (tomorrow here in the UK). Since my mum prefers bright colours I thought lilac might be a bit soft for her, and so I went for red and orange colours instead – hopefully it won’t look weird in the “wrong” colours! I actually started with one of Cindy’s colours, 011-1b Ladybird, and made a 3-way Maggie Maggio style colour scale with Ladybird in the middle, darkened with some alizarin one end and lightened with 1:1 gold+cad yellow at the other. Lined up the beads look like a subtle Skinner blend, and I made the beads more open as they got lighter too. Once they’re finished I’ll wire them to a bit of chain keeping them in the right order – I think I’ll end up with something a bit like Cindy’s lariat necklace, maybe adding a few leaf beads too. I found that using the smallest Style and Detail tool first helped a lot, before using the medium tool. The bead’s less likely to crack that way. [Next Day: My mum really liked the necklace… says she’s going to show it off to her work colleagues next week when they go out for a meal. It did turn out really nice – not my usual style but fun anyway.] ~Silverleaf
  • Hello, dear Cindy! Thank you for taking my request into account. These little flowers are beautiful and seem so easy to make – with the right tools, of course. I love the fact that they are so dynamic when you put together a bunch of them. They are indeed a good addition to the bling rings. We just planted a big lilac bush in the garden and seeing your tutorial made me think, what a happy coincidence! We also planted many many rose bushes – you already covered that area wonderfully,- also a willow, a plum tree, a fig bush, a nut tree and many other plants and trees. It’s the first time we’ll have a garden and we’re pretty excited. Anyway, have a very nice and inspired week and thank you for the beautiful lilac beads! ~Squash


  • Cindy: thanks for the video. I do have copper and silver tape from my stained glass also a little burnishing tool. And I have some mixed media tiles with resin ready to go. I love how the copper adds a whole different look to it. ~Cheryl-H
  • What a cool tute! The metal tape looks fantastic with the polymer clay pieces shown in the video. I’ve got the same tape colors as Cheryl. Now that you’ve “shown the way” in your step-by-step tute, I’ve got no excuses but to get crackin’ on some pretties of my own! Metal just adds so much to clay… I see some fab copper/silver-taped beads and mixed media projects in my future. (Can’t wait to see what others post at the Facebook page, too…). Thank you Cindy and Doug… after all this time, you still excite me every Friday with these high quality video tutorials! It’s amazing how much we get for such a small membership fee… Thanks for your continuing excellence!!! ~Phaedrakat
  • You make this so easy to follow.. can’t want to buy some cooper of silver foil and try it out on some my cane designs.. or having it go around a Hamsa that I make. I’ll send a picture when it done. ~Natalie-H
  • Another awesome idea for my grandkids and me to use. I have several rolls of copper tape, in different widths. Have only used it on glass pieces. With Polymer Clay – never thought of it. I learn so much from this site!!! ~Dianne-M
  • I love how the foil tape finishes the whole look. I love working with copper so this will add to my finished pieces and link it with the copper wirework. Cindy, I finally put some things up for sale and sold four pairs of earrings last week. And have orders for several more pair. I am so happy. I could not have ever had the assurance that they were good enough without your tutorials. I have been wanting to sell some of them for awhile but could not think that my minor attempts at making something they would like would be worthwhile. ~KaronKay
  • I only have another 10 weeks to wait Cindy – but this is going to drive me crazy until then! I so want to give it a go!! It looks gorgeous! I agree that it has a soft and rich look to it! And I agree completely with KaronKay! ~Aims
  • Great Tut. I always seem to forget about copper foil as that final Bling. ~Anna-S
  • This is going to be interesting. I have already done this technique. The problem that I had was the edge’s of the tape being sharp after the piece was done. I am looking forward to seeing how you go about putting it on, and your little tips to help with my lil problem. You always have the most fabulous tips! ~Brenda-M
  • Oh this will be great…didn’t know it came in metals other than copper. I have trouble with the edges, too. ~Pollyanna
  • Awesome tute! Love it! I have seen the copper tape at my Michaels in the scrapbooking area. I definitely think I’ll be getting some copper and silver tape. ~Kathy-G
  • Great tips in this video, Cindy. I used to do stained glass and used copper foil a few times. It’s been so long, I forgot how to work with it, so this was a great refresher for me. ~Linda-K
  • Love this technique, Cindy. Can’t wait to buy some copper foil. ~Loretta-C
  • As sad as it was I still watched this tute twice without sound and enjoyed it. Now that tells you just how awesome Cindy and Doug are. I love the copper tape idea because I love Copper it is my favorite. So thank you so much for the silent movie Cindy and Doug. I will be sure to let you know how the one with sound is, when my hubby fixes the computer. Although I am sure I know already!!!!!! To be continued later today. ~Peggy-B
  • My husband actually took his magic wand and fixed my computer first thing this morning. As much as I liked the silent movie you treated us to this morning Cindy, I enjoyed the one with sound better. It made it easier to understand, and you do not want to miss any of Cindy’s advise anymore than any of Doug’s wonderful filming. Cindy and Doug are like 2 peas in a beautiful polymer pod. As always I sit here with a big smile on my face amazed with the artistic talent the two of you have. I just thank God every day the two of you are the type that want to share all this wonderful knowledge with  us. Thank you two once again for the fantastic tute with tons of information. The tutorial , the blog and all of our friendly friendship here in the most warm hearted clay feeling community you will find on the internet or anywhere else!!! Love and Uuugggs. ~Peggy-B
  • Great idea Cindy! And copper tape’s definitely available in the UK – I had a quick look on eBay and found it in 6mm and 30mm widths so I guess I’ll order some soon, because I definitely want to try this. ~Silverleaf
  • Very smart, I have this for glass and metal work, never thought of using on pc… thanks Cindy another wonderful multi usage tool! ~Tina-A
  • Thanks too for all you are doing to make these cool techniques easy to understand.  I’m super new to polymer clay, and now that I’ve discovered your website, I am more excited about the stuff than ever! My very happy husband suddenly has way more time with his power tools now that I am busy playing in my room. I have almost forgotten to feed the poor man a few times… But at the end of the day we have a lovely time of sharing our progress. ~DeShawn-M


  • Wow!!! I thought the tear drop blend was the best thing I learned, but now I see the shift and my head is spinning with ideas. ~Pollyanna
  • Hi Cindy and all, Wow Cindy this colour shift using the Lietz Teardrop Blend is a wonderful extension of the original Teardrop blend you had taught us earlier. I just love it and was fascinated by it, and can see so many possibilities to use it. I have some times included one of the colours that had got lost, but never ever thought to change, or as you say shift the blend. Wow that’s great! Loved the pastel version. Thanks for another Friday night fun video. You come up with such new and interesting lessons every week, just don’t know how you do it, but that’s what makes you the great teacher that you are. Thanks again Cindy and Doug, you’ve made my day. XXX. ~Elizabeth-K
  • Cindy and Doug. How can you top this? The tutes just get better and better. You both are so wonderful to share all these ideas with us! This is a stunning addition to the Lietz Tear Drop Blend. Thank you, thank you, thank you. ~Patt-W
  • Cindy, this tutorial is terrific. Your original Teardrop Blend was a great time saver, but this is a HUGE time saver. Love the pastels. ~Linda-K
  • I cannot think of one single thing that has changed my overall work in polymer as being exposed and learning to use Cindy’s Teardrop Blend. I now routinely profile small bits of blends and finding I like color.  Now I need to get a box of magnets and make something similar to Silverleaf’s innovating color chips. Think this tut will find more places on the board. ~Jocelyn-C
  • Cindy I just have to tell you that this technique is a wonderful addition to your teaching. Beautiful and it looks easy for a technique that at first seemed intimidating. One other thing I want to say. I just purchased a video from another publisher about resin work. The artist is quite well known, as well as the company. However, the quality of the video was no where comparable to your videos. You and your husband do such a wonderful job producing your videos that it is the standard from which I judge others… and I have yet to find any that don’t come up short! Your instructions are clear, the photography is excellent, and the boxed close ups are so valuable. You do beautiful work, and provide a great value too. I look forward to each Friday! ~Sue-W
  • I love this. I have been looking at polymer clay artists’ work both in books and online lately, and I think that a lot of the items pictured may use a similar technique to this, though probably not as quick and easy as Cindy’s. I think the addition of this shift technique to our arsenals will add some sophistication and pizazz! ~Becky-C
  • Becky, I agree wholeheartedly! I too can see how knowing how to do this will take our work to a new level of beauty and sophistication. Cindy, the pieces you included in the preview are so awesome!! ~Elizabeth-S
  • Looking forward to the many new creative ideas to come from this tutorial! You’re amazing!! ~Jeanne-C
  • Overall I just think the Teardrop blend makes me happy! I’m always successful. My finished product is always beautiful and I waste less clay. I can see where the Skinner blend would be necessary when you need to make the exact same blend more then once. But at this point I don’t need to do that. I simply love the Teardrop blend. haha. I sound like a commercial! Be well! ~Cassie-C
  • To imagine the people who miss out on the beauty of this. My son-in-law is color blind and I never even realized how awful that can be till just now. Those colors are remarkable. Cindy I don’t believe for one minute there is anything simple about your mind or life. You are a remarkable artist and look how busy you are. Then Doug oh no nothing simple about either one of you. Not when he captures the beauty of your art and his surroundings the way he does. Absolutely Remarkable. Thank you for being the both of you. Nothing close to SIMPLE!!! Many Uuuuuuggggs. ~Peggy-B
  • Love the “colorful” pieces shown in the intro… the “shifted” stripe tube bead, the pretty modern flower, the checkerboard bezel pendant, the cute little “fabric” charm… AND the leaf dangle pendant (luv it!). The bar w/embedded loops is such a clever way to keep it all together — what a great idea. I think it would make lovely earrings, too (use small dangles for the “chandelier-shy”, maybe? LOL) Way to go, Cindy… awesome jewelry stuff!  I agree with you Peggy… Cindy may like to think of herself as a “simple gal”, and show us “simple” ways to work. But she’s definitely not simple-minded! She’s a smarty… how else could she keep showing us fantastic new techniques and inspirational videos week after week… not to mention all the other glorious stuff she does for us. Naw, the Lietz’s are quite sharp, and quite the hardworking couple — they have to be in order to handle this great site (and the unseen side of the business, family life, “regular life”, etc….). I’m so thankful for all Cindy and Doug do. ~Phaedrakat
  • Thank you so much Cindy! What a brilliant video to come home to after my vacation. This opens up so many possibilities, and so simple! Thank you for always looking for quick new ways to view things, lateral thinking at its best! ~Marion-R
  • BRILLIANT!!!! ~Cara-L
  • All I can say is: WOW! Yes! This is soooo simple and so versatile! I’m so behind but I want to try this tute! Polymer clay take me away!!!! ~Catalina
  • Cindy, thank you for another great tutorial. I can see this working with some of the old Studio clay that I have. I make a lot of flower canes with Skinner blends and this will help change the colors a little at a time. ~Bonnie-K
  • This was a fabulous tutorial Cindy… Like always, simple and to the point. easy ,easy tips to follow. You rock! ~Brenda-M
  • Wonderful tutorial! It is worth every single penny!! Thanks Cindy. ~Monica-D
  • This lesson is amazing!! I agree with all of the comments about your Lietz Teardrop Blend, it’s simple, quick, the results are beautiful – and this new twist offers the same with a bunch more possibilities. We’ve been spoiled again over the last several weeks with so many cool, new techniques. Thank you Cindy and Doug for such quality… Fridays are always a treat!! ~DJ
  • Hey everyone, I have to post some wonderful news about a member of our family. In the latest issue of “Polymer Cafe”, Lupe Meter was named as a runner-up for the creation she submitted in the steampunk challenge. She created an awesome plaque called “Bless This Studio”. I just love it when something like this happens! I’ve had the chance to tell Lupe in person that I am one of her biggest fans-her pieces are so beautiful and inspiring so it isn’t surprising at all to me that she received this honor. Way to go, Lupe. If she hasn’t already, maybe we can urge her to post a pic on Facebook so those who do not subscribe to the magazine can see it. ~Elizabeth-S
  • First of all, thank you Cindy for your tear drop method and now adding to it! I love this method and use it all the time and I love the different color shifts obtained with this method. It is so easy! And Elizabeth… thank you, thank you for your kind words! I have been so busy lately, that I have slacked off on reading a lot of blog posts. I was stunned to hear that I got runner-up! My friend Bonnie actually emailed me your comment. This has absolutely made my day today! Now I can show it off! I will certainly post the pix on FB!  I actually have to wait to get my hands on a copy since I usually wait till it hits the stands before buying it. ~Lupe-M
  • Video #200… quite a landmark! You’ve really been busy, Cindy! So many great videos, and this one no exception. While I’ve thought about trying a couple things mentioned here (and added trans to my blends on occasion,) I never realized how far you can take this “shift your blend” idea! This technique has so many uses… shifting the blend, or just parts of it, will give some gorgeous new colors / shades to play with, and super-cool effects when used together or recombining. Thanks, Cindy, for this smart technique… it’s “simply” wonderful! (I feel so inspired…!). ~Phaedrakat
  • Wow, didn’t even notice this was your 200th video! Congratulations! To you, and to us, lol. We are the lucky ones. I just loved this video and can imagine all sorts of beautiful and colorful things to do with the varied results!  Thanks again! ~Becky-C
  • Congratulations on 200 videos. This is a very cool technique. ~Loretta-C
  • This is so terrific I’m speechless… a not normal occurrence. The mind reels!! ~Pollyanna
  • Wow!!! Guess I had better get a bigger board for my color chips. I LOVE this!!!!! Thank you! Thank you! As an aside, I attended a pc class recently and patiently watched, and watched and watched as the instructor did a multi-color Skinner Blend for one of the projects. I smugly thought to myself, “I could sure show you a quicker way to do that”. I didn’t, of course, but it got me to thinking about what a revolutionary variation the Lietz Blend techniques really are. Out of curiosity, Cindy, does Judith Skinner know about the Lietz Blend? She would have to be impressed with the awesomely creative knowledge you have added to the pc world. Love it! ~Elizabeth-S
  • Wow that was great. Now I can find out what a Scientist feels like when he is in his lab experimenting. Because I am going to go do some of that myself with all those colors oooolala. This was Awesome!!! Thank you both for a great tute. Many Uuuugggs. ~Peggy-B
  • I loved that pendant with the messy wire-wrap using the melted copper head-pins, I have got to try to make one of those!  Those ecru- and white-shifted blends are gorgeous too. ~Barb-L
  • Cindy, one little trick equals tremendous time savings.  Thanks for the hand done sheet stretching to eliminate bubbles. It’s magic. I use it all the time now, and it works perfectly. Thanks! ~Jocelyn-C
  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE the teardrop method of doing skinner blends and not only that but you’ve told us how to do the shifts with the blends!!! Those are wayyyy cool. I spent 4-5 hours playing around with that the first night and more time since. I’m learning a lot thanks to you, Cindy. Thank you again for sharing your wealth of information and giving us new inspirations. I GOTTA buy CLAY!!! Just can’t get enough of it right now with the latest boost from you. Thank you again and I’ll see you in the library he he he !!! Your polymer clay student ~Bonnie-H
  • This color shifting technique has got to be one of the best things out there. ~Ken-H
  • Thanks from me for doing this Cindy, and I am sure you will get many more thanks from the newbies and lurkers out there who haven’t a clue what they are missing. I was sent your link to the free tear drop skinner blend a couple of years ago and was overwhelmed by the video quality and teaching method so joined up and have never been disappointed. ~Lawrence-S
  • Thank you Cindy. I love how you take complex concepts and make them so very simple. And you are right. The Teardrop blend makes me happy because it works. The blends are awesome. Everyone loves the colors and keeps asking for more. It it so much fun. Thanks for changing polyclay from rocket science to as simple as painting rocks ~ with a definite WOW factor added! ~Cassie-C
  • I LOVE the recent addition you’ve made to the teardrop method for giving flowers more translucence. ~Linda-K
  • Love this technique, thank you.  ~Melodie-F
  • Hi Cindy – I have never used the skinner blend technique. It is easier to use your teardrop technique. Even my two granddaughters, Age 7 and 10, use it and have loads of fun. I never regret the day I found your site. We all love your imagination with your tuts. Keep them coming. We all love you and Doug. ~Natalie-H
  • Thanks Cindy for the refresher on the Teardrop Blend. This has been such a time saver for me and a lot others I’m sure… Thanks so much for your valuable contribution to the Polymer Clay community with the Lietz Teardrop Blend! ~DixieAnn-S
  • Thank you so much for this.  I seem to have some kind of mental block when it comes to Skinner blends.  Your teardrop method has made my life a lot easier since I always managed to mess up the triangles, but I still have had terrible issues with the clay getting too long and narrow or not being able to make it narrow.  This video series has been a great help. ~Sherry-W


  • OMG… I have been wanting to do regular birdhouses out of polymer clay and these little birdhouses are awesome! Thanks, Cindy!  ~Lupe-M
  • Yeah! You must be reading my mind, Cindy! I made only one pair of bird house earrings and it was the first pair of earrings I made using polymer clay! I made them for my “Bestest Friend” because she loves bird houses. Just the other day I remember making those earrings and wanted to try making some more. Well, I guess I can now. I have been wanting to do more sculptural things and this fits the category, thanks!! ~Catalina
  • You have made my day!! I love birdhouses and I love making little charm type items. I know I’ll end up making these by the dozens. I have a pile of little teapots and flip flops sitting in front of me right now and would love to see you make tutes on those. Your ideas continue to amaze me and bring a smile to my face. ~Fran-R
  • Too cute! Love the little aged charm. I can see myself making bunches as the possibilities are endless. ~Elizabeth-S
  • Fun!!!!! What a great video, especially because it combines so many techniques taught previously, and allows use of scrap clay due to the smallness of the object. Can’t wait to see the reaction of a group of kids to this one, perfect introduction! ~Jocelyn-C
  • These are SOOOOOOOOOO Cute!! I have a 14 yr Grand daughter. Bet she would love these. Thanks for thinking “outside the box” er… birdhouse. What a neat idea, I love it! ~Patt-W
  • Cindy, I love birds and bird houses and had a collection of them around the house when I lived in Vermont. Looking forward to making some :) ~Jeanne-C
  • These bird houses will be darling as charms on the Dangle Bangle Cindy taught us to make in volume 025. ~Becky-C
  • I woke up early in anticipation of the next video (5 am here in the UK) – you’ve really got me hooked Cindy! Your videos are not only cleverly produced and filmed in a way that is easy to see (thank you Doug!) but the ideas are so amazing! Every week you come up with something new and I’m always surprised. More power to your elbow Cindy! And thanks for a super web site! ~Marion-R
  • So sweet! Spring Time is my favorite time :)  And any time I can use up a bit of my scrap is time well spent. Time (ha ha) to get started. ~Tantesherry
  • Wonderful tutorial. Those are just toooooooooo cute. Great idea. Thanks again. Happy Spring, even though it’s 90 here already. ~Bonnie-K
  • As the new saying goes….. easy peesy and what a fun tute. This has so many possibilities. Thanks to all at Lietz Ltd. :)  Or should that be unltd? ~Pollyanna
  • Love the birdhouses! We love looking out our window at the birds feeding. Making some bird houses will make me enjoy them even more. For one of the perches you said you used a hand-torched copper piece. I was told you couldn’t make a ball at the end of copper wire with a torch. Evidently you can. ~Freda-K
  • I love birds and these little bird houses are so cute! I’ve got some ideas spinning around in my head. Your tutorials are just fabulous and I have so much to yet try. ~Cherie-H
  • These are adorable, what a cool idea Cindy! We have feeders in the backyard active with gossipy chickadees, bright yellow finches and once in a while a shy woodpecker (Flicker) hangs around too. Although these beads are really cute I can picture different styles as well from this lesson, depending on the colors, scale and shapes used. I love the variations you’ve shown us… thanks for such a fun tute! ~DJ
  • Usually I am not a cutsie type of person. BUT — these bird houses are so cute. My mind is spinning with ideas. My scrap pile is calling me  LOL Won’t sleep tonight – too busy making little houses. ~Patt-W
  • Love the possibilities with this tut. I have a fountain in my back yard, visible from my kitchen window. One of my greatest joys in life is to watch the daily bird activity. I have every variety from tiny hummingbirds to huge blackbirds and they all seem to get along. Right now, unusual for me to see here, is a flock of robins. They seem to visit in the spring and fall — I’ve decided that my fountain is kind of a bird McDonald’s or something, a place to stop and rest for a few days on their travels north or south. Geesh! I got kind of carried away here, didn’t I, but I just love my little bird friends. What fun it will be to think about them as I create some of these precious charms. ~Elizabeth-S
  • Oh, Cindy… what adorable birdhouse beads! Your examples are lovely… especially love the “apartment” style cellphone charm (w/rose dangle garden) and the “dimensional” birdhouse pendant with leaves (antiqued w/white.)  Thanks so much… these are really cute, and just in time for Spring! I’ve noticed lots of “birdy” and other nature-inspired pretties out there in jewelry land. I’ll be sure to make several of these darling birdhouse beads. They’ll make wonderful charms — love to mix and match ’em w/other goodies in a variety of jewelry (and more!) projects. It’s great… all we really need is scrap clay, imagination, and your tute! Some smart ideas in the video, BTW. ~Phaedrakat
  • Love the birdhouses… I am going to do some with the little sculpted flowers from the mushroom bead tutorial… I think it will be pretty!  Here I am wanting to clay when I have a huge dinner to cook tomorrow ;) ~Laura-R
  • I have so many ideas for these sweet little birdhouse beads bursting in my little brain, so I’ve decided to sketch some out. It is actually kind of fun and I have realized that the possibilities are basically endless with all of our past tutorials. I am now thinking of the clay art sheets we did earlier, in addition to the mushroom bead tutorial, and let’s not forget the mica shift. :) Thanks Cindy and everyone for the inspiration and clay happiness I am feeling :) ~Laura-R
  • I have made a gazzillion birdhouse charms and am loving it!  Will try to take some photos and post them :) Thanks so much! ~Laura-R
  • I made a birdhouse charm for the bookmarks, with a backgroundless rose embellishment that is cute. The hammered bookmarks are a hit, by the way. I also made a cute little clay book boead like the one you made for your son, which was a super gift for a 12 year old boy moving back to Canada.  So, onward and upward….I do appreciate your lessons and will try to get up to speed on all of the projects so that I’m ready for new challenges. Thanks. ~Jane-VW

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Love the history and your stories with this one. I have always loved them too. Now that I have a little more time I can look into their horticulture for this Spring. ~Pollyanna