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In This Vol-034:
Color Recipes:
1A. Bluebell
2A. Moondrops
3A. Electric Blue
4A. Azure Nights

Video Topics:
1. Rose Petal Clay
2. Fill Bezels With Clay
3. Wax Polishing
4. Grape Hyacinth Cane

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>> Customer Reviews (Volume-034):


  • Nice colours, Cindy… You can never have too many shades of blue! ~Sue-F
  • You’ve done it again! These colors are so beautiful ~Barbara-C
  • These are SOOOOOO pretty! One of my favorite colors. I always look forward to my Friday mornings, Cindy – can’t wait to see what you’ll do next!! ~Cheryl-W
  • Ooh, such pretty shades of blue! ~Linda-K
  • I love blues I just never thought the name matched. I’ve got the blues way to pretty and the color feels warm to me the sun in the big blue sky puts its arms around me to keep me warm. I agree Sue-F, never enough color and shades of blue anywhere. ~Peggy-B
  • Beautiful Blues, they’ve got my mind on doing Lapis Lazuli now. ~Ken-H
  • Absolutely LOVE these colors!!  And boy am I ready for a little taste of Spring – okay maybe a big bite of Spring!! ~Laura-Z
  • Blues are my favorites. These do make me think of Spring! ~Pollyanna


  • I just watched the video on making rose petal beads. My daughter has been married for 10 years and still has the dried flowers from her wedding. I can’t wait to make her a special necklace using them… what a great keepsake that will make! Thank you so much for coming up with this idea. ~Natalie-H
  • Wow again!!! I would never have thought of using what you did for the colors. This was super!!  [trying not to give away secrets…] Thanks you two. ~Pollyanna
  • I love inclusion beads! Very cool. ~Silverleaf
  • These are wonderful, both in beauty and meaning. In the past, my only attempts at making inclusion beads resulted in colors that I didn’t think were very pretty and so I haven’t tried again, Thus, I missed many opportunities to create memorial beads for friends and family. ~Elizabeth-S
  • This is a wonderful way to show your love! A gift that keeps on giving. My experience with the rose petals was like Elizabeth’s – not pretty. This will make up for that in a huge way. Thanks for thinking out side the box. ~Patt-W
  • What a fantastic idea! You’re not just a brilliant clayer but you have these amazing insights, such as how all sorts of things can be incorporated into clay for precious memorials. I’m hoping you’ll cover Steampunk sometime soon, showing how watch parts can be used on clay pendants etc. That would also be a wonderful memorial, in my case of my late mother. Her watch is beyond repair but I could still wear parts of it, on polymer clay! ~Marion-R
  • Just in time! I have a few dried dark red roses saved up from this gorgeous valentines day bouquet. I wanted to try making some rose beads. I made beads with yellow and orange rose petals and some glitter (flower inclusion technique). I would have preferred to see more yellow or orange in the bead. The beads were a beige color with yellow and orange flecks – quite nice looking too. ~Cherie-H
  • Cindy you have outdone yourself again. Why is there never enough time to play with our clay…boo hoo. I work full time, plus I have my own jewelry design business, plus a 14 month old grandson on weekends who I adore. Your videos should come with free Starbuck’s coffee so we all have enough caffeine in us to play through the night while keeping company with one or more of your awesome videos. ~Janet-R
  • Well I am not a coffee drinker but I do agree the two of you have once again outdone yourselves. Beautiful colors on the beads and the pendants are totally awesome. I can’t wait for some spring flowers to pop up so I can try this with some bright and cheerful colors. Love this tute and definitely Love your style of teaching. Many Uuuuuggggs.  Thank you both so very much for all the good you have done for all of us. ~Peggy-B
  • This is a technique that I have not tried as yet, except for adding some sage to a green mix for faux jade, BUT THANKS TO YOU BOTH, it will be on my “todo” list this weekend, as I have flowers saved from both my son’s weddings and their anniversaries coming up. Once again, you have saved the day!!! ~Marlene-C
  • This was neat! The food processor was quick! This is something I’ll be looking for when I hit the garage sales and estate sales this summer, if it ever gets here!! ~Catalina
  • This video was more like a cooking lesson – but, as always, a lot of fun. ~Maria-C
  • I hope my roses hurry up and bloom – they are destined for beads  LOL ~Patt-W
  • Well, I sacrificed a coffee grinder, but not a food processor! I experimented with a range of bases and have a different mix that I like best so far, but I need to try a few other colours out. I also used regular clay for the bead cores to try to maximise the bead strength. I’m glad the video got me off my bottom and actually using the leaves I’d dried. I hadn’t played with natural inclusions before. ~Sue-F
  • Hi Cindy – I just purchased your Vol-003 Back Issue to get the Rose Petal Inclusion video, and also found the Vol-034-1 Rose Petal Beads video. Love your site – I am starting a business where I preserve flowers and put them in shadow box displays and really want to add this as another option for brides or memorial customers. Have never made any jewelry before so your site is a lifesaver! Going to get your polymer clay basics course too :) Thanks! ~Heather-S
  • I wanted to say thank you for this post. My 6 week old daughter passed away on the 3rd of this month, and it’s been hard dealing with it. I have been working with polymer clay lately, and decided I wanted to make my own necklace in her honor. I already decided on a Robin’s egg with her birth stone to be the centerpiece, given her name was Robin, three “leaves” stamped with her initials, but knew it needed something else. I came across this and knew this was what it needed. The natural and earthy look of the beads kept with the theme, and it felt right. My baby girl always struck me as the animal and nature lover, even with how tiny she was. It just shined through. These beads will be perfect. I hate that I’ll be doing it, but it’s something meaningful to keep close to my heart, and it’s something I would not have thought of on my own. ~Portia-N


  • Success, success, you guys are just the best, Cindy and Doug. Had purchased some bezels but didn’t get anything done there so it must be that my intuition was holding me back for this tut. Now I can do it with confidence through your expertise. Thanks for being there. ~Joyce-M
  • Felt like Christmas morning when I opened todays tutorial and saw the topic!! I had seen your bezel pendants and wanted to have one of mine ready for a friend’s birthday this month. Wasn’t sure how to begin the process and couldn’t find a good reference. Thank you, Cindy and Doug! ~Carol-T
  • Another winner! I just love it when you include tips to help us make our pieces turn out perfectly – would probably not thought of needing to use enough glue to come up the sides before doing the resin. I guess it wouldn’t be cool to have uncured resin come dripping out from inside of the bezel. Can’t you just see it?  It’s an outside craft show. Someone tries on a piece and within a few minutes they have a glob of dripping resin curing on their favorite blouse. I’m thinkin’ it could affect sales, don’t you think? lol. ~Elizabeth-S
  • Elizabeth S – I think you are on to something there Elizabeth. Cindy thinks of everything for us. That is why I can do this I don’t have to do to much thinking for myself. Good thing. Now my bezels will have that more artistic finished look to them. Thank you both once again. I love it here, I mean whats not to love. Many Uuuugggs to all. ~Peggy-B
  • One tip on cutting clay for bezels, press the bezel into the clay just enough to leave an impression and it will give you lines to cut on. This only works with bezels with straight inside walls but works well. I did not invent this technique but saw it somewhere else. ~Terry-M
  • Tute was very helpful. I learned a few new tricks. thanks!!! ~Pollyanna
  • Great tutorial Cindy. Being fairly new to polymer clay I knew nothing about bezels or incorporating the clay with them. I’m learning so many really useful and interesting things with these excellent tutorials.~Fran-Y
  • Thanks for the bezel video, Cindy… some smart tips and reminders in this tutorial! ~Phaedrakat
  • Again, your added tips and tricks! Every time I view your videos I learn something! How great is that…. thanks, hugs. ~Patt-W
  • Cindy, I love the Ultra Dome I purchased at Terry’s site. I also bought several of his bezels in both silver and copper including the hearts. Both products are wonderful to work with and watching your tute on both the Resin and the Bezel made it so much easier to work with them. I just love the the ones I made and look forward to giving them as gifts. ~DixieAnn-S


  • Love this video!!!! thank you Cindy :) This will cut the process time of shining beads in half. ~Rada-F
  • This is a great Tutorial! The Future wax wasn’t the easiest to apply cleanly, but this minwax looks like it’s pretty much fool proof. ~Jeanne-C
  • Love it……can’t wait to wax! ~Kathy-G
  • This was worth the wait! Will have to go get a small can and try it on some of my small beads. Wonder if I can get the grandkids to do them since it isn’t as messy… lol. ~Polyanna
  • Love the tute. Wax on my buy list. Sounds like more fun ahead. ~Joyce-M
  • The beads do look pretty with the wax. I’m almost exclusively making flat pendants and earrings with a coat of resin at the moment, but the wax will be great for the hundreds (maybe thousands!) of beads I have lying around that I can’t be bothered to hand sand. Tumbler, wax, buff, done. ~Silverleaf
  • I used some Renaissance wax today and I’m very pleased with the results. It dried instantly and I buffed my items with the Dremel on the lowest setting. I thought the odor was barely noticeable and not at all unpleasant to me. It says it won’t discolor even white paper so I tested that out and found that to be true. I coated both sides and dipped it in water and the water just beaded up on it. I also tried it on some wrapping paper and some other decorative papers that I use. No problems on any of them. I give it a thumbs up so far. ~Fran-R
  • Love it! Wax buying will be the first order of business today. Thanks Cindy and Doug. ~Elizabeth-S
  • The tute is another eye-opener. Don’t you just hate those pesky little dull beads. Now they will shine. Thanks for the info. ~Patt-W
  • I enjoyed this video… can’t wait to try waxing some of my pesky smaller beads, or other hard-to-sand/buff-to-a-shine creations. Another technique to add to our bag of polymer clay finishing tricks!!! Cindy, you’re so awesome for bringing cool things to us, week after week. ~Phaedrakat


  • Oh, oh, oh!  I am excited about this! Been watching all night, lol. I have grape hyacinths in my front yard at this very moment, too. Perfect!  ~Rebecca-C
  • I LOVE grape hyacinth. It is always to sweetest little reminder that the warm weather is on its way. Hooray. ~Anna-S
  • Looks like another fun claying time heading our way. Lots of blossoms here in Florida, hooray for Spring and Cindy’s tute! ~Joyce-M
  • I didn’t know the name of it, but I know exactly the flower you mean Cindy! I think this is another tute that will lend itself well to experimentation – we can use the things we learn from this one to make our own versions. I love stuff like this that lets me see how creative everyone here is! ~Silverleaf
  • This is so unique, I just love the shape and that the look can be changed by using different colors. Looking forward to this one, should be a fun one to learn. I was admiring the lovely dimensional bead too, I think I’m drawn to different shapes  :) ~DJ
  • This is such a pleasing flower! Another winner, team!! Thanks, again. ~Patt-W
  • Yep, another winner!! This will bring Spring to Michigan, finally!!!! ~Catalina
  • Hi Cindy Hi all, Love Grape Hyacinths, so delicate, and lovely colours. Well this tut is such a georgeous video to watch. just to see it taking shape is an eyeopener, and really fun to watch. Looks complicated before you see how it is done. Bet there will be a lot of oohs and ahhs with this one. Thanks again Cindy, better than watching TV and we learn something new every week too. LOL Love. ~Elizabeth-K
  • Such a beautiful cane, dear Cindy! A real original one! I love the way you skipped the background on this one. The teardrop bead is strikingly stunning! I just love its dimension given by those leaves. Wonderful work! ~Squash
  • So beautiful!! ~Elizabeth-S
  • Hi Cindy, I’ve been a member for a few years now and I truly enjoy your work. The Lord has blessed you with many talents and I have learned a lot. Today’s video did not disappoint – none of them do. I appreciate what you and Doug are doing here. Thank you. ~Michelle-A
  • Amazing! I loved this tutorial and the colors of the grape hyacinth. I love the flowers too. The dimensional bead and the pendant are so beautiful. Thanks Cindy! ~Cherie-H
  • Loved this one Cindy. We have grape hyacinth in the garden they are so pretty but I don’t no how you puzzle out how to make them – such skill and to share it with us is wonderful thank you. ~Ritzs
  • What a pretty addition to my variety of canes for use in “Floral Bouquets”. Now I will have to hunt down some more picture frames!!! Thanks again to you both, for constantly expanding my knowledge base. ~Marlene-C
  • Love how you made this cane! How innovative! The way you put it together is brilliant! Thank you, thank you. Now I can figure out some more new things!!!!!!! ~Patt-W
  • Just love this video… there are so many techniques that I want to do and just not enough time in the day… but you make everything look so easy… thanks for all your hard work at making these videos so easy to follow for a newbie like me. ~Natalie-H

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Love how you made this cane! How innovative! The way you put it together is brilliant! Thank you, thank you. Now I can figure out some more new things!!!!!!! ~Patt-W