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In This Vol-030:
Color Recipes:

1A. Dry Grass
2A. Morning Dew
3A. Smoky Blue
4A. Deep Shade

Video Topics:

1. Polymer Postage
2. Feather Canes
3. Pod Beads
4. Katiedids Bezels

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Customer Reviews (Volume-030):


  • Really gorgeous, Cindy! Thanks so much for all of your striking palettes…your color recipes are just phenomenal! ~Phaedrakat
  • What a soothing palette! Serene, even. Thank you. ~Patt-W
  • Wow, beautiful palette, Cindy! :D ~Sue-F
  • This palette has its own beauty, how lovely. Always looking forward to your inspirations, Cindy. ~Joyce-M
  • I love these colors, while the leaves are just nearing peak color here in Philadelphia, we haven’t yet had the first frost, though according to the almanac it’s date is arriving quickly. ~Ken-H
  • A nice palette of winter colors…great! ~Lupe-M
  • Thanks for helping me get my subscription payment figured out. I knew it was a ridiculously small amount. Of course I’m not giving up on this wonderful subscription. That would be so not worth it :) ~Ingrid-G


  • Love This! I imagine you could use this with pictures from magazines too! ~Jeanne-C
  • Who would have thought this could be so simple! What a wonderful and easy thing to do with PC! Hats off to you Cindy! ~Aims
  • Bake and Bond!!! Fantastic!!! I have been looking for a transfer technique that is fairly simple but only have an ink jet printer, which means all kind of extra steps or specialty items. Thanks to you I will be getting my bottle of Bake and Bond out and having a blast. You are the BEST! ~Marlene-C
  • Cindy, this is awesome! How do you come up with all these wonderful ideas? You amaze me. ~Bonnie-K
  • Who wood have thunk it? What a cool idea. Again the Dream Team has come up with something new (at least to me!). Yeah team!! ~Patt-W
  • Thank you Cindy for another interesting, informative and useful tute. I have used TLS like this on some things, but never thought of using it for making Stamp Ephemera, just great as I keep all the stamps that arrive at my place, so will have lots to try it on. I might even buy the Bake And Bond, it looks good, I like the thickness of it. I like the idea of covering with resin too. As was said, to be able to replace the image transfer method is so useful. ~Elizabeth-K
  • Now I’m excited! I discovered long ago that I am image transfer challenged (one of many I’m afraid). With this tut however, I see the light at the end of the image transfer tunnel. WoooHooo!! ~Elizabeth-S
  • An ‘easy’ tutorial, technique wise, but trust our Cindy to come up with something so simple but with so many possibilities. Thanks Cindy and Doug for the team effort! ~Cheryl-H
  • How exciting! Cindy just keeps coming up with more and more interesting videos… don’t know how she does it, but we end up with the most worthwhile polymer membership EVER! That is one creative woman — you’re amazing, Cindy! And Doug… he films the videos so well, and makes sure this website runs smoothly (and all the other stuff these two do behind the scenes…Dream Team, indeed!) Wow, this is great! ~Phaedrakat
  • I did a bracelet for a client who has a daughter at UF (University of Florida). I put a charm on it with a photo of the “Gator” that I printed on white card stock and then covered with Bake and Bond. It came out just as Cindy stated in the tut and the comment above “nice and clear”. ~Marlene-C
  • I was at the Post Office a couple weeks ago and picked up a free catalog of specialty stamp collections. The cool thing is all kinds of specialty stamps are pictured, many of them are larger than postage stamp size. Perfect for this project. ~Anna-S
  • This is a fun and easy tutorial with lots of possibilities. I really like the idea of using stamps but don’t have any (just USA). I did the search and found that ebay sellers have a lot of stamps from all over the world! Thanks. ~Jeanne-C
  • Love this technique, Cindy! It is easy and the possibilities are endless. Now, I have to go through all my stamps and decide which ones I want to use! ~Lupe-M
  • Wow, what a great technique (again)! This can actually take the place of transferring pictures to polymer clay… just print the pics or clip art, use this technique, and viola! Amazing work by both you and Doug again, Cindy. Thanks so much! ~Tanya-L
  • Cindy – your examples using the stamps are so clever. Thanks for the really usable tute. ~Patt-W
  • An amazing, simple tutorial with lots of possibilities. I love the pendant with the flower embellishment and the hammered metal back. ~Cheryl-H
  • Love it for transfer replacement… less smudging. yippee! ~Pollyanna
  • Awesome polymer stamp video. This is the first video of yours I have purchased and viewed. Well it was the reason I came to your site in the first place. ~Lisa-T
  • Thanks for another great video Cindy and Doug. You made my Friday morning, again. I couldn’t wait to try this technique and it worked great for me. A stamp collector in my teens I still have all those old stamps. ~Lawrence-S


  • This is wonderful!  Another simple technique that ends up looking like it must be very complicated to do. The pumpkin cane and the brain cane look particularly good when turned into feather canes. Thanks again Cindy and Doug. ~Susan-B
  • As a beginning caner – I have several (ok-lots) that are wonky – what a great way to use them. ~Patt-W
  • Just LOVE those pod beads you made with the feather canes. I do believe it is going to be a VERY BUSY weekend at my work table. Can’t wait! ~Marlene-C
  • Oh, yes, peacock feathers were exactly what I thought of when I saw that feather made from the pumpkin cane.  Hubby is out raking leaves, so I’m headed to my studio to try this out. ~Linda-K
  • Wow how useful to able to use old canes up. Thank-you Cindy the video is well shot as usual. ~Anne-O
  • Somehow or another I have never come across your website before Cindy. Until last night! I finally decided to give myself an early holiday present and subscribe today. I just watched my very first video, the feather cane, incredible! And you make it look so easy! I have been handsculpting little clay animals and such for years. But lately I have found myself drawn to the beautiful clay beads that I see. I desperately want to broaden my knowledge of polymer clay art. I know the basics, and I know how to put balls of clay together to make animals and flowers, but I want to know the techniques to make the fancy looking stuff too. None of the books I have looked at really give great instructions or a wide variety of projects. Thank you so much for offering such wonderful tutorials, such a wide variety of project ideas, and at such a great price. I already have brain overload just looking at everything here! So much to do, so little time. ~Anita-M
  • I second all the above comments! Finally a unique-appearing way to use up the old canes rather than just rolling them into beads, etc. Not that rolling them into beads is a waste (definitely not!), but this technique has the appearance of something complicated and Cindy makes it easy!  One more thing I love about PC; so little waste produced. ~Becky-C
  • PODS! I have wanted to do pods. Now I can. Thanks to the Dream Team, again. AND, those wonky canes will become beautiful feathers. Talk about the ugly ducklings becoming swans!! Yeah. ~Patt-W
  • All I can say is WOW! Amazing technique! ~Rada-F
  • Beautiful and so simple. Thank you so much! ~Dawn-B
  • Wow! Very cool Cindy! And so beautiful and simple! And I love feathers! ~Maureen-G
  • Oh my goodness!!!!! I can do this one. Thanks Cindy, I knew you could make it so I understand it. Yipppeee!!!! ~Pollyanna
  • I was finally able to check this tutorial out yesterday…. a pretty simple technique, and such a striking effect! I haven’t got too many extra canes just yet, but just knowing these methods now and adapting later will really help when they do pile up. One of the next things I’d like to cover is kaleidoscope canes so this should fit in nicely with that. I love pieces inspired by nature – seeing the pretty variations with the pods was a real treat!! ~DJ


  • Cindy, I love this bead technique… After I get back from grocery shopping this afternoon I’m going to be making some Pod Beads. Yipee!! Thanks for another great tute Cindy!!! Peace, Love, and Clay. ~Lisa-W
  • Have to vacuum first -domestic goddess stuff….. can’t wait to do this tute. NEED some new earrings (giggle) so here they come!  Cindy has so many ways to use our scraps, right?  No waste -ever. Thanks. ~Patt-W
  • Love this tute!!! I need some dangle earings and this would be perfect with the feather cane….. wow! ~Pollyanna
  • These are awesome! I love glow in the dark creations…especially these flower shaped ones! ~Lupe-M
  • This is so cool; I love the glow in the dark pod beads and the mitred cane pod too. Very different look. The flower shaped one is beautiful too. I’ve not had much time to try out every technique but I’m getting there slowly! ~Cheryl-H
  • I really like the look of these! You are an endless source of inspiration and ideas….. and this is SO MUCH FUN!  Thank you once again Cindy. ~Susan-B
  • I LOVE this!!! I’ve been wanting to learn how to do pod beads for a long time. Thanks, Cindy and Doug. ~Elizabeth-S
  • Hi Cindy and all. Love this tut, real cute. Love Koolbraiders thoughts on the red and green Xmas ear rings, great. Pine cone beads too. I will have to get going on these. Love. ~Elizabeth-K
  • This video is another winner Cindy. Koolbraider is right on when she said the pine cone shape and sparkly red and greens would make great holiday earrings or maybe even ornaments. ~Lawrence-S
  • Oops, forgot to mention how much I loved this tutorial. Cool pod beads, Cindy! I loved all of your examples, too. And the video instruction just makes it really easy to follow. While I haven’t made my pod beads yet, I’ve got everything ready. So once I slice that cane, “Whoo-hoo! It’s pod-dy time!” (hahaha…”Party time”, get it? Well, okay…sorry! I’ll spare ya the bad puns next time…) LOL  ;D Anyway, thanks, Cindy (and Doug) for a fantabulous tute! ~Phaedrakat
  • Good job Cindy. I am anxious to try this method as I have canes just waiting for me to create something beautiful. Thank you for all you do for us polymer clay enthusiasts. ~Sue-C
  • Another way to use up those not so perfect canes. I really like the “pinecone” type of beads. ~Patt-W


  • I really like the look of the faux opal in the bezel. This would be a good technique to use in a spoon, too. Another great tut, Cindy! ~Linda-K
  • Thank you, Cindy and Doug, for another great tut chocked full of tips and information. I learned so much! Cannot wait to get more bezels. ~Jocelyn-C
  • I just ordered my Katiedids.  Can’t wait to work with them.  Thanks, Cindy, for introducing them to us! ~Kathy-B
  • What a wonderful tute.  I just need to get out and purchase those Katidid pieces. Thank you for your great ideas. ~Sue-C
  • I love this tut – so many possibilities for beautiful pendants with the Katydids. ~Elizabeth-S
  • Cindy this really makes a nice finished pendant, earrings etc. ~Jeanne-C
  • After seeing this video I want to go out and get some of those bezels. They look quite wonderful and different. Michaels has sales on too, yay!! ~Cheryl-H
  • Well if everyone in the US enjoyed Thanksgiving as much as I just enjoyed this tute your Thanksgiving was as wonderful as mine. For those who do not celebrate Thanksgiving just be thankful for this wonderful tute and for Cindy and Doug. Because the Lietz team just out did themselves again. Thank you I can’t wait to try this tute and I am sure all our imaginations are going to run wild once again just as Cindy keeps teaching us to do. I am so grateful for all I have learned. THANKS FOR ANOTHER PERFECT TUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~Peggy-B
  • I just received my Katiedids and the ideas are zooming around in my head. ~Kathy-B
  • Loved the Katiedids video – so many cool ideas on how to use those cool bezels/components. Of course, we could easily substitute another type of bezel if we wanted… the ideas are still fabulous! ~Phaedrakat
  • Well I finally got round to trying this with Arnold Grummer flakes and some pendant trays, and so far so good. They already look pretty and shimmery! The only problem I found was that I couldn’t get the surface smooth, it’s kind of lumpy but I guess that won’t be a problem once I apply resin. [Added Later: I used 2-part resin on top, and I’m really happy with it.] ~Silverleaf
  • Cindy, your faux raku in my Katiedids pendant is just gorgeous! I love it. Thanks so much for sharing this awesome technique with your readers. ~Katie Hacker

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