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In This Vol-029:
Color Recipes:

1A. Pebble Gray
2A. Seaside
3A. Beach Granite
4A. Black Sea

Video Topics:

1. Texture Plates
2. Distressd Paint Finish
3. Embossed Stamps
4. Pumpkin Canes

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Customer Reviews (Volume-029):


  • Being a very avid nature girl myself, I love the way your color recipes link to nature and the stories you tell about each one. Your stories are told in a way that make us feel like we’re right there with you, and you taught me to tune in more to my surroundings, always watching for inspiration no matter where I am. We’ve got a trip to our cabin planned for this weekend and I can’t wait – got a feeling I may see some fall color starting to happen! This palette’s another winner! ~Tanya-L
  • Mmmm, yes! I just love these colors. Such a gorgeous palette, Cindy… you know your stuff lady! :D ~Phaedrakat
  • I love these colors Cindy. We live in Alaska right now and these are the colors we are about to witness very very soon :) ~Rada-F
  • I love how you interact with nature, Cindy. This palette is unusually beautiful for me, and it is also an inspiration when you share how you come by your palettes. I picture myself walking the beach with you. Looking forward to seeing what this artistic community will do with it as well as what you will show us sometime soon? I would love to see a geometric cane here. Not able to clay much lately but just dropping by to read the blog and see the videos as well as to enjoy the accomplishments of others lightens my days. All of you are awesome! ~Joyce-M
  • Cindy, this is a very interesting palette. Your Seaside color is the color of my house, so of course I really like it.  I think Joyce M is right about putting them in a geometric cane. ~Linda-K
  • Love these colors. I think they are very elegant. ~Pollyanna
  • What a soothing palette… these colors are just beautiful.  Normally I am a color person – this will be my exception.  Mind churning – again  LOL.  Your videos are so informative. Thank you Cindy and Doug. The DREAM TEAM for sure. ~Patt-W
  • Cindy and Doug, thank you for a wonderful month of tutorials! This month flew by, as it was rather “crazy” for me. But you two were wonderful, providing your fantastic videos and lovely color recipes, as usual. Thank you for giving us so much (for so little!) I hope you both know how appreciated you are!!! ~Phaedrakat


  • This will be helpful when I can’t figure out what texture I want and don’t have it anyway. Just make my own….great! ~Pollyanna
  • The possibilities for amazing pieces are endless using this, aren’t they?  How fun it will be to go around the house and find different things to use in creating the texture plates. Thank you, Cindy and Doug! ~Elizabeth-S
  • Love this idea! I like the idea of the smaller size and love how flexible they are — they can wrap around anything. I have a gazillion rubber stamps that I can see mixing together – have already tried a few and the results are just great. ~Fran-R
  • The possibilities ARE endless! Thanks so much for another wonderful tute that we can run with, Cindy, and to you too, Doug, for another great video! ~Tanya-L
  • Oh, yeah, I found some absolutely perfect fossil rocks at the cabin this weekend – perfect imprints of tiny clam shells and little circular patterns, that I brought home just for this purpose! Perfect timing once again Cindy! ~Tanya-L
  • Wonderful Tut Cindy, I have been using Sculpy mold clay for about a month now, and love it. I also had to laugh because I done the same as you, bake it too long and it turned really dark. I was worried that it would be hard as a rock but it hadn’t. It is funny because when I first got it, I was running around the house trying to mold all kinds of things :) I like how you made them thin. I have been rolling mine into balls then pressing my objects onto it. ~Brenda-M
  • I have made molds for old buttons and pieces of jewelry with scrap clay but I have to admit this looks so much easier. Thank you for the way you walk us through the tute Cindy you have a way of simplifying it. Thank you Doug for you awesome filming. Without you Cindy would not be able to show us any of this. Together the two of you are perfect team who knows how to get the point across to your students. Always giving so much and asking so little. Thank you once again for being the best!!! Many Uuuugggs. ~Peggy-B
  • How much fun – and you can carve too! Been scurrying around the house looking for stuff to use as textures – stripping bark off trees, robbing onions of their bag, etc – how crazy is that? Love the video – good advise and lots of ideas — thanks “Team”, another top notch video. ~Patt-W
  • Thanks for the great tute. I have always wondered how to make beads with this molding material. ~Carolyn-K
  • What an awesome tutorial and as always made so simple. I’ve got an onion bag and a couple of other stuff to experiment with. It’s so fantastic to be able to make our own texture sheets, they can be quite expensive. ~Cheryl-H
  • So many ideas swimming in my head now for textures!!!! Fabulous video! ~Melinda-H
  • Beautiful work.  It’s amazing how many different things you can do with this technique. ~Loretta-C


  • And now I know about the paints, and how little I really knew before!  Looks like a fun “get paint all over yourself” technique (I love getting into the nitty gritty). ~Koolbraider
  • This technique is fun! Some real cool effects possible. ~Cheryl-H
  • Another cool technique, explained and demonstrated by our beloved Cindy. I love this distressed finish she’s come up with… looks perfectly time-worn, aged — awesome! Thanks so much, Cindy. ~Phaedrakat
  • Loved this tutorial. I just got back from a precious metal clay class that took all day. It was fun and the end result is beautiful, but overall it is very expensive and the PMC is not as forgiving as the polymer clay. I am thinking that Cindy’s distressing tutorial will be great to help cover those little flaws you miss until after you bake your project. The possibilities are endless with polymer clay! So many projects, so little time! ~Laura-R
  • This is another awesome technique, Cindy, and once again my mind is whirling with all the possibilities. This is what’s so great with your teachings – we’re never limited to one finished product – we’re only limited to what our own minds can conceive! Thanks, once again, for another amazing tute!! ~Tanya-L
  • Love this distressed technique. I can see making some beautiful buttons with this, and I am getting ready to make some purse handles that would probably look awesome too. ~Loretta-C
  • This is a great tut and has my mind racing.  I love creating textures on the surface of polymer clay and just at the moment I am very keen on making pendants rather than beads — so this is perfect! Thank you. ~Susan-B
  • Loved the tute and great idea to use up some of your not so perfect pieces with little cracks Kat. I know I have some of those in my whatever box. That’s the name I give my not so perfect pieces thinking I can use them later for whatever I want. Thanks Cindy and Doug and it is great to have you here at home with me on a Friday morning again. Well Cheers for another Touch Down. Many Uuuugggs. ~Peggy-B
  • Cindy: Love the video! I’m looking forward to distressing some textured clay…I love the looks you can get with it. This is just too cool and beautiful not to try — even if I have to use “good” clay (what Jocelyn said, LOL.) I understand what she’s saying…this would be a great way to use scrap clay (tinted to the desired color,) textured and baked; or you could use “imperfect” baked pieces…that ended up with cracks or the like. You could then grab some contrasting paint and “ON” with your fabulous technique! Thank you so much for another amazing video…it’s so great having you and your videos back! ~Phaedrakat


  • Hi all, thanks for this weeks tute Cindy, really cute and useful. I will be looking at all my foil covers from the coffee jars from now on with covertous eyes (if that is a real word?), not that I ever threw them out, as I always look at everything re recycling.I don’t know about the Weldbond tho, may not be able to get here in Australia, so may have to improvise on that. Bye. Love. ~Elizabeth-K
  • I loved this video. I love, love, love that I can use the seal off my chocolate milk powder ;) ~Ashley-S
  • Thank you, Cindy, for this great tutorial. I love the fact that you can use “found” items to make this, so I am on the lookout for products that use them! ~Becky-C
  • Nice tut Cindy! I can see so many ways to use this, thank you …this is the best place I’ve found to learn about clay. ~Michelle-G
  • This tutorial is fantastic, Cindy! Love how you use recycle materials. I can see many uses for this. Thank you very much! Off to go make some. Though I will have to look for this Weldbond Glue. I have never heard of it. ~Lupe-M
  • OHHHHHHHHHH! I can’t believe how easy this is and how effective!!! What fun we will have with this tute……….  I plan to make a bunch (lol) of these over the weekend. Thanks for keeping us all of out of trouble!!! We can’t keep up with you if we don’t do all of your wonderful stuff. I just love this site! ~Patt-W
  • Cindy is so resourceful! YaY for recycling :) This kind of information cannot be found anywhere else online. Thank you Cindy for making this so easy. Although I don’t have much time to do all this with a new baby, I’m still learning and collecting tools (and ideas) for future projects. Thank you Cindy for making this so easy. ~Rada-F
  • What a great video – and this method is so creative!! ~Fran-R
  • Cindy, love this tut.  What an excellent way to recycle and create beautiful stamps. ~Jocelyn-C
  • I agree with Kat, this will be great for all kinds of applications – especially when creating a fun, unique way to leave a signature. Great ideas. ~DJ
  • Oooh, this looks very cool…what a fantastic idea! It’s always a plus to be able to customize your work… having your own signature stamps and other homemade items allows you to do that and then some. What a great way to sign your work, too! Love it, love it, Cindy — you continue to amaze! ~Phaedrakat
  • Cindy!! Excellent tute! I don’t use mouse pads anymore, but I did have an extra thick craft foam sheet that worked just as well. Something else I just thought of – for those of us who are “artistically challenged”, howzabout taping a computer-printed drawing onto the metal and using a stylus to trace in the design?  I’m thinking it would only take one pass on the paper, then you could remove it and clean up the metal. Thanx for giving us a unique way to create our own stamps!! ~Cheryl-W
  • So clever! I am amazed every time I watch the tutorials b/c (before cindy) I just never would have thought of this stuff. I feel like I haven’t been on here in so long… knee deep in getting ready to have my first ever table at a market/fair of sorts… nervous and excited. ~Kathy-G
  • I Love it!!!! I think I have the kit to make these. It never crossed my mind to do this..  I cannot wait til Friday. Your way is always an easier way. You Rock! ~Brenda-M
  • Cindy, you are a mind reader! I’ve been trying to figure this out for some time and this sounds so obvious ~Hanne-R
  • Cindy IS a mind reader!! I’ve been messing around with trying to make a logo stamp with PC, and nothing’s come out right so far, so this is perfect timing! Cindy, you just keep getting better and better each week! ~Tanya-L
  • Just watched the video — how fun is that?!! I love that I can make my own signature, logo, words or phrases — anything! And the recycled aspect is cool, too…unfortunately, I threw away the coffee seal a week ago! But I do have some of the Amaco metal, so I’m good to go with materials on this. I love how you always come up with intriguing ways to customize our clay, Cindy. Even if the tute itself isn’t about clay! You put so much care and detail into these videos, too. I really appreciate everything you do. I thank you so much! I’m looking forward to getting creative with this one. ~Phaedrakat
  • Great video Cindy. Surprised? Only at the simplicity. Unlimited use here again letting our imaginations run wild, such freedom. A HUGE thank you. ~Joyce-M
  • This is a great idea, as usual! After I made one with a deep impression, I stamped it on scrap clay, baked that piece, after it cooled, made a stubby snake with another piece of clay, pressed the end on to the baked piece, baked that one,now have a polymer stamp instead of a metal one! Really needed the metal for the ease and detail. Also eliminates the need for WeldBond, which I absolutely LOVE! Thanks Cindy, the possibilities with this one are endless! ~Pam-M
  • When I tried this technique, I did not have any Weldbond, so I used the Sobo craft and fabric glue that I had. NOT the same as Weldbond. The Sobo was crystaline when dry and not flexible as it is supposed to be. I had to scrape out the Sobo and re-do my stamp using some Weldbond that I bought. My stamps turned our great and I then made some really nice pendants using the “faux dichroic glass” technique. Thanks Cindy for another great tute. ~Bette-L
  • Gosh you never cease to amaze me. This opens so many possibilities. Thank you so much.  You know sometimes I think oh that tutorial does not sound to my interest, and then as I look through my tuts and want to see something, and am surprised I have not purchased it.  Then I do and WOW! Every one of your tuts are fantastic! And making your own stamps…  Great… pix, signatures, names etc. Wow! ~Patty-J


  • Cute pumpkins. I especially love the way you used them in the earrings with the copper tendril. ~Cheryl-H
  • I’m not normally into canes, and we don’t really do Halloween here… but these look like fun! (Only I’m pretty sure I’ll have to put a face and fangs on mine. :D ~Sue-F
  • This looks like so much fun! I envision an entire veggie and fruit “salad” necklace. ~Maria-C
  • Cindy, love your pumpkin tutorial. I think the pumpkin patch would make a great pin for each of my grand-nieces. This is a great tutorial for learning the basic principles of making a cane because it’s so simple. ~Linda-K
  • Very Cute!  Love the Pumpkin Patch. ~Brenda-M
  • OK Migraine free for the moment and headache at a low throb so I grabbed the computer and watched the last 2 tutes NOW THAT WAS FUN! Love the embossing words. I have a lot of small single word stamps now I can have all I want thanks to Cindy and Doug. And when I know I have some time I love nothing more than making canes. Don’t forget Thanksgiving everyone or fall winter is not her yet all pumpkins don’t need faces so forget Halloween. I can’t wait to make my mother a brooch to wear for fall and Thanksgiving time. All thanks to the Lietz team – 2 more TOUCHDOWNS YEAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Uuuuuuggggggs to the both of you on 2 AWESOME TUTES. ~Peggy-B
  • Adorable pumpkins! I used this technique to make a Chinese lantern cane with a crimson to white teardrop blend and black top and bottom. The possibilities are endless. Thanks (again)! ~Dawn-B
  • Love the tute, Cindy! Love the pumpkin patch pin! Going now to play with clay and make me pumpkin cane! ~Lupe-M
  • What a fast and easy tute! Just made this and will make some beads next. This tute makes me want to do more cane work. I use to have a hard time reducing the canes but if you reduce them right away it is easier. Plus, this came out small enough that reducing the pumpkin cane even more was not necessary. I love how you work in small batches. I may make a barrette with this cane. Thanks, Cindy! ~Catalina
  • What a great tutorial!  I hope I am able to do a couple pairs of earrings – it’s still fall and would be okay to wear. I love the way you got the shading with the skinner blend. ~Cheryl-H
  • Such a cute cane! Very simple, and I love the tips on how to create other “picture” canes, too. I can see how to do that, as well. I also love the “pumpkin patch,” perfect for this time of year. Thanks, Cindy and Doug, for putting out another wonderfully done video, with our amazing Polymer Clay Tutor! ~Phaedrakat

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