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In This Vol-028:
Color Recipes:

1A. Fresh Turned Soil
2A. Red Brick Path
3A. Autumn Squash
4A. Golden Sunflower

Video Topics:

1. Polymer Art Sheets
2. Clay Bead Caps
3. Tube Beads & Roller
4. Spot’d Lily Petal Cane

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Customer Reviews (Volume-028):


  • What beautiful colors you’ve chosen to replicate again, Cindy, and what great photography skills shown by Doug! This is another one of my favorite flowers, along with some of my favorite colors (and, dare I say, favorite time of year too?), so I can’t wait to “have at ’em”! Love it, love it, love it! Thank you so much to you both! ~Tanya-L
  • Luscious colors, Cindy… beautiful photo, Doug! This warm palette is perfect for Autumn…and lots of gorgeous beads! Happy to hear you’re going to plant some of these beauties in the Spring. ~Phaedrakat
  • While the yellow and reds might take the stage I’m very interested in the “fresh turned soil” because that’s one of the best experiences with gardening. Good soil has a rich smell. Cindy, here’s hoping you find some time soon for gardening. ~Koolbraider
  • Doug, this is another beautiful photo! Cindy, I love how you’ve picked up the shades of color in the flower. ~Linda-K
  • WOW! Stunning colors, I can’t wait to get this month’s colors mixed up to see them in person. Autumn is my favorite time of the year with all the colors and the crisp cool air. ~Ken-H
  • Beautiful palette.  The rich earthy colors of fall. the golden yellows, browns, deep yellows, oranges and reds are my favorite colors.  Fall is also my daughter’s and my favorite time of the year; I love the crisp air and the skies and it also happens to be my daughter’s and my birthday too during this season. ~Cheryl-H
  • Fall has always been my favorite time of the year, having lived in Vermont gave me the opportunity to witness one of natures miracles displaying her beautiful colors. Picking apples, baking pies and rolling in the leaves with the children!  Living in AZ I do miss Autumn. Oh Cindy thanks for the trip down memory lane. :) Looking forward to whipping up a batch of Autumn Sunflower. ~Jeanne-C
  • I was driving home the other day and was admiring the gorgeous sunflowers that were in the bright sun. What a beautiful pendant this would make, like the example in the video but put together slightly differently. The “fresh turned soil” color is something that needs to be used by anyone who gardens. I think that’s what draws me to that color especially. ~Koolbraider


  • Cindy, I absolutely LOVE this technique!!! I haven’t branched off into my own colors yet, but I’m in the process of making my second sheet in your colors. (With gold leaf/foil instead.) I used up my first sheet in no time. *grin*  Thanks once again for teaching us something so cool..!! Clay On. ~Lisa-W
  • It seems as if all I ever say anymore is WOW! But that pretty much sums it up on this technique. It was like a refresher course of the techniques of the past few months, I was waiting to see the translucent clay get thinned with the file folder before it was put on the other layers. You and Doug have done it again. ~Ken-H
  • Cindy, this is fantastic. So many ideas, so many colors, not enough time in the day! ~Koolbraider
  • Happy Friday everyone! I’m with Ken WOW! I can see all kinds of possibilities.  The wheels are turning.  :) ~Tanya-L
  • I tried this last night (was in desperate need of clay time after this week and packing last week). I learned: silver ink and alcohol ink do interesting things when you put them together. Try it sometime. My sheet (the first of many, I imagine) is hanging out waiting to become pendants, earrings, and beads. ~Katie-C
  • Awesome tute, Cindy. I love anything with cursive writing on it.  There’s just something about the combo of layers, writing and gold/silver leaf that makes my heart beat faster :) Many thanks for a great video. ~Sue-W
  • OHHHHHHHHH! I’m at a loss for words and as you know from all my usual nonsense it doesn’t happen very often. ~Elizabeth-S
  • YUM! Where to start? Going to grab a handful of stuff and begin – this will be a blast!  So many colors and patterns – what fun. Thanks you again Cindy and Doug. You make this look so easy. Gotta go experiment. ~Patt-W
  • Watched this a couple of times now, and am amazed at how many techniques you combine and information you share in 12 min.  Really fun to watch, too. I can add two more….when you get to the scrap stage, pile them and slice mokume gane style, and of course…do a couple of lentil beads. Anyone else? I love that I can use a whole cane or sheet of fabric clay to the max based on everything I’ve learned here. Before, I did one thing and walked away… now, the table is piled with experiments! ~Jocelyn-C
  • This is so interesting and just what I like. My efforts of Art clay sheets came out beautifully. I am so wrapped. Loved that exercise, thank you Cindy. ~Elizabeth-K
  • I can’t believe how lovely this is.  I’ve been watching your tutorials for more than a year now and this is quite possibly the most gorgeous technique you’ve shared. ~Vladeska-V
  • I love Fridays!!!!! Cindy, you are so inspiring. I love this technique. ~Kathy-G
  • Cindy, thank you for today’s tutorial – I enjoy the projects that leave lots to creativity like this one!!! Thanks!!!! ~Kati-D
  • I actually did this tute right along with you! The only thing is I need to get the right ink pad. I have a water based ink but it is not very opaque. Plus it has three colors on one pad. It is not what I want for this technique. But, I was able to get around it. I did add some Martha Stewart glitter that are thin little rectangular shaped. (Her glitters are expensive but I got this set on clearance.) Now, I have to hope they will do fine in the oven! We’ll see and if there is a problem I’ll post here to let ya all know. This was very easy and you just can’t mess it up! ~Catalina
  • Cindy, the beads you made with this technique are beautiful. Reminds me of your Torn Clay technique but with a different color and finish. Thanks again for a great tutorial. ~Bonnie-K
  • Lovely effect, Cindy… this will be particularly fun to experiment with! :D I got some new stamps today too, so now I know what I’ll be trying them out on. In about 10 minutes! LOL. ~Sue-F
  • I have to say I think this is now my favorite tute. The mind can take you to a whole new world of creations with this one. You are teaching us a technique that is doable and quite mind blowing at the same time. Like I always say the Lietz team just smacked another one out of the ball park. Love you and Doug and Thank you for ever creative moment you have given me and more. Clayfully Yours. ~Peggy-B
  • WOW.. I’m in awe of the possibilities with this one! Cindy, you’ve really outdone yourself! So many different variations we can apply, I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with! Thank you so very much for an excellent tut and an amazing new technique, and thanks to Doug for his awesome video skills again this week. Have a great weekend! ~Tanya-L
  • I love that the same technique was used for such different looking pieces. One of my all time favorite tutes!! Thanks Cindy for teaching us such a fun and beautiful technique! ~Lisa-W
  • Cindy, I just wanted to say that I have completed my very first attempt at an ART SHEET, and if you knew just how little artistic training and confidence I have, you’d understand how I feel about your fantastic tutorial – I used used a Penny Black stamp (4271L winter ledge) with scattered birds on bare limbs, and it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done, ALL thanks to you!!! ~Carol-B


  • I love bead caps, but so often I don’t have the size I need. Now I’ll be able to make the caps to fit my beads. ~Linda-K
  • Oh, yes, yes, YES!!!! How do you do it Cindy??? Each week I don’t think you can possibly top my excitement come the next Tuesday’s Teaser, but you keep doing it!!! How am I gonna sleep the rest of the week??? As I’ve been saying every week, I CAN’T WAIT TIL FRIDAY!!!! (You really shouldn’t do this to those of us with high blood pressure and cardio problems, you know-LOL!) ~Tanya-L
  • Wow! I mean, bead caps? What a perfect video topic — they’re handy for so many things, like disguising ugly bead holes …as mentioned. They also add interest to plain beads, with color, shape, and/or texture. A single-colored cap can top off a patterned bead …to draw out a particular color, etc. Bead caps also add so many possibilities …stringing necklaces with other kinds of beads …nice! And these examples look fantastic! So very smooth. Can you tell I’m excited about this one? Cindy, you’ve done it again. You’re truly amazing …thanks for sharing your wonderful gifts! ~Phaedrakat
  • Fantastic video.  I have the cutters with the little flower. The beads will look even more unique now with handmade bead caps. Thanks Cindy for a wonderful tutorial! ~Cheryl-H
  • Boy, the possibilities with this one are endless.  I have so many beads that did not turn out exactly as I had hoped that could morph into real beauties with the right bead caps. Guess I’ll have to pull my sad, discarded lonely, abandoned, beautiful wannabes from the depths of the “I don’t like you” bin and give them hope that they can be reclaimed. Thanks, Cindy and Doug! ~Elizabeth-S
  • Now I need to keep my eyes open for additional little cutters, I own the one set that has the flower. Thanks Cindy for the tutorial, I would never have thought of this. ~Ken-H
  • Cindy, I must say you are a God send because of your polymer clay videos. I’m a seed bead artist and I had problems finding brad caps for some of the larger beading work. I tried various ways to make bead caps from polymer clay, but it was just out of reach. Here you are showing what I didn’t even think of using marbles, and plastic. WOW! ~Stephanie-J
  • AWESOME tut again, Cindy! Once again my wheels are spinning! ~Tanya-L
  • Great idea!! I have the flower cutter and I have my marbles that I had as a child! Of course there’s days I feel like I’m losing my marbles. LOL ~Jeanne-C
  • This tute is great – I have so many ideas floating in my head! No room for cleaning house ETC -LOL. What a neat idea -marbles. ~Patt-W
  • Very nice Cindy. I never would have thought a person could make bead caps with polymer clay, but what a wonderful idea.  Beautiful and versatile.  Thanks Cindy. ~Sue-C
  • Hi Cindy and all, just watched the bead cap video, just great, real cute, and what an easy way to do your own bit of titivating, without rushing out to buy any caps. I have some Granite and Silver Premo clays which I don’t like and have looked and looked at them, scratching my head as to what to use it for, now I know. When in doubt cap it out. Thanks Cindy. ~Elizabeth-K
  • Cindy – you never cease to amaze me! Such a simple idea, yet I have never even thought to do that! ~Carrie-W
  • Such a great tutorial. I’ve had this bead cap idea in my little notebook for a long time, but never got around to trying them. I’m glad it worked out that way …you’ve made it so much easier – and better – than I’d have done. Now I can start off from your wonderful instructions, and go from there! Another masterpiece, for sure Cindy!  I love these textured caps and love the homemade texture plates, too! Your shaping and smoothing tricks cut out much of the finishing work — fabulous! I think I’ll all try these with Pearl-Ex or metallic paints/inks, too — this technique is gonna be enormously useful! I do bead weaving, as well and it’s true there’s a need for special-sized caps. I also need them for some ‘discounted’ beads I bought when I first started making jewelry. They have ‘ugly holes’ and other little flaws that a custom bead cap can hide. In fact, these caps might be just the thing to turn those ugly ducklings into works of art. Thanks! ~Phaedrakat
  • Love it! Genius!  Cindy, you are so clever…the simplest techniques make all the difference. ~Kathy-G
  • Well my predictions were right. I love this tute, totally understand it and now understand the one I purchased a couple of years ago before I found Cindy, even more. To top that my imagination after watching Cindy’s tute is wondering a lot further than it did with the other tute. Pictures and filming as always superb Doug. The Lietz team does it again, BAM right out of the ballpark. THANK YOU BOTH FOR ANOTHER GREAT TUTE FOR NEXT TO NOTHING. BIG HEARTS HAVE BIG IDEAS!!! Clayfully yours. ~Peggy-B
  • I am so delighted to have found your tutorials. I made an art sheet from last weeks tute, in a different pattern, which came out dark. Wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it, but now that I have watched the bead cap video, I see tube beads with caps on them in my future! You are Fantastic!!! ~Marlene-C
  • What a fun tutorial! I especially love the tube bead and caps – the shape and colors are lovely – thanks again Cindy and Doug! How creative to use marbles for this technique! ~Maria-C


  • Fantastic tute. One of those head slapping things. you addressed every thing I was sure to get wrong…..lol. You guys are the best! ~Pollyanna
  • Cindy and Doug – I am doing the happy dance! How wonderful to finally learn and understand how this “roller thingie” works. Thanks again! ~Maria-C
  • Great video, Cindy! You’ve done it once again — taken a somewhat “huh?” tool and made it user friendly! You ARE brilliant, like Susan B. says! The tube beads in this video are very cool, and you make them look so easy. The tips/tricks you’ve come up with are awesome, and I’m guessing they’re going to make all the difference. It’s surprising that Amaco doesn’t spend a little more time to create better instructions to go with the nifty little gadgets they make for clay. Oh, well…we’ve got Cindy, so we’re covered! ~Phaedrakat
  • I Luv it!!!! Cindy, What a fantastic way of keeping that hole in the center. I have tried over and over to make that hole stay put, without success. My tube bead maker is in the mail as I type. I actually purchased set 1 and 2. I hope that they are the right ones. The pictures were so small, that I couldn’t tell. It did say tube beads, so lets hope that they are the ones that I needed :). At least I can get busy making those sheets and canes before they get here. ~Brenda-M
  • Cindy, that was great. I have been using a tube bead roller for a long time but always got frustrated when I put the piercing pin in because as you said it got “Whonky”. I was cutting the pieces before baking and then putting them on the pin, then baking and then putting them in the rock tumbler which worked pretty good, but I can see your way is much easier. Thanks again, that was really, really great. ~Bonnie-K
  • Cindy you are brilliant!  I could see all the problems you first mention in the tut and knew immediately that I would most likely fall into all of those traps then, like magic, you simply make them all disappear. I love tube beads but have never mastered the art of getting them all the same size and length but I will now definitely have another go. Thank you. ~Susan-B
  • Cindy and Doug this was another tute knocked out of the park. You made a useless piece of equipment worth its weight in gold to me. So simple, so easy and so Cindy. Then Doug caught it all oh so talented filming so we could all see it in our very own homes. Thank you Lietz team spectacular for continuously keeping us fed with the best of PC knowledge at pennies a pop. I still do not understand why anyone who has found their way to this blog, doesn’t sign up if not instantly, then at least within a week or 2. I still get mad at myself for not signing up the very first moment I found Cindy. One good thing is that new members can still buy any tutes they have missed. It was easier for me though I hadn’t missed that many so it wasn’t that hard for me to get all the back issues right away. So Join Now Don’t be a fool like I was!! ~Peggy-B
  • Oh, wow, the possibilities are endless! I love how you used the kaleidoscope and animal print canes, Cindy, and especially loved the zebra with the bright purple base and the finished piece that also used the matching beads!! Once again you got my wheels spinning! My husband often asks me what I’m thinking about when I’m zoning out, because he says I’m a million miles away. And I am! I’m thinking about what all I want to do with PC!!! The only problem is, doing it in my mind is so much faster than doing it in reality!! I’ve got so much on my list now I’ll never catch up!!! But that’s ok, you just keep it coming!! ~Tanya-L
  • Another doh! moment. I am constantly amazed to discover after watching these tutorials that I have been doing things the hardest way possible. You would think that just once I would figure out the easy way to do something, but…… no. These tutorials are definitely worth the price of admission. ~Joanne-B
  • Well, I finally got to watch the video. NOW I know how to use those tube rollers! Cindy, you’ve solved the problems I had when I first tried to use mine… and you have some excellent tips on piercing and sanding! ~Linda-K
  • I am so happy you did you’re doing this tutorial, Cindy! Like Ken and Linda, I have one of those roller thingies and have never understood how to use it. Your video should be part of the instructions included in the package! ~Maria-C
  • Hello All! First, I love this tute! I will be ordering one of those rollers! Second, I had a show today and I wanted to share some good news. It was an 8 hour show and I made $304.00! Then I got home and had sold 3 items in my Etsy shop! A lot of the items sold were made using a technique from our dear “Polymer Clay Tutor”, so I would like to give a special thank you to Cindy and Doug. Thank you both for creating such a wonderful place for us all to share and learn from! ~Carrie-W
  • Yeah! Got the tube rollers. You are right, Cindy. Using you “method” sure saves time and frustration. Been rolling away -now to learn how to put in the pin. This a great tute. Thanks, again. ~Patt-W
  • I’ve tried and tried to make tube beads, after all, how difficult can it be to just roll a tube and stick a hole in it…duh!! Now I know how Cindy gets such perfect tube beads. I had to admit I was very curious as to how she put cane pieces on them as well. ~Koolbraider


  • I LOVE lilies too and this palette is just so fiery and gorgeous. I really like all the interesting ways you’ve incorporated this cane – giving  us a lot to think about once again Cindy!! ~DJ
  • I simply love this Autumn Sunflower colour palette and am really looking forward to using it in this Spotted Lily flower cane. ~Lawrence-S
  • Wow again!! You never fail to come up with exciting projects for us. This is a beautiful fall palette and the lily is among my favorite flowers. ~Cheryl-H
  • Autumn is upon us, so along with the beautiful colors Cindy has made for us, and Doug has caught a wonderful picture of, I need to change my wording. No more grand slams or out of the ball park. This is a TOUCH DOWN !!!!!!!! Wooooooo Hoooooooo. Our GrandKids have 3 day weekend off from school so they will be here anxious to watch this one with me. THANKS SO MUCH CINDY AND DOUG. Your very happy student. ~Peggy-B
  • Great tutorial… I adore flower canes (and flower petal canes.) This is beautiful, and you explained it perfectly… our tutor at her best! Such a lovely cane, and cool projects you made with it. Thanks so much! ~Phaedrakat
  • Brilliant loved it and how easy it is! Loved the waves it almost looked as if it had been painted! Thank you! ~Anne-O
  • Beautiful! Back home in KY, Tiger Lilies grow wild along the roads. I have always loved them. I agree with Anne-O… “Brilliant.” ~Brenda-M
  • Great tutorial. I like the thought of being able to add spots to things. Thank you for another enjoyable Friday treat. ~Susan-B
  • Well, I’ve actually made a couple of these canes before; but, as always, Cindy adds a few tweaks into her techniques and the results are fantastic! I’m also looking forward to making a rainbow selection of canes. This is going to be fun. ~Maria-C
  • Hi Cindy thanks for the lovely spotted lily cane, really beautiful. Loved how the spots were done. ~Elizabeth-K
  • LOVELY!!!! This one has a lot of possibilities, across all spectrums! A Rainbow Of Thanks. ~Michelle-C
  • Fantastic!!!!!! I was wondering how you were going to get the spots in the petals. I’m going to try this using the Stargazer colors, it’s my favorite lilly in my garden between the vibrant pink of the flower to the unbelievable fragrance. A big thank you to the Lietz Team!!!! Since I’m more of a hockey fan I’ll just say….. GOOOOOOOOOAAAAL!!!!!!! ~Ken-H
  • Ken: I’m so with you on the Stargazer Lily colors! I’m thinking that both of the B Palettes this week would make beautiful lilies, too. Cindy, HOW do you think this stuff up!! I think my brain is going to explode with all the things that could be done with this tut! ~Linda-K
  • Love the ease of making this luscious spotted lily. ~Jocelyn-C
  • I love this flower petal! It’s so pretty and I’m so excited to try it…. but first I shall sleep. I love getting home Friday mornings and watching the weekly video before I go to bed to dream of the polymer clay fun waiting for me later! ~Melinda-H
  • Cindy, this tut is awesome. I was trying to wrap it around my head of how you were going to do this awesome Lily creation and it ended up being just the simplest thing. Your basic course is definitely a way to go to get all the basic requirements and understand how clay works; then add some of one’s creativity to come up with these awesome designs :) I have all kinds of designs racing in my head now. The difference between what I’ve been doing with graphic design is that now I have to think 3D instead of 2D. You’re the best Cindy. ~Rada-F
  • How can you make something so amazingly simple? You really have done your homework!!! Thank you for everything. These are just about my favorite colors. But lily’s come in so many wonderful colors. Just might try all of them (yeah, right like I have the time for that, haha). So you and Doug have done it again. We love you guys. ~Patt-W
  • Fantastic tute. I too was trying to figure out the spots… :). So simple… with your teachings that is. ~Pollyanna
  • This Lily looks beautiful and appears to be very easy. I can see using this method where you need little polka dots too. Thanks again for a great technique. ~Loretta-C
  • Just had a chance to watch this technique – not only a beautiful result but beautiful in its simplicity! ~DJ

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