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Color Recipes:

1A. Straw
2A. Marshes
3A. Horsetail
4A. Cattails

Video Topics:

1. Butterfly Wing Cane
2. Rocker Beads
3. Faux Dichroic Glass
4. Micromesh Abrasives

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Customer Reviews (Volume-026):


  • An interesting thing has gradually been happening to me over the past 6 months, since I joined Cindy’s group.  I’m beginning to appreciate colors that I always disliked before.  This is something that never happened to me in over 20 years of decorative painting! I think it’s because of the way that Cindy groups the four colors together in such a pleasing combination. This palette is a good example.  I’ve always preferred greens with less yellow and more blue in them, and brown has never moved me. Yet here are four of the colors I would not have used in the past, yet I’m thinking about how I can use them in my jewelry. Wow. ~Linda-K
  • Gorgeous palette! I agree with what Linda said above. The same thing’s happened to me. I’ve never been one for browns, but I’m appreciating them more and more. Thanks for all of these wonderful recipes, Cindy, and the beautiful, inspirational photos, Doug. ~Phaedrakat
  • Another wonderful color palette, Cindy.Someday I hope to take the time to play around with mixing colors but for now I love what you do the best ~Joyce-M
  • Cindy the colors are super rich, I love them! Doug the picture captures it all. Thanks again for all you bring to us. Job very well done!!!! ~Peggy-B
  • Fantastic colors, Cindy! ~Carolyn-F
  • Ouuu. I like these colors.  The greens are hot. ~Claycass


  • Cindy, I absolutely love your butterfly wing tutorial. I have been working on those for the past few days… Pendants, Pins, Hair barrettes… the possibilities are endless because of your wonderful ability to teach. I have also made dragonfly’s from the same cane. I was so amazed at how easy it was. I would love to show pictures as soon as I have them finished. I think I will probably post some on my face book page. Thanks again everyone for your encouragement it means the world to me. ~Jackie-N
  • Thanks again for a super video. The possibilities are endless as you could use any colour combinations that you choose. ~Carole-H
  • Just got home and watched the video. It’s stunning and as always made so simple for all of us to follow. I have your pendant Cindy so I am going to try and make earrings. ~Cheryl-H
  • WOW!  This is much easier than I thought – Love Cindy’s way KISS (keep it simple stoopid). No wonder we keep coming back for MORE. I would like to climb in Cindy’s mind LOL. I would never leave. Thanks to Cindy and Doug for these wonderful tutes. ~Patt-W
  • Absolutely love, love, love it. You slammed another one right out of the ball park and the bases were loaded. Thank you so much Cindy and of coarse as always Doug’s wonderful filming. The dream team gives us way more than we have paid for once again. I am so thankful for finding the best clay family there is. We have it all here. All the talent, dedication and so much compassion not just for our art but for each other. It just doesn’t get any better than this. I am always so excited the first time I watch your tutes that I have to go back and watch again so I can really understand what you have brought us. It just keeps getting better and better every tute you do. Never a boring moment and always a growing moment. I have grown so much with all I can do with my PC now. When I forget something I just go back to the tute and watch it again picking up something new every time. I still refer to the basics course. Yep the one I didn’t think I would use but am still using many many times. Many Uuuuuuugggggs to everyone. ~Peggy-B
  • Peggy Barnes: Love your description: “You slammed another one right out of the ballpark and the bases were loaded.” I think Cindy is headed to the World Series!!! I hope to try this one tonight. ~Catalina
  • Awesome tutorial! Thanks, Cindy – you made one of my “most wanteds!” I just love it, and I can’t wait to get my hands on some clay and make these beautiful butterflies. I’m gonna start with a somewhat bigger cane so I can make some wing pendants, as well as complete butterflies. Really gorgeous – Cindy, you’ve done it again!  ~Phaedrakat
  • Cindy, it stuns me how you can make something as complex as that butterfly cane, break it down into such easy steps, then share tons of ideas for using it. Love the curling tail flower application. ~Jocelyn-C
  • Cindy, just as you said, this technique is “very freeing”. I’ve made a few butterfly canes and it just amazes me how cool they come out and how fun it is to make them! I have made some beads mixing my floral canes with the butterflies. I call them my Gardener’s Dreams Series. ~Maria-C
  • Great Tute!!! Cindy, you do make them … well … doable … lol. Thanks so much. ~Pollyanna
  • Hi Cindy and all. Just watched the Butterfly tut. Think it is gorgeous, and as usual looks intricate but you make it so interesting to put together Cindy. ~Elizabeth-K
  • The meaning behind the butterfly and its symbol of resurrection is a big part of my attraction to the butterfly and its beauty. The story behind the butterfly is amazing. As so many other tutes Cindy and Doug bring us with so many endless possibilities. All in the mind of the artist. I am so thankful for all you have taught me Cindy. You have inspired me to try things I never thought possible before. I might not be a great artist but there is an artist in me and thanks to all you do for us a part of it comes out with each tute. The dream team has done it once again. Many Uuuuugggggs to the both of you. ~Peggy-B
  • Overwhelmed after seeing the last three vid tuts in a row, I can tell you.  Cindy is the best teacher out there for my money. ~Jocelyn-C
  • Simply gorgeous butterfly cane lesson, thanks Cindy.  I love to watch those lovely little hands working, making it look so easy. ~Mary-U
  • What a gorgeous butterfly cane… it’s stunning! Your pieces shown in the video all look really beautiful; the mica clays really make the wings shimmery and even more lovely. I love the symbolism that Carolyn and Peggy mentioned. That will give the wearer an extra-special feeling, and mean a lot as a gift. Thanks, Cindy! ~Phaedrakat
  • Everyone who saw my butterfly wing cane absolutely loved them! And there’s absolutely no way I could have done this as a first cane without Cindy’s guidance and video, and have it come out near as well as it did! All credit goes to her when I tell anyone about any of my pc work, but especially these. Thank you so much Cindy! ~Tanya-L
  • I just want to thank you Cindy for this tutorial. It was super fun and easy to do. I’ve made various items with my cane, like the  Butterfly Princess (added on the Facebook Gallery page), and some pendants, which I will add as soon as the pictures have been taken. I am new to this group, and am still trying to find my way around; thanks Cindy for your patience and guidance. I am from South Africa. ~Lorraine-C
  • Cindy – I am having fun making the zebra canes. Also tried the butterfly cane yesterday and it is very pretty.  Have started baking for an hour and using the tent method.  Experiencing more with your colors.  Thank you for providing such great videos. ~Cindy-P
  • I made the butterfly cane for the first time today.  When I sliced into it, I yelled because I was amazed it was so pretty.  My hubby came in to see what I was yelling about, LOL. ~Joyce-R
  • Your videos are definitely quality and have helped me rapidly advance my skills! ~Carol-W


  • Oh, yeah. I thought those tube-y looking beads were different. “Rocker Beads,” huh? Cool! ~Phaedrakat
  • Don’t come knock-in cause I’ll be in the house rock-in. You did it again Cindy! ~Sandy-T
  • WOOOOO HOOOOO Another great one to learn from. As always so many possibilities and all the different techniques of mixed clays that can be used to make them. Where ever your mind wants to go with this one it should work. I am so excited like a kid in a candy store or me in hobby lobby. Just think, So many of the tutes Cindy has taught us can be used with this one. If you have a lot of scrap clay you might be able to work wonders with some of it. Like I said where ever you mind goes. Thank you so very much Cindy and Doug you have done it once again. Love and Uuuuuugggs. ~Peggy-B
  • Hi, I just signed up for the membership and I am so very excited. I am very new to working with the clay, but I am very artistic and creative and am very excited to get started. I Love this rocker bead…. very cool. Thanks so much for the effort that you put forth for all of us! ~Kim-G
  • I absolutely loved the Rocker Bead video, and I think the organic shape is wonderful. I think this video will be very useful in making some very cool beads. If the organic shape is not for you, you could also cut the ends straight to make them more even. But I love the look of Cindy’s examples. Thanks for a wonderful tutorial, Cindy. You did it again, like you always do, week after week – you give us a great video with something new and inspirational! Thanks! ~Phaedrakat
  • I just love the rocker beads.  I can see how they would make lovely components.  The earrings were beautiful.  Thanks again Cindy for your tute on rocker beads. ~Sue-C
  • I will also be rocken this weekend. I keep saying I love this tute… but it’s true every week. ~Pollyanna
  • Knew I would love this tute even before I watched it. You 2 never let us down. You could put 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back and never have to worry about returning a penny. The dream team has done it once again. I don’t know about the rest of this clay family but I plan to ROCK the ROCKER this weekend. Thank you so much Cindy and Doug. Many Uuuuuuggggs. ~Peggy-B
  • So pleased to see a video on bead shapes.  Sometimes I get stuck in a terrible rut with bead shapes and it’s always nice to see a new idea!  I’d love to see more videos on this subject. ~Vladadeska
  • I will be so glad to have a new bead shape to add to my possibilities. ~Elizabeth-S
  • The rocker beads as shown aren’t my thing, but there is a variation that I would use with faux stones. If you made a single really long, completely even rocker bead, cured it, and then cut it into bead lengths before sanding, etc., you’d get my favourite rectangular bead version for real gemstones: oval/marquis is cross-section, rectangular when viewed from the top (the curved surface helps catch the light, subtly without going all bling as facets do). ~Sue-F
  • These rocker beads are great! Nice big design surface, easy to produce, and quick to finish. Can see them as flower petals too, just insert the head pins, and attach to the center of your choice. ~Jocelyn-C
  • A necklace done with the rocker beads would actually be wicked cool. For some reason I have the urge to put on some Rolling Stones music when making these! Leaving the ends as they are really does make them more interesting. ~Koolbraider
  • Cindy, another awesome tut! Being so new here and having just bought some of the back issues there are so many things you’ve shown that I want to try.. NOW! :) And you make it so easy! This site is great and I’m so glad I found it.  There’s such an amazing amount information I find myself on here for hours even when I just want to pop in for a few minutes. I’ll read one of your articles and I have to check out the links you have there so I open a new tab for this one, then that one.. After awhile I have 10 tabs with info I want to read! Then, of course, all of those articles have links, and before I know it it’s 11 o’clock (am) and my morning is gone! Anyway, just wanted to say thank you to you and your hubby for going to such lengths to teach and mentor all of us. I always get so much inspiration here. Oh, and I absolutely love the color recipe cards too!! ~Tanya-L
  • I love these rocker beads. They are so much fun. I can see all sorts of sizes and possibilities. ~Linda-B
  • Cindy – Awesome Rocker Beads! Wow, are these babies versatile! I’m amazed at the beauty of all the examples you showed. Of course, I love the pendant and the gorgeous multi-colored technique you used. I would certainly love a tutorial on that! Back to the beads, I thought they looked lovely as dangle earrings with the butterfly cane on them. The link was cool, and they make fantastic toggles, too. Now I know what you used on your Faux Agate bracelet (that now belongs to Sue F.) ~Phaedrakat
  • Just watched the video, I like the pendant also would like to see how that is made. This bead would look great used in a necklace where the beads are graduated, don’t know what the style necklace is called, I’ll try to explain it, it would be longest rocker bead in center then spacers on each side, then the next size bead on either side, spacers again, and so on, in an odd number of beads, sort of a fan shape. ~Ken-H
  • Cindy – With your guidance, I am changing how I make my polymer clay beads beads. I have made Rocker Beads that are smooth. I have also made Jupiter Planet Beads that feel like butter, but I didn’t buff them. Now I know after your last Faux Jasper Video that they could have had a shiny finish without varnish. I have a Dremel and a table top buffer that I will be using more often now. ~Cindy-P


  • I feel like Meg Ryan in ‘When Harry met Sally’, shouting Yes! Yes! Yes! The Magic Glos arrived yesterday … how’s that for timing? … only for me to discover that we no longer have a UV lamp because I couldn’t see a use for it, and had forgotten I’d got rid of a few years ago. Soooooooooooo, piece duly made, baked and tidied-up and oo-er, now what? Risk the English sunlight? Nothing ventured and all that. It worked. Late afternoon, direct sunlight and the faux dichroic pendant is glassy and solid and looking every bit as good as a first attempt at a new technique has a right to be. I’ll post a link to my blog when the batteries on my camera etc… you know how it is… Fantastic tute again Cindy. Thank you. I’m going to like playing with this one. Possibly OH is not going to be so keen because my stock of rubber stamps is quite limited … Have fun, all ~Judy-M
  • I love, love, love this technique.  I may never try making pendants in the kiln again. Thank You Cindy. ~Kathy-B
  • On my motorhome trip last year I met up with a gal in CO – someone else I met on the web.  She makes gorgeous dichroic glass and we spent a couple days together ‘playing’ in her glass room.  Yes, it was a whole room!  There were large and small pieces of glass, a cutting table, grinder and of course the kiln.  Though I love dichroic glass I knew I’d never be able to set myself up with everything needed to make it.  I had seen faux dichroic PC pieces and knew that was the way to go for me.  I’ve been waiting almost a year now for Cindy to teach her way of making faux dichroic. ~Carolyn-F
  • Thanks for the link to the sanding pads, this looks very nice, easy to hold. Also wanted to ditto you on why I find polymer clay so fascinating. In college, I was fortunate to meet and visit glass artist Dale Chihuly’s workshop on the river in Providence while he taught at RISD.  At the time he was working on the Salvador Dali style drip containers and the neon lit glass block structures. I was the coffee girl, lol. Watching those folks work that glory hole during those long winter nites on the frozen river, the heat, the colors, the sheer muscle, and the fineness of the end results… just incredible, but unfortunately, far beyond my financial capabilities. I lusted to make milliefori canes, swirl colors, and design my own shapes. Who knew, years later, my beloved nieces would expose me to a material with which you can mimic the same techniques for the cost of a toaster oven, lol. Yea Fimo! Cindy’s adaptation of the dichroic glass is the perfect example, as you know, from working with an artist with a kiln. Looks even better than glass, in my opinion, and is such a “high” to produce something so remarkably beautiful in your own home. Fondly. ~Jocelyn-C
  • Hi Cindy! This tute is so cool, I really love how you don’t have to be precise with the powder, it looks great! ~Pam-M
  • Cindy and Doug Thank you for the wonderful gift. I feel this weeks tute was so much more than just a lesson. It was a learning experience not to forget you can take a beautiful piece of art and with a tweak here and a change of color there you have a similar piece of jewelry that is now working for many woman of different ages and tastes enjoying the same technique. Now that is not only Awesome but PURE GENIUS!!! Many Many Uuuuugggss. ~Peggy-B
  • Gorgeous jewelry in this tutorial, Cindy! I fell in love with the pendant on the steel bezel when you did the resin tute. Now there are plenty more to fall in love with, including the cute little charms that look a bit like fancied-up scrabble tiles (except they’re smaller than that!) The size of things in these videos always throws me; things are smaller than I realize, because Doug’s shots are up-close so we can see all the glorious detail! ~Phaedrakat
  • I love this! I can’t wait to try it. You just amaze me with all of these techniques. Thanks so much. ~Heidi-L
  • Cindy, kudos again, girl! That is one fabulous technique! My Godmother always purchased the makeup kits for us from the good department stores and I have boxes of fantastic mica based eye powders to use finally!!! Cannot wait to try this, even love the results plain without the gloss. Easy to do for kids too, eye popping results. ~Jocelyn-C
  • Wow!  What a fabulous tutorial!  Now the big question is:  do I stay up and make some faux dichroic … or go to bed and get some sleep.  So much to do and so little time.  I’ll compromise … I’ll set everything up and then I can start making first thing in the morning. ~Carolyn-F
  • Wow, again… I love this and just found out my uv resin is in the mail. So much fun. ~Pollyanna
  • Yay, this is another lovely technique to learn. I LOVE playing with Pearl Ex Powders, the colors are rich and the way they shimmer is so pretty! ~DJ
  • Well… I tried this and it is easy. The only problem is I only had regular mica powders and it doesn’t have the same wow factor. I will now be ordering the pearlex and try again. It is a fun technique. ~Pollyanna
  • Love, Love… Love all these Faux dichroic creations! This is a fun tutorial and I plan on making more… that is for sure! Awesome work everyone! ~Lupe-M
  • Just ordered the UV Epoxy equipment… so excited! But, that’s strictly based on all the great results I’ve seen posted at Facebook Gallery page from other members. Don’t think I’d have the courage to invest and try it without seeing the wonderful work everyone here accomplished with the tut. ~Jocelyn-C
  • The faux dichroic is one of my favorite tutes and so easy to achieve, and I love the Ultra Dome it’s so easy to use and gives my work a very professional finish. ~Jeanne-C
  • The RV park here in Fort Bragg wants some of the beach wraps (stones found on the beach, hand polished and wire wrapped) as well as some of my clay and also other wire art for their gift shop.  I’ll be here all week and we’ll be working out what they want and I’ll be making as much beach wrap as possible. I’m pretty sure they are going to take some of my lentil beads and some of the faux dichroic as well. I’m really stoked!!!! ~Carolyn-F
  • I am perfecting my Faux Dichroic beads and have set up a small curing bowl out in the sun, after looking at prices and how to get a UV lamp. It is working so well I am quite tickled with my efforts. ~Elizabeth-K
  • Cindy – I think of you every day and love playing with my clay. It helps my stress level sooooo much!!! I just made some awesome faux dichroic hearts – love love love love them!!!! ~Sue-O
  • I made a pendant design inspired by my polymer clay hero, Cindy Lietz and this Faux Dichroic Glass tutorial, along with the Etching Polymer Clay Lesson. It’s been lots of fun combining the two ideas into one, while adding my own spin. Cindy, thank You for for always inspiring me to think outside the box. I couldn’t have done it without you. ~Trish-Z


  • Can’t wait ’til my Micromesh pads come (ordered from PC Express)! Thanks for the great tut, Cindy and Doug.  Now, maybe those hundreds and hundreds of unsanded beads we collectively own will get pulled out of their bins and morph into the beauties they deserve to be. ~Elizabeth-S
  • Cindy, Once again you have made my week a bit more bearable. I am sooo tired of being on bed rest, but you have given me so many things to look forward to these last 6 weeks. I definitely will me getting some micro mesh as soon as I can afford it. I don’t have carpel tunnel (which as a nurse I am aware of how very painful it can be), but I do have rheumatoid arthritis, and when it settles in my fingers and wrists just holding a fork can be very painful, so this will be a great thing to try! Not to mention that it goes quicker than regular sand paper! I am so happy! Thank you so much for helping me keep my spirits up through out my recovery. Once again I must say it, Cindy you are the bomb!!! ~Tiffany-M
  • Cindy, thanks for showing us how to work with this Micro-mesh product on beads.  I’ve used similar sanding pads to prep wood items for decorative painting and they definitely are easier than using sandpaper by hand. They also last a really long time. ~Linda-K
  • Cool!!!! I’m going to order them right after leaving this comment. Thank you Cindy and Doug for being our research department for new products, just as you’ve made the mistakes so we don’t have to, which saves us money on clay, your researching of anything new that could be beneficial to us and make our projects easier is SO much appreciated. Thank you SO very much. ~Ken-H
  • I am so glad to see this tute! I have actually had both the sticks and pads for about a year now. If I had known everything you shared in this video, I would have been using them so much more! ~Carrie-W
  • It looks like this is a great product. I really like the little Q-tip sanders too. One thing I do not like about using regular Wet-Dry sand paper is some beads are hard to hold onto and I end up sanding off my finger nails. It looks like these micromesh pads will almost conform to the palm of you hand. Way Cool. I use a vibrating tumbler and am thinking I could do my tumbling and then continue on with the last 10 or so pads. ~Anna-S
  • Just waiting til the SS check comes in LOL. Then I can order theses babies!  Such a much better way to finish. No more crampy hands! Thanks Cindy and Doug. You did it again… Hugs. ~Patt-W
  • My first set of micromesh sanding pads is almost 2 years now (and still working)! Can’t say enough good things about this product but I still use my rock tumbler most of the time…. sometimes I micromesh through the first couple pads and then throw them in the tumbler and finish them up that way. ~Melinda-H
  • The video answered a question I had.  I’ve never liked having all that dust on the sand paper (I always sand with water and a drop of soap) but it gets clogged quickly.  I’ll still be using my toothbrush sander but I can see that these pads are better for larger flat surfaces.  I have noticed the sander often leaves some spots untouched.  So these pads are definitely in the future.  I was also amazed at the grits.  (Must get out that box of unsanded beads…!!!) ~Koolbraider
  • I found myself a supplier in Australia (for the Micromesh) and they are on their way… anything that can make sanding quicker and less painful I have to try out. Thanks for the great videos Cindy. ~Haffina
  • Cindy – Thanks for making all the videos ‘easy’. The micromesh is going to be good for my hands. They cramp up and hurt so bad after sanding I keep having to take little breaks in between. ~Cheryl-H
  • Cindy, I have been using micromesh for about a year, and have not yet needed to replace the pads. I absolutely love this product! I was lucky that a hardware store near me actually carries it. I bought it on a whim to see how it would do, and was surprised at how well it worked. ~Crystal-M
  • Cindy, these new sandpapers and sticks are just the bomb! I hate sanding so I find I have to create an environment of maximum enjoyment to stick with it, LOL. How?  Mostly in bed with my feet up, pillows galore behind me, and adorned with heating pads. Treat myself to a low dose pain killer ahead of time, and put some of my favorite music on to sand to the rhythm. If you are a “smell” person, burning your favorite incense helps too. Total zen. Find that a really wet facecloth on a dish provides enough moisture so I am not playing with a pan of water and heating pads, a problem due to the number of trips I must take to the ladies. Have my Dremel rigged with the flexshaft near the bead for final buffing, but, based on the results of this micromesh products ease of use and advanced finishing capabilities, it might not be needed so much. Best, is that from the reading I’ve done since Cindy posted this product, is that it seems to last forever, unlike the auto paper. This is excellent value for your money, a cost saver, and a product that automatically improves the quality of your work. How great is that? ~Jocelyn-C
  • Well it’s Sunday. I have just gotten to watch Friday’s video. It was absolutely wonderful as usual. Anything to make the sanding process easier is greatly appreciated. I wanted to say a big thanks to everyone who sent me kind words of encouragement to keep going with my jewelry. I am glad my Vance saw something in me that I did not. I did the sale this weekend. It was a total success. Not only did I sell lots of jewelry and get lots of positive feedback, but I also had a fellow vendor place an order for me to make children’s earrings for him. From the Butterfly tutorial I made tiny little butterfly earrings. I had around 20 pairs and they all sold. Thanks Cindy for that wonderful tutorial. Everything I took to sell was something I did from learning from Cindy’s tutorials. She has got to be the best teacher out there that I have seen. I have a question. ~Jackie-N
  • I detest sanding, so these new pads and swabs are especially interesting. Thanks Cindy! ~Linda-S
  • I really need to find some micromesh somewhere in Italy but I think there is little hope of that! I don’t enjoy sanding but do love making my beads silky smooth so I am definitely buying some of these soon. ~Susan-B
  • I’ve been (newly) sanding during the last couple of months… boy do I have a lot of respect for anyone who thoroughly polishes their work!! It’s definitely a labour of love, especially those of you who have patience sanding round beads. With my first attempts I ended up with flat spots, and uneven shine. Sanded a little too much and removed a nice layer of color on a favorite Jupiter bead… oops :(   It’s nice to hear these sanding pads last a while. Once my sandpaper runs out, I think I’ll be ordering these next. ~DJ
  • Thank you for this video! Everybody HATES sanding – right? This will surely make finishing (beautifully), a lot more enjoyable. ~Patt-W
  • I didn’t purchase the Micromesh finishing liquid, but I did splurge on the sanding swabs and had the most wonderful afternoon using them on some roses. In spite of Cindy’s instructions I have never been able to avoid fingerprints on my petals. These little swabs are the answer to a prayer for people like me. They get down into all those little grooves perfectly. ~Elizabeth-S
  • Gosh these pads are great. Got mine yesterday and wow is it easier on the hands. It’s like when I  discovered the rotary cutter for quilting……yipppeee!!! ~Pollyanna
  • OMG! I kind of gave up on beading for a while because I couldn’t manage to finish my beads properly.  Like so many other people, I have joint issues and all that sanding was torture.  As a last resort I tried the micro mesh pads. These pads are MIRACULOUS! I can’t believe that by going though all 9 pads, for about 15 seconds on each pad, I can get professional looking finishes. (The beads themselves still need work, but now I’m motivated to keep practicing the techniques.) As soon as I find my camera. I will take pictures and upload so I can join the Facebook fun. Thank you Cindy! ~Jill-V
  • Hey, Guys – and gals – if you ever find rocks that you’d like to polish and don’t have a tumbler … these pads work great! My arm is killing me but I have some great stones polished and ready for wire wrapping. Found the stones on the beach yesterday. They were already nicely shaped and just needed polishing. ~Carolyn-F
  • I ordered these and they came in. They are the BEST thing since sliced bread. I have never had such a smooth finish from regular wet/dry sandpaper. I’m a believer. Thanks Cindy for showing them to us. ~Kim-C
  • I am so excited about these MicroMesh pads. But the thing that is really appealing are the swabs. I am so glad to know there is something that works on the tiny corners. I tried the electric toothbrush method but wasn’t happy with the whole process of sticking tiny pieces of sandpaper on the brush pads. It was a mess. Thanks yet again Cindy! ~Maria-C
  • Hi all, I now have my micro Mesh pads and really love them. Thanks Cindy for this tutorial. Sanding will now be much easier. ~Elizabeth-K
  • I received my pads a couple of days ago and have had a hard time putting them down — they are FABULOUS and make me feel like I should resand all my bead stock again! They are much nicer to use than ordinary sand paper and the end result is stunning — even better than using Klear! Thank you for finding, researching and sharing this product with us Cindy. ~Susan-B
  • Hi Cindy, I just purchased some micro mesh pads and agree, they are much easier on my hands. I numbered each one with a permanent marker, 1-9 to graduate to the finest pad.  This way, I don’t have to refer back to the chart (although I still have it). I have used them on a few pendants and it is a lot easier than using the scraps of wet/dry sandpaper. Thanks for all your tips! ~Jan-W
  • Just got the Micro-Mesh Pads, played with them with a few things sitting around until I could find the time to sand, they’re fantastic, that’s all I can say, so easy, and QUICK. I did some aggressive reshaping of a not so oval cab. with regular sandpaper on a dremel and then finished with the pads. I love them and will very soon order the sanding swabs as well. Thank you SOOOOOOOOOO much Cindy for discovering and testing these for us! ~Ken-H
  • This was my first full month of being a member, YAY! There’s no way I’d be able to sit down and just make something and have it turn out right without Cindy and Doug and their wonderful videos. So I say thank you two! ~Tanya-L
  • What an absolutely wonderful month of tutorials! You guys went beyond the call –  don’t know how you manage to come up with so many wonderful ideas week after week! You then put them in motion to create these awesome tutorial videos, and I’m SO grateful that you do! I am so happy that I joined and became a part of this great family, or community you guys created! Cindy and Doug, you two are truly inspirational, and you make my polymer clay experience SO MUCH BETTER! Thank you! ~Phaedrakat
  • In the past, I’ve never been a fan of sanding and would rather take a beating than sand LOL. Cindy did the tute showing the AWESOME sanding square pad thingies (can’t remember what they are called), and sanding has been so much easier. They are easy on the hands, color coded for each grit, and over all, just make sanding something that I don’t mind at all anymore. Thanks Cindy for finding these great sanding pads and making the life of sanding so much easier :) ~Susan-R
  • I love the micromesh pads… and actually (yes, I know, I’m weird) find that sitting with those pads and sanding my way through them is a very Zen time for me. I LOVE feeling the surface getting smoother and smoother. Wet/dry sandpaper just drove me crazy. ~Doreen-N

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