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In This Vol-025:
Color Recipes:

1A. Forget-Me-Not
2A. Sunnyside Up
3A. Mother Nature
4A. Sapphire Bud

Video Topics:

1. Mushroom Beads
2. Mitered Corner Cane
3. Faux Agate
4. Dangle Bangle

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Customer Reviews (Volume-025):


  • How lovely!  Looking forward very much to the Forget-Me-Not palette.  I always save your descriptions of the four colours, Cindy  – they’re very poetic, you Nature Lover, you! ~Mary-U
  • One of my favourite flowers! So bright and cheerful and cute and don’t require any work at all, lol. I especially like how the flowers start off pink then gradually go blue. I was just thinking about trying to recreate forget-me-not blue yesterday. ~Silverleaf
  • Another lovely palette. I especially love both shades of blue. ~Linda-K
  • What a bright cheery palette! Very summer-y… I like it. ~Lisa-W
  • Beautiful soft, summery palette. It’s so wonderful to get these recipes from you. I paint a lot of foget-me-not’s when I paint cards. ~Cheryl-H
  • Love that forget-me-not color! Excited to be able to make it. Thanks, Cindy. ~Maria-C
  • It’s interesting, thanks to you and Doug, Cindy, that I find myself really noticing the details in nature. What a gift! Beautiful palette. So soft and fresh. ~Elizabeth-S
  • I know just what you mean Elizabeth. Flowers are now so bright with so many different shades of colors. Cindy and Doug bring us so much, they are a rainbow  of artistic talent. We are all so blessed to be learning so much from the two of them. God Bless Cindy and Doug for sharing all they know. Love and Uuuuuuuuuggggggggggs. ~Peggy-B
  • This is a really pretty combination! Mother Nature is a beautiful name for green clay! ~Shannon-L
  • I love the names Cindy gives to her luscious colors! These palettes are always yummy. ~Phaedrakat
  • Cindy I am SO glad I found my “tutor” – my two years of being a student has CHANGED my Polymer Clay life! Thank you! ~Bonnie-B


  • I made me some “Mushrooms” they are so… cute… even though I used scrap clay from the zebra cane. I made some with rose buds on top. Thanks Cindy another great tutorial! ~Brenda-M
  • I absolutely LOVE these little mushroom dudes! ~Elizabeth-S
  • I have just made a little mushroom after watching the tut, I am going to hang it on my handbag it is so cute and I loved making it. ~Ritzs
  • I loved this tutorial. The mushroom is so cute and you made it so simple, Cindy, like you do every teaching video. We’re all lucky to have such a wonderful teacher! ~Cheryl-H
  • This mushroom bead is going to be perfect for me to make with my niece when she visits this weekend! ~Linda-K
  • Well, I don’t know about anyone else but how the petals were made was totally different from how I thought.  I took a look in JoAnn’s and they don’t have the Etch/Pearl thing so I’ll try Michaels.  Have GOT to try these!  What sweet earrings these would make. ~Koolbraider
  • I made these mushroom pendants for my niece’s three little girls. They loved them! ~Linda-K
  • I had My Tween Day Care Girls to make the Mushroom Beads. One had a caterpillar on top, a butterfly, and another had a dragon fly. Way too cute!!!! ~Brenda-M
  • Now that is what I call a tute full of info. I watched it twice and LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Like you said you can use all the ideas on so many other pieces of polymer also. Cindy you are a students DREAM TEACHER and Doug you are the teachers DREAM PARTNER. As I have said before the 2 of you make the ultimate team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for another great start that is sure to be another great month of TUTES!! Uuuuugggggs to all. ~Peggy-B
  • Nice tut, I too was unaware mushrooms are the in thing, I really liked how you put the flower, leaves and vines together! Thanks again Cindy! ~Tina-A
  • I like the alcohol ink idea, I’ll definitely try that. :) ~Silverleaf
  • Thanks again for adding another string to my learning curve you sure do make Fridays fun and these little shrooms will be a breeze to make for me and my grandaughters. They look so good. ~Carole-H
  • Brilliant, love these mushrooms. Was doubtful until I saw the video but now I have to try it! ~Christine-L
  • Love it !!!!! I tried making one a few days ago and it looks okay but with the tute I see where I [as usual] did things the hard way…lol. This is fantastic and can’t wait to try one with the inks… yipppeeee! Thanks, Cindy once again. ~Pollyanna
  • Love the video, such cute little mushrooms! I love all of the sculptured detailing tips, these will come in handy for all kinds of things. I love the way the alcohol ink transformed the clay in this example. This tip is HUGE — can’t wait to try it! You’re so awesome, Cindy. You really must do a lot of experimenting before coming up with such amazing things to teach us. Our teacher does a lot of studying, I’ll bet! The mushroom shape is another great idea. I love how well-thought out your videos are. You teach us things that are easy to remember and recreate. We can also build on the techniques we learn from you, so that a mushroom becomes other things, too. Thanks for sharing so much information with us. You and your hubby provide so much. Every Friday I’m reminded of just how much, and I’m so very happy that I’m a member. Love it all! ~Phaedrakat


  • THANK YOU BOTH Cindy and Doug for another super great tute. I am dizzy just thinking of all the possibilities. There is just no end to the talent the two of you have. I sometimes wonder if I would even be interested in Polymer Clay anymore if it wasn’t for finding you two. I did find you so THANK GOD I don’t have to wonder because the interest and the inspiration is something I will never loose as long as you continue to share your talent with all of us. Have another super weekend. Uuuuuggggs to all. ~Peggy-B
  • Yay! My weekly fix of clay!!  I love the color combinations.  It’s good to see slicing through canes; am slightly off-kilter myself….  I usually have a hard time cutting straight, so looks like it’s time to practice. ~Koolbraider
  • Love this one too….lol. Don’t know which colors to start with…..the mind reels. ~Pollyanna
  • I’m even going to do mine in the same colors – love the striking combination. ~Elizabeth-S
  • Those look like southwest colors. Turquoise for the desert and red for our hot, hot, hot and orange for the sun. ~Bonnie-K
  • Marvelous colour combination. It looks very Southwest and makes me want to fly off to Arizona for some heat and sun. ~Lawrence-S
  • The tut is great and very inspirational and the colours are bright and beautiful. I think it might also be really interesting in black and white too. Many thanks Cindy. ~Susan-B
  • What a fun, fabulous tute! I just love the color combination in this. The Blue seems to “float” above the red/orange/fuchsia and you really do get several looks – the Oriental feel, modern, or even Circus-y… Anyway, I’m always impressed my how wonderful these video tutes are. They make me want to get started right away. ~Phaedrakat
  • Cindy, love this technique and tutorial. Thank you again. I think in black and white that would be a great background with a slice of flower cane on it. Going to try that later. Will send you some pictures. I’m leaching some Premo clay right now to work with. ~Bonnie-K
  • I loved this tut!! It will, however, force me to address the fact that I am “getting things in a straight line” challenged, LOL. I’m much better at projects where I can just mush stuff together and have them turn out beautiful. This one is too cool to pass up, though so I will bravely face the challenge. ~Elizabeth-S


  • HIt was a great Tut.  Your enthusiasm always shines through.   Your tuts are always well done and seeing how far to process or nor process the agate is great too.  It is easy for something to quick go from really cool looking to mush.  I am sure many of us have run something through our pasta machine one too many times and the cool variation is gone. ~Anna-S
  • Another winner Cindy. This has to be a wonderful addition to our growing arsenal of techniques it just keeps getting better and better. ~Carole-H
  • Great tutorial!!! Cindy is it possible to have a ring tutorial? I have watched other people do it- but you seem to have the knack to make it look easier and these wire wrapped rings suit polymer so well. ~Cara-L
  • Faux agates… Another cracker Cindy, and it uses old canes too! I can’t wait to get started. Don’t you just love the magic moments when sanding and buffing this type of bead when it goes silky, then all the colours suddenly appear? Very satisfying. ~Judy-M
  • I just watched the video.. Nice , nice, nice… I love the natural look of the bead. ~Brenda-M
  • Cindy, this tut is fabulous. Not sure what I want to try first, the agates or imitating those excellent copper wire rings shown with the cabs. Please provide us with a tut for the copper wire rings! Tons of old clay, so I can see me having an agate based Fall. Cannot wait to see what a cab looks like when spiraled lentil style. A BIG lentil. LOL! Thank you so much for sharing your expertise once again. ~Jocelyn-C
  • Did anyone else have an “Aha!” moment seeing the streaks??? Great video! ~Koolbraider
  • Oh, Cindy, these agates are wonderful! Guess I don’t have to go out into the wild to find agates any more – I can just stay at home and make them! I will have to ‘age’ some clay, though, since I really don’t have ‘scrap’ clay. Somehow I tend to use it all. ~Carolyn-F
  • Wow, these faux agates are gorgeous!  It looks like everyone had great success with that video. ~Linda-K
  • Neat! :D I couldn’t resist giving it a quick try, and the results look pretty good even though I haven’t had time to sand and buff them yet. I made rounds because I rarely use the coin shape, but I’m going to deliberately distort the clay slightly before rolling them for my next go because the nicest beads from my first batch came from the end pieces. I am soooo glad I have time to clay tomorrow! :) ~Sue-F
  • What a super tute!! Lot of steps but you make it doable. I love that so much about your tutes. Any technique you have that special way of making it a doable technique for all your students new or advanced. I do hope you will try to find the time when you have, if you have it to show us how to do the ring. I love the agates with the copper wire. I’m sure some of those colors would pop with the colored wire. Uuuuuuuuggggs for all. ~Peggy-B
  • Cindy – boy do I love this tute.  I have scraps leaching out as we speak ! The colors  are so pretty.   Add me to the list of “How to wrap the agates” ring. ~Patt-W
  • I am pretty new to the site and I LOVE the videos!! So many ideas running through my brain!! ~Gina-T
  • I loved making the faux agates – will probably use more colour from old canes next time, although the beads are pretty, but a little too toffee-like (Werthers Originals anyone?). ~Judy-M
  • Hi all, well for once I have succeeded in doing a Tutorial within the right week. I loved doing this tutorial, love the thought of faux agate and will try more. Thanks again Cindy for a fun time. Bye for now. Love. ~Elizabeth-K
  • Made some of your faux agates this week – such a freeing tutorial. ~Tantsherry


  • Love this !!!! Thank you oh pc guru. My dil is the wire artist here so I will have to sit her down to watch this and make me a couple. If I put the bead on a lobster hook I can change it to suit my mood… yippeee. ~Pollyanna
  • Bangles make for a perfect gift for any woman or teen. You put the right bead on it and you can use it for the younger girls also. As always a perfect home run for everyone. I love Friday’s tutes. With Cindy’s artistic ability with clay and Doug’s filming talents you can count on 100% satisfaction with every tute. The couple makes the perfect team they do indeed. Thanks again for all the 2 of do for us and share with us. Many Uuuuuuuuuuuuuugggggggggggs. ~Peggy-B
  • Great tutorial – so clear and easy with heaps of possibilities! ~Cara-L
  • WOW I love this tutorial it opens up possibilities for all size wrists and the charm for all ages. I just have to decide what kind of bead or even how many. Great job again you two. The Lietz team has done it once again. Thank you so very much for giving your all plus much much more. Love and Uuuuuugggggs to all and have a Fantastic Weekend everyone. ~Peggy-B
  • This is great! I bet I could do this tut with the new puppy on my lap! Being a Chihuahua, I’m lucky he will sit with Daisy and supervise for awhile – if need be! This means: I will be able to “babysit” and play with my clay at the same time!  ~Catalina
  • Man, I love this! I was thinking that all those lonely left over beads that didn’t get make it into the design of a necklace can now become dangles. Thanks, Cindy & Doug. ~Elizabeth-S
  • This is a great tutorial and a great idea. ~Susan-B
  • Cindy: You make everything look so simple… I would have never known to bend the end that way so it would hook easier. ~Brenda-M
  • Awesome video – so clearly explained – I love it! My hammering drives the kids crazy – they say it sounds like a jackhammer; I tell them to pretend it’s Santa’s elves tinkering in their workshop– for some reason they don’t agree with this imagery :) ~Maria-C
  • Oh, I’m being such a busybody that I almost forgot to comment on the bangle dangle tut!  I’m so glad you did this one, Cindy.  I remember saying that I could probably figure it out on my own, but that I’d rather have a tut because I knew you’d have some great tips… and you did! ~Linda-K
  • Great tutorial! You always make such great videos, and this one was fun and made me want to make a dangle bangle asap! It’s good to hammer away those frustrations, so I need to get some 10g wire soon. I think I ran across some while prepping for the garage sale – I forgot about it in the chaos. Your big bunch of cable wire reminded me of my find. Anyway, thanks for another fantastic tutorial. You guys really are the best! ~Phaedrakat
  • This reminds me of the cooper bangles I had back in the 80’s just that the bead makes it more “up to date”… I can’t wait to get some wire and make some. Thanks Cindy for this tute. ~Blanca-G
  • Always wondered how to do that, thanks again Cindy! I have small wrists, but big hands, very attractive… :o)  I had a gold bangle on for 4 years!!!! Went on, wouldn’t come off! ~Pam-M
  • What a wonderful project you created.  I really like the shaping process of the bangle and then to top it off, add a beautiful polymer clay bead.  Excellent! Excellent! ~Sue-C
  • I have a large wrist so this is going to be great!! I can finally wear a bangle… yippppeeee. ~Pollyanna
  • Just a wonderful bracelet….excellent instructions.  Think using this for a charm bracelet, with clay beads adorning either sides on jump rings, would be stunning.  A crazy wrap in between the rings could put your charm or bead exactly where you wanted. ~Jocelyn-C

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