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In This Vol-023:
Color Recipes:

1A. Johnny Jump-up
2A. Song Bird
3A. Bird Bath
4A. Sunshine

Video Topics:

1. Puffy Beads
2. Faux Jade
3. Hammered Bezels
4. Johnny Jump Cane

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Customer Reviews (Volume-023):


  • Lovely color palette! Spring is definitely in the air here, birds singing and crocuses blooming everywhere and there’s a pair of collared doves sitting on eggs in a nest in one of our hedges. And I LOVE the purple Viola colours, so pretty. :) ~Silverleaf
  • Now these Johnny Jump Up colors just warm my heart with the feeling of spring. Another picture I would love to have for my color recipe box. Thank you for the colors Cindy and thank you Doug for the picture. One thing is for sure all of Doug’s pictures are worth a thousand words or should I say a 1000 colors. Either way great job both of you!!!!! Many Thanks and Many Uuuuuuuggggggggggs, ~Peggy-B
  • Always something exciting and beautiful to look forward to. Thanks for this month’s Johnny Jump up color palette Cindy. ~Elizabeth-S
  • Just wanted to let you know that I would not be able to live without your color recipes. Thanks, ~Stephanie-B


  • This is great!  I read online somewhere on how to make hollow beads but nothing this easy!  This will give my grand-daughter and I something to do together. I am traveling up to NC tonight to get her. Another great Tut Cindy and Doug ;) ~Brenda-M
  • These are delightful! My 14 year-old son was watching the tutorial with me and when it finished said that he couldn’t wait for me to have a go at this technique… so off I go! ~Susan-B
  • BIG WORDS: Aha!! I love this. Ever since I saw the cloud and raindrop earrings I’ve wondered how to do this, but I must admit I was flummoxed (confused, perplexed, flustered). LOL Thank you so much, again! ~Dawn-B
  • Well Cindy its a great tutorial I have a batch in the oven as we speak, I used the glowing jelly roll cane to add some colour and I cant wait to see what they are like, and with it being soooo sunny in the U.K today they will look great I sure can’t wait to show off my new necklace. thanks again for being such a good tutor!!!! ~Angela-M
  • I just finished sanding and buffing a couple of puffy beads. I love them. I was surprised at how easy it was to stretch the clay into the puffy shape. Thanks much for a great tutorial. ~Rose-M
  • Neat tutorial for those hollow puff beads – and you always do have your own twists and tricks. Adhering the piece of clay to the glass and cutting through both at once is great! ~Carolyn-F
  • LOVE LOVE LOVE – Another amazing tute, thank you very much Cindy and Doug. My mind was a going trying to figure out how you made those cute little puffy beads. Now I just have to practice puffing out some beads. ~Peggy-B
  • How Cool is that?!?! Cindy you have done it again with these hollow beads. What a fab technique :) ~Rachel-W
  • Neat technique, Cindy! I like how you can “puff” any shape, which is something you can’t do with my normal favourite puffy bead technique. ~Sue-F
  • Just wanted to tell you that I loved this weeks video on the Puffy Beads. It was an ‘A-ha’ moment as I watched you place the puffy bead on the clay sheet stuck to the glass. A solution so simple it had escaped me. lol. Thanks again Cindy. Hugs. ~Adrienne-L
  • How fun! Like little raviolis! ~Maria-C
  • Geez, I’m trying to behave and get pieces tagged for a sale tomorrow, and here you go distracting me with a technique I’m itching to go try. (It doesn’t help that for once I know right where my cutters are.) I’m going to admit defeat early on, finish tagging, and play with clay until someone reminds me it’s lunchtime. (Like I don’t have enough beads made already… Wait, you can never have enough beads.) ~Katie-C
  • Hi Cindy and all, how cute is that, those puffy beads, and so simple too. While I was watching I thought how do you pierce them, wouldn’t they collapse? Well the answer came of course. I had to laugh at myself, because this is what happens to me when I am teaching my students and they go way ahead and ask that sort of question before you get there, its like jumping the gun, and I found myself doing it.So now I know why they do it. I bet you are glad we aren’t all crowded around you Cindy , as we’d be doing just that and not letting you get on with it. LOL. At least some of us would maybe. Anyway loved the tut, no matter who did it years ago. It’s like reading a book again, refreshes your memory of something, so thank you so much loved it. Bye Love. ~Elizabeth-K
  • Well I finally got round to trying this and it’s nice and simple and effective. One of the smaller pieces didn’t quite seal properly but I fixed that with no trouble just by smoothing the edges together. ~Silverleaf
  • I did make some Puffy beads. Tiny Butterflies for ear rings. They came out ok and I was fascinated by how they puffed. Not ready to show yet, but think that was a great Tut. P.S. I always bake everything now for 1 Hr, I find it is better. Bye love to all. ~Elizabeth-K
  • Now why didn’t I think of that? You make it so simple. It seems so obvious now! But, that is why you are the best! I got to try this tomorrow. I kept thinking how you were going to attempt this and couldn’t come close. You just amaze me. ~Catalina


  • Pretty. Faux jade is awesome, but I have to say that the faces are a bit scary :)  I’ll add this one to my list of jade techniques – natural jade has so much variety that it’s useful to have lots of different ways to make faux versions. You could even mix different techniques in the same piece. ~Silverleaf
  • Thanks cindy for the lower temp. longer bake advice. tried it, nervously, and it worked! Have tried jade before and wasn’t too impressed but this method is different, use of alcohol ink etc. Many thanks. ~Christine-L
  • This looks like a fascinating technique to try and how I wish I had a shop which stocked things like translucent clay, inks and embossing powders just around the corner. Having to rely on the internet for supplies is an annoying hurdle I have to overcome before I can have a go! Great Faux Jade tut Cindy… many thanks. ~Susan-B
  • It’s amazing how sanding and buffing transforms the clay. I like how Cindy emphasizes the need for doing it. Jade always has a very polished surface but sometimes we don’t see the obvious until some one points it out. I love Fridays!!! ~Koolbraider
  • Another grand slam by Cindy and Hubby – Love this faux jade video!! You are out to teach us just how important sanding is. The shine makes the bead. I can’t wait to give this one a try. AWESOME AWESOME BEADS!!!!! Thank you Cindy for another hit. Nobody does it like you. Hats off to the LIETZ team. Many thanks and many Uuuuuuggggs!! ~Peggy-B
  • Loved the video, Cindy! I need to experiment with my ink colors and embossing powders to see which color combos make the best jade (or at least which ones are the prettiest!) Thanks for showing us how to make the quick and cool little leaf, as well. This should be lots of fun! Thanks for making Fridays a day to look forward to! ~Phaedrakat
  • I love the faux-jade video (Vol-023-2) so much, that I made two shades of green in one evening. I made the dark green first, using Stream and Butterscotch Adirondack Alcohol Inks and verdigris embossing powder. I liked it, but I wanted a lighter color… so I tried using less Stream Adirondack Ink and adding Citrus Adirondack Ink, again with verdigris embossing powder. Voilà! After sanding and buffing, I added a patina of gold acrylic paint and a coat of Future Floor Polish. ~Cindy-G


  • I loved the metal bezel tute, especially your “lo-tech”, hammer-and-nail resolution of the piercing part. Your consideration of our budgets whenever that’s possible is very much appreciated. ~Mary-U
  • Cindy, I love this tute – looks so promising, and full of potential! The examples you’ve shown are so cool. Metal adds a little something “extra” to polymer clay. And the idea to take it further, to make bracelet blanks is an awesome idea, as well. I think these bezels are great, since they can be made any size. I can see making little PC charms with them, as well. Thanks for your creativity, Cindy! ~Phaedrakat
  • Cindy: Great tut which has my mind buzzing with ideas! Plus you make it look so simple. I would just like to add a vote for the bracelet blanks which look exciting and although I have successfully made bangles using only polymer clay and think the possibility of actually building a design on a flat base which become part of the bracelet looks full of possibilities. ~Susan-B
  • Wow Cindy, I loved this tut! So many possibilities! thank you so much!!! ~Elizabeth-S
  • Love this idea. Looks like even I can do it. Thanks for the ideas, Cindy. ~Pollyanna
  • WOW finally got a chance to watch the video and I loved it. Also look forward to learning more about the bracelets. Always looking for more ways to make a new bracelet. I have purchased the bracelet blanks you can get at ebay and covered them with clay. You have to round the edges and sand them down but much fun to work with. Thank you again Cindy and Doug for another great tute. Things just keep getting better and better every Friday. Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuugggs, ~Peggy-B
  • So I need to run to Home Depot for the galvanized steel sheets? That’s great! Cindy thanks for thinking outside the box. ~Claycass
  • FUNNIEST HOME DEPOT STORIES: Here comes one of those interesting conversations at Home Depot — “Good morning, Maam, how may I help you?”  “Yes, can you please direct me to the galvanized steel flashing department?”  “Of course, right this way. Tell me about your project — are you installing a new roof?”  “No, it’s for jewelry, and if you don’t have that please see if you do have aluminum flashing and/or vent ducting, and if those aren’t available I’m sure you have a large variety of suitable tin cans from which I can choose. Right? You do sell tin cans here, right?”  (Silence) — “Jewelry, — ok, — follow me, please.”  “Oh, and I need about a yard and want the kind that I can hammer the heck out of”.  “Uh, ok” — And in the break room later — “Man, I had this crazy lady today———– :-) ~Elizabeth-S


  • Wow, Cindy! I just watched the video, and it’s wonderful! What a huge amount of work for you, Cindy — trying to fit all of that into one video! You did an excellent job, and made it very understandable. Even a beginner could do it, as long as they learned the steps you didn’t include (reducing, blends.) I’m very impressed. I hadn’t realized how much there would be to film, but you managed to cover every bit of it. (I loved the little flash forward when you did the plug.)  //  Now I’m even more eager to make a little Johnny Jump Up Cane (or Pansy/Viola, or whatever — I want one!) I need to get my act together here, and get my back to cooperate. I need my workspace done so I can get started on this pretty flower cane.  //  Once again, great tute, Cindy. I soooo appreciate all that you do for us. Thank you for giving us so many tutorials at a such a low, low price. You publish daily, answer questions, and now you’re offering prizes! You’re always having to come up with ideas to please a bunch of members who have different wants and tastes. (We’re getting so spoiled!) Please forgive me for the times I’ve acted ungrateful.  //  You ask nothing in return, except that we show how inspirational your tutes and this blog have been when we submit our spotlight entries. Let’s not forget, that we need to be using Cindy’s tutorials, variations of them, or those we’ve come up with on our own. (Or things the blog has inspired us to try, as in the team effort to help Cherie make her Faux stone beads!) Cindy you’re so amazing for putting up with us! I say this all the time, but I don’t know how you find the time to do it all. Thanks so much for this fabulous tute! ~Phaedrakat
  • I have just made the jolly jump up cane and very pleased with it. ~Ritzs
  • I am still gaga over the length and depth of last Friday’s Johnny Jump-Up video.You certainly outdid yourself on that one and can just imagine all the time and work that went into that particular one. Now I will consider it a “two for one”. Thanks again Cindy. ~Lawrence-S
  • How brilliant are you, Mrs. Lietz, and what a gifted teacher.  At first I thought I’d never be able to tackle such a project (the Johnny Jump Up Cane), but your you-can-do-it-too encouragement and the patient, thorough methods you use give hope even to one as klutzy as I. Practice makes, er, well, slightly better each time.  And it’s such tremendous fun! Thanks, Cindy. ~Mary-U
  • Cindy; I just love the tute. When I went to pick up my G-kids I noticed that my daughter had Johnny jump-ups. I was like oow… Cindy is doing a tute on those :) ~Brenda-M
  • Hi Cindy, Just wanted to tell you that I just finished watching the Johnny Jump Up Cane video and you are right by saying that it would make me smile! I am going through a series of difficult life/health issues with my family and self lately and your videos are very much bright spots to me during this time! I look forward to each new one to come out! You are so much more than just a Polymer Clay Tutor – you are a ray of sunshine to those who are under dark rain clouds too! Thank you so much for being the person who you are and for ALL that you do for others! xoxoxoxoxoxo. ~Lori-F
  • Yes, Cindy really worked hard on this video. She’s an amazing woman, isn’t she? Sometimes I’m just blown away by all she does! I agree that this will be an awesome cane. ~Phaedrakat
  • Cindy just watched the tute and I agree with Phaedrakat, it was great and so much information very well done. You and Doug make a wonderful team. Thank you both for another home run in tutes. Uuuuuugggs. ~Peggy-B

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Cindy, These rocks and minerals color recipes are awesome. The background image makes me want to go there. In fact I’d love to track down all the beautiful scenes in Doug’s truly professional photos. Way to go, Doug and Cindy. March will be a sensuous month. Thank you both! ~Joyce-M

I absolutely love these Rock and Mineral colors! ~Lisa-W

These colors are gorgeous, Cindy. How I love rock hunting … and now I’ll be able to rock hunt right in my Premo bin! ~Carolyn-F

I absolutely love these colors. “Lichen” is especially gorgeous to me, (I love greens.) I’ll have to start thinking about what I want to use this lovely palette for. ~Phaedrakat

I like this color palette Cindy, I’ve always loved rocks, especially lichen-covered ones. ~Silverleaf

The colours for the Vol-022 rocks palette are stunning. ~Mary-U

BAM!!!!!! – Another grand slam for Cindy. This lineup is out of the ballpark with ideas just like all the months before. I love all 4 ideas and I couldn’t pick out a favorite if I had to. Thank you and your hubby Cindy for the willingness to give so very much to your very Blessed students. For me that is eagerly Blessed student. Another Friday putting me on pins and needles waiting for it to get here… Love and Uuuuugggggs glowing in the dark, ~Peggy-B