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In This Vol-021:
Color Recipes:

1A. Blue African Violet
2A. Blazing Sun
3A. Tropical Waters
4A. Orchid Rose

Video Topics:

1. Easy Kaleidoscope
2. Inked Butterflies
3. Inlay Technique
4. Handmade Earwires

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Customer Reviews (Volume-021):

  • Love the African violet colors…very vibrant! Looking forward to playing around with the palette!  Thanks, Cindy…for all you do!  8-) ~Lupe-M
  • I don’t know what I would do without the recipes-I guess everything I make would be in the basic purchased colors. This is a beautiful palette! ~Elizabeth-S
  • I love these colors, Cindy! Although I haven’t done much color mixing (with clay) I don’t think I can wait for the Orchid Rose color! I might try to make it myself! ~Phaedrakat
  • Beautiful, Cindy!  Now show us how to make the African violet as a cane and I’ll be really happy. I used to have African violets but they froze when the power and gas both were out for 10 days here at Lake Tahoe during a February storm. If I could make them as canes they would definitely last! ~Carolyn-F
  • I don’t know how you keep up with everything but I am glad you do. I am not perfect when it comes to making everything you have thought us but I have tried with some success about 85% of the beads. Not so dedicated when it comes to the colors. Maybe if you do a 2nd contest you should test us on our colors also. I definitely need motivation when it comes to trying to experiment with the color recipes. I write them all down and have the all organized by color group. Just need to make myself take the time to try them. Was sick all weekend and most of this week so I haven’t even got a chance to enter the first contest yet. But I am still going to try to get some made up and sent in. I do have the motivation just not the energy or steady hands right now to try. Don’t count me out yet though. Great colors they are like your tuts haven’t seen one I haven’t liked yet. You definitely have what it takes to inspire your students Cindy. Love and Uuuuuuugggggs, ~Peggy-B
  • If I wasn’t already signed up this video sure would get me to become a member! You’ve come at this one from all angles – from using old canes to making from new and then on to how we can use the cane. Though I’m busy getting ready for Sunday’s sale at the church, I still can hardly wait to see this video!  I’ll sure have some thing to tell folks to watch for at my next sale. ~Carolyn-F
  • Hi Cindy. The way you put this tutorial was absolutely great. I have no words to express the joy I am feeling to have learned a so beautifull technique and intimidantly looking as you have said, in a so simple and smart way. Thanks from Brazil. ~Monica-D
  • Wow, Cindy – I never thought I would be able to make canes but you make it look so easy that I’ll have to give it a try!  I love the colors you choose to work with; pink with green is my favorite combination. From Georgia. ~Jayne-W
  • Thank you again, Cindy, for translating another difficult looking technique into something that is easy to understand. You’re awesome! ~Catherine-R
  • Super kaleidoscope tut, Cindy! I can’t wait to play this weekend. ~Sarah-W
  • Cindy the tile idea is fantastic! – i have made these kaleidoscope canes in the past but i always had difficulty getting a triangle shape- this is a very useful and logical solution- you always manage to come up with a practical solution to solve problems in technique- i am so glad i subscribe to your tutorials- many thanks. ~Cara-L
  • Another brilliant tut. You make everything so easy even something like this that looks so complex, and I love your method where things don’t have to be too precise or perfect!  Am looking forward to playing with this one too [Easy Kaleidoscope Canes] — maybe I should just quit my daytime job so I could have enough time to try out all the techniques I have on my ever-growing list! ~Susan-B
  • WOW! I can’t believe how simple this is! Before your video, I was trying to picture how you were going to do it, but I never pictured what you showed us today! If anyone is on the fence about subscribing, let me tell you, it is well worth it! ~Joyce-R
  • Wow, this kaleidoscope video tutorial is my favourite. Thanks so much Cindy. It is so worth being a member here :) ~Kapita
  • Thank you! Thank you!! I now have confidence that I can create a cane that has, to date, beyond my grasp. Wonderful tut [Kaleidoscopes]!!! ~Elizabeth-S
  • I never thought this would be so easy for looking so complicated. I bow to the Master!!! Look out canes here I come. I can’t wait to start. I have my tile and triangle already taped and ready to start grouping canes and colors. Thank you Cindy for this fabulous tutorial. ~Linda-B
  • Love it ! Use a marked out tile to lay out the canes – brilliant! Thanks again Cindy and Doug! ~Maria-C
  • Wow, thanks guys, now I know why I feel like this…I’m a DORK, too!! (at least by Cindy’s definition). Love the kaleidoscope video and making the little right angle triangle is the KEY!! It helps keep the shapes of your Skinner blends and making your canes super cool!!! ~Catalina
  • I loved receiving this latest Kaleidoscope video. I have learned so much from watching your videos. ~Ariti
  • I also have to comment on the tile to get a triangle. What a GREAT idea! This is just another example of why I love your tutorials. You show us techniques that may seem simple, but make a WORLD of difference in the ease of the work and end result of the piece. THANK YOU so much (again! LOL). ~Dawn-B
  • Just watched the kaleidoscope video. Cindy, YOU ROCK!! ~Carrie-W
  • Hi Cindy – I love the idea of using a ceramic tile and marking off a right angle triangle for making kaleidoscopes. Even though I have been claying for awhile, I always learn some new little idea or technique from you! ~Jacqui-T
  • Yep, you did it again! Awesome video – and you made it look so simple! … I really loved it! The tile trick is a really good idea for planning and shaping the canes. It’s amazing how a few really simple canes can make such a beautiful, intricate-looking Kaleidoscope cane! It gave me all sorts of ideas on how to proceed in making my own Kalei’s. Thanks again Cindy for a great one! ~Phaedrakat
  • AWESOME and yes this is my favorite tute up to this date [Easy Kaleidoscopes]. You just keep going and going and going like the energizer bunny only loaded with talent. Do you take some kind of super vitamin. I bet you have talent ooooooozing out of your ears. I am so very happy I found your site. Your site has inspired me in so many ways, not just with my PC. THANK YOU CINDY AND THANK YOU DOUG for the ABSALUTE VERY BEST!!! Love, ~Peggy-B
  • I love the trick of masking of the corner of a ceramic tile. That is ingenious! Just so you all know, I’m a Dork when considering all definitions and proud to be so. :) ~Melinda-H
  • I threw some jelly roll canes and a leaf cane in, to make a Kaleidoscope that turned out awesome, thanks again Cindy! ~Pam-M
  • I had so much fun with this cane!  First I mixed up some Peony, then I used Peony and White to make a jelly roll and bullseye cane to use together for my kaleidoscope cane. Then I used my kalei slices to make a heart bead that I learned in last month’s video.  It was so much fun and I loved how the bead looked when I was done! ~Linda-K
  • Hi Cindy!  How very cool!!!  I love this kaleidoscope tutorial!!! Thanks so much, as always, for all that you do :) ~Cindy-E
  • Cindy: I am so excited – tonight I went to a party wearing the necklace I made with my Peony/kalei/heart bead. I had more compliments on this necklace than on any other piece of jewelry I’ve made! People were amazed that I made the heart without a mold. I even got an order for the necklace! Thank you for all you’ve taught me (in such a short time, too).~Linda-K
  • It’s great that you’re showing black and white examples too… the simpler of the two black and white kaleidoscope canes in the preview video is definitely my favourite! ~Sue-F
  • Great tut, Cindy!  You’ve given me some new ideas for a project using this surface inking technique. ~Jayne-W
  • Very clever use of the light bulb Cindy, in this inked butterfly tute! ~Michelle-R
  • Cindy : Ah!! I have been waiting for you to teach something on using the cutters. This is great!!!! ~Brenda-M
  • Many thanks for the ink butterfly tutorial video… also from Italy. ~Mairangela-P
  • Cindy, thank you for yet another wonderful video! These little butterflies are so cute. The ink technique is going to be quite valuable — I already have a couple ideas for it. But first, I will have butterflies fluttering on my ears! (That is, until my sister nabs them from me.) ~Phaedrakat
  • Hi Cindy and all, just watched the inlay technique Video. Just amazing. What a way to use up some of those pieces you have left over. Would never have thought to do this but so so easy but looks so intricate. I will be getting onto this as soon as I can. Just love it. Bye. ~Elizabeth-K
  • Oh, Cindy, This is fantastic.  I can already envision some of the pieces that I can make for the shop in New Mexico! Now all I need is to stop using up all my scraps. As you may recall from my ‘Waste Not – Want Not’ collection, I try to use up every last bit of a project in one way or another. I’m going to have to change my habits. Thanks for this inspiring video! ~Carolyn-F
  • I have the same “problem” too, Carolyn, I use up all my scraps. But as this video shows, it’s good to have small amounts of lots of different things on hand. What a great video! It is quite a simple technique, but looks really intricate (just like you said, Elizabeth — guess I don’t have any words of my own!) I’m going to make some of the other projects (and save my scraps) before attempting this project. I might even make some Faux Turquoise. I’ve never made it, and I got a request from someone. Another sales opportunity (they always happen, without even trying, when my back is at its worst and I can’t get things done!) Go figure~ Thanks for a great one, Cindy. You’re amazing! ~Phaedrakat
  • This inlay technique is great. I am off to find some small pieces I made while using up the clay from something else I was making. I never thought I could cut hard clay, but won’t be so scared to now. Thanks. Love the inlay idea. Bye ~Elizabeth-K
  • Oh the possibilities!! Absolutely wonderful video! What fun to have the inlay technique added to the choices for projects. ~Elizabeth-S
  • I love inlays and would have not thought that it is so easy to make. Thank you Cindy for sharing. ~Ileana-B
  • Molto bello grazie from Italy. ~Mairangela-P
  • I love that you include findings in your tutorials – after all the tutorials are about polymer clay jewelery and the findings are an important element in jewelery making. Your tutorials and teaching style allow us to become self-sufficient in both style and technique and many are using your findings tutorials – as is evident in the bead contest photos. Many thanks. ~Cara-L
  • Thanks Cindy, Another great Tut! I found a catalog and started making my own earwires from it this past week. But, Your tips to use a perm marker is great. I kept wondering how in the world did they get so round, Just the simplest things. ~Brenda-M
  • Thanks Cindy! I can now have my Friday fix. LOVED the ear wire video. ~Stephanie-B
  • Thank you Cindy for this earwire tutorial !!!! Such a useful one!!! ~Corinne-L
  • Thank you, Cindy, for this great [earwire] tutorial! It really makes me want to get my hands on “new” wire (my old stash is so played out,) like that gorgeous Niobium you showed with your PsycheJelly earrings. You made it look really simple, and gave some gorgeous examples. Thanks so much! ~Phaedrakat
  • Hi Cindy, I just signed up for membership and have learned a lot from you already. I made my first kaidelscope cane last week and use your “color+1” all the time now… Thanks! ~Fran-C

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