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Color Recipes:

1A. Salmon Pearls
2A. Pale Shrimp
3A. Rose Cream
4A. Crème Fraiche

Video Topics:

1. Tribal Cane
2. Heart Shape Beads
3. Lace and Ink
4. Interchangeable

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Customer Reviews (Volume-020):

  • These salmon pearl colors are so beautiful! One of my clay resolutions for the new year is to use only custom colors from the library in my creations — as much as possible, anyway. Can’t wait to add these to the choices. ~Elizabeth-S
  • Dear Cindy – We really do appreciate all the effort that goes making these color recipes, your videos, news letters, twitters and all else.  You have a marvelous site and I hope to be part of it for a very long time. ~Diana-A
  • The salmon pearl colors are as beautiful as the picture. You must be so thrilled your husband shares in your talent. The two of you must inspire each other and together comes such beauty. I am looking so forward to spending more time with you and my clay family in 2010. It is going to be a great year with breath taking colors, thanks to you and your hubby. ~Peggy-B
  • OOOH! This pink color palette is awesome! ~Carrie-W
  • Color mixing is one of my biggest challenges. Your recipes are fantastic and I print them all out and keep them in a binder for future reference. I have done the Maggie Maggio course but still have trouble “seeing” which color to use to match a particular palette. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge and experience. Hugs. ~Sue-C
  • Cindy – I anxiously wait for Fridays to come, to see what new wonderful video tutorials you have waiting for us. Each week you amaze me with something completely new and challenging. I have really enjoyed your tutorials on tribal canes and beads. I just can’t say thanks enough to you Cindy for your wonderful style of teaching us this craft. Thanks again, ~Nancy-R
  • Hi Cindy. Thanks for this tribal cane tutorial. I  loved loved loved it!!! The cane looks very complex and yet very easy to do. I have recently bought the Makins extruder and it is a totally essential tool for polymer clayers. Have a wonderful week end. ~Monica-D
  • AWESOME VIDEO – I don’t know what time zone you are in but it is 3:35 am here in USA, Iowa and you have your Tribal Cane tutorial up and running. Do you ever sleep young lady? I sleep in 2-3 hr sections because of my illness so I get on the computer a lot at night. You slammed it out of the ball park once again. Let me tell you I am so thankful for my husbands Christmas gift (my laptop) because I definitely need you in my craft room with me on this one. No running back and forth to opposite ends of the house to use computer in my husbands den. So this weekend its you and me Cindy side by side. I would rather have you here in person but this is the next best thing. Sending you my kindest thanks, ~Peggy-B
  • Excellent cane, the possibilities  with this tribal design are endless! ~Jocelyn-C
  • The other day I watched a video where the demonstrator worked ‘in the air’ so that her face could be seen … bad job! You do such a great job with your videos – even to being careful that your left hand doesn’t get in the way of the photo. Sometimes it is cute watching you contortion that hand around! ~Carolyn-F
  • Versatility certainly applies to this tribal cane. It took me nearly all afternoon yesterday to accomplish this cane but it is done and I am happy with the results. Now to reduce it. Jocelyn, it shouted turquoise to me also. I am thinking a yellow and brown to separate the colors but I am still debating what the other colors should be. That will come probably when I least expect it. Something to look forward to. I love geometrics and have done some quilting so now I will have to check in that area of my crafts and see what designs pop out. Thanks, Cindy, for an awesome tut and as usual an infinite number of possibilities. ~Joyce-M
  • Love the Tribal cane! I tried it this afternoon! :) ~Cindy-G
  • I love this tribal cane. Yesterday I looked for a quilt pattern that I could cane and never found one I liked. This is it! I didn’t see it as a quilt pattern until I watched you put it together.  After trying this one, I’m going to look over my dyes for more ideas. My head is spinning with ideas, but I’ve already listed something else to try today (alcohol inks with translucent clay). Tomorrow I’ll make this cane which gives me a day to come up with some colors. Since I’m new to this craft, I feel I’m way behind in trying things out. ~Rose-M
  • I love geometric designs and this tribal cane looks like it has endless possibilities.  I am still playing with the extruder flower (which is SO much fun) but will definitely have a go at this technique next. ~Susan-B
  • Cindy, that tribal can tutorial was awesome. I love those beads you made. I’m thinking turquoise, raw umber, ecru and alizarin crimson with the black. You get my mind going and I can’t get it to stop. Thanks again for a great video. ~Bonnie-K
  • Cindy, another great video!!!  Can’t wait to get my studio back (college age granddaughter here, and semester starts later this month). You have used a beautiful color combo for this tribal cane and it will fit nicely as it has a Southwest look about it. Thanks again. ~Catherine-R
  • Hi Cindy, I just became a member and watched your video on the tribal cane making. I used the extruder before and could not clean it properly so my light colors of clay always had some dark color mixed in. What I do now is I take a baking sheet and clip of a piece of paper that just fit’s the roll that goes in to the extruder. Than I place it in the extruder and get to work. In that way my extruder keeps very clean and I do not have to worry about the colors. Just my two cents here. Have a nice clay day. ~Schakel
  • Absolutely loved your purse charm.. What a way to dress up a purse. So I made one with my first attempt at the tribal cane.. need to watch the video again.. lol Not quite right.. ok no where near right. But I used the cane and made some beads and made me a purse charm. Showed to a friend on face book. She said what a great idea. Gave you the credit for the inspiration. Thanks for giving us that inspiration. ~Jackie-B
  • Hi Cindy, having just watched the video on the Tribal cane, you had my head spinning, but to see it come out the way it did was brilliant, and worth all the work, can’t wait to see what I can come up with from that experience. Thanks once again for your clear and concise way of teaching. BTW , I would love to see more than your hands while you are teaching, I have no criticism about the way you present the video, but feel we are watching a friend and would love to see your pretty face. Great. Bye. ~Elizabeth-K
  • Another Grand Slam. You always have that special little secret that just makes everything come to life so much easier. I have covered many heart beads with canes and never once thought about shaping it into a square to make it so much easier and elegant. You have made another fantastic video that will help me to accomplish more professional looking beads. Thank you again for being you. ~Peggy-B
  • Hello Cindy! I’m enjoying all the videos. I’ve been ‘clayin’ for years and have done numerous techniques, tutes, canes, projects, etc. I considered myself pretty rounded in ‘creating’ with polymer clay. BUT when I saw you add square cane slices to a prepared CUBE bead, then roll it into a heart shape bead, I thought “Why Didn’t I Think Of That?????” Of course ……. add square slices to a square bead, and shape it into whatever shape you want after that!!!! Thank you, Cindy, for making it easier to add slices to a bead and saving me some time in the process! ~Mary-C
  • I just became a new member, and I’m so happy with my first videos! I love these hearts, as well as the tip for applying the cane slices–so smart! Thanks, Cindy. I wish I had joined months ago (I am mad at myself for stalling…) ~Phaedrakat
  • Simply wonderful and once again with a brilliant tip about squaring everything up to avoid unsightly gaps between the cane slices!  That is really simple and really clever. Thank you once again Cindy. ~Susan-B
  • WOW! Cool idea about squaring up the ball to apply cane slices! I never would have thought to do that on my own so thank you for sharing that tidbit. I love the interchangeable pendant thingamajig. Can you show us how to make that sometime? It looks very complicated but I’m sure you can make it all look very simple. :) I just love Fridays! ~Jayne-W
  • What a great little tutorial. Fabulous tip about the squaring up, never even occurred to me. Im learning a lot from your videos, thanks so much. ~Haffinia
  • I love this video in which you show how to make the hearts, they’re FABULOUS!!!!!!!! Beautiful!!!! Can’t wait to try them. THANK YOU!!!! ~Julie-W
  • Brilliant!!  I was trying to anticipate how you were going to put the cane on the heart (thinking it was in heart shape form first) and the way you square it first then add and meld, well, I was really surprised. Thanks again!! ~Catherine-R
  • OMG, I just watched this video and I have to echo what has already been said here many times – too clever to use a cube to add the slices, then make into whatever shape you want!  Why didn’t I think of that?  And I have to add that I am learning so many things, WELL WORTH the membership fee! ~Joyce-R
  • Carolyn, what a lovely way of remembering your wedding day. When I saw this lace and ink technique, I thought of my grandma right away. I can’t remember a time when she wasn’t crocheting, embroidering or sewing. It would be a wonderful way to honor her memory, using either remnants of lace from her sewing or items she created by hand. The pieces could make meaningful gifts for family too. ~DJ
  • This Lace and Ink Texture video is perfect with the heart pendants I plan to make for some Valentine gifts. Icing on the cake or cherry on the whip cream. I of course like both. Another fun filled Friday. Thanks to Cindy there is never a dull moment in my craft room anymore. Love and Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuggggggggggggs, ~Peggy-B
  • Joyce how truly lovely that you will be able to take this technique of Cindy’s and turn it into something so very special for you and your family. How great you must feel to be able to use the lace once again for something so beautiful from the inside out. Enjoy!!!!! Love and Uuuuuuugggggggs, ~Peggy-B
  • Hi Cindy, and all here. Cindy thanks for the recent TUT on the Lace and Ink Texture. It is always great to see a technique demoed like you do here. I have already learnt a point from it I had not realised re the Inks. I have them and used them for greeting cards but never thought of heat set as the do smudge, and the baking of the polyclay will do that. So will do that, with cards now, I will get my heat gun to work. RE the Future polish. I am lucky enough to have this and have decided to use it more as it does a lovely job after sanding and then polishing with the f/p. I usually gloss beads, but just sanding and polishing still makes a lovely job and not using messy gloss is a bonus, and looks more natural I think. Hope others can still find this polish. Looking forward to next week. Love, ~Elizabeth-K
  • Cindy – this Lace and Ink is a beautiful, classic, effective and best of all, an easy technique! Thank you, again :) ~Maria-C
  • Ok, I tried this technique last night. I found a couple things helpful. When I rolled the lace into the clay, I put the plastic wrap between my roller and the clay so the roller did not pick up the ink and roll it into the clay between the lace (the lace holes, as it were). Also, the ink pads that I had available were kind of old and dry and weren’t working great (going to get some new ones) so I thought, hmmmm, I wonder what would happen if I used my Pearl Ex powders. I rolled the lace onto the clay then brushed the powder over that. WOW! It turned out awesome! I loved the effect. So that might be something others want to try too. I love this total look, whether with ink or powder. Thanks for showing this to us Cindy. ~Laurel-B
  • Just finished the video and love it so very very much. I know what I am making all my daughters and grand-daughters for valentine gifts. So very pretty and lucky me lace is one of the items my family watches out for at yard sales for me. I use lace in scrapbooking and on the girls shirts and jeans when we go to fancy an outfit up. So I will probably have a problem deciding which one to pick out to use. I need to get busy on beads for the contest so it will be a couple of days before I try this. My company leaves today so I hope I feel like clay fun later this afternoon. Thanks again Cindy for a FANTASTIC video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love and Uuuuuuuuggggggggggggs, ~Peggy-B
  • There are a lot of things I like about this site, but today it’s all about TGIF and… today I have something totally different to do – something easy, pretty, and wearable [Lace and Ink Technique]. Thank you, Cindy. ~Rose-M
  • Okay, I’ll be honest, I actually danced in my seat when I saw this Interchangeable Pendant was the next video. (It’s been a long January here at college. No clay for almost a month.) But, seriously, so many possibilities! Hmm, now I need to go check Lowes or Home Depot since my copper is all dead-soft. ~Katie-C
  • Cindy, that was a great idea, I have so many beads that I don’t know what to do with and don’t want to put them on something permanent. My niece in college will love this.  I’ll make her a couple of them on ribbons and send her beads to change out. ~Bonnie-K
  • Super awesome tutorial about the interchangeable pendant ~~ Thanks! ~Sarah-W
  • Great job, Cindy.  I had it pretty much figured out from your photos, but you did a wonderful job explaining this wire technique.  So, you have some Lindstroms too!  One thing to note:  When you are holding the top circles (the bale wires) with the round nose pliers – don’t hold them any more than is necessary.  Round nose pliers do leave marks on the wire. It is great that you showed all the different pendants.  And we could make interchangeable earrings to match – just make them small to go with the little beads that we make when we make bigger ones – at least I do.  I’m always thinking “sets”.  If I can make a big one for a pendant, I should be able to make small ones for matching earrings. ~Carolyn-F
  • Thank you Cindy! This is going to be great! Finally, I’ll be able to wear my beads. Can’t wait to get my hands in the “wire!” ~Dawn-B
  • Applause! Applause! An absolutely riveting tutorial! ~Jane-W
  • It’s so simple to do but it looks so nice! :) I tried it and it’s gonna be very useful :) ~Cindy-G
  • Cindy, you are amazing!!!  This is the coolest idea. I know I am going to love making these interchangeable pendants and adding them to my collection. Thanks so much for having such an artistic mind.  You are awesome!! ~Ifama-J
  • I love this interchangeable bead idea!!! Can’t wait to get my chores etc. done so I can park myself in front of the computer and practice.  Thanks, Cindy. ~Elizabeth-S
  • Hi Cindy and all. just watched the video re the Interchangeable pendant. What a great idea.  I have to admit I am not so great with wire but the more I try I will improve, so out with the pliers and off I go. Thats great for using up those odd beads we have lying around. Trust you Cindy to come up with a way of using them up,just lovely. Love ~Elizabeth-K
  • What a great idea Cindy. I like how you can make this and have a different pendant every day if you like. A great gift idea. The pendant and several beads to change out. Love it! ~Kriss-J
  • Great video. Cindy, you do such a great job explaining things. I love this design — what a smartie you are to come up with it! One of these on a necklace with a “variety” set of beads would make an excellent gift! I got some really pretty wire ready in anticipation of this, so will definitely be making this. ~Phaedrakat
  • Cindy, what a creative idea! Love the interchangeable pendant. Great video! ~Sue-W
  • Wow Cindy just watched the video…. another great idea…. you are the best at making complicated things, simple. Have 4 days this weekend… and can’t wait to get started… Thanks, ~Nancy-R

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