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In This Vol-019:
Color Recipes:

1A. Lime Soda
2A. Lime Zest
3A. Eggplant
4A. Black Suede

Video Topics:

1. Extruder Flower Cane
2. Wire Cord Ends
3. Faux Bone or Ivory
4. Faux Carved Beads

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Customer Reviews (Volume-019):

  • I love Coleus. It was the very first plant I had real success with in my first flower garden after I got married 32 years ago. I can’t wait to try these new vibrant colors out. Sandra I love your motto that is what I need to do more often. It is going to be a great end to a colorful year Cindy. WATCH OUT 2010 HERE COMES CINDY AND HER FANS!!!!!!!! ~Peggy-B
  • More beautiful colors, Cindy. Looking forward to working with them. Nature is truly awesome and it is so wonderful to have you tuned in and sharing all the splendor. Thanks. ~Joyce-M
  • Oooh, nice!  I LOVE mixing colors, so this gives me more to play with! Now I have to get busy and start using all those cool colors! Thanks! ~Darlene-N
  • Awesome colors Cindy! I worked in a greenhouse for 10 years and could not agree with you more! ~Carrie-W
  • Ahhhh, Coleus! Coleus was the plant of choice to decorate a dorm room when I was in college, years and years ago, I never see one without thinking of the little rooms and fun times! ~Sarah-W
  • Thanks for doing this video Cindy. I am really looking forward to correcting some of the problems I have had with Nathalie’s technique using the adapter. Great big THANKS to both Nathalie (France) and Galina (Russia) as well for sharing this with the PC world. ~Lawrence-S
  • I got so excited when I saw the technique.  Ran to my studio and set it all up.  No matter how much I extrude it just comes out 4 ugly little strands.  It just won’t make one.  Guess I am going to have to wait for the video from Cindy. ~Beverle-S
  • I’ve tried it before, could’nt wait for the video lol and I had problems, it kept crackeling like in the video when you stopped turning the handle… Gonna try it again now! :) […1 hour later…Clay Extruder Flower Cane Method…] Well I just tried it again, and it worked perfectly this time! :) ~Cindy-G
  • I can’t wait to have a go at this extruder flower cane — you make it look so easy!  Many thanks for yet another wonderful technique so clearly explained. ~Susan-B
  • I looked at Galina’s website and an so happy that you are going to do this video. I was really intrigued by this process and started looking for the special extruder disk, but don’t know where to find them. The method of doing the process without the special disk really interests me. I want to try it soon. Thanks Cindy, for all your experimentation on our behalf. You are the greatest! ~Bette-B
  • OMG – I can’t believe this method! I have been mucking around doing it the old way and not having the variety of this fantastic technique. Thank you to all involved, but especially to you Cindy – your explanation is very clear and precise and you are extremely generous! Karen Lewis uses many of these little flowers to embellish her beautiful beads, but her way is very labour intensive – now I can embellish to my hearts content- many thanks again. ~Cara-L
  • Wow! What a time saver! Just when you think you saw it all! [Reference to Extruder Cane Video-019-1] ~Catalina
  • This flower extruder cane technique is just too cool! It’s a smack on the side of the head thing ;-) ~Edie-E
  • Hi Cindy – Well thanks for that very clear lesson on the Extruder flowers. As usual I did not have the ring to go into my Makins Extruder. Don’t know if I ever had one. Anyway, as necessity is the Mother of invention, and because I am always having to find ways of doing things, I found that a piece of Buna cord 4-1/4″ long, wrapped around twice in place of the ring, worked for me. My circles might be a bit wonky compared to yours Cindy, but I’m happy til I get the right rubber ring. Merry Xmas from Australia XXXX ~Elizabeth-K
  • Cindy; Thank you for showing this technique to all of us. I want to thank Galina and Natalie for granting permission to you to post this technique. I could not work in clay without my extruder so seeing how others are utilizing this tool is always a “good thing” (thank you Martha). Thank you Cindy for being here for all of us. ~Illaya-B
  • I made some extruder canes today coverd some old beads and I love it, it was so easy I just wanted to go on and on making more. If Makins made a very large exruder wow could we have fun lol. Thank you Cindy and also a big thank you to Galina for allowing you to show us how it was done. ~Ritzs
  • OH I am in LOVE with this clay extruder technique! I have read the other 2 blogs and mine never came out, you do indeed make everything so nice and clear, I know what I will be doing on Sunday! Thanks Cindy!. ~Carolyn-F
  • This extruder flower cane technique works great!  I used Sculpey III since you said it should be soft. I then had to stick the canes in the freezer for a few minutes so they would not flatten when I cut them. I used black, orange and my own turquoise mix so that I could get a Southwestern look. It did just what I wanted it to. Your videos are absolutely super!  Thanks much! ~Carolyn-F
  • Cindy, The first time I watched this extruder video my mouth was open the whole time and I think I actually drooled a little, LOL! The second time, I wanted to be in a gallery of all of us here, standing, cheering, clapping, and screaming “you GO, girl.” Outstanding video, so easy to do and understand thanks to your expertise and teaching style. I cannot wait to try this!!!! Thank you so much!! Special thanks and kudos for taking the time to credit all who started the process of this particular cane. Feel like I have a case of ADHD running from link to link to watch all the noted folks, and back to read the comments here, hee hee. You do it better than anyone, and this is the best investment and site I have found in this medium. Cannot wait to see pics of what others here come up with as a result of this tut. Blessings to you, sweet lady. K, time for the third viewing… bye for now! ~Jocelyn-C
  • Hi Cindy, Brilliant video. I’ve been doing wirework for a couple of years but have never run across instructions for cord ends. Had no idea they were so simple to do. Thanks so much. You’re a great teacher. ~Sue-W
  • Hi Cindy, I’m a new member, as of a few days ago. I am so impressed with your website, your videos, and your teaching expertise. I’m a fairly new clayer, but have been making jewelry for about 20 years. I was planning to join after the holidays, but when I saw that you had a video on making cord endings, I joined on the spot. You see, I had already made a pendant and strung it on a satin ribbon. I made the adjustable closing out of knots in the ribbon, but when I pulled them to shorten the necklace to the length I wanted, the “tabs” stuck out on both sides of my neck. Your cord endings are SO perfect and so easy! I am now very proud of my first completed piece of polymer clay jewelry. ~Linda-K
  • Cindy, you must be a mind reader. I have been making golf stroke counters and I can never decide what to end the bottoms of the cords with. I like putting little beads or dangles on them on the wire cord ends would be perfect. I use shoelaces to make my cords but then cut off the plastic ends and there are no wire cord ends that fit on them. The ones you made in the short video look awesome. You are a genius besides being a mind reader. ~Bonnie-K
  • Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! I never knew making wire cord ends was so easy! Now I can make those surf bracelets for my sons and their friends also!! God knows I’ve made enough beads over the months and now they will have a purpose. Your tutorial is so clear and easy to follow as usual. All the best. ~Cara-L
  • Love the cord ends tutorial, Cindy! I always thought that the whole spiral was supposed to be flattened down… no wonder it never looked right!!! Thanks much for explaining this so well :) Hugs and warm slipper wishes to you! ~Cindy-E
  • Can’t wait until Friday, I’ve got an idea for something for myself just from watching the wire cord ends preview video. ~Ken-H
  • Well the flu still has a hold on me but I finally felt well enough to watch the video and all I can say is WOW! Thanks again Cindy you have the technique to take something and explain it in a way everyone can understand. I am so grateful for you and this family we all have here. The smaller hook on the ribbon I would love to learn how to make it sometime soon. Looks like the hook itself has been doubled somehow?? Also Thank you Cara for the surf bracelet info. Everyone is so kind and also Carolyn the idea for cones is fantastic they can also get costly and the idea to match with the rest of the wire or mix match I can’t wait to get better and back to my jewelry corner. Cindy as much as I love your videos I hope you will be taking Christmas day off. You and your family so deserve it and I’m sure we can survive thru the withdraw just fine. Maybe instead of a lesson we could all take a few moments to tell you about our favorite lesson of the year or something funny or special that has happened to us with polymer clay. Just a moment to share and be Thankful for the Holiday Season. Just an idea. Warm thoughts for everyone. ~Peggy-B
  • This wire cord ends tutorial is the reason I signed up. I like the freedom of being able to make my own findings. The tutorial was very good – I wondered how you’d make it work with ribbon. Thank you. ~Rose-M
  • Just in time!  I was trying to find some cord ends at the bead store last week. They didn’t have anything that would work, plus everything was so expensive. ~Darlene-N
  • Isn’t it nice to know that instead of running from store to store and searching for the right finding, Cindy has taught us how to make our own? Thank you again! ~Maria-C
  • Fun demo Cindy. I am going to make some of these faux bone bead pendants for girls at work. They will love these. ~Kriss-R
  • This was very cool! To make cane so you can have even more control over it was a nice surprise. I think this will work when trying to make  faux wood. Just use wood colors. I think this will be easier for me to make little tables and chairs for my doll house (which by the way was the first reason I got into polymer clay) I ended up becoming very distracted by your videos!! So many ideas so little time!! ~Catalina
  • Cindy, thank you for the tutorial today about the faux bone. As always, you made it easier, better and more fun. I’ve seen a couple demos on this but they made it look difficult. I’ve tried it a couple times and was too precise on the stacking and cutting. I like your way “Very Real”. There just aren’t enough Fridays in the week. Thanks again, hope you have a great holiday. ~Bonnie-K
  • LOVE THE VIDEO – Another great lesson Cindy, you must of waited till the stroke of midnight then put your video up. I was awake and thought I would sneak into my husbands study just in case and there was the video waiting for me. I love the way you take a technique and simplify it. I have made these faux bone beads before and they are so much fun to work with. I can’t wait till next week the week after that and that and that. I simply love your lessons. THANKS!! ~Peggy-B
  • Just getting ready to return to bed and remembered the first time I tried the faux bone. This kind of clay will work great with the metal leather stamps. Thanks to the video I’m going to try some more this weekend if I can find time. Will try to take some pictures and send you Cindy. I know someone had mentioned before or asked about using the leather stamps and I love using them on clay as much as rubber stamps only they offer so many small detailed stamps I prefer to work with on beads and pendants. If you haven’t tried them and have some, this is the video they will work great with. ~Peggy-B
  • I made a bone cane and my DH (who doesn’t automatically say he likes whatever I make) said it looked real. High praise. I love the videos. Thank you Cindy! ~Rose-M
  • Met some lovely ladies yesterday who couldn’t believe that the faux coral and ivory earrings I was wearing were made of PC, and one lady had an ear-bashing from me talking about Cindy’s wonderful site and lessons on how to make these. Hope she joins?? ~Elaine-F
  • Okay felt a bit betta this pm, so hopped to it, and SUCCESS, YIPPEE! I made a new faux bone cane, and I also used Cheryl’s tip about running the slices thru the machine before putting it on the back sheet. I will post a pic of what I made out of it as soon as I finish it.  This community is a great sounding board and a wealth of information comes out of it.  So thanks for your help. ~Sandra-J
  • Hi Cindy, I made some beads following your faux bone tutorial and I’m quite pleased with the outcome. They are far from perfect but for a first try I’m happy :).  The reason I’m sending pictures is not to boast (we Swedes are a modest people ;) ) but to genuinely thank you for helping me feel it was doable. I always think too much when I want to make something and it always stops there. But your teaching inspires me to stop analyzing so much and dive in and do it. So thank you, Cindy! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being such a wonderful tutor and bubbly person (you always make me smile). Much love. ~Cecilia-K

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