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In This Vol-017:
Color Recipes:

1A. Siberian Wallflwr
2A. Wasabi
3A. Sunny Day
4A. Zeal Teal

Video Topics:

1. Poppy Beads
2. Spliced Flower Cane
3. Faux Leather
4. Chandelier Wirewrk

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Customer Reviews (Volume-017):

  • I love these colour recipes Cindy. And I love being able to think of an idea involving different colours and knowing I’ll most likely find exactly how to make it in the library. Thanks. ~Aims
  • Oh what beautiful [Siberian Wallflower] colors for the Fall!! Can’t wait to mix them! ~Maureen-G
  • Cindy, love this poppy bracelet and cannot wait to try it! Another great design with casual all season wearability. But, especially with the reds in the upcoming holiday season, think they’d be very popular. ~Jocelyn-C
  • Since poppies are one of my favourite flowers, I’m all over this great video, Cindy. Off to check out Michaels for the Sculpey tools. Love the bracelet. I can just see one done with jet Swarovskis interspersed with little bunches of poppies hanging off jump rings. Yippee! ~Sue-W
  • Glad to know I am not the only one who has tools they have never used. I love it when you show us how to use tools to help create something special. It seems like once I use it I keep thinking of other ways to use the item. Looking forward to using tools in our [Poppy Bead] lesson. Thanks Cindy. ~Peggy-B
  • These are so cool. Had the tools on hand so mixed up the Succulent Red and it was off to make the poppies. Will have to try some other colors too. Really had fun with this. Thanks Cindy. ~Joyce-M
  • Liking this [Poppy] video Cindy! Fun technique, might have to mix up a load of reds and have a go! ~Silverleaf
  • Love the new [Poppy Bead] video and hope to try to make some this weekend. I need the Etch and Pearl Set from Sculpey so hopefully Hobby Lobby will have it and I can use the 40% off coupon they have on internet site this week.  If not I think I might try just putting half of a small round bead on it. Wish me luck either way I am going to try smiling all the way. ~Peggy-B
  • I love your bracelet. Poppies are popular with Veterans Day in the USA. I don’t see as many veterans selling them as I did when I was a child but I do remember them being sold in the fall. ~Claycass
  • I think I will make Fridays a no eating day. I will be to busy to cook better not tell my husband that though. I just love the look of this [Spliced] cane can’t wait. ~Ritzs
  • Fabulous! Can’t wait until Friday either, that is a truly unique looking cane. ~Melinda-H
  • I’m in on the excitement too Cindy. Love your colour combos in this video as well! Roll on Friday! ~Aims
  • Cindy I have just made two of your wonderful [Spliced Flower] canes, I loved doing them, the first I didn’t like the colors to much so I made another I was very pleased with how they came out and have already covered some old beads but now it’s time for me to stop and get night time drinks. And its another day tomorrow, if it rains I can bead all day woopee. ~Ritzs
  • I absolutely LOVED the Spliced Flower Cane video! Beautiful and not such a hard technique. I cannot wait until I get a chance to try it.  We are trying to relocate and everything is packed away! :( But this one I definitely will save in my little brain!! THANKS!!!!!!!!! ~Carlene-Z
  • Fantastic! What a lovely simple way to make such a complex looking cane. Thank you Cindy for showing us [Spliced Flower Cane]. ~Polyanya
  • Good morning Cindy! I loved today´s [Spliced Flower Cane] tutorial.It was really really great! Warm regards. ~Monica-D
  • One thing I really like about all your designs is that we can substitute other colors for different seasons of the year. I am going to try making the Spliced Cane in winter colors. Though about dark reds to simulate a Poinsettia. It would look great in poppy colors too. You have good judgment on how much of any theme to share with us. You also provide us videos on things we cannot find elsewhere. ~Anna-S
  • Breathtaking!!!! Those beads from that cane are just beautiful … I love being able to get help so fast and from so many people. Thanks everyone for all the great ideas. ~Helen-S
  • grazie Cindy è meraviglioso come tutti i tuoi lavori un grazie di cuore [ENGLISH TRANSLATION: thanks Cindy is wonderful as all your works a heartfelt thanks in reference tot he Spliced Flower Cane Tutorial Video] ~Pamagela
  • I appreciate in the spliced flower video you talked about how much clay you were using. This helped me because I see to use too much clay and then reduce it but have ended up with a lot of something I really did not like. So once again, thanks for putting things into perspective. ~Anna-S
  • What a wonderful tute this is going to be. Like all your others there is so much to learn here. Can’t wait to get started. It’s no wonder you are such a busy bee. Thanks again, and again for all your efforts. See you Friday. ~Joyce-M
  • This is a wonderful [Faux Leather] technique. I just got done making 12 of these in fall colors. not sure if I am going to use them for key chains or make a colorful leaf necklace, but I love this. Thanks Cindy for yet another awesome new technique. ~Kriss-J
  • I can almost smell the leather. ~Elizabeth-S
  • WOW You must of been sitting there waiting for the clock to strike midnight. Love it, Love it, Love it, You just want to pick it up to see if it smells like leather. I am having one of my sleepless nights so I’m on my way to see what color of sculpey I have. Let you know how it turns out. THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN CINDY. ~Peggy-B
  • Charlie and I are still traveling, wifi on the road isn’t always available so I really miss reading your blog daily. I’ll have a lot of reading to do when I get home. I love the key chain with the faux leather. My grandsons are into sports so I can see personalizing them with sports logo, also would be great for luggage tags. ~Jeanne-C
  • At first I thought only the rose was clay and wondered how you got it to look like the “leather” tag! Here they are BOTH clay!! Cool! That is some far-out- faux!! ~Catalina
  • I love the look of that key chain. The more I learn the more awesome things I see that can be made of polymer clay. FUN! ~Dawn-B
  • I haven’t seen the full [Chandelier wirework] video yet and I’ve already got an Idea on how to use this technique differently that what will be shown. Cindy, I think I’ve had one of your SHAZAM! moments. ~Ken-H
  • I love this [Chandelier] wire work… I cannot put my tools down :) Thanks Cindy! ~Brenda-M
  • Cindy: Besides claying, wire working is my other passion.  I am glad you are sharing some of the wealth of experience you have in this area also. It is always fun to get inspired to go beyond your comfort zone and try new things [Chandelier Earrings and Pendants]. These are WAY COOL!!!!  I love copper but I bet these are stunning in silver. I am going to do them this weekend in silver. :) ~Laurel-B
  • I loooooved this vid Cindy! I am going to make some pretty stuff with this technique…now I just have to make some beads that suit/fit this style. *lol* Can’t wait for the next wire working vid..!!! :) ~Lisa-W
  • AWESOME!!!! [in reference to the Chandelier Wireworking Video Tutorial] ~Marie-C
  • Love the wire work. Haven’t done much wire work so this has really helped guide me in a new direction that still allows me to keep working with polymer. Cindy I don’t think I would ever be disappointed in anything you would chose to share with us. Thanks again Cindy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~Peggy-B
  • Hi Cindy, I am so enjoying learning from you. You do a fantastic job and I REALLY appreciate it! I did some bead wraps and also the poppy bead tonight watching the video. I look forward to a lot more. Thank you!!! ~Anita-C

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Hi Cindy, I am so enjoying learning from you. You do a fantastic job and I REALLY appreciate it! I did some bead wraps and also the poppy bead tonight watching the video. I look forward to a lot more. Thank you!!! ~Anita-C